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I had just turned eighteen and was going to college about ninety miles from home. I had noticed, riding with my parents, that we passed a pink Adult Toy Store on the way to register for the college. I couldn’t wait to be on my own to stop in.

Heading for college I was excited for two things, to meet my roommate and to go to the pink Adult Toy store. I went in, and I was in porn heaven looking at the magazines and sex toys everywhere, I finally felt like an adult, a horny one at that.

I noticed a guy about my dad’s age with a cowboy hat looking at the gay magazines too, with a nice bulge in his jeans that he was openly rubbing. I started rubbing my cock a couple times too, this made the cowboy smile big and wink at me. He asked me if I went to the ARCADE yet. I asked what that was, and he said, “it’s the best part, follow me.”

So, I followed my new friend, and we went down a very dark hallway and found 10 closets, he opened the door and motioned for me to come inside. i went inside and the cowboy closed the door and locked the door.

He put some money in the machine and a video came on with an orgy of smooth oiled guys by a pool sucking and fucking. He showed me how to change the channels and every channel was porn, I ended up back on the gay pool orgy, and he said, “good choice.”

He said the best part is you can pull you cock out in here, as he had pants around his ankles and pulling on his very hard cock. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It was about 7 inches long, veiny, curved down and it got progressively bahis siteleri thicker as you got to the very hairy bush. Mine was painfully hard so I did the same and before I knew it me and some old dude were both happily stroking our cocks together watching hot porn.

The orgy movie ended, and the cowboy put more money in the machine and told me to work the video machine to find a new movie. He spun me toward the video and was now behind me while I worked the machine, he gently reached around me with on hand and jacked my cock with and jacked off his own cock rubbing it on my butt with his other hand. I was in heaven again.

While he jacked me, he was stroking and rubbing his cock gently up and down, now far in between my butt cheeks. I found a good video and fell into a trance with my cock being stroked and my anus being stimulated every time his cock head slides over it.

Suddenly the warm hand on my penis was gone. I was so disappointed and wondered what I did wrong when he stopped stroking me and pulled his hot cock away from butt cheeks. Then I heard something being opened, I was about to turn around to see why he stopped, but before I could see what the cowboy was doing, I felt the warm hand around my cock again, now slippery with lubricant as the rhythmic slow gently stroking resume…I almost came when I felt his warm cock again, now also lubed sliding deliciously between my butt cheeks.

I in heaven again as my senses went into orgasm mode, with more pleasure than I have ever felt in my life.

I was canlı bahis siteleri in a trance, so turned on I didn’t even know that his lubed up his cock that I was now actually inside my butt and found myself backing up increasing my pleasure more as he slowly masturbated my cock.

I was in extasy, the more I pushed back onto his cock the better it felt, before I knew what was happening, I felt his pubic hair touching my ass. He stood perfectly still and let me twitch and shiver on his cock as he stroked me very gently keeping me on the edge of Cumming.

No matter how hard I tried to make it last, I couldn’t contain it anymore and exploded spurt after spurt, after spurt, coming like never before in my life, it felt like never ending spurts, all over the video screen and the booth wall.

I don’t know how long it took to stop shaking and come back to reality, The reality was I was stuck to a sweaty Cowboy behind me with both arms locked around me and his cock buried in my virgin butt. As I started to get scared, he slowly released his grip on my chest and penis and started to gradually extract himself from me. He was as talented extracting it as he was inserting it, slow, smooth, and gentle. I felt bad because his penis was still hard but was glad that he didn’t get a chance to cum in my ass.

I wanted to get out as fast as I could, totally in shock at what I just did. Am I gay now? Nothing could ever undo the fact that I just got fucked by a man. I was so freaked out I just needed to get out of there fast. I zipped canlı bahis up and quickly jumped back in my car and headed for college.

As I drove, I started to notice cock, ass was still very wet. After the 40-minute drive to campus I tried to forget about my recent buttfucking and its life implications. I forget that is until I bent over unloading the car, I let out a little fart that was quite wet, and then I felt a bigger fart or poop or something else still trying to come out.

I squeezed my butt cheeks together as I quickly climbed the stairs to my dorm room and was wondering why it was so hard to keep from farting, it never felt anything like this before. No matter how hard I squeezed something kept working its way out, I knew I had to find a toilet fast.

I finally made it to my dorm room door, sweating from pinching my butt cheeks for so long, I put the key in, opened the door, ready to run for the toilet only to be blocked by my new roommate who was in the doorway introducing himself with a firm handshake.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and tried to smile shake his hand when out came a long, loud, wet, fart. I excused myself and ran for the bathroom, quickly pulled down my shorts, sat on the toilet, and was frozen looking at the cowboy’s sperm soaking in my underwear. and as I bent over and looked between my legs at my ass, I could see the strangers of cum dripping from me.

I don’t know if I’m gay or straight or bi or what, but I figured that I had 4 years to decide. That was until I looked up and saw my new roommate watching my whole ordeal from the bathroom doorway.

I might not have known if I was gay or not, but he sure did as he pulled out his hard cock and smiled (just like the cowboy did) and started walking towards me.

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