Classy but Crazy Ch. 04Classy but Crazy Ch. 04


As the months and years went by I had established a relationship with Betty, which to any man who is attracted to older women would have been ideal.

I was a regular visitor and she was always glad to see me. She had introduced me to a fellow resident and as far as she was concerned (at Elizabeth’s request) all I was doing was visiting her once or twice a week to give a massage, which had been Betty’s excuse for my regular presence anyway!

So it was great to be able to visit two elderly ladies in turn, and make love to them in all sorts of ways and pursue a “no strings” relationship with each of them.

From time to time I questioned what I was doing. At least once a week I would visit one of them and we would fuck for an hour or two. Whenever my doubts were raised I only had to look at either of them or listen to them when I was performing. These were feelings and activities they both thought they had left behind years ago and they were very grateful and in their own ways loved me for it.

They could not have been more different. Elizabeth was a real lady, initially nervous about what was happening but subsequently so happy with the sex and the company that she was obviously telling herself that she deserved this and was going to thoroughly enjoy it!

Betty was (and I choose my words carefully) a dirty cow! Sex had obviously been extremely important to her for a large part of her life and here it was, back again, with a much younger man and she was determined that it would last. She started to give me small presents, aftershave, cufflinks and always made sure there was brandy in the flat when I called.

She also acquired a number of “toys” notably some vibrators, a Polaroid camera and when she found out I owned a video camera she almost begged me to bring it to film or sessions. I was asked about videos quite early on and when I brought some porn, the sex was amazing!

It was one summer after about a year of our relationship that an episode took place, which is very worthy of recall.

It was a very warm day and I had finished a business meeting about 11.30 a.m. so I called Betty and asked her if I could come round. As always, she replied “of course” and I found myself about 1.00 p.m. outside her door with two bottles of chilled white wine from the off-licence.

She answered the door – “Come in,” she said with a smile.

I gave her the wine and she opened one bottle and brought two glasses

The TV was on and the Open Championship was being shown, the first round I think.

We watched TV for a while and she got up and went into the bedroom. I continued to watch the golf.

About fifteen minutes later she came back in and stood in front of me in a light beige trench coat, a very nice ladies’ one. She was wearing white stiletto heeled shoes.

“You look nice” I said, wondering what she had been up to

“Thank you” she replied, “want to see some more?”

“Of course” I answered, casino siteleri wondering what she was up to.

Slowly she undid the buttons of the trench coat from the top and pulled the top half of the coat open. She was wearing a lacy white bra, low cut and it showed off her enormous breasts perfectly. The lace was so thin that her hard pink nipples could be seen clearly.

“Lovely,” I commented. My cock was beginning to get hard, so I unzipped my fly and got it out.

She undid the rest of the buttons, and pulled the coat wide open. She had on the skimpiest transparent lace thong on showing her cunt lips and her shaved mons. She was also wearing a suspender belt in matching white lace and white nylon stockings. She looked a picture – mid sixties and dressed to fuck!

She made as if to take the coat off. “Leave it on” I told her.

She knelt down, undid my belt and trouser button and slipped my trousers and pants down to my ankles. She grasped my hard cock and pulled the foreskin back. Slowly she licked the end of my cock and cupped my balls with one hand whilst masturbating me with the other.

Keeping her bra on she pushed my cock underneath it so it was between her tits. As she masturbated me with her lovely large breasts I pinched her nipples through the lace.

Soon she was pulling and sucking the end of my cock very hard and I felt her finger slip round to my arse. She reached behind me to a shelf and took the smallest vibrator she had. Slowly and quite expertly she inched it in to my anus until with a final shove she had fully inserted about four inches of it.

This was too much for me and I started to cum, first in her mouth then into her face and hair and all over her tits.

I lay back, the vibrator still up my arse and she left, returning with a wet flannel to clean us both off.

“Let’s go to bed,” she suggested

“No” I replied, ” I’ve got a much better idea”

I stood up and got dressed, having removed her stimulating vibrator. “Let’s go out” I said, ” It’s a lovely day.”

“OK,” she replied, ” give me five minutes to get dressed.”

I picked up the trench coat “put this on and you are dressed” I said

“I can’t do that,” she said

“Why not? I asked, ” you’re with me – you’ll be quite safe”

I offered her the coat and she put it on. “Bring the camera,” I said

We left in my car and drove about ten miles to a country park. The area had a lake, open spaces and woodland as well as a play area and a café/bar.

I parked the car and we walked down to the lake. There were a few people about, not many.

To all intents and purposes we could have been a mother and son dressed up for a visit to the park, me in my suit and her in a nice rain coat, suitable wear for a warm day.

We walked around for a while and from time to time I undid one or two buttons on the coat just to give a glimpse of stocking top or lacy cleavage. It güvenilir casino was turning me on and evidently one or two of the men sitting reading or fishing in the lake.

