Chav Humiliation Ch. 01Chav Humiliation Ch. 01


My breath hung in the air, the freezing cold morning making my new job both uncomfortable as well as humiliating. I was 28, and I had been reduced to delivering free newspapers for minimum wage. My colleagues were all about 18, fit, enthusiastic and straight out of school. I dragged my stupid day-glo yellow trolley up Scummingham Hill, toward the dreaded Scummingham council estate. I prayed no one would remember me from my one attempt at stripping, which had ended with the most humiliating night of my life. So far.

At least at this time in the morning there was little chance of any of the useless chav bitches being out of bed (the dole office wouldn’t open for an hour, so they wouldn’t be roaming the streets in their ‘onesies’ and fake ugg boots for a while yet). I had delivered most of the newspapers and was on the final street when I saw something that made my heart leap. Two chav bitches were walking down the street towards me, looking like they had been out all night and they were just stumbling home. They were in their early twenties, one of them had long ginger hair and the other had a short brown crop, and both were dressed as if they had been to a club with tight clothes and short skirts.

They started to laugh as I approached, then the ginger one said: “hey, you little mosher freak, me mate will wank you off for a tenner!” My little dick got instantly hard.

“Fuck off Chelsea! I’m not touching that loser.” The redhead turned to her friend and I heard her whisper something about five bottles of Lambrini for ten seconds of work, and they both cracked up again. The short haired girl shrugged, and then said to me: “alright then you fucking loser. Come back to the flat and I’ll do it for a tenner.”

That was the entire mornings wage, and I had to do some quick maths to work out that it would cost me an hour and a half’s wages for this wank, but it had been months since someone other than me had touched my cock. I agreed and the girls laughed as they led me towards their flat, my little newspaper trolley trundling along behind me.

The flat was on the second floor of a block, and I had to leave the trolley at the bottom of the stairwell. Chelsea unlocked the door and I stepped inside. I was ushered into the living room by Chelsea: “Get yourself comfortable, Sarah will be in to sort out your wank in a minute.” As I looked around the living room, I realised I was in heaven. Well, what heaven looks like to a knicker thief and pervert like me anyway. Every visible surface was covered with the two girls underwear, drying on two large airers in front of the electric fire, over the radiators and all over the floor as well. Thongs, tangas, briefs and boy shorts in black, white, red, patterned, plain… My dick was rock hard as I tried to choose which ones to take. I stuffed a black thong and some tiny red briefs in my pocket, then started to undress in preparation aksaray escort for my handjob.

I took off and carefully folded my coat, tshirt and jeans, but decided to leave my pants on so Sarah could pull them down. The door opened and the two girls entered. They burst out laughing when they saw me standing in the middle of the room in just my white cotton briefs

“Oh my god, what a fucking loser!” Sarah said, and I noticed she was wearing rubber gloves. Both of them had changed out of their clubbing gear, and they now wore the chav sportswear uniform. Chelsea had a bottle green Adidas tracksuit and pink Nike trainers, while Sarah had black Adidas tracksuit bottoms and ice white k-swiss trainers. On her top half Sarah had a tight white vest top, and I could see the shape of her small, round tits. My cock started to throb as I stammered “c-can I s-see your boobs?” The girls looked at each other.

“That’ll be an extra fiver.” Sarah said.

“oh, ok. Forget it then.” I replied. They weren’t big enough for an extra fiver.

“Alright, pervert. Get your cock out and lets get this over with.” I pulled down my pants and stood before the two chav girls, my dick throbbing and pointing up at 45 degrees, undeniably hard. They looked at my cock, then at each other, then the laughter started. Chelsea laughed so hard she could hardly breathe, gasping lungfuls of air in between insults like “tiny!”, “unbelievably tiny” and “micro cock”. Sarah just pointed at my dick with her hand over her mouth, repeating

“Oh. My. God.” over and over again. I realised I probably wasn’t getting the wank I was hoping for, so I pulled up my pants and started gathering up my clothes. Unfortunately, just at that moment one of the two pairs of knickers I had stolen fell from my jeans pocket.

“What. The. Fuck.” Said Chelsea and my heart leapt. I was in trouble…

The smiles vanished from Chelsea and Sarah’s faces as they looked down at the knickers on the floor, then up at me. I was frozen to the spot through fear as Sarah folded her arms across her chest, covering her boobs. Chelsea reached into her tracksuit pocket and pulled out her phone: “ok cock muncher. I want a record of this. Hold out your arms, legs apart.”

“Chelsea, what the fuck? Just kick him out!” Sarah said

“No way. I want to teach this fucktard a lesson. If you don’t want to help, go and wait in the kitchen.” Chelsea told her, and Sarah shook her head and sat on the arm if the chair.

“Legs apart, pervert. I want to get a good shot of you in your grubby little pants. I hesitated, and the first slap took me by surprise. My man boobs wobbled as I jerked to the side and both of the girls laughed, Sarah despite her objections. I reluctantly did as I was told and opened my legs until they were shoulder width, leaving me completely exposed.

My cock was so hard inside alsancak escort my pants, but it hardly made a bulge. A dribble of pre cum was making a small patch of my white cotton briefs transparent as Chelsea took picture after picture on her phone. After a while she stopped and fiddled with her phone.

