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We were watching TV, when some commercial came on, I really didn’t want to watch. I glanced at my lovely wife Christy. She had lost interest, and had snuggled up to me, and gone to sleep. My mind began to wander…


When we were kids growing up, Ned was always my best buddy, and we were always into some sort of mischief. Ned had a little sister, Christy, who was a big tomboy, and always had to tag along with us. She was a cute kid, with pigtails, and freckles. I always tried to look out for her, so she didn’t get hurt.

Our folks had memberships at a Naturist Club, so nudity wasn’t a big deal to us. At the club, we were naked all the time. We spent many happy weekends, and vacations there.

There were other things we did as well. There was one weekend, we all went on a camp out, sponsored by some councilors. [No it wasn’t at the Naturist club.] There was a small lake near by. When we got to the lake, we were served lunch, then pitched our tents, and spent the rest of the afternoon fishing, hiking, or playing games.

As night fell, we built a big bonfire, and sat around, roasting weiner’s, and marshmallows. The talk turned to ghost stories. Each story teller trying to outdo the other. Those stories got wilder, and wilder. I glanced over at Christy. Her eyes kept getting bigger, and bigger. I thought, she’s believing every word.

Finally, the fire died down, and everyone headed for their tents. I got to mine, and slipped into the sleeping bag. I had packed two, but didn’t know it.

I had just gotten settled, when I heard Christy. “Jim, Jim, are you there?”

I poked my head out the tent flap, and said, “Christy, what’s wrong?”

She said, “I’m scared, and I’m cold. Can I sleep in your tent.

“Where’s Ned?” I asked.

“Oh, he went to sleep with one of his buddies.”

“Well, OK, get yourself in here. She got into the tent, and slipped into the other sleeping bag.

The next thing I knew, the sun was streaming in the tent flap, and it woke us up. Christy rolled over, and stretched like a cat. Then she gave me a kiss.

“Thanks, Jim, for letting me sleep in your tent last night.

We got up, and out of the tent, to go and eat breakfast.

After breakfast, we could go and enjoy the things the camp had to offer, until about noon. Then we had to pack up. and return home. As we got ready to leave, I was taking my tent down, when Ned walked up. “Hey Jim, did Christy sleep with you last night?”

I told him, “Yeah, she was cold, and scared, and I wasn’t going to turn her away. I think the ghost stories got to her last night. Nothing happened, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Ned grinned at me, and said, “You’ve kinda got a soft spot for Christy, haven’t you?”

I looked at him, to see if he was joshing me, and saw he was in earnest. “Yeah,” I said. He just grinned, and walked off.

It was shortly after noon, when the councilors rounded us up to head back home.

We were dropped off near where we lived. When I got home, mom, and dad were waiting for me.

Dad said, “I’ve been transferred to another city, to head up construction, on a new building, so… we have to head out.

What a bummer. I didn’t want to go, but there was no choice.

I told the folks, “I’m going to tell Ned, and Christy.” I went to their house, and told them we were going to have to move, because of dad’s job.

Their mom, and dad nodded their understanding. Ned just looked dismayed, but Christy threw a fit. “Noooo, you can’t go.” She started crying, and ran to her room. Her mom just shook her head, and headed after her.

I looked at Ned, and said, “Gosh, I didn’t know she would take it like that.” I walked out to leave, and Ned said, “I’ll talk to her Jim, it’ll be all right.”

We moved to the new city, and I enrolled in a new school. When I finished High School, I enrolled in a community college. I had a computer, and E-mailed Christy all the time. I sure did miss her.

Christy, E-mailed me back as well. Some of her messages made me laugh. Once she wrote, “Sometimes boys are so stupid.” I knew I missed her, something awful.

The time seemed to pass so slowly, and I turned twenty. Finally, one day, when I got home from school, mom, and dad were waiting for me.

Dad said, “Well, son, the job is over, and we are going back home.” [They had leased our home while we were gone.]

The company, had promoted Dad, and told him, no more out-of-town jobs.

I said, “Oh boy, can I call Christy?”

Mom grinned, and said, “Sure, go ahead.”

We moved back home on a Thursday, and Friday, mom asked, “Would you like to go to the Naturist Camp this weekend?” [They had never let their membership lapse.]

“Oh boy, I sure would.”

When we got to the camp, I helped get all of our things in the cabin.

Mom turned to me, and said, “Jim, why don’t you hit the pool. I know you’re dying to see all your friends.”

When I got to kartal sarışın escort the pool, all my friends WERE there. It was “Hey Jim, how’s it goin, or “Hi Jim, we’ve missed you.” I finally saw Ned waving. I dived in, and swam to where I could shake hands with him. “Hey feller, long time no see.” Ned said.