We walked round the lake to a wooded area behind it and a path that threaded through the woods and came out on the other side.

Half way along the path I took Betty’s hand and led her into the trees. I found a small clearing in the wood where a tree had fallen.

“Stand over there by the fallen tree” I ordered.

She did so.

“Lean back against it” I said, “now start to unbutton the coat from the top”

Betty leant back against the tree and undid the coat. Inch by inch her body was exposed, her huge breasts encased in the lacy bra and the thing pulled up tight into the crack of her arse and showing her cunt lips beautifully exposed through the flimsy white.

I took picture after picture creating a “striptease” as the coat buttons were undone and the coat was opened up to reveal her plump and pink body underneath.

“Now take the coat off and put it on the tree trunk behind you” I said

Betty hesitated but did as she was told.

“Undo the bra, slowly, slowly and hold it at the front cupping your tits” I asked.

She performed the maneouvre perfectly, slowly removing the garment and discarding it at her feet and then stretching her arms behind her head, which made her huge breasts, jut out, the nipples hard and erect.

Betty had now got the idea and turned away from me revealing her huge arse with the thong fully wedged into her crack. She started to pull the thong down slowly.

“Stop” I said. I put the camera down and came over to her. I put her hands on the top of my trousers and she undid them sliding them down over my hips. She slid her hand inside my shorts and felt my hard throbbing prick. She fell to her knees and pulled down my shorts, hungrily licking and sucking my cock.

I raised her up again, and, leaning her back against her coat on the fallen tree lifted one of her legs. In one movement I had pulled the thong to one side and my hard prick filled her up. I started to thrust; slowly at first but as the momentum increased I was fully driving my cock home. She lay back on the coat, her breasts wobbling with every thrust. I pinched her nipples and leaning forward bit and sucked both one and then the other.

Before too long I felt myself about to come and pulled out. I sprayed her stomach and tits and pulled her down to lick the last drops from my wilting penis.

She lay back, exhausted. I slipped the thong off her and used it, and the bra to wipe the cum off her tits and stomach. I pushed my finger inside her cunt and played with her G spot causing her to get wetter and wetter and my cock to rise again.

I folded up the underwear and carefully put each item in one of the larger pockets of the trench coat. I slipped her stockings off each leg and carefully folded them up canlı casino with the tiny suspender belt, putting them in my suit pocket. I replaced her stiletto shoes.

I held the coat for her to put on.

We rejoined the path and walked back to the park leaving the woods and coming into the parkland area. Before leaving the woods I had made sure that only the middle two buttons of the trench coat were done up. Despite Betty’s protests she had agreed when I told her she would be safe with me.

We walked up the hill towards the café/bar. Halfway up there were two benches opposite each other. An elderly man had stopped (presumably for a breather) and was reading a newspaper.

Betty and I sat on the bench opposite. Because of the way the coat was done up, when she sat down it pulled apart at the bottom. The man opposite could view her legs all the way up to her bald cunt. Because of our earlier activity, her cunt lips were protruding and her moist slit was on full display. She looked at me, frightened. I smiled back.

The man glanced up from his paper, then back down, then up again and repeated the exercise about five times. He looked at me. I smiled back and reached over to Betty. I popped one of the remaining two buttons on her coat. I looked back at the man. His legs had parted and it was evident from the bulge in his trousers that he was excited.

I popped the second button and looked at him again. Betty was focused on the bulge in his trousers. I slipped my hand into the coat and tweaked and pinched Betty’s nipple. She squirmed and her cunt lips were opened up to this stranger’s view.

The main raised his paper and from the activity behind it there was no doubt that he had his cock out. I looked around and there was no one in sight. I motioned to him to lower the paper and he did.

He was wanking himself slowly looking a Betty naked except for a coat. I reached down and parted her legs and pulled her cunt lips wide apart. He started to pump harder.

I pushed my finger into Betty’s cunt and then inserted another and another. With three fingers I worked Betty and as she got wetter the noise of her cunt slurping was quite loud.

I pulled my fingers out and pushed them into Betty’s open mouth. She licked and sucked on her own juices.

Suddenly the man’s back arched and he started to come. I did up the buttons; Betty and I arose and walked back to the car.

We got in to the car and started back. I made Betty take off the coat and she continued the 10-mile journey home naked, curled up on the leather of the front seat.

My cock was hard and she released it, playing with it and occasionally sucking it as we drove along. I for my part played with her tits, pinching the nipples, pushing fingers into her cunt and up her arse.

When we arrived back at the flat we were both naked and fucking each other by the time we got through the front door.

I fucked her arse and drenched her with cum in a two hour-long session, which wore us both out. After that we both got into the bath and cleaned ourselves up.

I left in the evening with a very sore cock and a promise of more excursions to come!

I say again and again – In praise of older women!

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