Chapman , Associates Ch. 06Chapman , Associates Ch. 06

Double Penetration

Tess and Sam had been home from vacation for three weeks. There had been a serious back log of clients awaiting Tess’s return but Sam, at Tess’s urging, cut her outcalls down to just a few of her favorite girls, most from the university of Arizona. They were extremely rich Sorority sisters who came to Phoenix on regular shopping trips and to get a little wild a safe distance from Tucson.

Tess had seen two or three clients as day for eighteen days straight before she insisted on taking a few days off. Her last client was two days ago and her lips were just now returning to normal.

Tess pulled a cotton dress over her head. It was red and short and very sexy, She wore a pair of red panties but no bra. Slipping on sandals, she left her room and went to find Sam. In Sam’s bedroom, she watched as Sam rubbed lotion along her arms. Sam leaned against the bed looking at Tess. When she had finished, Sam picked up a white spaghetti strap top and pulled it on. She then picked up a pair of black and white striped shorts with suspenders. She stepped into them, pulled them over her hips and zipped up, leaving the suspenders hang at her sides.

“Sweet.” Tess said. Sam walked up close to Tess.

“You like?”

Tess nodded.

“You want me to take them off?”

“Enticing but not right now.” Tess kissed her gently. “Nice.” She said. “We just made love and yet, you don’t taste like pussy.”

“I brushed.” Sam said as she stepped into her sandals.

“Proper hygiene.” Tess said. “A good habit.”

“Hey, I have lots of good habits.” Sam said.

“Yes you do baby.” The two stood and kissed for a long time before they left for an evening at the ‘Cherry Stem’. Sam was carrying nothing and holding Tess’s hand. Tess had a big Gucci bag over her shoulder.

As they walked past the waiting line out front, Tess was holding Sam’s hand and the women in line watched them closely as they passed. Tess’s ass swished under her short dress and Sam looked like a rebellious schoolgirl. They stopped in front of Bess, the dike who decided who got in the bar each night. Bess looked at the clipboard and said. “Your not on the fucking list.” She then smiled at Sam. “What do you see in this bitch?” Nodding at Tess.

“Hey.” Sam complained. “You take that back.”

Bess grinned at Tess. “You might want to put a leash on this one. Go on in.”

Tess took Sam’s hand. “She doesn’t bite.” Tess said to Bess.

As they headed for the door, she heard a woman in line say. “Well fuck me.”

“Alright but you’re probably not going to like it honey.” Bess said.

Once inside, they were greeted with loud laughter and louder music. The room was vibrating. “To the bar.” Tess shouted to Sam.

When they had made their way to the far end of the bar, it was somewhat quieter and there were two vacant stools. Tess guided Sam to one and stood behind her running her hand along her rib cage. When a cute barmaid appeared, Tess ordered a gin martini.”

“I know.” The girl said. “With an onion. How about your friend?”

“Bring her a club soda.”

The girl smiled. “Keeping her sober. Smart.”

Their drinks appeared in short order and Tess was again focusing on Sam, kissing her on her neck. She had the palm of her right hand on Sam’s tummy.

“Our baby is going to be born deaf. ” Sam complained.

“Our baby is fine.” Tess reassured her.

Tess felt a hand on her back. When she turned, she was face to face with the young and very beautiful daughter of the mayor of Phoenix, Kate Weinstein. “Want to dance?”

Tess smiled. “What a surprise.”

Kate smiled and leaned over to look at Sam. “Hi Sam.”

Sam grinned. “I remember you.” She said. “I caught you in the shower with my girl here.

Kate grinned and nodded. “Guilty.”

“Oh, istanbul escort that’s alright.” Sam said. “As I remember, we made up.”

“We did.” Kate said. Kate was wearing a little black dress, short and very sexy.

Tess looked around and then took Kate’s hand. I’ll take that dance.” A slow tune was starting. Tess looked at Sam. “OK?” She asked.

Sam grinned, “Enjoy.”

Tess led Kate to the dance floor. As Tess wrapped her arms around Kate’s waist, Kate put hers around Tess’s neck. They began to move slowly to the music. “So how are you parents dealing with all of this?”

“They’re not.” Kate grinned. “When I finally set them down and told them that I was gay and they would just have to deal with it.” Kate paused. “They politely asked me to move out.”

Tess looked at her in shock “So what did you do?”

“I’m staying with my cousin. It’s not perfect but I’ll make due until I graduate next spring. “

“I’m very sorry.” Tess said.

“I’m very happy.” Kate replied.

When the music ended the two went back to the bar. April, the bar owner, was standing nearby along the wall watching the evening unfold. Tess left Kate with Sam and went over to talk to her. When Tess returned, she said. “Come on girls. Let’s go somewhere quiet.