There was a very cute girl with Ned, and he introduced her as “Joanna”. “Jim, Joanna, and I are sort of an item.”

I thought, boy, Ned sure knows how to pick them. I remarked to Joanna, “I hope Ned hasn’t told you to many bad things about me.”

“No, all were good.”

I looked around, and said, “Hey. where’s Christy?”

A soft voice behind me said, “I’m right here Jim.”

I turned, and suddenly, I had my arms full of this very beautiful girl, and we were kissing each other. I backed away, holding her at arms length. and said “Christy, Christy, is this really you?”

She hugged me, and said, “Yes Jim, it’s really me.”

“Wow, no more pigtails, or tomboy for you.”

Ned spoke up, and said, “She’s still a tomboy Jim.”

Christy stuck her tongue out, and said, “I am NOT a tomboy.” We all got a chuckle out of that.

As we moved about the pool that afternoon, I asked Christy if there was a boyfriend. “Yes, I found him a long time ago, when he let me sleep in his tent at that camp out.”

I had to take her in my arms, and kiss her soundly. I noticed that the splashing from others made the water move her beautiful titties up, and down.

Christy caught me watching her, and said, “What.”

“Oh, nothing.”

“You were staring at my titties, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” I said sheepishly.

“Do you like my titties?”

“Oh yes. I want to suck on them.”

Christy shivered, and said, “Ohhh, Jim, I think I’d like that.”

“Jim, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Well. I’ve noticed all afternoon, as we’ve moved around, you’ve had a hard-on. I don’t remember that happening, as we were growing up.”

I grinned, and said,”Haven’t you figured that one out yet?”

“Well, no, I guess I haven’t.”

“It’s because I think you’re so sexy, and the years we’ve been apart, have changed you into a very beautiful girl.”

“I’m not sexy.” Christy said.

“You are to me.”

We had moved to the shallow end of the pool, and Christy could clearly see, that I had a hard-on.

“Can I touch?” she asked.

“Please do, I’d love it.” Christy was a bit hesitant, so I took her hand, and placed it on my very hard cock.

“Ohhhh, it feels so different. It’s hard, but yet, it’s, it’s just so very nice.

I was just about to squeeze her beautiful titties, when her mother walked up.

She said, “Supper’s nearly ready. You guys come and eat. Jim, you come too. I’ve already talked to your folks, and it’s O.K.

We all told her, We’d be there shortly.

Their mom left, and headed back to their cabin.

We all got out of the pool, and went to shower off. It had gotten dark, and there was a mercury light, that cast a soft glow over the shower.

Joanna went first, then Ned. When Christy got under the shower, Ned said He and Joanna were going on, so they could help his mom with the food.

I waved at them, while I waited for Christy to finish her shower. Finally it was my turn. When I finished, Christy handed me the towel we always had, to either sit, or lay on.

We started towards their cabin, and I was watching Christy’s cute little bottom, as it rippled, while she walked. Without thinking, I cupped both cheeks of her bottom, and squeezed.

“HEY, watch it you.”

“Ummmm, sorry bout that sugar. The way it was jiggling, I just had to give it a squeeze.

Christy giggled, and snuggled under my arm. She asked, “Do you really think I’m sexy Jim?”

“You bet I do.” I turned her to me, and suddenly we had our tongues in each other’s mouth’s. Finally we stopped, and with my arm around her waist, we walked on toward the cabin. Every so often, my hand would slip down, to the cheek of her bottom, to give it a squeeze. Christy didn’t seem to mind at all anymore.

“Christy, we need to stop at my folks cabin, so I can get my shaving stuff. I know the folks will want to see you.”

“OK, that sounds nice.”

We got to the cabin, and mom, and dad were amazed at how Christy had grown. While they were admiring her, I went to my room. I didn’t really need my shaving gear. I wanted something I had gotten for Christy.

When we got to Christy’s cabin, we stepped up on a well lighted porch. “Christy, just a minute.” She turned, and I fastened a dainty gold chain around her waist. About three inches were left, and that ended in a small heart, that had “Christy” engraved on it.

Christy squealed, then her arms were around my neck, and we were kissing, again with a lot of tongue. “Ohhh Jim, I’ve been wanting one of these. Thank you so much.”

We went in to the kitchen, and Christy danced over to her mom, and said, “Mom, look what Jim gave me.”

Her mom looked, and said, “Well, how nice.” Her mom looked at me. kartal anal escort and winked. Then she said, “O.K. guys, fix your plates, and let’s dig in.”

We all fixed our plates, and sat down at the table. It had bench style seats. Christy got so close to me, I thought she was going to be in my lap.

