Cheating Girlfriend’s Sister Ch. 03Cheating Girlfriend’s Sister Ch. 03


Tim is feeling like shit right now. He just got the Pfizer vaccine. The college boy now has a high fever and a terrible headache. Not to mention, he couldn’t even shift his left arm. It is so sore he feels like it’s made of lead. That’s how heavy it feels to Tim. And this is only just four hours after getting the shot. He has no idea how he is going to sleep that night. Even with Penny there to give him comfort, he is still unsure if he will be able to doze while feeling pain all over like this or not. It’s unlike anything he has ever been through before and he is starting to think that he should just give up on the idea of getting any kind of sleep.

Unfortunately for him, Penny is feeling horny. Being in his right arm (he couldn’t wrap his left around her body) and feeling his groin pressing into her ass is turning her on like crazy. This usually wouldn’t be such bad news, but right now, he is no shape or form ready for sex. What he needs is lots of rest but she isn’t willing to give him that. The brunette turns around to face him and reaches down to grab his balls. “What are you doing, honey?” he asks her weakly, not having the strength to dislodge her hand from his nuts. “Let go. I can’t do it today. I couldn’t even begin to move my left arm.” Penny doesn’t let go of his balls though, continuing to cup them and fondle.

“You are such a pussy-tease, Tim, cuddling with me and getting me horny, then telling me that you won’t fuck me,” Penny says to her adorable boyfriend who is feeling really unwell right now. “I love you but you have to understand. You are my boyfriend so it’s your job to fuck me whenever I want you to. You have to do it. I don’t care that you’re not feeling very well right now. You’re going to fuck me, Tim. Don’t make me force you.” She glares at him as he squirms away. The bed is big, but it’s not that big and she is also stronger than him, easily trapping him in her much stronger arms. She is already more physically powerful than him when he is healthy, and now that he can’t even move his left arm, he has no chance against her.

“Baby, I’m really sorry but I can’t fuck you today. Please wait for a day. I’ll start feeling better soon and when I do, I’ll let you do whatever you want with me. Just not today,” he protests as she holds him tight against her. To his chagrin, his cock is already straining up against his pants from feeling her muscular thigh on his groin. She just leans in and kisses him aggressively, shoving her tongue inside his mouth. Why does it have to feel so good? He isn’t ready to have sex right now but his cock wouldn’t listen to him. It’s like the thing has a mind of its own. He just wants to rest after getting the vaccine and his cock wouldn’t listen to him at all. The shaft is throbbing, getting harder as she attacks his lips.

Penny effortlessly yanks his pants down, allowing his cock to spring free. She spits on it and uses her saliva as lubricant, jerking him off despite him telling her to stop. She doesn’t care that Tim doesn’t consent to it and keeps on masturbating him, playing with his dick how she pleases. It is giving her a real power trip to be able to do what she wants with him, since he is too weak to stop her or even put up a fight. “Don’t even think about denying me your prick,” she says to him. “You belong to me, Tim. I’ll always do whatever I want with you, even if you tell me no.” Her hand slides up and down his veiny shaft, pumping it with deliberate strokes.

“Stop, Penny,” he moans out. “Please, I don’t want it right now.” She ignores him again as her fist clenches around the tool and squeezes it, masturbating his erection the way she wants. In Penny’s mind, Tim is hers. His cock belongs to her and so she can play with it whenever and however she wants. He has no right to say no to her. That’s why she doesn’t care about having his consent. Her other hand presses his perineum, massaging the sensitive patch of skin between his testicles and anus. The double stimulation sends him into pleasure overload and he struggles not to cry out from how good it feels. She’s gotten so good at manipulating his genitals lately, after he told her about all the stuff he enjoys having done to him.

“I’m not going to stop. You can just shut up now,” the younger girl hisses at her older boyfriend as she slides her fingers up and down the turgid penis, caressing his swollen head. She swipes her thumb across the underside, targeting the erogenous zone her friends taught her about. Wendy in particular told her several times that this spot is very important and can lead up to a very powerful orgasm. It makes him cry out in shock from how pleasurable the contact there feels and he involuntarily flexes his hips, thrusting up into her hand. “You seem to be enjoying yourself with your cock in my hand now. Just stop trying to deny it, my love.”

