Coming to Terms Ch. 02Coming to Terms Ch. 02


The following story is about a man coming to terms with his sexual orientation, as well as his feelings for his best friend. Characters are 18+, and any similarity to other characters or people is purely coincidental and not intended. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns, as they will be greatly appreciated.


“Alright class, great job today, now hit the showers!” Oliver told his 7th period PE class.

Oliver had been struggling the entire school week, ever since his high school reunion. His mind had constantly been on Noah for hours on end, especially the kiss in the bathroom. Oliver had never had a kiss so passionate and tender, just thinking about it gave him a half chub in his shorts. He also thought about what happened afterwards, the look on Noah’s face, and the way that Noah had totally rejected him.

“Lovelace!” Yelled a voice from across the gymnasium.

Oliver turned to find Coach Flanagan walk up to him. Coach Patrick Flanagan was an Irish man in his mid 30’s, rusty red hair, brown eyes, and a muscular body from hours of working out. Oliver heard some of the female teachers gush over Pat, but he did nothing for Oliver, especially compared to Noah.

Despite that though, Oliver thought of Pat as a good work friend. Since they worked in the same department, it gave them a lot of one on one time together, and the two slowly bonded over the school year.

“What’s up Pat?” Oliver asked as he met Pat half way.

“A bunch of us are going out after work to the bar and I thought I’d see if you wanted to join us.” Pat offered.

“Sure, I have nothing else planned.” Oliver said, deciding that maybe a fun night would help him forget about his relationship problems.

“Great, meet us at the bar across from the park around 8 tonight.” Pat said as he walked back to his office.

Oliver got home to his one bedroom apartment around 5 that evening, after inputting grades and enduring traffic, and felt the weight of the week suddenly fall upon him. After a quick tv dinner, Oliver decided to rinse off before getting ready to meet his colleagues at the bar.

Oliver stripped down, leaving his clothes on the floor of the bathroom before climbing into the tub. The warm water felt good on his sore muscles, slowly undoing the knots in his body.

Oliver felt his mind wander again, thinking about Noah, and that kiss. Oliver felt his hand run down his wet body through the warm water, searching for his now erect cock, until he grasped it firmly in his hand. He ran his finger underneath the 8″ shaft, slowly teasing his cock.

His hand slowly pumped up and down, following a steady rhythm. His mind imagined that it was Noah giving him sexual pleasure, which spurred him on even more. He tried thinking about other people, men and women, all very attractive, but none of them turned him on like Noah.

Oliver kept his hand still, and slowly raised himself in the tub until his cock could go no further, then he slowly sat back down in the tub until his felt the bottom. He kept this going, making love with his hand, imagining that he was making love to Oliver. He kept this going, moaning out with pleasure until his movements became rigid, then froze.

A powerful shot of white cum shot into the air, falling on Oliver’s face, pecs, abs, and groin. He shot three more steady streams, then felt his erection become soft until it was completely flaccid.

Oliver hated what happened next, his excitement and lust was suddenly replaced with degradation and embarrassment. He felt obsessed, like he was on the verge of stalking Noah, and knew he needed to get things under control. He thought maybe a night out would help him get his mind off of things.

He quickly washed the cum off of his body, then dried off before selecting something to wear for the night. As he finished pulling on a tight black v-neck and jeans when the phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number, and let it go to voicemail. Oliver combed his hair, put istanbul escort on a little cologne, and freshened his breath before he headed out the door.

Oliver arrived at the bar a little after 8, and looked around until he found his group of teachers. Pat noticed him first and waived him over.

“Glad you made it Lovelace.” Pat said, then gave him a pat on the back. “I was just telling Sierra here that she should ask the guy at the bar out on a date.”

“And I told Lat that he should mind his own business before I slap him.” Sierra said, then the two started laughing. Oliver wondered if they had something going on, or if they were drunk before he got there.

On Monday through Friday, Oliver acknowledged these people as Coach Flanagan, Ms. Perry, Ms. Cromwell, Mr. Smith, and Ms. Wallace, highly respectable teachers in their respective fields. Now Oliver got the experience to see them as Pat, Sierra, Marcy, Jack, and Helen, party animals who could possibly drink sailors under the table. It was a rare occasion that Oliver hung out with. these people, but every time he did, it was a pretty fun night.

“Drink up bitches!” Marcy, the 31 year old English teacher yelled as she arrived with another round of shots. Oliver drank the shot, his fourth of the night, and hoped that he would be able to get a ride home.

“Dude, 3 O’ Clock, check out her tits.” Pat nudged Oliver and pointed his head at a busty blond at the bar.

