Coedwig ChallengedCoedwig Challenged


For December, the weather was very mild, especially for Bavaria. At this time of year there is normally snow or, at least, icy weather but this year the temperature was much too high even for frost.Even so, it is still a beautiful place to be. The fields are green and the pine trees still have their needles. Even the mountains of the Alps are resplendent in their nakedness, grey and imposing with little flecks of white where the small amounts of snow fill the crevasses on the highest peaks that are shielded from the winds by the sheer rock walls.I peered from the window as my flight approached Munich’s Franz Joseph Airport, the mountains visible in the distance and, as the wheels thumped against the tarmac of the runway and I was thrown against my seatbelt as the pilot braked hard to reduce the momentum, my heart leapt with joy. I felt as though I was home. Although I am English I have come to regard Bavaria as my adopted home. Every time I come here I never want to go home.There was no problem leaving the airport. I waited patiently at the baggage carousel until my suitcase appeared then followed the signs to the exit and the ‘S-bahn’ or metro station.I checked my watch and noted the temperature on the revolving screen just beyond the doors, nine degrees.I was a little early for the hotel check in so I headed outside, my coat still over my arm, and into the small Christmas market in the courtyard before the shopping area of the airport.The aroma was heady. Christmas spices and Gluhwein, sausages cooking and coffee…Mmm, coffee, that was what I needed, a cup of strong black coffee one of the things I love about Europe, not weak and wishy-washy as it is so often served in cafés in England.I bought a cup in McCafe and sat down with it at one of the tables outside.Almost immediately I was joined by a tiny Sparrow, watching me from the next table, looking for a little crumb or tit-bit from me.Soon, there was another, then another. They fluttered from table to table, watching me with their little heads on one side.“Wald!”I peered around, hearing the thin, high pitched voice.I was alone and yet I heard it again, almost imperceptible.I shrugged my shoulders mentally, it must have been something squeaking, a stall holder perhaps, closing or opening a door to his little chalet.I looked again at the little birds, still perched around me.“I’m sorry.” I said to them, “I have nothing for you, not even a… Oh, wait!”I remembered the little biscuit in its plastic wrapper that came with my coffee and crumbled it before unwrapping it.“Here you are.” I said, spreading out the crumbs for them at the opposite side of my table. They flew across and pecked at the tiny crumbs, taking them back to the other table before eating them.“Bitte Schon.” You are welcome, I replied, smiling, to the imagined thank you from them as they fluttered to and fro between the tables,“Danke, Wald.” I thought I heard the voice again and looked around but still I was alone.I took my time drinking my coffee but, eventually, it was time to leave. I put my coat around my shoulders and raised the handle of my case.“Guten tag.” I said to them, ‘Good day’, and continued on my way to the train.As I walked away they sat and seemed to watch me leave, their little heads still to one side and chirping happily. The train took almost an hour to reach my destination, Pasing, a small suburb on the outskirts of Munich.A nice little town, away from the hustle and bustle of the city but with a good shopping centre and excellent transport links to the city and, indeed, the rest of Bavaria.The sun was already setting when I arrived at my hotel so I spent the rest of the evening unpacking and just relaxing and planning where to go the following day.I awoke the next morning as the winter sun began to appear above the roof tops. I looked out and the day looked cold, colder than when I arrived. Although there was no frost, the exhaust from the vehicles stopped at the traffic lights outside and below was hanging in the air and the few people who were up and about were wearing hats and gloves and their breath appeared as mist in the chilled air.After a hearty breakfast I wrapped up warm and headed for the station. I had decided that, today, I would visit Hohenschwangau and the beautiful Schloss avcılar escort bayan Neuschwanstein.The train was a slow train, winding it’s way through the beautiful Bavarian countryside of open, rolling fields, and passing through sparse woodland. There were villages and isolated farms all with the same charming chalet style. I just sat silently, watching the scenery roll past, like a silent movie.In the distance, the mountains of the Alps appeared and slowly got closer until, after a journey lasting some two hours I arrived at the small town of Fussen, at the very edge of the mountains where I boarded a bus which took me directly to my destination, just a few minutes away and when I stepped down I felt that this was the place I belonged.I looked up and there, perched on the mountainside, with it’s tall towers and white walls, dwarfed by the sheer grey rock face behind, stood the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein!I walked on, through the village and up the steep winding road that led eventually to the castle entrance.As I strolled slowly along the tree lined road I heard it again.“Wald, Wald.”There were other people about but no-one taking any interest in me. There were small groups of Japanese tourists coming down the road ahead, an American family following a little distance behind. I could hear them all chattering away happily to each other, pointing to various sights but none were talking to me.The trees seemed to rustle even though there was no wind.