Charlie Meets Her Young Man, AgainCharlie Meets Her Young Man, Again


Charlie allowed the wind to swing the stern of the boat into line with the mooring. As it neared the required line, she engaged reverse and powered the boat backwards into the vacant space. The Young Man secured the rope around the forward cleat, letting it slip as she reversed the boat. When she was about fifteen feet from the jetty, he tied the line tightly, jamming it under the cleat. He ran aft and, taking a mooring line, jumped the two feet ashore as she powered ‘Saving Grace’ closer to the jetty. He looped the line around a bollard as Charlie slowed the engine to idle. The boat slipped forwards a foot and came to rest. Charlie threw the Young Man another stern line, which he attached to a second bollard. He came aboard, untied the boarding ladder from the side rail and fitted it to the bracket on the rear of the boat. He returned to the cockpit and once again hungrily grabbed Charlie. She readily accepted his advance, relishing the close, intimate contact all along her body. She could feel his manhood pressing on her belly; she was equally aroused. Over her shoulder, she could see the four guests standing at the stern of The Young Man’s boat. All of them were grinning across the short distance between them.

“Get a room or let’s get dinner!” said the tall dark haired woman.

The Young Man stopped his kiss. He turned and told them that they will be along in a little while. He told them which restaurant to go to and waved as they set off on the short journey for dinner. Charlie grasped his hand and led him below. In the main saloon there was enough light filtering in from the marina lights to see all they needed to see. They stood in the quiet saloon, kissed passionately and long. Charlie unbuttoned the Young Man’s shirt and slipped it off his broad shoulders. He got busy with the belt on his jeans, then the zipper. As his pants dropped to the floor, Charlie hitched her dress up around her hips. She sat on the main saloon table, waiting, while The Young Man unhitched his jeans and pants from his ankles. Charlie opened her knees and pulled him to her. They resumed the kiss. He fiddled with the zipper at the back of her dress, eventually finding it and slid it down. He pulled the dress over her head and flung it on the navigator’s table. She had not bothered with a bra. Her ample bosom heaved with desire as he returned his attention to her breasts, grasping them firmly in his broad, strong hands. He licked and kissed them, lapping at her nipples, he felt them stiffen under his busy tongue. Her right hand reached down and caressed the swollen shaft of his cock. She scraped her nails along the underside, feeling the frisson of pleasure as his cock jerked in response. His hands were still busy on her breasts. With her left hand, Charlie pulled the silken thong to one side, revealing the Secret’s secret. She had considered going without panties but decided that she wanted him to see the effort she put into impressing him with her nice expensive underwear. He was not looking at her underwear but at her furled pink folds of flesh. Edging forward, she lowered the hot tip of his engorged penis until it lined up with the moist opening of her heated vagina. She pulled on his rigid cock, gently, his hips rocked, the tip lodged at the entrance to paradise. Her hands slid around his hips, she pulled, harder; suddenly, his hard shaft of flesh lunged into her clutching pussy. They did not move. They kissed, licked and caressed each other; hands, face, breasts, almanbahis chest, buttocks, nipples, teeth, eyes, necks, arms, backs; anywhere a touch or kiss or nibble or lick might excite the other.

“Are you ready, Lady?”

His voice was a husky whisper. Charlie tried to speak but nothing came out. She coughed to clear her throat.

“What do you think, Young Man? I have never wanted to feel a cock inside me quite as much as I did about an hour ago, so yes, I’m ready.”

Her anticipation had been building since her shower well over two hours ago. He began fucking her by simply withdrawing his turgid cock until just the ridged head remained inside her grasping pussy. Then he slid the whole swollen length back inside her, deep, penetrating, complete, filling her ravenous cavity with heated flesh and burning passion. He kept the rhythm slow, one complete, devastating cycle every two seconds; in one thousand, out one thousand, in one thousand, out one thousand. Around the tenth thrust, Charlie felt her orgasm begin; deep inside her body, the release mechanism triggered. The synapses in her brain began firing like crazy; all sorts of drugs flooded her nervous system. There was no going back now; the roller coaster ride to oblivion had begun. And she loved it, welcomed it, craved it, begged for it, submitted to it, longed for it, cried out for it, bit his good shoulder for it, squeezed his buttocks with her powerful thighs for it, dug her fingers in his hips for it, and clenched her pussy around his rigid cock for it. She was coming.

