Claire’s Further EducationClaire’s Further Education


Daughter Claire was away at college. Jennifer and Brian, although missing her, were enjoying the early days of freedom. It hadn’t been an open household but nudity was never frowned upon. With their daughter away Jenni and Brian had drifted into full time nudity and were comfortable with it.


Jenni was at the kitchen sink, clearing away after her lunch. It was a lovely warm late autumn afternoon. She was battling with tidying the garden or getting dressed and having a walk. She enjoyed her part time work at an estate agents but equally her time at home.

She barely registered the front door opening and closing. Brian often worked from home. He was a free lance IT expert and visited businesses. She turned, realising it wasn’t her husband. Claire stood in the doorway looking at her mum. Jenni dried her hands and went over to her.

They hugged and kissed on the lips as usual. She stepped back and looked at Claire.

“Hey darling, you alright?’

Claire nodded. Her eyes roving over her mum’s body. She cleared her throat.

“Yes, some food bug going round, just the staff at the moment. Quite a few lecturers off sick so I thought I’d come and see you and dad for a couple of days.”

Jenni stepped in to cuddle her again.

“That’s great. Dad will be so pleased to see you. Let’s get you bag sorted. Dirty washing I assume.”

Claire nodded and they both laughed.

“What’s with the nudity then,” asked Claire. “I’m not shocked, just a bit surprised.”

Claire retrieved her bag and came back.

“Just drifted into it really. The weather has been really good and I thought I’d profit from it.”

They began sorting the washing. Claire giggled.

“And with me being away.”

“That as well,” Jenni giggled.

“Bet dad is working from home a lot more.”

Jenni feigned shock and lightly smacked her daughters backside. Claire saw the broad grin on her mum’s face and they cuddled.

“Cheeky thing. Let’s get your bedding sorted.”

Claire squeezed her mum.

“So, is dad going nude as well?”

Jenni nodded.

“Don’t worry we’ll cover up.”

“Don’t be silly. It’s not as though I haven’t seen him before.”

“I know but you know we don’t impose things on you.”

“Hey, It can’t be called child abuse can it,” laughed Claire.

They both laughed and cuddled and went upstairs.

“I Bycasino suppose I’d better join you then. If you would like me to,” asked Claire.

“Only if you feel comfortable about it. As I said we will cover up.”

“Honestly it will be alright. Assuming dad will be okay with it.”

“I’m sure he will. He’ll certainly be glad to see you.”

Claire began to undress and Jenni took the bedding from the airing cupboard. They made the bed up and Claire turned to her mum.

“Can I cuddle you again?”

Jenni held her arms out and Claire stepped into her.

“You never have to ask for a cuddle.”

“I know, but like this.”

“Just a bit different I must admit.”

They were of the same height. Both were aware of the sensation of bare skin on bare skin. Their breasts against each other, Jennies slightly fuller.

“And I must admit I’ve never held a naked woman before,” confessed Jenni.

“Me neither,” giggled Claire. “Apart from when you used to bath me.”

Claire felt a small ripple in her lower tummy. She felt confused. She knew she was getting turned on but worried that it was with another woman. Especially as it was her mother.

“They were special times,” said Jenni. “I did enjoy having some close time with you.”

“Mmm, I do remember,” purred Claire. “It’s a shame you changed to a shower, I wouldn’t mind a bath now.”

She felt her mum give her a squeeze. She squeezed her back, feeling herself getting wet.

Jenni giggled. “It would be a bit of a tight fit.”

Claire slid her hands down to her mum’s buttocks and giggled as well.

“You are spreading a bit.”

Jenni kissed her daughter gently on the lips.

“Cheeky madame.”

Claire slowly fondled her mum’s buttocks.

“Still pretty firm though.”

Jenni squeezed her daughter closer, feeling herself getting turned on and realising that Claire was as well. She kissed her again and was pleased but a little worried that the kiss was returned.

She gasped as Claire slid a hand between them and cupped her breast. Claire pulled away, blushing.

“Sorry mum, don’t know what came over me there.”

Jenni pulled her to her and kissed her again.

“Hey, it’s a natural thing. Just a way of showing you love someone.”

“But your my mum.”

“It doesn’t matter sweet heart. Things happen in the heat of the moment. If you Bycasino giriş are happy with it then let it happen.”

