Cold Tile FloorCold Tile Floor


When I woke up, I was blind. I blinked my eyes over and over before I realized something was covering them. I tried to put my hand up to my face to pull off whatever it was that was covering my eyes but something held my hands. It felt like rope. The rope held my arms and leg spread. I was bound to a tile floor somewhere spread eagle.

I heard movement and called out for my boyfriend. Whoever it was said nothing. I tried to remember what had happened the night before. My boyfriend and I had a party at his place. After a bit of drinking, everyone left around three or four. I snuggled into bed and passed out. Where was I now? Who was here?

Suddenly I felt hands on me. Two hands stroked my naked flesh. It was a soft touch, so slight it gave me goose-bumps. I called out again and the hands got more aggressive. They almost scratched at my sides and hips. One hand began to steadily knead my breasts. I groan with pleasure. The other hand found the smooth space between kızılay escort my legs and rubbed, not yet pressing inside my lips. These hands pinched at my nipples light at first then groaning into a harsher and rougher touch. I yelped. I could feel the roughness of the man’s fingers tugging and pulling at my pert little nubs.

The man’s right, or least what I assumed was his right pushed open my slit, finding I had already begun to grow wet. I opened my mouth in a long low moan and he touched these fingers to my tongue, letting me taste myself and rubbing my wetness over my lips.

Now he attacked my tits with both hands. I could feel his weight on me, straddling me. Something hot and stiff brushed over my stomach. His tongue so wet, danced over one nipple and then the other. He traced along the swell of my chest then down the valley between my two mountains.

He began to lean down on me and press his kolej escort own naked body on mine. At first I believed he finally meant to kiss me. Instead he reached out and linked his hands with mine. I felt the bulk of him on me and I questioned if this was my boyfriend at all, if I even knew this man. I tried to squirm out but her was far too heavy, it was far too late. His lips wrapped around my right nipple and began to suck, pulling in more and more flesh. He yanked at them with his mouth. Soon I felt teeth pinching and nipping. I love my breasts teased but this was becoming almost torture.

One of his hands left to rejoin with my dripping cunt. I could already feel the puddle under my ass, growing across the cold tile. His fingers slipped inside me, pushing in as far as they could. His thumb rolled over my clit, toying with it. Two fingers rolled and turn inside me. I could feel the tension building within me maltepe escort very quickly. My hips try to move and flex under him. My body wants to cum for him, but I hold it back and try to deny him that. Of course as his hands, his fingers move faster and harder I can’t do anything but scream in pleasure. My pelvis freezes solid around him and pussy twitches as I cum.

He was far from done. As soon as I relax back from my own orgasm, he enters me. He feels so hot and hard inside me. This could be a stranger but now I don’t even care. He’s fucking me, just like I need to be, slow but hard and deep. The sound and the smell just hang in the air. He keeps such an even pace, perfect. My ass is flexing and pushing up off the tile, just to feel his cock for one more second as he strokes out and pumps back into me. My thighs are shaking just to keep up. Blindly thrusting, I can’t know how long we were joined. It felt like hours of great sex. Soon I was moaning and crying.

When he finally came, he let me know. The man let out a guttural snarl and bit down on my breast. His hands crushed around my wrists. He lay there one me panting and dripping in sweat. He sat up and I whispered a soft thank you to him. Through the dark, I heard his voice. “I thought you’d love a good surprise Baby. Love ya! “

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