Tim struggles futilely. Even with both hands he’d still be weaker than her. With just his arm working right now, he has zero chance against the brunette goddess. She giggles. “You’re so cute it’s making me want to rape you even Ofise Gelen Escort more,” Penny says to her cute boyfriend. The girl says it with no shame whatsoever, jerking him off harder now. She is still careful though, not wanting him to blow his load in her hand. No, she has a better place for him to cum that that. The teen bends down to kiss the tip of his dick and lick up his pre cum. Hearing Tim moan is the best thing for her and it sets her cunt on fire with arousal. God, she is so fucking turned on.

There is nothing she likes more than the taste of her boyfriend’s cock and she bends down to take it into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. She sucks Tim’s dick gently, sliding her lips down to the base of it and swirling her tongue around the spongy part. It is making him go crazy with pleasure but he still tries to stop it once more and begs her “We can do this tomorrow when I feel better. I really want you to stop now.” Alas, she refuses to listen and he can do nothing but lie there and let her have her way with him, being too weak to shove her away. His right arm works but he is delirious with the fever and she is stronger than him anyway. “Stop!”

Penny has finally had enough and stops sucking him off, slapping him across the face, shocking the college boy. “Shut up already,” she growls. “I told you I’ll do what I want and you can do nothing to stop me.” She goes back to giving the blowjob until he orgasms. Penny lets him flood her mouth with his cum before taking the pole out of her mouth and tugging it, forcing Tim to ejaculate on her face. Strands of his warm jism lands on her cheeks as she coaxes more ropes out of him. Penny jerks him off until he finally stops cumming on her, after having already cummed all over her face. Her beautiful smiling face is soaked in his semen the way she wants. “Look at it, you slut. You couldn’t stop yourself from cumming on me. You never stood a chance.”

She gets up on top of him and places the tip of his penis at her entrance. Her warm orifice is dripping with the nectar of desire, as her womanly juices flow out all over his manhood. Tim has given up on begging her to stop now, knowing that she wouldn’t listen anyway. He only braces himself for it as she starts lowering her body, sheathing him with her hot tunnel. The warm canal is very tight, gripping his sensitive cock very hard as she rests on top of him, yanking her shirt off to give him a view of her six pack as she rides him. She knows how much her muscular stomach turns her boyfriend on and plans on using it to make him cum a lot inside her.

The brunette athlete starts riding him, bouncing up and down on his cock. She places her hands on his shoulders and pins him down effortlessly. Doing this is simple enough when he is healthy. Now that he is feeling unwell, it is laughably easy. Tim couldn’t even begin to try to resist her as she aggressively pounds him. She fucks her boyfriend hard and he could do nothing but try his best to hold back his orgasm. God, she really is good at banging. Penny is banging his brains out and as painful as the headache and fever are, he couldn’t help but feel the pleasure tingling in his groin. It’s not as good as it normally is, since he is feeling unwell, but his cock is still throbbing inside her.

Penny fucks him very violently and soon he ends up cumming inside her, filling the brunette’s hungry womb with his cum. “Yes!” she cries out, before lifting herself up off of him. She then changes her position, so that she is now riding him cowgirl style, giving him a perfect view of her heart shaped ass. The girl grabs his cock and slides it up through her shithole and straight into her warm ass. She begins to ride him again, this time having her large buttocks facing him. Even though he is feeling very unwell, it is still the greatest view that Tim has ever seen and he weakly thrusts up, enjoying the blissful friction between his cock and the insides of her muscular ass.

She slams her ass down on him hard. It is making him unable to think as Penny fucks his dick with her muscular booty. He tries as hard as he could but is still totally overpowered by her perfect ass. It feels almost as if she’s fracturing his legs with how she is slamming her huge ass onto his weak thighs. That is just how hard she is fucking Tim right now. “I’m going to force you to cum in my ass, baby,” she tells him sadistically as he tries to stop himself from reaching the point of no return again. He isn’t sure if he can cum for the third time. If he does, Tim fears it will hurt too much.

In the end, Penny succeeds at making him cum inside her and fill her bowels with his semen. She smirks as she feels her reluctant boyfriend’s warm cum enter her ass in multiple strands until he is finally done blasting her insides. “Please stop now, honey,” Tim begs her but she ignores him and keeps riding his cock, sheathing it inside her ass. It feels so good but also painful at the same time. He didn’t think it would hurt so much and could do nothing Otele Gelen Escort but cry as she forces him to cum inside her ass again and again, until he ends up passing out with his cock still buried inside her muscular booty.