“Hier, Wald. Hier entlang.” The words seemed to come from thin air, whispered but clear. I didn’t speak German and yet, somehow, I felt as though I was being called, directed.I turned from the road and followed a steep path alongside a stream which splashed over the rocks so steep it was almost a waterfall.Up I climbed, following the mountain path.“Schnell, schnell!” Even the hissing water seemed to be urging me onwards.The little sparrows watched from the branches, sometimes fluttering down and pecking at some unseen morsel in the leaves on the forest floor.For a moment, I stopped and looked back the way I had come. The beautiful castle shone white as the sun broke through a gap in the clouds but now it was way below me. Above, the clouds hid the mountain peaks like great fluffy scarves. I looked around, suddenly unsure.“Hier, Wald, kommen sie.” The thin voices called me onwards and I continued onwards.Before long I saw a small gap in the rock face. Not a cave particularly but more an indentation into the solid alpine rock, a crevice perhaps with a large flat ledge. It seemed to be from where the stream flowed from inside the mountain.I stood beside the stream then turned and looked out. Far below the beautiful blue still waters of the Alpsee reflected the surrounding mountains like a distant mirror and the village appeared as a miniature winter scene, the people like ants as they went about their business oblivious to the fact they were being watched from this aerie high above them.“Wilkommen, Wald”I turned suddenly at the unexpected voice behind meShe was beautiful! Tall, slender as a Willow and hair of russet red flowing over her shoulders and down her back, almost reaching the tops of her legs.She wore a cloak of many colours, rusty red, shades of brown from golden to dark chocolate, interspersed flecks of green and tied at the neck with a bow of ivy.Her eyes were the most beautiful hazel brown and she held my gaze steadily.“Who…?” I started to speak but she placed a thin pale finger upon my lips.“Don’t you know me?” she asked, a small smile playing on her lips which didn’t move with what I heard inside my head. “I know you, Wald.”She still spoke in German but now I understood clearly. I felt the words rather than heard them. It was as though I was thinking them.“My name is Anna…” I half protested.“I know your name, Wald, or should I say, in English, Forest?”Of course, Wald in German, Coedwig in Welsh, all names meaning Forest!“Wait!” I said, “I know you. Your name is Herbst!”“In English, Autumn, yes.”“It was you! You called me here!” I exclaimed.“In a way, yes.” she replied. “My friends helped.” She turned, arm outstretched, palm upwards to indicate the delicate creatures that were seated on the rocks around us, thin faced, beautiful women with beylikdüzü escort bayan sharp features and darting, blinking almost black eyes. Their light brown hair was short and flat to their heads. They also wore cloaks of a fabric that looked a lot like small brown grey feathers. Some of them sat with their heads tilted to the side as if wary of me.“The sparrows, they were the voices I could hear?”“Yes. They are my friends. Like the Dragonfly Sprites are your friends.” she answered, “They too, know who you are. They trust you or you would see only sparrows.”“Why am I here?” I was curious now. “I have been here many times but you have never called me before.”“Anna has been here.” She answered “But you have not, Wald.”Now I understood, Coedwig was within me now. Where I go, she goes. I carry her.“Look around you, what do you see?”I understood what she meant now.“Why are you here?” I asked her. “Winter cannot come until you leave. The forest needs to sleep, to rejuvenate itself under its white blanket until Spring brings warmth and new life.”“I have tried to sleep,” She replied, sadly. “To allow Winter to begin her work but I cannot, I am restless. Winter is knocking but she cannot spread her blanket until I am gone.”“And that is why you brought me here, to help you.” I took her hand.She gripped my hand tightly.“You are the protector of the trees.” she said, “You have the power.”She stepped forwards and placed her thin pale lips against mine. They were cold but soft and I parted my lips to accept her inquisitive tongue.She tasted sweet as she gently probed my mouth, drawing the heat from within me.Moving her hands up my arms, she pushed the warm coat from my shoulders which I let fall to the floor behind me then began to unbutton the heavy cotton blouse I wore underneath.I should have been cold, high up in the mountains but I wasn’t, I was warm and oblivious to all but this magnificent creature before me who was slowly removing my protection in more ways than one.I took the end of the Ivy frond that was around her neck, carefully releasing the cloak that covered her delicate frame. Once released it fell to the floor, rustling loudly as it slipped away from her narrow shoulders.She was slim and willowy, her pale flesh smooth and blemish free. Her small firm breasts were tipped with perfectly erect nipples. I allowed my gaze to follow the line of her slender body, barely curving in at the waist then flaring gently out at her hips and down her perfect legs. She wore no shoes and her tiny feet seemed to almost disappear into the ground, almost as though she was growing there.I stood still for a moment whilst her fingers were busy with my jeans, unfastening the brass button and slowly drawing down the metal zip then slowly pushing down the thick denim until I could lift my feet out and clear.She hooked her thumbs into the soft white cotton of my panties and they too joined the rest of my attire on the cold solid ground.I sensed rather than saw her eyes staring between my legs and I felt her fingers softly stroking along my smooth, hairless folds.