Cheater Likes Wife’s Revenge Ch. 01Cheater Likes Wife’s Revenge Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

My wife Sara and I met in high school and dated right through college. We have been together for about 15 years, except for a brief time when we broke up for a few months right after college. We went to the prom together, graduated together and spent every waking moment with each other. We took each other’s virginity and we were inseparable. As a result, we both had limited sexual experiences but it never really bothered us because we had a lot of great sex with each other. We love each other, we’re soulmates and can’t imagine life without each other. We are now in our early 30’s, been married for eight years and have two young children. We live the typical suburban life, drive a minivan and both of us work full time in order to help pay the bills and maintain our lifestyle.

As with many couples in our situation, our love life has taken a hit between the stresses of raising children, working, running around to appointments and school events; we just don’t seem to have the time or energy for ourselves. Sara is a beautiful woman of average height, with dark hair, big brown eyes and a lovely, warm smile. She gained a few pounds after having the children but isn’t fat by any stretch of the imagination and I’ve put on a few pounds myself. I still find her very attractive and so do our male friends. They like to flirt with Sara a little but I don’t get jealous as it’s all in good fun. They all tell me how lucky I am to have such a lovely wife but they don’t know that our sex life have been in a rut for a while now.

I work for a mid-sized company in sales and marketing and it can get busy at times when we are making a sales pitch or trying to market new products. I don’t get paid for the extra hours I put in but always hope for a nice bonus at the end of the year, and it pays the bills and puts food on the table. Sara doesn’t like it when I have to work long hours but understands. However, it puts more pressure on her to take care of the kids and household and makes us both even more exhausted than usual.

A few months ago, our company was pitching a product to a new client. It would be the largest contract we’ve ever had so it was all hands on deck. The president of the company dangled the possibility of bonuses and increased wages if we got this contract so there was an added incentive to put in the necessary hours, besides, I was the lead salesman and had a lot to gain or lose. I felt the pressure to give it 110% which meant even longer hours in the office and extra time working at home at night and on the weekends. Needless to say, this put even more of a damper on an already stressed personal life.

At work, I relied upon my young Administrative Assistant, Kim. She was fresh out of college when we hired her eight months ago but was a quick learner and became my right hand person. I talked about her all the time and I think Sara was a little jealous of her even though they never met. Kim a sweet young lady but was kind of nerdy. She has blonde hair with just a hint of red, blue eyes and always wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail and wore these big glasses that weren’t stylish at all. Her style of dress was kind of frumpy, so I wasn’t physically attracted to her at all. There were times when I would catch a peek down her blouse at some exposed cleavage and did notice she had a nice round ass but I was just looking.

Kim was by my side almost the entire time while working on this project, coming in early and staying late. I really came to depend on her but she was also trying to learn as much as she could from my experience, so she saw it as an opportunity too. After a month of working day and night on our presentation, revising it what seemed like thousands of times, it was time to make our pitch to the client. Everyone was a little nervous and pumped up. We were prepared and ready to knock it out of the park. We started mid-morning on a Friday and worked through lunch, taking breaks to make modifications then going back in to talk with the client. By six o’clock we made one last modification and gave them our “take it or leave it” proposal.

The client and his staff talked privately for a few minutes then came back and said we had a deal and we shook on it. They had to leave to catch a plane and we left it to the lawyers to draw up the final contracts. After they left, the entire team was ecstatic. We high fived each other and the president of the company invited us out for dinner to celebrate.

Before we left for dinner, I called Kim into my office to thank her for being by my side. I told her, “I couldn’t have done it without you.” She was outstanding and even anticipating what needed to be done and doing it before I even instructed her to.

She smiled broadly and I gave her a big hug. She told me, “I’ve enjoyed working with you Max. You’ve taught me so much.” I could tell she appreciated the recognition for her participation in this project and I made sure the boss knew too.

Before going out with the team, Onwin I called Sara to tell her the good news and to tell her I’d be home late. We all met up at a sports pub down the street and enjoyed drinks and food. The president promised something better once we got the first payment on the contract but we didn’t care. We just closed the biggest deal in our company history and we were celebrating like we won the Super Bowl.