We ate our burgers, talk turned to what we had been doing the last few years. finally Christy’s mom looked at the clock, and said, “Oh, look at the time. I’ve got to clean this kitchen up.

Christy spoke up, and said, “No, mom, I’ll do that.”

I said, “Let me help too, That’s the least I can do, after you’ve fed me.

“O.K. guys, dad, and I are going to bed. Not too late, all of you.”

Ned asked if we wanted them to help. “No” I told him, “You guys helped fix it. Christy, and I can get this.”

Christy, and I started doing the dishes. She was washing, I was drying. I would get close to her, blow in her ear, bump hips with her, or squeeze her bottom. She’d squeal, and move away. I finally placed both hands on her titties, and squeezed gently.

She hissed, “Jim, stop that, you’re making me horny.”

I turned her to me, and said, “Christy, I know that horny feeling. Will you sleep with me tonight?”

“Oh yes.” She put her arms around my neck, and started kissing me. It quickly turned into more than just a kiss. Suddenly, we were frenching like crazy.

“Yes I’ll sleep with you tonight. I’ve wanted this to happen, ever since that camp out.

Well, I thought, so much for thinking she didn’t know.

We went down the hall, and were about to pass the room she and Joanna usually used, when I said, “Hey Christy, what about Joanna? Won’t she miss you?”

Christy said, matter of factly, “Oh, she’s never there. She always sleeps with Ned. She told me he always fucks her silly.”

I choked back a laugh, picked Christy up, and, a few steps further, brought us to the room I was to use. I stepped in, laid Christy on the bed, and slipped in with her.

She snuggled up to me, took my hands, and placed them on her titties. “Ohhh, I’ve wanted this for so long.” I kissed her.

“Jim, have you got a hard-on?”

“Of course.”

“Can I touch?”


Christy wasn’t hesitant this time. She immediately began to explore with her hand. She used her thumb, to rub the tip. My six and a half inch cock, grew hard as steel.

“Does that feel good?” she asked.

“AHHHHH… yes, it does.”

I slipped one hand on her pussy, and cupping it I began to squeeze gently. I slid a finger between the lips of her pussy, and began teasing the small hole there.

Christy gasped, then said “Ohhh Jim, make love to me. Fuck me silly.”

“I want that very much.” I said. My tongue was in her mouth, and hers in mine. When we finally came up for air, I started nibbling her ear,along her jaw, and down her neck, and finally just above her titties. I licked down between them, to the underside. Finally I sucked a nipple into my mouth, and started teasing with my tongue. Her other tittie got the same treatment.

Christy was not a silent lover. She started to moan, “Oh yesss, do that, do that, Oh Jim, ahhhh, my nipples are getting hard.”

I started kissing down her tummy. I stuck my tongue in her navel, to give it some special attention. There was a gasp from Christy. I kissed lower, raised my head, and said, “I really like your shaved pussy.

“Ohhhh Jim…”

I kissed, and licked down the top of one leg, to her knee, and to it’s backside, for some attention. I went up her thigh, and when I approached her pussy, I licked up , and over her mons, and down the other leg. It got the same treatment as the other. This time, when I got to her pussy, I flattened my tongue. and licked up between her pussy lips, and circled around her clit.

“Ohhh Jim, what are you doing?”

I licked down to her pussy hole, and cupping my tongue, I Thrust it inside, as far as I could go.

“Ahhhhh, ohhhhh Jim.”

I drew my tongue out of her hot little pussy, and swirled it around her clit. I sucked the hard little bud into my mouth, and started flicking it with my tongue.

Christy went into orbit. “Ahhhhhh, ahhhhh, ohhhhh, I’m cumminggg.”

I slipped my tongue back in her pussy. I could taste the juices flowing out of her. I brought her to orgasm again, then again.

“Ohhhhh, Jim, please, that’s enough.”

I gave her clit one last lick, and she jumped. I licked my way up to her titties, and finally her mouth.

Christy started kissing me, and her tongue was in my mouth. We finally broke our kiss, and Christy said, “That’s me I’m tasting, isn’t it?”

“Yes. you taste very good. Do you like it?”

“It’s kinda different, but yes, I do like it.”

My cock laying right on her hot pussy. I reached between us to rub the tip along her pussy, to get it wet with her juices, With a gentle thrust, I slipped just the head of a very hard cock into a very tight pussy.

“Ohhhhh, Jim, this is my first time. Please be gentle.”

“Guess we’re even then. This is my first time to.” kartal sınırsız escort [I knew Christy didn’t have a cherry. She had told me she had broken it herself.]

Very slowly, I began thrusting in, and out of Christy’s hot little pussy. “Please tell me if I hurt you. I don’t want to do that.”

“OK, I will… come on.”

With several more gentle thrusts, I was balls deep, in a very tight pussy.

