Charlene is a PlayerCharlene is a Player


His eyes followed his roommate as she made her way around the kitchen, her leg and thigh muscles tightening as she stretched to reach a bowl on an upper shelf of the cupboard, the silk of her panties stretching over her butt as she bent to retrieve a spoon from a lower drawer, and then her nipples prominently displayed in her nearly transparent, bikini style bra. She seated herself across from him at the eating area’s table.Tommy reached under the table and rubbed the growing hardness in his shorts. “I know I’ve argued against you wearing underwear, but I must admit that when it is the only thing you are wearing, it is damn sexy.”Charlene looked up from her cereal. “I guess that means that you approve.”“Hell yes, I approve,” snapped Tommy. “Approved last night too.”“So you’re not pissed then, me letting Blake see me like that.”“Shit no!” Tommy looked at his watch. “In fact he’s due to show up here in the next few minutes, and if you want to stay the way you are, I got no problem at all.”Charlene went back to eating her breakfast. Tommy continued to marvel. Across the table, all he could see was her bra, but there wasn’t much to that and most of what he could see was all bare skin. The bra itself was sort of a brownish pink and likely would have matched Charlene’s skin if she hadn’t been so darkly tanned.The bra itself must have been bought to be worn under a white or translucent blouse, where it would look like she wasn’t wearing a bra at all. It was obviously new and Charlene was likely wearing it for the first time. No way would she have ever worn it around home. The bra was a very thin silk triangular type that could be adjusted to expose as much or as little real skin as desired. Charlene had it adjusted to where it wasn’t covering much more than her nipples and the dark pigment around them, but as transparent as it was, even that was pretty much on display.Charlene looked up and watched Tommy watching her. “The way you’re staring, I’m thinking I’m glad I decided to wear it.”“Well, I’m glad you wore it too, but what I was really thinking,” Tommy explained, “Was that your tits are so gorgeous, it’s a shame you ever have to cover them. Easy to see why you like showing them off.”Charlene could have been offended by Tommy’s remark, but wasn’t. She did ask though, “Showing them off, not sure what you’re referring to.”Just then a knock came at the apartment door. “Has to be Blake,” he said to Charlene. “You sure you’re okay?” Charlene nodded but slumped down behind the counter in case it wasn’t Blake. “Come on in,” Tommy hollered, “The door is unlocked.” The door opened and Blake stepped in. Charlene sat upright again. “Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us. Charlene and I were just talking.”Once Blake passed the island counter separating the eating area from the living area, he could see how Charlene was dressed. As he fixed his coffee, his head remained turned, his eyes fixed on Charlene’s nearly naked body. As he sat down, he quipped, “If I had known you were going to be dressed like this, I would have been over earlier.”Charlene said nothing but her grin did widen. Tommy joked, “And to think, I actually have to live with this.”“You know, if you want me gone, I could always go live with Blake,” Charlene teased.“No way would your father ever approve that,” Tommy fired back, continuing the mirth. “In fact, if almanbahis şikayet your father could see you right now he’d probably ship you off to a nunnery.”“And we certainly wouldn’t want that,” Blake remarked.The laughter died away. Tommy explained that when Blake came in, he had just said something to Charlene about her willingness to show off her assets and she had wanted an explanation of what he meant.“Now when you talked about her showing off her assets…” Blake pretended to take this seriously. “You mean like her getting topless on a boat… or going to fraternity parties in panties and a shirt… or getting naked at a swim party… or what did you mean?”Tommy mimicked Blake’s serious sounding tone. “No, those things all took place when Charlene was just sixteen. I was thinking more in terms of now, when she’s seventeen. Things like yesterday morning, her parading around the bathroom in my presence, wearing nothing but a towel, or last night, her hanging out with us in panties and a shirt with no bra, unbuttoned far enough that we could see her bare tits, or even now, nothing but nearly transparent panties and bra. My god, she couldn’t be showing much more, even if she was totally naked.”Charlene grinned. “I could go and put something more on.”