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It’s been a long hot day working on the grounds.

We worked on the irrigation system, cleared the cedar brush, and took care of the dogs.

It was great working side by side all day, chatting and laughing and doing a lot of physical labor.

We’re both sweaty, filthy and physically drained.

We call it a day and get undressed in the mud room. Even filthy dirty and sweaty, I can’t take my eyes off your body. Your hair is a mess as it spills out from under your ball cap. I’m scanning your body and am wondering just HOW you got mud in such interesting places. You’re looking over and me and give a wry smile as you see my cock stirring to attention.

We both know that we can’t get physical in THIS condition, so we race each other up to the shower, running naked through the entire house. We start the water and jump into the shower together. We both take turns under the shower head so we can wash the mud, sweat and grime off our bodies and out of our hair. We are both very generously helping wash up each others bodies, paying special attention to cocks, asses, breasts and vaginas.

We’re definitely getting sexually charged up, and you kneel in the shower in front of me, and take the full length of my cock in your mouth. You lips are closed tight around it and you are moving your whole head up and down, moving your lips over the entire shaft. Every time you pull back, you softly run your tongue over the head and trace the tip of your tongue down the slit at the tip of my penis. This sends an unbelievable shock down my spine, and your eyes smile up at me because you know this.

Your hand is lightly cupping and scratching my balls, and you reach back to rub the sensitive skin between my ball sack and asshole, letting your fingers move to the rim of my pucker to tease it. You increase the sucking and bobbing on my cock and work your index finger up into my ass. You’re fucking my ass with your finger as you suck on my cock, all the while looking straight up at me into my eyes. The sight of my cock sliding in and out of your beautiful face, along with the incredible sensation of your fingering my ass is too much for me, and I start to spasm in your mouth. Your free hand move up to my shaft and you start to jack my cock as you’re still sucking on the head, making sure that you get every drop and morsel of my sweet cream.

I pull you up to me and we share a deep and passionate kiss, and I think I can taste some of my cream off your tongue. My hand instinctively goes to your pussy, but after a few quick strokes, you pull my hand away and say “let’s save that for a little later, I’m hungry.”

“Are you sure?” I ask, and you give me a look that let’s me know you are.

We playfully dry each other off with over sized terry cloth towels and throw on our robes to go downstairs to get a bite to eat.

Mmmmmmm….sushi from our favorite place in town! We eat quickly and pour a couple of big glasses of Merlot, and head out to the porch to the hot tub. It’s late and the property is pretty secluded, so we drop our robes on the deck and just step into the hot tub totally nude.

The heat of the water and force of the bubbles feels great on our aching muscles in our legs and backs, not to mention our pink parts. As we relax in the hot tub, drinking our wine, and watching the stars over head, we’re talking and just enjoying each others company. We’re sitting on opposite ends of the hot tub, so we can see each other as we talk, and our feet are merged together, playfully massaging each other with our toes.

We’re really, really relaxed, enjoying our wine and each others company, feeling the cares and pains of the day melt away in the hot tub.

I look over at you and casually mention, “Simone, we really need to trim back that bush.”

You give me a look that says “WTF did we just do all day?”

I grin just a bit, raise one eyebrow and look down. It takes you a moment or two, and then a broad smile comes across your face, and you squeal a little.

We hop out of the hot tub, throw on our robes, and head back up to the mater bedroom. I lay two over-sized terry cloth towels on the bed, and you lie down on them on your back. You’ve been in a heightened state of arousal since our shower earlier, and now the thought of what’s coming has you very wet and tingly.

It’s going to take me a few moments to get out all the supplies, so I hand you something and tell you “use this to relax while I get things set up.”

It’s a small purple bullet shaped vibrator, about ataköy escort an inch longer than my middle finger, and a little bit bigger in diameter. It’s powered by two AA batteries and it has three speed settings. You set it on low and move it in and out of your pussy a few times to lubricate it with your natural juices, and then start running the tip of it over your clit.

You have your feet bottoms touching and your knees splayed out to the side, to give you maximum access, and to allow me to set up for your haircut. On a separate towel near the foot of the bed, I’m setting out our supplies. A large basin of steaming hot water, a pair of sharp scissors, a can of shaving cream, a couple brand new safety razors, and a bottle of baby oil.

You are biting your lower lip and sucking in the sides of your cheeks as you run the vibrator over yourself and watch me set up. You know that the next hour or so is going to be 100% focused on you, and you relish the attention. This is part of the reason you love these regular haircuts, but time and circumstances has forces us to miss the past couple opportunities, and your pubic hair has really grown a little out of control.

You’re muff is still wet from the hot tub, or is it from the copious juices that are flowing from your opening? At any rate, it means I can begin, so I pick up the scissors and take a few sharp snips at the air…the sound of the blades snapping together sends a charge up your spine, and you squeeze and release your pussy around the tiny vibrator.

I start raking my fingers through your pubic hair, grabbing at it with the spaces between my fingers, and then closing my fingers together and slowly pulling away from your body. This gently tugs at your hair and this sensation, couples with the sweet vibrations on your clit, bring you closer to orgasm.

