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He was short. For an 18 year old senior in high school, he was. He’d always been small and shorter then most, but he had to be considered one of the nicest guys anyone knew. Jarrod was going with his mom and dad to take his sister, Kennedi, to college. There wasn’t any room in the van but their mom said “We’ll find room” and they did. It wasn’t good but it worked out for the two of them. There he was, cramped down between her and his dad who was driving the van. He was between Kennedi in a backseat behind his dad who was driving it. Weird as it sounds, it was tight as hell but it worked out nonetheless. The two of them had always gotten along. That morning, their dad knew he had to pay attention to the road seeing as they were on the highway and so he brought along his head phones so he could listen to something work related. Soon enough the mom went into a deep sleep. It would take 5 hours to get to where they were headed. istanbul travesti Seeing as Jarrod was cramped in between the front seat and Kennedi, he didn’t mind it so much. For Jarrod, he had, to his “availability,” Kennedi and her legs, but more to the point a lovely set of what he considered sumptuous thighs. Their dad, who had on his head phones wasn’t paying any attention. An hour into the drive down and seeing as they were crammed next to one another, Jarrod tried making the best of it. “Jarrod,” she said. “What are you doing?” She never expected it at all. All he did was look up at her and smile. “Nothing,” he told her as he pulled his fingers away from her calves. She knew better then to believe that one. She knew what he was doing. At first she didn’t want any of that and especially not any more seeing as she was “all grown up” and heading for college. But as it was, he did it istanbul travestileri again a few seconds later. She felt his fingers again as they trailed over her calf. Kennedi couldn’t do anything about it. She had nowhere to put her legs and her mom was sleeping and her dad had his headphones on. And Jarrod was playing with her legs, again. “Damn it Jarrod,” she said whispering. “I, don’t,” and then she stopped. “Don’t do that again,” she said as she shook her head. He looked at her and smiled. And then Jarrod smiled asking, “Why not? You’ve always liked me doing this in the past, right?” She did. She knew he was right. She absolutely loved it. He’d come into her room, late at night, and when he did they’d sit on her bed and talk but soon enough Jarrod and Kennedi would be fooling around. She told him once “Do something for me will you?” and he asked what. “Touch my legs. Touch them travesti istanbul all the way up here okay,” and so he did because she told him too. And before he knew it, his fingers were up beneath her shorts, and sliding further and further and closer and even closer to Kennedi’s pussy. Did she like it? Ohhh yeah, she liked it alright. She is a girl. He is a guy. Despite that they are brother and sister, he got to feel out a girl’s pussy. Her eyes slowly closed again as his fingers trailed up across her thighs. Before she knew it she was allowing him to go up under her shorts and soon enough inside her panties. He watched her eyes. They closed as he did what he was doing. She was thinking about it all. He was too. She was thinking if only we were alone I’d undo my top or take it off and I’d let him even feel my boob. Now, Jarrod was thinking the same thing. Even though it’s tight in here, here I am, and I’m playing with my sister’s pussy. Ohhhhhh how I wish I could feel her tits. She felt his fingers on her. Mmmmmm that feels soooo good and wished she could say it out loud. Ohhh, lightly she wanted to say to him but instead she stretched out both hands and lowered them a few times to indicate to him to do it softly.

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