Clocking OutClocking Out


During my time as a bartender I managed to get into quite a few sticky situations; this, however, had long-lasting effects on my work and personal life.It was about 12:30am and the bar I worked in was about to close for the night. Being more than a little tired, and with the bar being mostly empty now, I decided to take out the trash and have a cigarette before I left for my car. I stepped out the back door; it was a cool summer night, the kind where guys wore t-shirts, and girls wore almost nothing. The heat from my lighter as I lit my cigarette burned a few of my nose hairs, and as I took a drag of my cigarette I relaxed for the first time in hours.I quickly disposed of the trash bags, but as the lid of the dumpster closed I heard something unusual. This was an alleyway, so it was unusual for anyone to be in here, and I just hoped it wasn’t a drug deal or something bahis şirketleri like that as I approached slowly. Whoever it was, they were behind another dumpster around a corner from me, and as I peeked around I almost dropped my cigarette. I saw a tall, skinny black guy, with his shirt bunched up around his neck, showing off his muscular frame, but it was the curvy, white girl on her knees in front of him that shocked me.I am not ashamed to say I stood there in the shadows, watching this girl slobber all over the black guy’s balls, his hand grabbing a bunch of her blonde hair as she sucked the tip of his long cock. I was getting hard just watching them, and I rubbed myself through the fabric of my jeans as she gagged on this black man’s cock, spit dripping from her lips and her eyes rolling back in her head.It wasn’t very long before she was bobbing her head as bahis firmaları he grunted, ready to fill her mouth with his seed, and from the sounds she made I think she wanted it more than he did. The sight of his pure white cum dripping from this girl’s lips was almost a work of art, and as she moaned, swallowing everything she could, I noticed something I should have long ago. She was crouched down, squatting, with her dress riding up, exposing her bare ass, with what looked like cum dripping from her! But when she licked her lips clean I realised who it was for the first time. The girl sucking black cock in an alleyway was my best friend’s fiancé.I watched as both parties dressed themselves, and closely watched as the black man left without a word, leaving Shannon on her own, cum covered and horny. I built my courage and lit up another cigarette, before stepping kaçak bahis siteleri out of the shadows and calling to her.”Shannon, good to see you. Busy night?” I asked, knowing full well I had the upper hand in whatever may follow.She was shocked, to say the least, but didn’t give anything away, to her credit, but I had to confront her. I told her what I saw, told her I saw everything she did, and she panicked, running to me and begging me to keep her secret, almost incoherent, but she wasn’t drunk.I knew I had an opportunity here: she was a slut, clear as day, and I’d be a fool not to capitalise on it, but I couldn’t do it to my friend. “Look, I can’t, he has to kn–” I didn’t even finish my sentence before she was pulling her dress down and offering me a deal: her body for my silence. Now, in hindsight, it was a horrible mistake and maybe saying nothing was a bad idea, because she took it as acceptance and dropped to her knees once more. I watched in stunned silence as Shannon, the woman marrying my best friend, unclasped my belt, pulled down my jeans, and wrapped her fingers around my hard shaft.

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