Normally Oliver would have gone for it, but things weren’t as easy as they were before. Oliver had been trying to sort out his life for the past week, and whether or not to pursue Noah. Oliver knew he had feelings for Noah, but he didn’t know if they were pursuing or not.

“Yeah, she’s hot.” Oliver commented.

“You should go for it man!” Pat said, almost pushing Oliver towards the bar.

“I don’t know, I’m not really looking for that tonight.” Oliver told Pat.

“What?!” Pat said in disbelief. “She’s like a fucking unicorn, no one expects to find one, but they’re happy when they do!”

Oliver was getting a little uncomfortable, he knew that Pat was trying to be a good wingman, but Oliver wasn’t ready yet. Oliver wasn’t sure where he stood with Noah, who hadn’t really shut the door on them, Noah just wanted to mean something to Oliver. Oliver felt like he was having an epiphany, how did he not see that before. He almost celebrated, knowing he hadn’t completely ruined things like he thought, then remembered he was still talking to Pat.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Oliver said when an idea popped into his head. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Oliver walked up to the busty blond at the bar, hoping that he was far enough from Pat that he couldn’t hear Oliver talk. He practiced with a couple curse words to Pat, so when Pat gave him a sly smirk and a thumbs up, Oliver knew he was out of ear shot.

“Damn baby, you look nice, like an ice cream cone with double scoops.” Oliver said in his douche bag voice. He realized that if he purposely struck out, then told Pat that she wasn’t into him, that he’d be in the clear. It was a good plan, most women would be offput by his comment, unfortunately, Oliver wasn’t talking to most women.

“Thanks, you look nice too.” She said, thwarting Oliver’s plan. “I’m Amber.”

“Stupid low standard holding Amber!” Oliver thought to himself, and instead said “Oliver, but you can call me ‘Oh God’, cause you’ll be saying that in my bed.”

“Oh really?” Amber asked in a flirty manner. Oliver began to realize that there was no way to scare this lady. “Well, maybe you can prove it.”

“Damn!” Oliver thought to himself. This chick had no standard for guys. Normally he’d be turned on, knowing that he was guaranteed to get laid, but now, he thought of it as sad. He thought about what Noah had said “Not like this.” and realized what kind of guy Noah really was, one who didn’t take cheesy pick up lines and blunt sexual suggestions.

“So, you have no problem having sex with a ataköy escort guy who will obviously either not call you, or treat you like garbage?” Oliver asked. He was surprised that he said what he said, yet he thought that if she were to get upset by his comments, that would be the one.

“Listen Oliver, you’re real cute, but no matter what, I’m going home with a guy tonight and have sex, now, it can either be with you, or I can find another guy. So what will it be?” She asked, then ran her hand across his cock and up his chest before resting on his shoulder.

Oliver felt conflicted inside, old Oliver wanted to take Amber home and fuck with her all night. He also witnessed new Oliver for the first time, realizing that he wanted to be with a person who had standards and self worth, and Oliver wanted to be worthy of that person.

“Well, let’s go back to my place then.” Oliver said. Unfortunately, old Oliver had won.

Oliver kept true to his word, Amber must have called out for an hour straight as Oliver pleasured her. Amber had let him fuck her hard and anywhere he wanted. It was good, better than he imagined, but yet, when it was over, he just layed there, thinking about Noah, then realized something about himself, he’d never be good enough for Noah.

“That was amazing.” Amber said as she wrapped her arm around Oliver, who had been pretending to be asleep.

The next morning Oliver was surprised to find Amber was still in bed with him. Most of his hook ups left in the middle of the night. He felt her big tits pressed against his side, and her hand had settled on his hip.

“Morning Oliver.” Amber said as she kissed him, moving her hand onto his morning wood.

“Morning.” Oliver responded. “That was fun last night.”

“Yeah.” Amber agreed before sitting up. “Why don’t we continue in the shower?”

Amber rose and headed towards the bathroom, her firm ass swayed as he watched her walk away. Oliver got up, stretched, and began to follow her. On his way, he noticed the inbox light was blinking, indicating that he had a voicemail.

“Oliver?!” Amber called from the bathroom. “How do turn the shower on?”

Oliver walked into the bathroom and started up the shower. The nozzle head would get stuck unless it was turned the right way. Once the shower started, so did the sex. It was good, but no matter what he did, his mind flashed upon Noah from time to time.

Once Oliver finished showering and getting dressed, he headed into the living room, and was reminded of the voicemail. He hit play and was surprised by who it was.

“Hey Oliver, it’s Noah, I was just calling to let you know I’ll be in your neck of the woods tomorrow morning and planned on stopping by to talk things out. If you don’t want to just call me back and I’ll understand, but if I don’t hear from you I’ll be there around eleven. Well, see you then I guess, okay bye.”