“OHHHH, my pussy feels so full of you.”

“Your pussy feel’s so nice, and tight.” I pulled out, until just the head of my cock was still inside her.

“Noooooo, don’t go way.”

I thrust back inside her, as far as I could go, and began to slowly slip in, and out, so she would get used to the sensations.

“OHHHH, yessss, do that.”

I speeded up the thrusts, then faster still. I could tell Christy was getting close.

OHHHH Yesssss, Ohhhhhh, I’m gonna cum, OHHHH, FUCK MEEEEE, aghhhhh.

I slowed my thrusting slightly, to let Christy come down from her high.

“Noooooo, don’t slow down, ohhhh fuck my pussy.”

I speeded up again.

“Yesss, yesss, that’s it, ohhhh yessss, fuck me silly, aghhh.”

I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. Christy’s tight little pussy was really squeezing my cock hard.

“Cum for me Jim, I want you to cum in my pussy,”

“I’ll get you pregnant.”

“No, I’m on the pill, cum in my pussy.”

That did it. It set me off. I said “Ohhh yesss, NOW Christy, NOW.” She felt my cock grow slightly larger, then felt the cum, as it squirted inside her. My balls were really full. I must have squirted inside of her five or six times. The cum was running out of her cunt, and down the crack of her bottom.

I was still hard inside her. I rolled over, so she was on top of me. We kissed, and my hands slipped to her cute little bottom, and I began to squeeze.

“Ummm, I didn’t know it would be like that.”

My cock got soft, and it slipped out of Christy’s pussy.

Christy raised up, off my chest, and said, “Jim, I’ll want a lot more of that… Uh, just not right now. You kinda made my pussy sore.”

“Want me to kiss it, and make it all better?”

“OHHHH, no, please, not right now. Jim, where did you learn to do all that wonderful stuff?”

“I’ve been reading a lot, on the internet, and you’re the recipient of that. Christy, you’re not a little girl any more. You’re all woman now, a very beautiful woman.”

“Thanks Jim. I’ve wanted it to be you, for a long time. Ever since that camp out.”

Christy slid off of me, and snuggled up to my side, put her head on my shoulder, and we drifted off to sleep. Twice more that night we made love.

The next morning, noises from the kitchen, woke me up. I was about to shoo Christy back to her room, when her mother quietly opened the door, and came in.

“Uh-Oh” I thought.

Her mom grinned, and said, “Well, I wondered where Christy slept last night. I see it was here, with you. She gave me a big hug, and I knew it would be all right.

“Did you make love to her last night?”

I looked her in the eye, and said “Yes… I did.”

Her mother smiled, and said, “Jim, I knew from talking to Christy, that she’s wanted this to happen, for a long time. please be good to her,”

I told her, “Of course. That will be easy.”

“Breakfast in about an hour.” she said, as she walked out of the room.

In a few minutes, Christy rolled over, stretched, and sat up.

“Good morning sexy.” I said. She snuggled up next to me for a kiss.

“I thought I heard my mom in here. Guess I was dreaming.”

“You did hear your mom in here.”

“Ohhh, nooo.”

“Relax, she knows we slept together, and she’s O.K. with it.”



“What did she say.”

“She wanted to know if I made love to you.”

“What’d you tell her?”

“The truth.” I told her, “Yes, I slept with you.”

“Ohhhh, what then?”

“She asked me to be very good to you. I told her, that would be very easy.”

That brought a big hug, and a sweet kiss.

“Come on. We have time for a shower, before breakfast.”

Into the shower, where we soaped each other up. There was lot’s of touching, and rubbing, especially when I soaped her titties, and her lovely pussy. We finally got out, and dried each other off.

When we finally made it to the kitchen, her mom looked up, and greeted us. “Morning little one, morning Jim.” With a glint in her eye, she asked, “Sleep well honey?”

Christy looked at her mom…not quite sure. her mom grinned, and Christy knew it was all right, and went to hug her mom.

Ned, and Joanna came in to the kitchen about that time. Joanna took one look at Christy, then looked at me. She silently mouthed, “Did you???? and pointed at Christy.

I smiled, and gave her an imperceptible nod.

Joanna clenched her fist, and mouthed, YES!!!!

After we had breakfast. her mom said, “You kids are on your own today. Dad and I have to be the greeting committee, and we’ll be gone all day. There’s plenty of food in the fridge for you.”

After they left, Ned and Joanna said, they were going to play volleyball, and did we want to come.

Christy said, “No, we’ll clean up the kitchen, maybe later.” We finished the kitchen, and Christy said, “Jim, can we just stay here? We can lay out on the back deck. There’s one of those air mattress there, and the deck will be shady all day.”

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