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“Fuck me , Fuck me harder”

I couldn’t believe those were the words coming out of my daughter Gwen’s room. I crept quietly through the hallway. I tried my best not to make a noise. I even held my breath hoping not to breathe to loud. My daughter’s door was cracked and I couldn’t believe the image I was seeing. My only child was on her hands and knees being fucked doggy style. I couldn’t see who was this man fucking my daughter so vigorously. All I could see was his brown back and his ass going back and forth as he fuck her.

“I love you dick, Chauncy”, she yelled at top of her voice. So it was Chauncy that was fucking my 20 year old daughter. Chauncy worked at gym not far from our home. My daughter and I were members and attended aerobic classes Tuesdays and Thursdays. I noticed two weeks ago Chauncy and Gwen were spending a lot of time together. Chauncy was now pulling her by her hair and fucking her even harder. The only sounds now were his grunts, her moans and her ass clapping against his pelvic area. This is not what I was expecting to see when I came home.

I work as a nurse and my shifts are 12 hours. Today though our census were low and my manager offer me the option of leaving early. I thought today must be lucky day and took it. I figure I would come home and surprise my daughter by taking her out for lunch. Imagine my shock that she was the one being devoured.

“Fuck. I can’t stand it no more. I want some action too”

I knew those words did not come from Chauncy. There was someone else in the room with them! I couldn’t see who it was because the door wasn’t open wide enough and their position.

Come on baby. You can fuck my mouth, Gaziantep Escort Numaraları while Chauncy fucks my pussy, is what my daughter said. I couldn’t believe my ears. I knew my daughter wasn’t innocent. I even suspected her of not being a virgin anymore but here she was instructed some man to fuck her mouth. What I saw then was a young naked white man walk in front of Gwen. I couldn’t make out the face from where I was but it look like Jeremy. Jeremy was a young man that worked at the gym too. He was a life guard and was very polite. He always spoke to Gwen and I whenever our paths crossed. I would have never guess that this young man would be treating my baby girl’s mouth as a fuck hole. I also would have never guess that Jeremy had suck a big dick. I only seen white dicks in pornos but never up and close. Seeing this young man’s white meat slide in and out her brown mouth was a sight. My daughter was being fucked on both ends and she looked as she loved it. She even place her brown hands on Jeremy white ass and tried to force him further down her throat.

I don’t know what was more shocking? My daughter being treated like a slut or I was beginning to feel a warm, tingling sensation between my legs. What was wrong with me? My daughter being fucked by two men was turning me on. My hands were now inside my scrubs rubbing my pussy through my panties. It has been such a long time since I felt a hard dick between my legs. On my lips and in my mouth. I found myself feeling envious of Gwen. It has been four years since my divorce from Gwen’s father has been final. I spent so much time working and with her I didn’t have personal time for me.

Gwen had told Chauncy to stop fucking her and to stand her left. He follow her command. Gwen was now on her knees while Jeremy was on her left and Chauncy on the right. She took both of their big, hard cocks in her hands and begin jerking. Seeing her brown small hands try their best to jerk their huge hard on was hot. She even took Chauncy’s black dick and slap it on the side of her brown face a couple times. She continue to jerk Jeremy and even drool on his cock to make sure it stayed slick. I started to wonder how did my sweet girl become such a good cock sucker? How often did these sexual sessions happen while I was at work? Gwen knew how to juggle two dicks. While sucked Jeremy’s cock, she jerked Chauncy’s with both of her hands. Watching my daughter go to work on their cocks was making me melt. My fingers were now inside my panties. My finger tips were making circles on my clit.

Gwen was now alternating between both of the young men cocks. She was going back and forth, She was licking their balls, deep throating them, sucked their balls as she stroke their dicks and teased their pee holes with her tongue. What I saw next blew my mind. My daughter grab bother of cocks with her hands and tried to suck them at the same time. My daughter had a black and white dick in her mouth at the same time. Because of their size she could only fit their heads in her mouth. She didn’t let that stop her as she sucked and licked them.

“You ready to fuck this slut, J”, Chauncy asked his white friend.

“Hell yea but I want the pussy this time”, was Jeremy’s answer.

Jeremy laid on down on his back while Gwen climb on top of him. She was now riding his dick. I never knew my daughter was into white men but I can see why. Seeing Jeremy’s cock slid in and out her brown pussy looked spectacular. Jeremy’s hands rested on her ass as it bounce up and down his cock.

“Come on Chauncy my ass haven’t been fucked yet”, Gwen said. Chauncy came up behind her while she was still fucking Jeremy’s dick. Chauncy dick was now shinning as if used a whole bottle of lube. I was now rubbing my clit faster and even had my hand squeeze my breast. Was Gwen really going to let Chauncy fuck her ass? Better yet was she really going to be double penetrated. I received my answer as Chauncy eased his cock inside my daughter’s ass. Gwen let out a groan.

Here I was rubbing my wet throbbing pussy to my daughter being fucked in her ass and pussy. I couldn’t believe it. Gwen was bouncing up and down Jeremy’s white dick and Chauncy was fucking her ass with his black dick.

“Fuck me” is what she yelled over and over as they continue to pound both her holes. In a matter of seconds I was cumming all over my fingers. No sooner than I climax but young men were groaning they were near erupting. Less than a minute Jerey came inside of her pussy and Chauncy came in her ass. My daughter was laying on the floor with cum leaking out of both her holes. She scoop the cum that was between her legs and ass cheeks with her fingers. She examine it first before licking it off her fingers.

“Did you boys have fun”, she asked as she licked her fingers. They answer by nodding their head yes while still stroking their semi hard cocks,

“What about you mama? Did you enjoy yourself”, Gwen asked. My heart skipped a beat. Did she see me? Did she know I was watching? What was going to happen? Did my daughter know I was watching her being fucked?

to be continue if there is a demand.

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