Oliver looked at the clock, it was a quarter to eleven, and almost as if on queue, there was a knock on the door. Oliver nervously opened the door, and thankfully found the delivery man with a package.

“Thanks.” Oliver said as he signed for the package.

Oliver watched the delivery guy make his way to the elevator, and went to close the door before he heard. “Oh, hey Oliver, wait up!” Oliver looked to find Noah rolling out of the elevator, looking as good as he did at the reunion.

“Hey, great to see you.” Oliver said, trying to hide the awkwardness in his voice as he greeted Noah.

“Yeah, I didn’t hear from you, so I assumed it was fine that I stopped by.” Noah told him.

Oliver was lost in thought, thinking about his complications with Noah. He was sure that he should let Noah be, until now. Just looking at him reminded him of his feelings. Why did things have to be so complicated?

“Of course Noah.” Oliver said, then a hand on his butt reminded him that it wasn’t the best time.

“Hey, Oliver, I’m taking off, see you later. “Amber said, avcılar escort then pulled him in for a kiss. “Oh hi, I’m Amber.” She said when she noticed Noah.

“Noah Larson, nice to meet you.” Noah introduced himself.

“How do you two know each other?” Amber asked Oliver. Oliver felt like he was caught in a rock and a hard place.

“Yeah Oliver, how do we know each other?” Noah smirked, sensing Oliver’s discomfort.”We grew up together.”

“Oh, well I’d love to hear some Oliver stories some time.” Amber said as she headed to the stairwell.

“I have one she’d love to hear.” Noah said, sounding a little irritated.

“Let’s talk inside.” Oliver told him.

Oliver shut the door once Noah entered his apartment. He felt guilty, knowing that Noah would probably be upset. He was hesitant to look at Noah, but eventually did.

“What the hell Oliver?!” Noah asked, getting down to brass tacks. “I thought you were single?”

“I was, I just met Amber last night.” Oliver admitted.

“That’s great, she’s gorgeous, lucky you.” Noah said, in a weird voice.

“Listen, about us-” Oliver started before he was interrupted.

“What us?” Noah asked. “I came here and thought we could try again, but I knew you were just a dog with a bone.”

Noah tried to get to the door, but Oliver blocked him. He knew that he had to speak his mind, not wanting a repeat of last time.

“You know what Noah? I love you, but I am not what you want. You deserve better, someone who doesn’t go to bars and pick up girls who don’t even give a shit about themselves.” Oliver told him, looking at the floor instead of looking at Noah. “I’m not that same guy in high school you had a crush on Noah.”

Noah looked taken back, at a loss for words. Oliver felt bad closing the door he desperately wanted to open, but he knew he could never be that guy for Noah.

“Oliver, that is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. You are better than you give yourself credit for, and I wish you could see that, but until you do, I’m not playing this game with you.” Noah said in a calm, serious voice. “I am tired of you thinking less of yourself just because you’re in denial about your feelings, so when you straighten them out, come by and we can talk again. I just moved into my new home downtown.”

Oliver waited until Noah was gone, then put his fist through the wall. He didn’t understand Noah, and how he could still want Oliver after what just happened. Oliver wondered what it was that Noah seen in him that drew him to Oliver, since Oliver felt hate and anger towards himself.

Oliver thought if he put Noah out of his mind, Oliver could have a normal life with a woman, instead of loving a man, something he was taught was a sin growing up. Now that Noah had moved to town, it would make it that much harder to hide his feelings.

The brief conversation with Noah kept running through his head for the rest of the night, trying to figure what he could have said to Noah to make him understand exactly how Oliver felt. Oliver then realized that he did, he remembered telling Noah that he loved him, something that Oliver didn’t realize until now.

Just as Oliver felt himself drifting to sleep, the phone rang again. Oliver quickly picked it up, secretly hoping it was Noah.

“Hey Oliver.” Amber said when he answered.

“Hey Amber, what’s up?” Oliver asked.

“I was just wondering if you’d like to grab a bite to eat tomorrow.” Amber suggested.

Oliver thought about the normal, heterosexual life he was brought up to live. Then he thought about the life he could have with Noah, one he secretly wanted, but was too afraid to admit it.

“Sure, I’d love that.” Oliver said.

Oliver and Amber talked for a couple more minutes before hanging up. He layed wide awake that night, his mind running, focusing on his dilemma. He wanted to be with Noah, but he just didn’t know if the extra baggage with being gay was worth it. He also thought about Amber, someone he’d normally hook up with, but didn’t see more to her than just sex.

At least he knew that he stood a chance with either of them, the real question was which road to go down. Oliver decided to sleep on it and hope that an answer would come to him.

To be continued…

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