Strokes eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen simply heightened the intense sensations, built the heavenly passion, increased the glorious pressure, and forged the white-hot sensations deep inside her. Her wet pussy throbbed; fiery molten liquid swirled within her. Her back ached, arched, her legs shook, her shoulders heaved, and her arms sought a grip on his damp hips and back. She could not get his gorgeous, rigid cock in deep enough, despite the delightful pain as the iron hard bar of flesh slammed into her with each powerful thrust. Fifteen and sixteen and the bullet sped with ferocious force deep into the centre of her existence. No stopping it now, earthquake or even the end of the world would not stop this ferocious explosion within her. She screamed, she shook, she shuddered, she beat and pulled and pushed and squirmed and humped and squealed as he began stroke seventeen. She was coming, hard, fast, and furious; shaking, shouting, gasping as the shell detonated inside her.

As the swollen tip touched deep within her tight, taut, tender tube once more, Charlie vibrated as the surging waves engulfed her body in a long, swirling, painful, delightful, searing, pleasurable wash of fire. She had no control over her actions; she was helpless, impaled on his powerful, throbbing cock. The stabbing sensation inside her and the sudden realization that he had come deep within her made her orgasm even more satisfying, even more intense. She clutched his backside with her legs and hands, holding him inside her as he too shuddered, shook and groaned in his release. Charlie felt as if she had been bayoneted with a burning lance, the jets of semen were so powerful, she could feel them, one, two, three, four; then a further jerk, then another as his cock vibrated within her.

Charlie let go her hold on his backside and lay back on the table. She was completely oblivious to her surroundings; her clitoris almanbahis giriş still fired jerks of pleasure through her body. Her pussy still gripped the bony cock deep inside her, her brain confused, muddled, distracted, lost, as she regained her senses. The Young Man leant forward, his hands resting on the table either side of Charlie’s breasts. He dipped his head and kissed her left nipple. The sensation was almost more than she could bear; she moaned, pushing his head away. She could feel the Young Man’s cock slowly deflate inside her. The tension relaxed, the pressure decreased and the heat subsided. He moved his hips a few inches; his cock slipped out in that most delightful way; slippery, noisy, and oh so pleasurably. Charlie looked down between her legs; his gorgeous cock dropped, drooped and dripped.

Drips! Oh bloody fucking hell; we didn’t use a condom!

Charlie sat up, grabbed his cock and squeezed, hard, but not too hard. The Young Man realised why just as soon as her hand touched his dripping wet cock.

“Hey Lady, we didn’t use a condom. I’m sorry, that was stupid and if not stupid, it was bad manners.”

The Young Man winced in mock pain as her hand gripped his cock. He began to mutter something about following her lead when she stood in front of him and kissed him. She pushed her tongue between his irresistible, unresisting lips and kissed him like there was never going to be another kiss, ever. She smiled up at him and relaxed her grip, turning it into a gentle stroke. He was wet and still fairly hard. Charlie thought briefly about trying it again but then heard her stomach rumbling.

“Hey, no worries. It was just as much my fault as yours. Christ, I needed that. I’m pretty sure I won’t get pregnant. My period begins tomorrow. It was my period that got me into all this with you in the first place. I went into Exuma to get tampons. And now, Young Man, I’m hungry! Let’s go and eat!”

Charlie grabbed a cloth, soaked it in cold water, wrung it out and washed herself. Charlie wiped herself dry with a towel. She would have to put her faith in the Young Man’s common sense that he had no awful infection, or worse. The Young Man did the same, wiping the juice, his and hers, from his now deflated cock. They dressed hurriedly and emerged on deck. Six minutes had elapsed since they went below. Three of them they spent washing and drying the resultant emissions from their bodies. They walked arm in arm along the jetty, out of the marina and along the side-walk to the restaurant.

