Collette’s Caught CyberingCollette’s Caught Cybering


It was the beginning of Spring break, the school was closed but I needed to tidy up my office and download a couple of things from the Internet. Once I finished the little jobs that needed completing I had a couple of minutes to spare so had a go in a Literotica chat room. Hunni was online and I accepted her invitation for a private chat. Things quickly got steamy – I was expertly but gently kissed, licked and undressed and then, new for me, handcuffed to the bed by my wrists and spread-eagled with my ankles tied with silk scarves.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m straight, but for some reason lesbian fantasies really turn me on.

Hunni gave my clit a good licking and we played a little control game where I had to beg to be allowed to cum – the language got increasingly raunchy – it was difficult to type – but I managed things like,”My pussy is red and wet and aching for you. “My clit is so hard. “I want to ram my fingers up my cunt so that the cum goes everywhere and then everyone will know what I’ve been doing.”

Hunni was equally involved, writing, “Do you feel a pulsating pressure building between your legs, begging for relief? “A relief you can only get from me giving you permission to come? “You don’t just want my permission, Collette… you need it, don’t you?”

I introduced a little guilt to spice things up, “I’m feeling so horny but so guilty – please don’t make me do this.”

Hunni got the picture right away, “What would they think if they knew you wanted me to use and humiliate you for my own pleasure… that you’re so desperate for me to touch your body that you’re begging me for it?

“Because that is what you’re doing, you’re letting me tease and frustrate you… and you’re getting off on it aren’t you? So aroused, you can’t even stand it… begging me to let you come… begging me to run my hands up your thighs until I reach your dripping pussy, to gently stroke and explore it until you’re writhing like the horny submissive little girl you are.

“So desperate for my warm mouth all over your soft skin, while you try to pretend that you haven’t freely surrendered your will to me…

“Well, it’s time for you to give in and accept your fate. I want you to cum just for me, Collette.”

My reply went something like this, “Can I cum now? I’m going to cum and cum and cum…. thinking of your lips and tongue teasing and grazing and then sucking at my pussy.”

This was a lovely ‘chat’ but I hadn’t been masturbating. My office door has a glass panel and I didn’t want to be caught with my hands on my clit and jeans round my ankles by Pervy Pete, our janitor istanbul escort – he has a nasty habit of trying to inspect the cleanliness of the female staff changing rooms while we are showering. So I was very aroused and a bit woozy. ‘You’ve got mail’ popped up on the screen and I opened it without thinking. It was from a senior colleague, “Could you come to Room 101 immediately! ~M.”

That was the video editing suite. “What is that all about?” flitted through my head. But I couldn’t have ignored the summons.

It wasn’t far and only took me a couple of minutes to get there. But my manager wasn’t there – only a more junior colleague. I started to ask a question and then the shock hit me – I could see part of my cyber sex chat displayed on the 50-inch plasma screen.

You told me to shut the door. “Over here, please.”

I thought, “Shit, I forgot to log off.”

You could see my reaction and said, “You also forgot that I’m the computer network administrator – I have saved all this disgusting display to the hard disk. “You do realise, don’t you, that this is gross misconduct? For stealing the School’s resources and downloading porn, I could get you sacked.”

“Please don’t do that, please. I’ll do anything not to lose my job!”

“Well this has to be punished. I can’t let you get way with it, that not fair …maybe I could think of a punishment, mmm, yes.”

I stood trembling and quivering before you …… not daring to think about what my punishment would be. Maybe I should have.

You gestured for me to take my shirt off and that’s when it hit me – you knew what I was like inside. I started to back away and you must have sussed what I was feeling as you reached out and caressed one of my breasts through the silky fabric. I couldn’t help it – a moan escaped.

“You want this, don’t you?”

“No…yes,” I whispered.

“Of course you do, you have been pleading for someone to do this.”

“Yes,” I gasped.

“So take that shirt off – your punishment begins now.”

As my shirt came off you looked hungrily at my breasts – they are quite large and tend to wobble if I’m anxious or cold.

You said, “Lovely – they are sending me a welcome.”

You leaned towards me and gently took one of my nipples into your mouth – the jolt that started at my vagina and clit went up through my body to my breasts. You looked up at me and said, “Tell me what you are feeling – and don’t whisper.” The last bit should have warned me but I was too far-gone.