I lean up and whisper in your ear softly, “relax Simone…you know how long these haircuts take…make it last” You move the vibrator off your clit and start sliding it in and out of your moist opening. This continues your pleasure, but at a less intense level.

On my next pull of your pubic hair, I position the scissors just below my hand, and just above your skin, and SNIP, the first length of your muff has been trimmed. You have your eyes closed at this time, but the sound of the snip again gives you a jolt, and I see your pussy contract around the vibe. I continue cutting the excess hair from the rest of your mound, getting it down to a shorter length, so it can be shaved, trimmed and shaped.

I drop the scissors into the basin of hot water, and pull out a wash cloth and wring it out. You spasm at the touch of the piping hot cloth on your sensitive parts, and then welcome the massaging feeling as I wash away all the hair clippings from your pubic area.

“Simone please pull your knees to your chest”, I ask matter-of-factly, and you readily do as you’re told, so I can use the cloth to wipe down the area below your pussy and wash your ass.

“Simone, you know I’m going to have to concentrate on your pussy area now, right?” I ask.

“Mmmm, hmmm” you moan, with your eyes still closed and having returned the vibe to your clit.

“That means I need you to give me the vibrator now.” I remind you.

“Nooooo”, you whine, as you’ve been waiting all day for the pleasure it’s now providing your pink parts.

SPANK!, comes the sharp smack across your exposed bottom, due to your refusal to comply with my simple request. This time I get to watch your asshole contract at the sharp sting of the slap, and you reluctantly hand the vibrator to me, with your face in full pout. Locking my eyes on yours, I take the vibe and turn it up to level 2, and then while still staring deeply into your soul, move the vibrator to your ass and slide it all the way in. It slides in easily as it’s covered in your pussy juices, and you emit an elongated “Ooooowwwwww” as it goes in, but it’s more of a moan of pleasure than of pain.

I wiggle the end of the vibrator a few times, and then say “Simone, lower your legs now and hold that in place during the rest of your haircut. Again, you obediently lower your legs while emitting a long “MMMMmmmmmmmmm” at the pleasure now rippling from your ass through your whole body.

I’ve had the can of shaving cream resting in the basin of hot water, and now I squirt a handful of the warm lather on my left hand, and start painting it onto the areas around your pubic mound. I’m not planning on shaving you clean today. Instead I have a design bakırköy escort in mind, so I need to maintain a patch of your pubes about the size of a deck of cards, directly over your slit. Everything else must go, including the small hairs that grow down down from your belly button, below your pussy and around your asshole. The feeling of the shaving cream being massaged into your skin, couples with the vibrations in your nether region, makes you emit another long slow moan.

I take one of the safety razors and carefully inspect the shimmering blade, to make sure it’s clean, and sharp, and ready. I wiggle it in the basin of hot water and then slowly drag it from your navel to the top of the patch to be maintained, making a flesh colored walking path in the shaving cream from your belly button to your pussy. The feeling of the sharp, hot blade on your skin, and your most sensitive hairs being pulled, shaved and removed, triggers your body to commence orgasm, and your pink parts start to tense and release.

I wiggle the blade in the hot water between each stroke, to clean and warm it, and each new flesh colored path that I cut into the shaving cream triggers the intensity of your orgasm to increase and continue. It takes me a good 10 to 15 minutes to shave around your pubic mound, and you have been in a consistent state of orgasm during the whole process.

I know you don’t have the strength right now to obey even if I asked, so I just push your legs up to your chest for you, so I can shave your ‘taint’ and around your asshole. When I lift your legs, you let the vibe slide out of your ass, because you just cannot take the pleasure of the vibrations any longer.

I ask you to hold your legs in the position, while I wring out the washcloth again, and clean the rest of the shaving cream off your pussy and asshole, in slow, warm, wet circular motions. When you lower your legs, you look down and see that you now have a pubic-buzz cut, about an eighth of an inch long, and just a small brown patch overlooking your cunt.

“Simone, I have a design in mind, but I want it to be a surprise.” I tell you, “Will you be a good girl and keep your eyes closed for me until I tell you to open them?”

“Ummm….maybe….well…I guess so” you say, as your eyes dart around and you bite the inside of your cheek.

“SIMONE?” I say in a much sterner voice, not wanting to have to give you a spanking at this point, but knowing that I would have to if you don’t give me the answer that I require.

You get the message and blurt out “Yes, YES….I will keep my eyes closed until you tell me to open them.”

“Good girl” I say, “and remember, no peaking” This reminder makes you squeal in excitement.

I clean off the vibrator with soap and water, and return it to you. You set it back to Level one and start moving over your nipples as I go back to work.

After inspecting the second safety razor, you hear me unfold a piece of paper and lay in on the bed before you feel the sting of the razor as it moves across the remaining unshaven area. You’re dying to know what the design will be, but you know the spanking you would receive if you got caught cheating, and you don’t want to trade the pleasure of this experience for that kind of delightful pain, so you keep your eyes closed and try to guess what it will be from the motions on your skin.