While at the bar, Kim, who was also kind of shy, stayed close to me most of the night. I didn’t think too much of it. I figured she felt more comfortable around someone she knew, besides, we were a team. We had never socialized before so it was kind of nice to talk informally, especially after such a rousing success.

People were starting to leave after a couple of hours and Kim told me she was going to call a ride share for the trip home. I told her, “There’s no way you’re calling for a ride. I’ll drive you.”

It was a little out of my way but I owed her at least a ride home after a long day of hard work. When we got to her apartment she asked, “Do you want to come upstairs for another drink Max?”

I responded, “Um, I don’t know.”

“Come on, one more won’t hurt. It’s been such a good day, come on, one more.”

I thought about it and figured Sara was probably sleeping already and I was still pumped up from all the adrenaline flowing through me all day. “Ok, but just one more.”

Kim smiled broadly and led me up to her apartment. It was a one bedroom with a small living room. There was only a small sofa in her sparsely decorated apartment. She wanted to change out of her work clothes so I sat down and relaxed. I waited patiently for her to return with a beer and was pleasantly surprised when I saw her. She let down her long, strawberry blonde hair from her ponytail and had removed her glasses. She looked like a totally different person, still a little nerdy but much cuter. She was wearing black leggings that showed off her shapely legs and butt. She had on a white tank top that, while it wasn’t see through, highlighted her full 34c breasts and I couldn’t help but notice how they bounced freely as she walked, making it obvious she had removed her bra.

I watched as she walked into the kitchen and bent over in the fridge to retrieve a couple of beers. I noticed her leggings were almost see through as she was bent over. I could plainly see the outline of her thong panties and just a hint of her bare ass underneath. When she came back into the room, her nipples were poking through her tank top, most likely getting hard from the cold fridge air. I was looking at my Administrative Assistant in a way I never had before. I don’t know if it was the high from closing a huge business deal, the alcohol or the fact I hadn’t gotten laid in a few weeks but Kim certainly had my attention.

She handed me my beer and sat near me on the sofa, turning slightly with one knee on the cushion to face me. I couldn’t help but tell her how different she looked. “I like the casual look on you Kim.”

She thanked me for the compliment and told me she dresses conservatively at work, wears her hair back and puts on glasses because people think blondes are dumb and she wanted to look more professional at work. I couldn’t help but let my eyes scan her body as we were talking. Those nipples poking out at me were really distracting. Seeing the tight, soft, black material along her legs made me wonder what it felt like. Even her perfectly pedicured, painted toes caught my attention. I thought I should leave but I was enjoying letting my eyes feast on Kim as I’ve never seen her like this before.

When she offered me another beer, I knew I should have refused but I didn’t want this great day to end, so I agreed to one more. I watched her tight ass switch and sway as she walked into the kitchen and stared at her tits as they bounced on her way back. This time she sat a little closer to me and I caught a faint scent of her perfume. There were some nasty thoughts going through my mind as I was undressing my young assistant with my eyes, silently beginning to lust for her. I would never act upon those thoughts or so I thought.

Kim started telling me how much she admired me and looked up to me as a mentor and friend. She was looking deep into my eyes as she was talking. Her compliments left me speechless, leaving us awkwardly staring at each other. That’s when things began to spin out of control. Without saying another word, she got closer and leaned in and we kissed. First it was a short, soft kiss that turned into a much more passionate one, followed by our tongues probing each other’s mouths that turned into a full make out session right there on her sofa. As tongues explored each other’s mouths, our breathing got heavier. Sexual tension filled the air.

My assistant then made a very aggressive move and straddled me as we continued making out. I kept telling myself to stop this; I was a happily married Onwin Giriş man but I felt powerless to break our embrace. Kim then took my hand, placing it on her breast outside of her top. Her soft, full tit felt so good; I wanted to stop but couldn’t. I took my free hand and began to fondle her other breast. They felt so good as I played with them and tweaked her nipples between my forefingers and thumbs. This was so wrong and I knew it, but I hadn’t felt this kind of passion in a very long time.