“You have no foliage.” she said eventually, “Like the trees in wintertime.”Immediately I blushed and looked down at her own densely covered mound and saw the mass of russet curls covering her. Exactly the same colour as the beautiful long hair on her head.“N… no.” I stammered, “I… “She didn’t allow me to finish but once again placed her finger upon my lips. This time I could taste my moisture upon it and allowed my lips to part and my tongue to tentatively touch her fingertip.She took this as an invitation to slip her finger into my mouth and slid along my tongue to almost the back of my throat. I thought I would gag but no, the sensation was so beautiful that my only reaction was to moan softly as my lips closed around her digit and my eyelids came together momentarily.Removing her finger, she replaced it with her lips, pressing against mine. Our breasts crushed against each other and our nipples rubbed together as she moved her head, her tongue exploring me and drawing the very breath from my lungs.Suddenly I stepped back and pushed her away from me.“No!” I exclaimed, “I know what you are doing!”She said nothing but looked sadly at the floor.I took her chin esenyurt escort on my fingers and lifter her head to face me.“You cannot take my aura, Herbst. The forest would not sleep, it would die.”She sighed deeply.“I am tired, Wald, I cannot sleep. I need your power to help me move on.”I gazed into her sad eyes.“You do not need to take my powers. I will help you channel your own. The seasons are changing, Herbst, and I will help you.”She smiled then and nodded slowly. I drew her to me, my fingers still guiding her chin until, once more, our lips came together. The difference this time though was we were now equal. No longer was she trying to draw my essence.I felt her hand begin to explore, again, the smooth flesh between my legs and her finger slip carefully between the folds, seeking and finding the entrance to the core of my desire,I gasped as she slipped carefully inside me and I felt the moisture begin to form, lubricating and flowing until it began to run along her hand and down my inner thighs.Without thought I shuffled my feet apart allowing her to slip a second finger alongside the first, opening me and beginning to stretch me.Our mouths were still locked together but now we were breathing as one.I broke from our sweet embrace and kissed her chin, then her neck and traced a line of little kisses down to her chest where I took one of her sweet nipples onto my mouth and began to twist the engorged, straining flesh around with my tongue, sucking it further into my mouth.I opened my lips into an ‘O’ and continued to draw her sweet breast fully in then, when I could hold no more, slowly released it until, once again, my teeth retained her nipple.Clamping down on it I stretched it outwards, drawing deep sighs from within her as I did so then… I suddenly released it to spring back stiffer and more upright than ever.I moved to the other side and after a few minutes of similar treatment I continued downwards towards her now be-dewed mass of curls.I pressed my lips against them and firmly kissed her as her hands, on the back of my head, held me tightly to her.I felt the coarse curls tickle my nose as I breathed in the heady scent of her moisture, she smelled and tasted a little earthy and, as I slipped first one and then two fingers into her hot, slippery entrance she shuddered and sighed, a little hiss like the rustling of leaves.I sought out the tiny bud of her desire with my tongue and slowly circled it and then, when it emerged I wrapped my lips around it and gently sucked until it was fully engorged.She was trembling now, vibrating and I could feel it through her slim frame so I moved my free hand around and clasped her small firm buttock, pulling her tighter against my lips and pushing my fingers deeper into her as I squeezed her soft flesh, stretching her tight rosebud.She began to pant and then, suddenly, stepped backwards and drew me to my feet. She was breathing heavily as she picked up her cloak and laid it out on the stony ground.Lying atop it she beckoned me to her so I lay beside her, put my arms around her and resumed the passionate kiss where we had begun.We were pressed tightly against each other now and she wrapped her legs around mine, rubbing herself against my thigh whilst her leg was against my mound, moving back and forth against the now soaking petals.Turning on my side, mirroring her position, I pressed myself onto her and slowly, as if of the same mind we moved around until our tender petals were rubbing hard against each other and our sensitive buttons were squeezed together.With gentle movements of our hips and the mingling of our spendings lubricating us we stayed this way until I could stand no more and almost simultaneous we began to moan. A sound beginning from deep within and rising with the contractions of out muscles until the power flowed through us, I screamed out in joy, matched in volume and depth by her own outcry and our combined voices rose above us as our legs clamped around each others bodies and our burning lips crushed together amidst a cascade of our intermingled fluids.The explosion of passion slowly subsided and we untangled our legs and I turned and lay beside her once more, resting my head upon her shoulder and laying my arm across her soft warm breasts.I bent my knee and lay my leg across hers, pulling myself as close to her beautiful as I could.“Dankeschon, Wald.” She whispered, breathing gently into my ear.“Bitte schon, Herbst.” I replied and hugged her tightly before drifting off into an exhausted but happy sleep, drained but not destroyed.

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