“What are you doing now?” Sarah asked

“Uploading to facebook. It’s not fair to keep this to ourselves!” Chelsea replied, and my heart leapt again.

“Cool! Any likes yet?” Said Sarah

“A couple, but I’ve just put on what he did as a status update and set the camera to auto upload, so you can keep an eye on it.” Chelsea replied, and Sarah took out her phone. Chelsea began taking pictures again.

“Pants down for inspection, dickless!” She said, and I shook my head. Her Nike clad foot whipped out and into my balls and I dropped to the floor. She pulled me back up by my hair and repeated the order

“PANTS. DOWN.” Said Chelsea firmly and I obeyed.

She stood back and took some more pics while she laughed and shook her head at my small, ugly, but very hard penis. “Seven likes and two comments so far. Kelly-Ann says he looks like he’s smuggling shrimps in his pants, and Loz just says ‘oh my god, who is dat?'”

“We’ll see what they say when they get a look at him with his pants down!” Chelsea said with a laugh as I stood naked in front of her. She theatrically hacked up some gob and spat in my face, it landed on my chin and dribbled down onto my chest. Sarah laughed and did the same while Chelsea took pictures.

Next, Chelsea tossed me the red briefs I had attempted to steal “Put them on. They should fit seeing as you haven’t got a dick you need to fit in there.” said Chelsea.

“Oi!” Protested Sarah “they’re my knickers, I don’t want micro cock here getting his dirty jizz all over them!”

“He wouldn’t dare, would you…?” Chelsea asked me, and I shook my head. She grabbed my hair again “I SAID, WOULD YOU?!” she yelled in my face.

“N-no!” I replied “What’s your name, pervert?”

“S-Simon” I stuttered

“Ok Simon, you have 3 choices. One, we call the police and tell them we caught you wanking in the bushes outside. Two, we call our mates Big Dan and Steve to come round and kick your fucking teeth in. Or three, you become our little lol-slave.”

“Lol slave?” I asked. After the ‘misunderstanding’ in the leisure centre changing rooms I was already known to the police, and a kicking was not my cup of tea. There was only one option left. “Chelsea, what the fuck?!” Said Sarah. Chelsea ignored her.

“Yes. You belong to us, and do anything we tell you to do to make us giggle. First off, you’re going to take a shower though. I don’t want your loser stink hanging around.” Said Chelsea, reaching out and grabbing my balls in her thin, pale fingers. They looked so delicate amasya escort and white, like the petals of a rare and beautiful orchid, but when she squeezed my peanut sized testicles it was with the grip of an industrial vice. I squealed in pain, and both of the girls giggled as Chelsea pulled me out of the room by my balls.

She dragged me down the corridor to the freezing cold bathroom and threw me into the bath, which had a shower attachment above it. Chelsea pressed the switch and ice cold water gushed from the showerhead, making me gasp in shock. She whispered something to Sarah and they both laughed, then Chelsea left the room. Sarah stood with her back to the door and crossed her arms across her chest. She had an evil grin on her face as she threw a washcloth at me: “Shower gel is on the shelf.” She said, and I reached over to get it. When I turned back, Sarah had moved to the side of the bath. She took the shower gel and squirted it onto my cock, then took hold of the washcloth. She started to scrub my shaft through the cloth using her thumb and forefinger, smiling up at me as I got hard. She expertly rolled back my foreskin revealing the hyper sensitive cock-head beneath. My bell-end was much larger than the shaft, giving my dick the appearance of an arrow head, or button mushroom, when the foreskin was retracted. Sarah smiled sympathetically when she saw how ugly it was, but continued to wank it.

She wrapped the cloth around the tip and started to rub, gently at first but getting harder. My cock-head is super sensitive, so the friction from the washcloth was agony, but I was enjoying the sensation of someone else touching my willy so much I didn’t want her to stop. Just as I was getting close to doing shooting my cum, the door flew open and Chelsea walked in. Sarah let go of my cock and stepped away from me:

“Thank god you’re back, Chels, I think he was having a wank while he was washing it!” Said Sarah.

“Why am I not surprised, the horny little pervert! Pathetic micro dicks like him never can keep their hands off their creepy little cocks!” She whipped the washcloth off, exposing my hard little nub and burst out laughing at the sight if my exposed bell-end:

“Hahaha! It looks even fucking worse without the cover on! It looks like a bishop from a game of chess! Hahaha!” She said, as I tried to cover up with my hands.

She easily forced my hands away again, then with a grin she reached for a can of shaving foam and a ladies razor. “Not so fast, little man. I don’t think you deserve those pubes, and either you shave yourself as bald as a snooker ball, or I fucking do it for you… I think you might be a bit more gentle, don’t you?” I nodded, and started to hack away at my forest of curly black pubic hair while the two girls watched. Chelsea took out her camera phone again and started snapping away:

“262 likes and about 150 comments so far. I’ve got Kelly, Charmaine, Sasha, Jazmine, Kellie-Ann and Shyrelle confirmed for this afternoon, and about 4 more maybes.” Chelsea said, and I momentarily stopped shaving:

“W-what’s happening this afternoon?” I asked, terrified, and the girls just laughed.

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