Kim broke our embrace, both of us panting heavily. I watched as she took hold of the bottom of her tank top, pulling it up over her head in one swift motion, releasing her breasts from the confines of her top. Her tits were magnificent and my eyes immediately focused on her silver dollar sized, dark nipples. I instinctively lowered my head and began to suck on them. I thought I should stop this before it went any further but those tits were too lovely and addicting. I lost all control. She then started rub her pussy against my now erect cock. She was dry humping me as I continued to fondle and suck her tits.

She then whispered, “Do you want to go into the bedroom?”

I didn’t say a word; I was too afraid to answer in the positive. I was almost too scared to continue this any further but then I looked at those tits again and didn’t resist as she climbed off my lap, taking me by the hand, leading me into her bedroom. When we got there, I watched her strip off her leggings and panties in one move, standing before me naked. She looked so luscious in her nakedness, seeing her full breasts and neatly trimmed strawberry blonde pussy hairs.

My head told me to turn around and go home, after all, I was a married man with two children and she was my subordinate at work. My logical brain told me to leave now, to stop and never mention this to anyone but my dick brain took over, “You have a young, beautiful, naked woman offering you a piece of ass, fuck her you idiot. You may never get this chance ever again.”

I debated with myself for a few split seconds. My dick brain won out and I had to have some of that irresistible pussy that was being offered to me. It felt good to know that a much younger woman found me attractive, so attractive that she wanted to have sex with me. I had lost all control and quickly stripped off my clothes and pulled Kim closer to continue our kissing and fondling. My fingers sank deeply into her tight, round, young ass as she took my manhood into her soft hands. We kissed deeply again before my lips started sucking on her big tits once again. There was no stopping me now. All I thought about was fucking Kim. I was a man on a mission.

She leaned over to suck on my nipples, something my wife had never done. I never knew how sensitive they were and enjoyed her tongue and lips on them. Before long, she kissed and licked her way down and was now on her knees before me, taking my dick deep into her throat. I never imagined I would find myself with my assistant giving me a blow job but I think that’s what made this even more special; it was so unexpected and spontaneous. I held her head still and began to fuck her mouth, her soft lips and tongue working me over as I pumped myself in and out of her. Slurping sounds filled the air as she gave me a wet, sloppy blow job.

I hadn’t cum in a couple of weeks and had a huge load of sperm that built up in my balls and I couldn’t hold back any longer. When I told her I was cumming, she gripped my hips tight and bobbed her head faster. My wife doesn’t like to swallow cum and Kim’s blow job felt so good as I began to release my sperm deep into her mouth. She took every last drop I deposited in her mouth. In slutty, porn star fashion, she released my shrinking dick from between her lips, opened her mouth to show me the load of sperm she collected and swallowed it all while looking directly at me. Damn, she was one hot, young woman.

I helped her rise and quickly led her over to the bed, laying her back and diving between her legs to return the favor. Her young, hot, dripping wet pussy tasted so good as I lapped up her juices. She squirmed as I stuck my tongue deep inside of her, probing, licking and penetrating her. I ran my hands up and down her soft, white thighs as I tasted the nectar of her sexual excitement. I then began to flick my tongue back and forth across her clit while I finger fucked her. When she told me she was going to cum, I started to suck and lick her clit while she squirted her juices into my mouth.

She caught her breath for a second and said, “Let’s sixty nine. I want to be on top.”

What man would say “no” to that request? This was turning out to be a passionate love making session; one that I hadn’t experienced in months. I laid back and watched as Kim lowered her pussy onto my face, her brown asshole looking into my brown eyes. I immediately began to tongue fuck her again as I fondled her beautiful ass cheeks. She took my Onwin Güncel Giriş half hard cock between her lips and started sucking in an attempt to resuscitate it back to life.