A glass of Champagne waited for them as they walked in the door of the Poop Deck. Mike took his well-heeled clients there because it served the very best local produce he could find in Nassau. Heidi and Honey both commented on the short amount of time taken. Mitch made a joke about how long he thought it was, while Ronaldo said he would not have bothered to eat any food tonight, not with the beautiful young lady that looked so ravishing. Charlie was flattered and said so. Ronaldo got a thump on his arm for his trouble, but just a playful thump. They ordered; lobster for everyone with rice, salads, sweet potatoes, steamed vegetables and spicy sauces. They ordered some beers now that the Champagne was gone. The dinner party went on for several hours. There were a lot of stories, laughter, jokes, merriment and a great deal of affectionate glancing, stroking, holding and kissing. The guests used Mike’s name throughout the evening. almanbahis yeni giriş Mike suggested that she tell them hers but she told them she was quite happy being “The Lady”.

With the four bottles of wine they drank, the Champagne, the Cognacs and coffees and all the excellent, expensive food, the bill came to a staggering amount, well over seven hundred dollars. Ronaldo insisted that they pay as they now had an adventure to tell the rest of the cast and crew that would wine and dine them for a year or more. Mike and Charlie reluctantly agreed. Mike’s guests confirmed they would stay with him until the weekend, making full use of the week’s holiday, in spite of having lost a day in the police station today. The press had not mobbed them, as they feared. Both women had worn wide brimmed hats and sunglasses while ashore. The local news had covered the story but the national press had apparently missed it, for now. The Nassau police must be unlike the US police that they keep information to themselves, was Ronaldo’s opinion. They could still enjoy trips on ‘Father Out’ using Nassau as a base for the last three days of their holiday. They left the restaurant and walked the short distance back to the marina, arriving just a little before eleven. Mike asked Charlie if she would care for a nightcap aboard his boat. Charlie agreed but said she must fetch something from her boat before she came aboard.

The guests sat in the rear deck area while Mike prepared the complimentary Cognacs and coffee. No one seemed to believe that caffeine made you stay awake. Charlie returned with a beautifully inlaid, walnut and cherry wood veneered box. She opened it as she sat down and offered the expensive cigars around the table. Charlie was not too surprised to see that all of them accepted the offered cigars. She passed the clipper over to Mitch who expertly snipped the end; he then did the same to Heidi’s cigar. Ronaldo needed no help but Honey asked him to clip hers for her. Charlie did the remaining two for herself and the Young Man as he poured the coffee. Mike poured everyone a generous glass of his best Cognac. They all lit up and toasted each other for a great end to a great adventure, even if it did mean that two men had died. Charlie told them that she felt no remorse, no compassion, no feelings for either of the men and she had killed. She expressed her surprise about the lack of emotion but told them she would not dwell on it. She told them the details of the loss of her husband and how she valued life above all else, but this was different; this was kill or be killed, as her father would have said.

Charlie knew that tomorrow she faced the police here in Nassau and then in Miami. She had prepared everything; she had it all written down. Not to mention she had every detail in her head. Her story would tally exactly with theirs. No one but her would be accountable and there was nothing the police could do to prove one way or the other, the truth of her story. The balance of probability made her story believable despite her being a woman. She overcame them with brain, not brawn. She utilized what advantages she had on the boat and overcame the odds to survive. The police could not hold it against her that she dealt with a pair of crazed murderers in the most extreme fashion possible, simply to stay alive.

As long as she told the truth, she would be fine. All she needed to do was omit the last chapter of the story; that was not lying, she decided. Mike interrupted her reverie as they lay entwined in each other’s arms in her bed on board ‘Saving Grace’. Mike pulled out of Charlie’s sated pussy, slid down beside her and said,

“Don’t forget you have one of my fishing spears.”

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