Subject: College Dorm Dreams Sweet Dorm Dreams cajuncock If you made it this far you know the drill. This is a work of gay fiction, the sole property of the author. If you enjoy the stories on the site please donate to keep it going. Comments:[email protected] I was sound asleep, a fitful sleep. I’d been drinking with some of the guys in my dorm at a local bar. I left them feeling a bit dizzy. Now a sound woke me. I opened my eyes and in the dim street light saw him standing there, naked. Sean had been the focus of many of m yerotic fantasies for months. His shadow moved to my bed. I froze where I lay. He leaned over to kiss my cheek. I heard him softly whisper “Jack, you are so handsome, like a Greek god. I need to have you for myself.” I felt his hand move beneath the thin sheet and run down my chest towards his ultimate goal hidden there. As he neared my crotch I shivered. Suddenly, I heard loud music! My clock radio went off waking me from my pleasant dream. It was as if the dream was real. My cock ached with need and my morning wood. I was alone in my dorm room. No sign that anyone had been there. I slowly turned to face the clock. It was a Saturday morning with no classes or practices on my agenda. It took me a few minutes to get myself together and head to the showers at the end of the hall. I wrapped my towel around my waist and headed down. I didn’t expect that any of the other guys would be up yet. As I opened the bathroom door I heard a shower running. Probably someone else had gotten up to start their day. mezitli escort I shaved before turning the corner to the open showers. I was stunned to see Dean soaping up his crotch. His face was lifted into the spray of the water. One hand was gripping his soaped man tool vigorously. My own cock went hard at the sight. He sensed that someone was there with him and turned to see who was invading his privacy. Seeing me, he smiled saying “Morning, had to start the day off right. Guess from the look of you that he had the same need.” I looked down at my hard cock. Embarrassed, I mumbled a good morning not referring to his comment. I took the shower head next to his just as he turned, showing me his fine dimpled ass. I caught my breath pretending that the chilled water had shocked me. I heard him laugh, commenting “A bit of a shock right?” I turned to respond but stopped short seeing him smiling at me with that lustful expression of his. We spent a few minutes silently washing ourselves. I felt the closeness of our bodies. I was within an easy reach of his fine, toned body. But we may as well have been on different planets. That is until he bumped into me saying “Sorry about that. Say have you been hitting the gym? Looks like you have some sharp definition starting.” He reached out to touch my soapy, naked chest. I almost collapsed at the feel of his hand on my chest. I did let out a moan that was not mistakable for lust. This only encouraged him to move both hands over my now aching body. pozcu escort In a low voice, he whispered “You like? I bet we can do a whole lot more that we’d both like.” I could not help myself as my load shit from my overly excited cock drenching his stomach and pubes with my cum. He laughed, stepping back to say “I sure hope that there is more of that stored up?” We hurried and dried up before heading down the hall to my room. Both of us hoped that no one else was awake yet to see our stiff cocks tenting the wet towels. Once inside the locked doors of my room, our towels at our feet and our lips locked together we began the dance of lust we both wanted. I no longer cared if anyone heard us. I knew that it was not the first time and probably not the last time that those sounds would be heard. We tumbled onto my bed a mass of intertwined arms and legs. Moans of unsatisfied lust filled the room as we begged for satisfaction. This was far better than any of my dreams. Sean was making me feel whole. He wanted to give me something that I desperately needed. I was open to receive anything he wanted to give me. He leaned back to look down into my face smiling asking “Can I? Can I make love to your handsome body? To fill you deep? To give you my seed? I could only moan a one word answer “Yes!” He lifted my legs to his shoulders as he positioned his hard man tool at my hole. He leaned over to kiss me as he entered inch by painful inch to stretch me. His kiss turned to moans as we both felt him escort bayan reach places that had never been touched before. I wrapped my feet on his ass to hold that precious cock inside me. He began a slow, steady motion in and out. Each thrust in, bringing new thrills to me. I begged him for more, for harder pushes. He responded in kind. Each thrust making me yell from the new pleasures. My own cock wet with my pre rubbing between our stomachs. I knew that I was on the edge and begged him for his ultimate gift. Hearing me beg only increased his pumping as he loudly proclaimed his love for my tight boy cunt. It was his best yet he proclaimed. He told me how tight I felt. Soon our screams filled the room with our lustful needs. No doubt we were heard by others. Maybe even they were inspired to do their own couplings. Dean finally lunged deep calling my name. I felt his cock throb in me as he unloaded all of his babies in my boy pussy. My own cock exploded at that same moment sealing us together. We lay there for some time. Finally, he pulled away and said “Thanks, but I think we need another shower.” Shyly we walked down the hall. Rather, I walked shyly while Dean did his peacock strut to the showers. Once there I did notice others walk in with the same signs of a successful mating across their chests. No one spoke as we soaped up to clean any trace of our sins away. No one dared speak ill of the deeds that we were sure we all had enjoyed. During the day I often thought of the showers and the sly smiles we gave each other. I wondered how many others had found some release of tension with roommates and friends at nights in the dorms. Expressions on the faces told me that it was going to be a far different kind of school year than the one envisioned by my parents when they dropped me off in August.

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