I kept looking at her ass while I was eating her pussy and got a sudden urge to tongue her back hole. I started licking her all around the outside of her pussy, then swiped my tongue across her asshole to see her reaction. I heard a slight moan and did it again, hearing her moan louder so I kept my tongue there longer and then began to penetrate her ass with my tongue. She wiggled her butt against my tongue while sucking me harder, indicating her pleasure and wishing me to continue. I gave her asshole a good licking before I went back to work on her clit, bringing her to another orgasm.

By now my dick was hard again and Kim laid back and said, “Max, I want you to fuck me. I’m so horny tonight; I need a good hard fucking.”

She didn’t have to ask twice as I spread her legs wider, bringing them onto my shoulders. I took a moment to rub my hard on against her sweet, strawberry blonde hair covered pussy, drinking in her beautiful, and young body before sliding my dick into her. I couldn’t believe this was happening. She was so shy, reserved and nerdy at work but was a wild woman in bed. She moaned softly as I began to fuck her slowly at first, then picking up my pace to give that pussy a good pounding. I watched her tits bouncing as I screwed her harder.

“Fuck me Max. I need it bad tonight. I’m so hot.”

“Here Kim. You wanted my dick now you have it.”

I was giving it to her harder now, both of us moaning and grunting loudly. I was able to hold out longer after having already cum once before. We fucked in a variety of positions but my favorite was taking her from behind while I was playing with her luscious ass cheeks. Once more, her brown butt hole kept attracting my attention and I started pushing my finger into her. She really seemed to enjoy it.

I knew this may never get this opportunity again so I asked if I could fuck her ass. I expected her to say no like my wife would have, but, to my surprise, she agreed. She had some lube in her bedside drawer which made me wonder how many guys butt fucked her before. I quickly got both of us ready with plenty of K-Y jelly and slowly penetrated her asshole. Her butt gripped my dick as I pushed the head past her sphincter. I took my time but eventually got in as far as I could before I started fucking her ass.

Kim began to taunt me. “Do you like fucking me Max? Uh? Do you like fucking my ass too? Tell me how much you like to fuck me Max. Tell me.”

“You’re a great cocksucker Kim and I loved fucking your nice, tight pussy. Your ass is even better. Take my dick in your ass Kim. Take it deep.”

I began to spank her butt while taking her anally. This was the hottest sex session I’ve had in years. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Grabbing her firmly by the hips, I began to butt fuck her harder and faster. I finally sent the first wad a sperm deep into Kim’s butt, quickly followed by several more until I was done cumming. I disengaged from her and collapsed on the bed beside her. I looked over at her lovely, young, naked body. I couldn’t believe I just got done having my co-worker suck my dick then screwing her in her pussy and ass. I took a few moments to catch my breath and enjoy the relaxation of cumming twice but then reality hit when I looked over at the clock, it was 1:30 AM. Holy shit, I had to get home.

I felt like a jerk having to rush out of there but Kim understood as I hurriedly got dressed and left. I got home about 2:30 AM and quietly closed the car door, then opened the front door ever so slowly so as not to wake Sara. I was hoping I could undress and slide into bed without her knowing what time I got home. I stepped into the house and ever so slowly and quietly closed the front door, trying to sneak into my own house when the living room light came on and I saw my wife waiting for me.

I thought to myself, “Shit. Act cool, like nothing happened. Don’t act guilty.” Deep inside I still felt like a heel for what I just did.

Sara was a little pissed off that I was home so late and was worried about me. So much for sneaking in quietly. I apologized, telling her I got caught up talking to the guys at the bar. I said I didn’t call or text because I thought she’d be sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her. I told her it was a long day and I just wanted to go to sleep. She calmed down a little, then congratulated me on closing the big deal, knowing how long and hard I worked on it, then came in to give me a big hug.

She quickly pulled back and asked, “Is that perfume I smell?”

I tried to play dumb but then I was literally left speechless. Then she touched my shirt and asked, “Whose blonde hair is this?”

I thought “Oh shit, think of something fast.” But I was too tired and caught off guard and couldn’t think of anything to say.

The next words out of her mouth changed my life forever, “You were with another woman weren’t you?”

I’ve always been a horrible liar and could feel my face turning red. I stammered and managed to come out with a denial, “That’s ridiculous Sara.”

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