“I can’t believe I’m feeling like this, especially with you.”

Jenni kissed her again. It was returned more intensely.

“I can’t either,” Jenni whispered.

She gently pushed Claire onto the bed and got beside her. Her eyes wandered over her daughter’s trim body. Long thin nipples were standing out from her taught breasts. A flat stomach led down to a trimmed bush, revealing her parted pussy lips.

Her tummy rippled and she licked her dry lips. She leant over and kissed her daughter, feeling her lips part. Claire moaned as Jenni cupped her breast and tweaked the nipple.

“Oh jeez, that feels so good.”

“Are you sure?”

Claire nodded and kissed her.

“I am, really. I know it’s us but it does feel so nice and natural.”

They kissed and moaned as their hands began to wander and explore each other. Jenni broke the kiss and moved down to her daughter’s breast. She squeezed it and kissed the rock hard nipple. Claire held her head as she began to suck on it. She gasped in pleasure as she felt her mother’s hand slide down over her tummy and cup her mound.

Jenni felt herself shudder as she fingered her daughters very wet pussy. The lips were puffy and parted. She slid a finger in and Claire pushed up to meet her.

“Oh my word,” Claire gasped. “That is so lovely.

Jenni came up and they kissed. Their lips and tongues mashing together.

“Is it okay? I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

Claire bucked and gasped as a finger slid over her clit.

“That is so wonderful. Please don’t stop.”

Jenni kissed her daughter again and continued rubbing her clit. Claire began to buck and gently scream as she reached a climax. Jenni slid back down to her daughters breasts and sucked and licked each nipple as she inserted a couple of fingers in her sopping wet pussy.

Claire began to climax again. Little screams escaping as her mothers fingers entered her. Her nipples were on fire from being sucked.

She gave one last, long scream and fell back, sweating and exhausted. Jenni finally came back up and they gently kissed. Claire held her mothers face and kissed her deeply.

“Thank you. That was so intense.”

They kissed again.

“I know it was spur of the moment thing and shouldn’t Bycasino güncel giriş have happened but it was so loving and intimate.”

“I hope it was darling,” Jenni purred. “I can’t believe we did that. I must admit that I enjoyed it immensely.”

Claire kissed her mum again and stroked her breast. Jenni felt her tummy churn.

“Can I bring you off?” Claire asked meekly.

Jenni kissed her.

“You don’t have to.”

“I would like to. It would finish things nicely”.

Jenni kissed her daughter and spread her legs. They continued kissing as Claire slowly slid her hand down.

“Tell me if I’m not doing it right.”

“Don’t worry about that. Just do what you feel is right.”

They kissed again and Claire ran her fingers over her mum’s mound. She found droopy lips and slowly parted them, easing a finger in. Jenni moaned as they continued kissing. She knew it was wrong but it added to the intense pleasure she was feeling. She moaned again as Claire found her clit.

Claire was too excited to worry about making love to her mother. She was climaxing herself as she concentrated on rubbing her mother’s clit. She knew the intense pleasure from when she brought herself off and wanted to share it with her. Jenni was pulling her own nipples as they continued to kiss.

She moaned and gasped for breath as Claire’s fingers sweetly began to bring her to a climax. The intensity doubled from knowing it was her daughter administering the pleasure. She stretched her big, flat nipples to their limit and clamped her legs together as she rocked to a shuddering climax.

“Don’t stop,” she gasped.

She drew her legs right up and got Claire to insert her fingers. Claire slowly frigged in and out and as Jenni began to climax again she increased the speed. The slurping sound helped Jenni and she shuddered to another fulfilling climax.

They lay together, just gently kissing and stroking each other.

“Thank you so much,” said Claire. “That was so wonderful.”

“I still can’t believe it happened. But yes it was wonderful. You have a sweet body. I really enjoyed exploring it.”

Claire had a tear in her eye.

“That was the most intense climax. All the more loving knowing it was you touching me. It really didn’t bother me.”

Jenni kissed her daughter.

“Thank you. It really felt right and yes, I enjoyed you bringing me off as well. It really was intense.”

They kissed and stroked each other.

“We’d better shift,” Jenni said reluctantly. “Dad will be home soon.”

Claire nodded.

“Must admit I’m feeling hungry now.”

They giggled and went to the bathroom.

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