“Don’t you dare,” Blake commanded, “You know we’re loving every bit of it. I’m sure Tommy would agree, you can show off for us anytime you want, the more often, the more we’re going to like it.”Charlene’s grin widened. “So you guys would be okay with me taking off the bra.”“Are you shitting?” Tommy beamed. “Of course we’d be okay with that.”“Okay then, just give me a minute,” Charlene requested. “I need to go to my room and get something.”When she was gone, Tommy asked, “Do you think she’s really going to do it?”“I’m thinking she just might. She sure hasn’t been acting very bashful.”“Then what do you think she’s doing?”Blake speculated, “Well, if she’s really not lying to us, she might be just rubbing a little rouge on her nipples. Gets them hard and makes ‘em more prominent.”Charlene returned. She had a sheet wrapped around her body, covering her from shoulders to ankles. “That’s not fair!” Tommy screeched.Blake was more controlled in his response. “I would be lying if said I was not disappointed and at least moderately miffed. However, I do think we ought to give Charlene the benefit of the doubt. After all, it is her body, and at least thus far, she hasn’t been shy about sharing it with us.”Tommy hung his head as if a child being scolded. Charlene, still wrapped in the sheet, stood silently, as if an accused, awaiting the jury’s pronouncement. Blake continued, “So it would be my recommendation that we go into the living room, watch some television, work on our weekend trip plans, and let whatever is going to happen, happen.”Charlene nodded and led the way to the living area. She stretched out lengthwise on the couch, her attention to the sheet, faltering, baring her shoulders and lower portions of her legs. Tommy quickly grabbed the lone easy chair, forcing Blake to park himself on the floor.“So, did you get to talk to your uncle?” Tommy asked of his friend.Blake was turned toward the couch, watching Charlene, hoping she would live up to his expectations. He responded without changing his focus. “Uh huh, and he said we could use the cabin, weekend after next, almanbahis canlı casino which works fine for me and I hope you too.”Charlene wanted to lobby for inclusion in the weekend trip but was, at that moment, fidgeting with the sheet, working to get it so it was just covering her body rather than being wrapped around it. Her gyrations didn’t always keep her body fully covered, but as she was still wearing the panties and bra, which both guys had seen earlier, staying covered was not high on her priority list.Tommy, also watching Charlene, nodded his head in acknowledgment that the timing worked for him as well. Having gotten the sheet situated to her satisfaction, Charlene queried, “Is there any chance that I could go along?”“Uh well…” Blake swallowed hard. “And I haven’t discussed this yet with Tommy, but the place only has one bed, it is king-size though, and unless somebody chooses to sleep on the floor, you’d likely end up in bed between me and Tommy.”“Well, you did see last night what I usually sleep in and so it wouldn’t be like I was naked or anything. Besides, wouldn’t it be a lot more comfortable with me sleeping between you and Tommy?”Blake licked his lips, thinking about Charlene the night before in her sleep attire, thread-bare panties and cropped t-shirt. “Yes, that would definitely be more comfortable. But you also need to know how the cabin is laid out.” Blake was distracted by Charlene fidgeting beneath the sheet. Although stammering, he was able to explain, “Now things may have changed since I was there last, but my recollection from a couple years ago, is that the place is just one big room with no privacy.” He added, “Even the commode has only a curtain separating it from the rest of place.”Charlene, still covered by the sheet and without exposing anything, had managed to remove her bra, which she made quite a production of tossing on the floor. “I don’t see myself being bothered by that,” she asserted, her lips forming into a coy type of smile.Between the sleep arrangements and Charlene’s lack of concern over privacy, not to mention their imagining that Charlene was topless under the sheet, Tommy and Blake were both sold on having her accompany them on their weekend outing. “Look, we do want you to go,” Tommy said, “We just want to be sure you have a clear understanding of what you might be in for.”While Tommy was talking, Charlene, again under the sheet and trying not to reveal anything, struggled to remove her panties. Tommy and Blake had both guessed what she was doing and watched closely, mouths hanging open, hoping the sheet might slip. But it didn’t and Charlene dropped her panties on the floor. Then looking back and forth from one to the other, confirming that both were paying close attention, Charlene tucked the entire lower part of the sheet between her legs, baring her thighs and hips nearly to her waist. “So what else is there you think I need to know?”