I can’t use shaving cream on this part of the process, because I need to see the edges of the hair that I’m shaving, so the sensations of the razor tugging and shaving these hairs are more intense, and you feel a slight burn on the freshly shaven areas. The vibrations on and around your nipples helps cancel any pain that you might be experiencing.

This is pretty delicate work, so it’s about another 15-20 minutes of shaving and shaping. Periodically I blow on the freshly shaved areas to cool your skin and send additional sensations through your body. Thank god you have the vibrator on your breasts to keep you busy, otherwise you would not have been able to keep your eyes closed for this long.

You hear the water dripping into the basin, as I again am wringing the wash cloth, and you eagerly ask “Can I peak now?”

“Relax” I quickly reply, “almost done baby, but you need to behave for just a few minutes longer” You suck in air through your teeth in desperation as you pout and fold your arms across your chest.

“FINE!” you say in your stubborn girlie voice, “take as long as you need then. Don’t rush on my account!”

I chuckle to myself at your mini-tantrum, especially since your knees are still splayed out to the sides, and I can see that your pink parts are inflamed, moist and shivering, and that you’re not too far from cumming for me again.

I take a clean dry cloth and start rubbing baby oil on the areas that were shaved without cream. The familiar scent of the oil hits your nose moments before the soothing cooling sensations make it from your pussy area to your brain. You want to ask ‘are we done NOW?’, but you don’t dare, because you know how close you are to your second orgasm, as well as being very close to deserving an out-and-out spanking.

Another familiar scent hits your nose now, almost like bleach, but not as strong, and you feel something soft and pointy on your mound, almost like I’m drawing or writing something. What you don’t know is that it’s a QTip that’s been dipped in peroxide and I am indeed drawing something to complete the design.

I lean in and gently blow on your pussy now, watching your lips shiver in response to the breeze, but mainly to help the design I just bleached into your remaining pubic hair to dry. Knowing it will take about 10 more minutes to fully dry, I push your knees back up to your chest as I ask you “Simone, you trust me, right?”

Obediently keeping your eyes closed, you reply “Yes John, I trust you with all my heart”

“Good girl”, I say, “I’m going to need you to keep your eyes closed until you cum…I mean until I tell you to cum….can you do that for me”

“YES!” you say enthusiastically, even though you’re dying to see this design, but knowing that being a brat will only delay your orgasm, and you need to cum very, very badly at this point.

My thumb hits your clit at the same time my tongue touches your asshole, and your pussy and pucker squeeze in response, You pull your legs back a little further to allow my tongue to enter your ass, and your pussy opens up as my thumb flicks and circles your clit. It doesn’t take long for you to reach down and grab me by the ears, and you’re very glad not to hear me tell you to ‘RELAX.’ Instead I pull my face away from your ass just long enough to ask “Do you want to cum for me now Simone?”

Near panting, you respond “yes, Yes, YES!”

“Then do it, Simone, CUM FOR ME NOW” I command, as my face returns to your ass and my tongue plunges deep into your asshole. My thumb is moving quicker over your clit, and I have two fingers jammed into your pussy. You’re still working the vibrator over your nipples, and from the sounds of it, you’ve turned it up to Level 3.

You start bucking your hips, mashing your ass on my face and making my tongue dart further up your dark, dank hole, and I swear I feel your pussy squirt your cum onto my forehead as the second orgasm rips through your body like a tidal wave. I’m holding onto your ass cheeks to keep you from bouncing off the bed you’re bucking so hard, as my fingers plunge deeper into your pussy and my thumb is crashing down on your clit. Your thighs clench around my head and you squeeze tightly, and then the waves of your orgasm start to slowly subside.

You release my head from your scissor-lock and throw open you eyes, to see the results of my craftsmanship. You prop yourself up on your elbows and look down at your pussy. The short remaining hairs are cut into a diamond shape, and upside down it looks like there’s a bleached into your patch. You hop off the bed and run over to the full length mirror, and shriek loudly as you now see it’s the Superman logo, complete with the S bleached into your pussy hair. You see me standing behind you, naked, admiring my handiwork and getting extremely hard from the outstanding review you’re giving my artistic design.

In one motion, you spin around and jump on me, wrapping our arms around my neck, and your legs around my waist. You’re giving me small pecks and kisses all over my face and neck, and you can feel my erection tickling your ass from below. We fall back onto the bed, just missing the basin of water, and you push yourself back on my pulsating erection, impaling your cunt deep on my cock. We start fucking with wild abandon, with me on the bottom and you bouncing on top of me. I reach up to tweak and twist your nipples as I start shooting my load deep within your womb. You continue to buck on me and then shriek and squeal as the third orgasm of the day hits you like a ton of bricks.

“Mr. N….” you say as you roll off me, and we both look down at your new pubic hair design, “you’re my hero!”

“I know, Simone” I say with a smile, ” and Superman has just laid claim to your pussy”

“AND ASS!” you add, as we both start laughing uncontrollably.

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