The next jolt hit me, I stammered, “My tits are on fire, my pussy feels so hot and full.” Then the autopilot beylikdüzü escort took over and I couldn’t have stopped pouring out my slutty commentary and pleas….. “My cunt is aching for you, my clit is so hard, please – touch me there – I want your tongue on my clit, I want to cum for you so hard – I’m on fire, please, please.”

You leaned back and then pressed your hand to my mound, “You are hot aren’t you, my little English Rose slut, and wet, I’d like to see that,” you gestured towards my jeans. I peeled off my jeans – they had stuck to my crotch – and stood in front of you in just my pants – torn between longing for what I hoped was next but dreading it too.

You took a moment to savour my shame and humiliation, you licked your lips.

You nodded towards my pants, “Lets have those off as well.”

I was so ashamed that I tried to slip them down and off so you wouldn’t see how soaked they were – but you were too clever for me, “Not so fast, give them to me.”

You held them and squeezed the crotch, you brought them up to your nose and had a good long sniff, “What a hot, wet, little slut you are – come here, time for the next bit of your punishment.” You bent again to suck one of my nipples and gently established a rhythm, “Tell me how it feels.”

I gasped out, “Yes, yes, I’m so hot for you, my pussy longs for you, my clit burns for you, I want you to fuck me with your fingers.” I was completely lost, my legs spread wide of their own accord and my hips rose to the rhythm.

“You’ll need to show me just how hot you are, how you deserve to cum before I let you.”

“Yes, yes,” I groaned.

“I want to see your juice dripping on to the floor before I touch your clit.”

With that you went back to sucking my nipples and started to lightly stroke up and down my navel – to the top of my bush. The same rhythm drove me wild, my vagina filled and soon my thrusts were flinging drops of juice everywhere.

You realised that I very close to the edge and said, “Good girl, you are nearly there…. “Just one last thing,” my heart nearly stopped, “I want you to put your bottom up on the desk and hold your ankles with your hands.”

“Why?” I whispered, not wanting to know the answer.

“Please don’t pretend you are stupid, we need to show them that when you cum its real, to do that we need some close ups of your pussy in action, pushing out that juice.”

Then it hit me, “Oh no – please no – not YouPorn!”

I realised then just how clever you were – no one would be able to identify you – with your back to the camera. The one I thought was just esenyurt escort sitting on the far table waiting to be put back in the cupboard.

I was the one caught on film – naked except for my watch – my horniness and humiliation for all the world to see.

“Please no…..”

” You were doing so well, it’s a pity, but if that’s what you want,” you turned as if to leave.

“Oh, please don’t go,” I pleaded. Then I lost it completely, I put out my hand to stop you and you looked back at me. I groaned, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to touch you, I’ll do anything you want.”

You nodded towards the desk and I moved towards it. You sensed that I had crossed the line and softened towards me.

“Up on the desk, yes, that’s right. Now spread your legs as far as they will go. Good, that’s a lovely picture, but don’t forget I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t get a 5 star rating,” you said from behind the camera.

You leant over me on the desk, with the camera remote in your hand and you slowly caressed the skin of my inner thighs with the remote. I was beyond speech by then and could only moan, “Yes, yes, yes.” By this point I didn’t care about the camera or anything except my pussy and what I wanted and how good it felt.

You kissed the skin of my navel and slowly ran your tongue towards my bush, it felt like fire as you got closer to my pulsating pussy. Then, as I was about to pass out, you ran a finger gently across my clit and then slid all four up my pussy – that drove me wild. I pleaded, “Please let me cum, please, please. I can’t cum until you tell me to – I need to cum.”

You answered, “I’m going to suck your clit, you can cum now, once you’ve had this you will want it again and again.”

As you took my hard clit into your mouth my orgasm began to build, all the muscles from my clit to my anus started to spasm, my pussy opened and closed in time with the spasms.

I screamed, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” as the juice came out in little spurts and pooled on the desk under me.

You were as good as your promise – every time the spasms started to slow you gave my clit a little nip with your teeth and I came again and again – until I begged you to stop.

“Good girl – I think we’ll call our video ‘Our virgin English Rose’s first lesbian orgasm’ or ‘English Rose plucked’, we’ll save ‘English Rose pricked’ for next time. Don’t worry that’s just my joke.”

And you added, “I think we’ll keep this as our little secret. I will edit the film so that no-one will recognise your face. The rest of the staff might be surprised that we seem to be friends so I’ll tell them that you are helping me learn about English flowers. I’ll call you Daisy, that will be my way of attracting your attention when I want something special – D.D – Daisy Dyke.

“Lets see what rating we get …..”

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