“Well uh…” Tommy managed to get out, nearly dumb struck by how bare his roommate had gotten. “Uh, well, we’ll be taking my truck – Blake doesn’t have wheels – and you know how cramped the truck is. Fortunately it does have a bench type seat, but I still suspect you’ll end up in the middle, probably straddling the gearshift.”Charlene didn’t respond right away – she was busy rearranging the sheet. She managed to almanbahis casino pull the part that had been between her legs, under the one leg, and between her and the back of the couch, then turned on her side toward her two companions. She clutched the sheet loosely to her tits, allowing it to slip down to where it was barely covering her hardening nipples. While looking herself over, from the bare legs and hips to her nearly exposed breasts, Charlene teasingly addressed Tommy’s revelation, “So, if I was to be wearing a skirt, I’d likely have it hiked up around my hips, to allow for the gearshift.”Tommy swallowed hard. “Uh yeah, that sounds about right.”Charlene rolled over on her stomach, grabbing the sheet behind her and pulling it over her butt. The portion of the sheet she had been holding to her breasts, she allowed to drop away, exposing her side. Her nipples became buried in the sheet but the side of one of her boobs was visible to the guys. “I guess then,” Charlene teased, “that if I was to wear a skirt, I would need to be careful about what panties I was wearing, as they would likely be visible most of the trip. By the way,” she said, raising up on her elbows, exposing her tits, except for the nipples which remained somewhat buried in the folds of the sheet, “how long will it take to get there?”“Oh my god, I’m not believing this,” Tommy remarked, ignoring the question.Blake lying on the floor, while hastily adjusting his thoroughly erect cock, attempted to answer Charlene’s question, “The. uh. cabin. is near Canyon Lake… uh, West of San Marcos and New Braunfels.” He paused and licked his lips. “So uh, I would guess then, it ought to be less than an hour and a half.”Charlene sat up, holding the sheet to her breasts and swinging her bare legs off the couch. “Well, with Tommy’s air conditioner on the fritz, no way am I going to wear long pants, but no further than that is, I guess it won’t make much difference whether I wear shorts or a skirt.” Charlene looked from one to the other, enjoying their reactions to what she was saying and how little she was wearing.“If we get a vote on which, my vote would be for the skirt,” Tommy asserted.“Same for me,” Blake concurred. “And while we’re on the subject of your attire, I am curious as to why you think that sheet’s necessary.”Tommy picked it up, “Like we have already seen nearly all of your tits and most of the rest of you, so what’s with the sheet?”“Well, I am keeping it around my waist – or at least between my legs – until I get my panties back on.” As she said this, Charlene pretended to allow the sheet to “accidentally” slip from her grasp, affording Tommy and Blake, if only briefly, an unobstructed view of her bare torso, including tits and nipples. Feigning embarrassment, she hastily grabbed the sheet and recovered herself. “Oops,” she said, covering her mouth with her free hand.“Oh yeah!” Blake railed, his voice breaking, “Now if you could have just left the sheet in your lap… and it’s not like you’ve never bared your tits to a couple of guys before. On the boat, that time, you were even dancing topless. Were the guys bare-chested too?”“Uh huh, but we never did slow-dance. The rain came first.”“But you would have?” Tommy questioned, excited by the thought.“I’m sure we would have,” Charlene admitted. And I maybe could even be talked into it today.Tommy and Blake, both wanting to advance things further, but not knowing exactly the best tack to take, resumed their discussion of the weekend trip. “Do we have some plans for the weekend or are we just going to sit around the cabin for two days?” Tommy asked.

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