Checking Out The New EquipmentChecking Out The New Equipment


My office windows provide me with a great view of nature, they overlook a large wooded area. As I looked out of my office window I could see that the snow was still covering the landscape. The wind was blowing and the snow was drifting, it was a beautiful sight indeed, but not if you are a golfer!

Spring was not that far away and I couldn’t wait for the snow to melt, yep I had a full blown case of spring fever!

“Road trip!” I yelled.

My secretary just smiled as I walked by her desk on the way to the big road trip. This road trip wasn’t to Myrtle Beach mind you but to Dicks sporting goods at lunch time to see all the new golf equipment.

I arrived at Dicks and I leisurely walked down the aisles looking at all of the new equipment, this was the true “eye candy.” Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the salesman approaching very quickly. Let’s be honest here, I wasn’t here to buy anything. This was my weekly get away from the snow trip at lunchtime, my credit card was not to leave my wallet.

The salesman, or “golf associate” as I found out looked to be about 40 with dark black hair. He had the physique of a man who worked out every day and I was sure that you could bounce a quarter off of his abs.

As I prepared myself to answer whatever question he would ask me with the usual, “just looking”, he approached.

“Hi Mike, I’m not sure that you will remember me,” he said.

“Just looking,” I started to say when I realized that he didn’t ask if I needed help.

I looked at him a little more closely but didn’t recognize him at all, I wish that I had!

“I golf with your buddy Rick and we all met at Clancy’s bar one time after golf for a beer,” he said. “Rick and I golf together every Wednesday afternoon and that’s how I know who you are.”

To say the least I was surprised by his comments and I wondered just how much Rick told him about me.

“My name is John Biqload, it’s nice to see you again Mike,” he said as he put his hand out for me to shake.

JOHN Biqload? Is he kidding me with şişli bayan escort that name?

“Did you say John Biqload,” I asked with a smile?

He laughed and said that his name always makes people laugh, and that it is usually pronounced big load!

John was a solid six foot, 175, dark black hair, and a noticeable lump in his pants, I shook his hand. Suddenly my mind was gone from golf, my mind had turned to John and his comment about our buddy Rick.

“Hey Mike, give me your cell phone number and I will call you when the new shipment of clubs arrive, it could be later today,” he said as he winked. Well that wink told me all that I needed to know about his conversations with Rick, he wanted me.

Back at my office later that afternoon I was buried in sales proposals for a meeting scheduled for the following morning when I heard my cell ring. My mind was a million miles away from my lunch time conversation as I picked up the phone to answer it.

“This is Mike,” I said with a smile in my voice.

“Mike, hello this is John from Dicks, I hope that I’m not catching you at a bad time” he said. “The new shipment of golf clubs arrived after you left and I have some equipment that I’d like to show you.”

He didn’t just say that?

Does he mean what I think he does? I was suddenly feeling very warm and I knew that I was about to make a trip back to see his equipment.

Stall baby stall! Be sure that he means just what you think he means before you hustle back to Dicks just to see golf clubs!

“Thanks for the call John, but it’s a bit busy here today and I’m not sure if I can get away again. What did you want me to see, and can it wait for another day?”

Crystal clear is the best way to describe his response. The “equipment” that he wanted to show me was made crystal clear by his response.

“When Rick and I were golfing one day he told me about you oral fetish. I’d like to help you out if you want to meet at my apartment, it’s by the store just off of Main Street.”

I scribbled şişli escort down John’s apartment number, grabbed my briefcase and headed right out!

John had a nice apartment, we stood in his living room and talked for a moment. I still had my business suit on, John had changed into only a bathrobe.

“Well now that you’re here I hope that Rick wasn’t kidding about your fetish, if not I must look pretty fooling,” he said with a half smile.

This guy was very good looking, dark hair, muscles in all the right places, and nice eyes. I leaned in and reached to untie his bathrobe. He let the robe fall off his shoulders on to the floor and he was now naked in front of me.

I looked at him and for the first time ever I almost came in my pants! This guy was a Greek statue from top to bottom. His chest was chisled, abs tight, great shoulders, and his cock was semi hard about 6 inches(so far) with the head bending slightly down.

“It was my lucky day when I recognized you in the golf department today, I’m glad that you decided to come over. I’ve been busy at work and haven’t had any sex at all in 2 weeks so I’m really ready for this,” he said as nudged me down to my knees.

As I knelt down I could now see this wonderful cock eye to eye. The head was fat and the shaft had a nice brown color to it. I lightly lifted his shaft to see his balls which hung very low and were very large, I LOVE THAT!

“John, I want to lay down and have you straddle my face so that I can begin by sucking those lovely balls of yours if that’s okay with you,” I said as I started to lay back.

John wasted no time, and he put his knees on either side of my head as he lowered his cum filled balls to my lips.

As I looked up I could see those balls dropping to my lips, his cock shaft and head layed flat against my face. Damn was this hot, my boner, stuck in my pants, was steel hard!

My mouth slowly inhaled one a time, my tongue giving each the ultimate tongue bath. His cock was starting to stretch against my face and it actually poked me mecidiyeköy escort in the eye! As he moved his cock shaft I could feel the warm precum against my cheek bone.

I loved the feeling of his balls in my mouth and how he starred down at me while I had my nut lunch! I heard a very loud sound like, mmmmmmmmmmmm, I wondered if it was him or me that made the sound.

“This is even better than Rick described, now I need you to blow me but I don’t think I’m going to last long,” he whispered.

His cock was so hard and swollen that it looked painful. As he sat back on the couch he put his head back over the edge of the couch and stretched his arms and legs out. Doing that made his hips move up and shot his cock straight into the sky.

l started at his balls and licked the underside of his shaft up to the head. I softly closed my lips around the head and used my tongue to circle it a few times, he was now really leaking.

Looking at him he was a solid 8 inches and nicely thick. One of those that forces your lips to drag slowly from top to bottom, mmmm.

I took his cock deep as I could and let my tongue wiggle along the bottom as I sucked him in and out. His cock head had grown very fat and I took my time licking all around it as his liquid spilled onto my tongue. I’ve never had a cock that swelled so much while being serviced.

“I’m glad that you approached me at the store today, I love your cock,” I said as I took him deep into my mouth. I slowly bobbed my head only a few times when he grabbed the sides of my head.

“Cumming, cumming,” he said through a strained voice.

I kept his cock head in my mouth at first and caught the first blast or two, than I pulled him out and he finished by blasting on my face. It was very warm as it hit my mouth, lips, and cheeks, I shot my load in my pants.

Well his name didn’t lie, his cum covered my mouth and lips, it was dripping off me.

John stayed reclined on the couch but not covered in sweat. I still held his cock in my hand and his started to shrink. I took him back into my mouth one last time and sucked his shaft clean and I held his balls in my hand.

As I got ready to leave John thanked me and said that he wanted to meet again.

“Anytime you need another Biqload call me.”

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