Penny finally stands up and releases Tim’s dick from inside her buttocks. She positions her very hairy cunt right above her passed out boyfriend’s face and then starts urinating onto Tim’s forehead, drenching his cute face in her piss. He wakes up and his mouth goes wide in shock, allowing her to start pissing into his mouth. The taste of her bitter urine shocks him but he finds himself gulping her putrid pee down anyway, before exhaustion catches up with him and he passes out again.


Tim wakes up the next morning feeling even weaker than he did the last night. His entire body is wracked in pain after the violent fucking that his girlfriend subjected him to. The brunette didn’t hold anything back when she banged him and he could feel bruises forming on his thighs from how hard her round ass crashed onto him as she fucked his brains out. He could also still smell her bitter piss on his own face. She really pissed all over him in the most literal sense of the word. He shudders just from thinking about how it felt. Yet a part of him is also getting turned on from recalling the act of degradation.

He glances aside to see that Penny is still sleeping next to him, curled up to his fragile body. She looks so innocent in his sleep. Not at all like a girl who’d actually piss all over her boyfriend’s face after fucking him against his will and forcing him to cum several times in a row like she did to him last night. It is only now that he understands the true meaning of the phrase ‘looks can be deceiving.’ It doesn’t change how Tim feels about her though. The boy is still whole heartedly in love with Penny and will never, ever stop loving her, no matter what his brunette girlfriend does to him.

She suddenly begins to stir. The strong brunette yawns and then blinks several times to adjust to the sunlight. Penny then gives him a charming smile as she sees her adorable boyfriend looking at her. She leans over to kiss him on the tip of his nose and tousles his hair in a very affectionate way. Tim blushes from this. “Hey, baby,” he says to her. “About last night, I think that what you did was kind of wrong.” She frowns at this so he quickly continues “Not that I’m mad at you or anything. I was just a little bit miffed since I told you to stop several times but you didn’t listen and ignored the lack of my consent.”

Penny pours at her boyfriend in a very petulant fashion. “Why do I need your consent when you’re my boyfriend? All my friends say that us girls that don’t need our boyfriends’ consent to fuck them.” Tim looks at her, feeling quite confused by what he’s hearing. “Your cock is mine so I don’t need permission to ride it whenever I want. Your cum is also mine so I can make you fill me up with it whenever I’m horny. Why do I need consent to take something that already belongs to me? You, Tim, are my property. My belonging. Do you understand that now?”

Tim is overwhelmed by the intensity of her perfect eyes. Penny takes his breath away and he nods, looking at her coyly. “I’m so sorry,” he mutters. “I had zero right not to fuck you when you want me to. I belong to you, baby.” She gives him a pleased smile, delighted that he has finally learned his place as both her boyfriend and sex slave. “I done have any rights. Next time that you’re horny, you don’t have to ask. Just grab me and use me however you want. My consent doesn’t matter.” He never thought he’d be saying this but Penny fucked him so hard it changed the way he sees things.

“Good, honey,” she says to him and then gives him another kiss, this one on the lips. “Come on. Let’s go and take a shower together. Then we can have our breakfast with my parents and that big bitchy sister of mine.” Tim nods and he lets her lead him to the bathroom. They brush their teeth and get into the nice shower together, with her having to help him shower since he still couldn’t move his left arm around. Penny does not have any problem with this though, since she greatly enjoys touching her boyfriend’s body all over. It is one of her favorite activities, other than sucking his cock and taking it in her ass.

Soon, Penny has him erect and decides to fuck him again. Remembering what he just said to her, she doesn’t wait to ask for his consent this time and just pins him to the wall and slams against his groin. Her crotch slaps into his and she fucks her cute boyfriend really hard as he moans. It takes a bit of time for her to make him cum this time, since she already forced him to have so many orgasms last night. His orgasm is less painful than the one that knocked him out but it still hurts his overworked balls and she has to help him stagger out of the shower stall once the two are finally done cleaning up for real.

Once they get downstairs, everyone else is already in the Polatlı Escort living room. Kath glares at them while Heather gives the two a teasing smile. She asks her teen daughter “What took the two of you so long?” making Tim blush. Penny, on the other hand, shows no signs of being embarrassed and just shrugs in a very nonchalant way, which only makes Tim blush more. “Nothing? Really? Then why is your boyfriend blushing like you just took advantage of him up there?” Their household have always been very open about sex and it shows here, when the mother and daughter are discussing it so frankly.

“Okay, so maybe I fucked him in the shower stall,” Penny says as she sits on her chair, with Tim sitting down on the chair next to hers. He turns redder as she tells her mother about what she did to him. Kath looks livid but she knows now that there is absolutely nothing she can do about the thing that’s going on between the two of them. It was all her mistake and she can’t fix it. Penny swooped in and got what she just lost, and now all Kath can do is watch them fall in love more and more every day. “But I’m entitled to fuck him whenever I want,” Penny continues. “He is mine.”

Heather rolls her eyes. “Yes, yes,” she says to her daughter. “You can fuck the boy whenever you want to, honey. Let’s talk about something else now.” Her expression suddenly turns all serious. “We already discussed your future path before but I just want to make sure.” She takes a deep breath “Do you really want to go to the Naval Academy like I did, Penny?” Penny quickly nods in the affirmative. “Great! We need to get you a Congressman’s nomination then. Oh, I’m so glad that you still feel the same way about this, sweetie. You’re going to excel there, just like I did.”

Philip smiles at his youngest daughter and says “Your mother is right. You do have everything you need to do very well there. I know that and I’ve never studied there or at any other military academy.” He then turns to look at Tim and asks him “What about you, my future son in law? Are you ready to get married to Penny right after she is out of the Academy? I married her mom soon after she got commissioned.” This is something Tim and Penny haven’t discussed yet so he sort of feels caught off guard when Philip brings the issue up.

“Actually, we haven’t discussed getting married yet,” Tim slowly admits to his girlfriend’s parents. “I’m really serious about our relationship and she is too.” He turns to Penny. “I love you, honey. Whenever you’re ready, I’d be more than happy to tie the know with you. You know that, right?” This is too much for Kath to bear and she storms out of the room in anger. Tears run down her face as she realizes once again just how much she lost due to her own stupidity. If only she thought with her head than her pussy, things would have never turned out this way and now she has no hope of ever winning Tom back, since he made it clear he is ready to marry her little sister.

Penny is very touched by what he said to her and clasps her hands over her bosom. “That is so sweet, baby,” she says to him. “I want to marry you as soon as I graduate, just like mom did it with dad.” The two of them embrace and share a sweet kiss until Heather clears her throat, making them break apart to continue eating their meal. It is the best breakfast of their lives. Both Penny and Tim are very happy about the way things turned out. They now know just how much they mean to each other and that nothing and no one will ever come between them.

They spend the day together, going to a shopping mall and also eating out at her favorite restaurant. After that the two go to a cinema. Tim cherishes all the moments he could have with her, knowing that soon she will be away for a long time. He has no doubt that she’ll manage to gain admission to the Naval Academy like her mom did. It couldn’t be difficult for her. She is an Olympian level athlete whose personal bests are only a couple of seconds slower than the world records, and also has perfect grades in all her subjects to boot. They would have to be a fool to reject her.

Just a few months later, they find out that Penny got admitted, just like they knew was going to happen. Penny is ecstatic. She is, of course, sad that she would have to be apart from Tim for a long time. But he quickly reminds her that this is for her future career in the Navy and that he would be waiting for her here. The two of them share a very sweet, emotional goodbye when Penny is about to check in for her flight to Maryland. Tim wanted to go on the flight with her but thought it would be rude to ask her parents to buy a ticket for him too. Plus, it would make saying goodbye more difficult.

Four years later

The Naval Academy has proven to be the right place for Penny just like her mother said it would be. It was actually challenging for her, yes. Not the fitness part since she is as fit as most Olympic athletes, but all the studies. Penny was able to pull through though. She is a very smart young woman and as tough as Annapolis was, she managed to handle it well and graduated at the top of her class. Never before had she been more proud of herself than she is right now, having accomplished what her mom did. In fact, she did even better, since her mother graduated second and Penny graduated first. Although, after she thinks about it properly, maybe her mom faced tougher competition?

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