The three made their way to the back and up the stairs to the second floor private rooms. Tess opened the door and the three went in. It was identical to the room Tess had been in a few months earlier with Anna, two sofas and a large round ottoman in between them and of course black walls and dim.

Tess sat down on a sofa and Sam and Kate sat on either side. The door opened again. April came in, once again leading the beautiful young waitress, Chloe. “I didn’t have to beg her this time if that means anything.” April said. April left locking the door.

‘”Hello Chloe.” Tess said.

“Hi.” She replied.

“I’ve missed you.” Tess continued.

Chloe nodded. “Uh huh.” She was in her uniform, short black skirt, white blouse with cute bowtie. Tess moved to set on the ottoman. She held out her hands and Chloe walked up in front of her. Tess put her fingers in the back of Chloe’s calves. Slowing she ran her hands up the back of Chloe’s legs. When she touched her ass, Chloe put a hand on Tess’s shoulder to steady herself.

Tess cupped her ass holding them there and enjoying the feel of the little tight round butt in her hands. Finally her fingers found the top of her panties and slipped inside. Tess kissed her on her still covered stomach. “May I?” she asked.

Chloe nodded.

Tess tugged the panties over her ass and down her thighs. When they fell to the floor, Chloe stepped out of them. Tess stood and motioned to Sam. When the two girls were side by side, Tess leaned in and said. “Chloe here is a very willing young girl.” Tess kissed her deeply. “Sam is the best lover you will ever know.” Tess kissed Sam with real passion. “Sam is going to take you over to that sofa and fuck you silly.” Tess waited and finally both girls nodded.

“Good.” Tess said. She pushed on Chloe’s arm and she walked toward the sofa. Tess looked at Sam. “I’m going to enjoy young Kate here for the next hour or so. Are you going to be all right with that?

Sam nodded. “I’ll be a little busy.” She said.

“When I’m finished.” Tess said. “I’m going to give her to you.”

Sam giggled and went over to the sofa where Chloe waited. Sam turned her around to face the arm and leaned her over it. She knelt behind the girl and lifted her skirt over her waist. Sam bent down and kissed her ass cheeks. What a beautiful butt. Sam used her fingers to spread Chloe’s cheeks and made a long slow lick from her clit to her anus.

Chloe was already moaning as Tess took Kate’s hand and pulled her to her feet. Kate was watching beylikdüzü escort the two girls. Tess turned Kate’s face back to hers. “You’re going the get that soon enough, I promise. Now get yourself undressed.” Tess lay back on the ottoman as Kate unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. She removed her bra and then thumbed her panties over her ass and dropped them.

Tess lifted her hips and worked her dress up around her waist. Without instruction, Kate knelt on the bed and pulled Tess’s panties off. Tess drew her knees up as Kate’s warm lips touched her. She moaned and looked over at Chloe who was shaking her head from side to side and fucking onto Sam’s mouth.

Following Tess’s second crushing orgasm she lay on the ottoman with her arms outstretched. She was breathing erratically. “Holy crap.” She mumbled. Kate was still between her legs.

Chloe was draped over the arm of the sofa, her hands dangling toward the floor and whimpering. “Please.” She whispered. “I need a break.”

Sam pulled her lips from Kate’s clit and giggled. She patted her butt and said. “OK, fine.”

Tess eventually rolled Kate onto her back. “Sam.” She said.

Sam got up and went over to Tess and knelt beside her. Tess’s hand reached out and she ran her fingers through Sam’s hair. “Do her.” Tess said.

Sam crawled between Kate’s legs and her lips locked onto her clit and Sam sucked hard.

Tess laid still listening to Sam work on Kate and Kate responding with soft moans. When she saw Chloe moving on the sofa she said. “Stay there.” Tess got to her feet and picked up her bag. She went over beside Chloe and dropped it on the floor. Tess ran her hand up Chloe’s back along her spine. “I love your back. It’s beautiful,” She roamed down over her lower back and over Chloe’s ass. Her fingers dipped into her crack and as she ran them over her pussy, she slipped one inside of her.

“I’m going to fuck you.” Tess said. “You all right with that?” Her finger began to work on her.

Chloe grunted. “Uh huh.” Tess patted her ass and stood up. She moved in front of Chloe at the end of the sofa and removed the harness from her bag. She stepped into it and pulled it up, fastening it around her waist. When she had hooked the straps around her legs, she used a foot to push the bag over in front of Chloe. “Pick out the one you want.” Chloe looked into the bag, reached in and withdrew a nine-inch stiff rubber dong.

Tess took it from Chloe and attached it to her harness. She used a hand to muss her hair. “Good girl.” She said. “You’re going to like this.” When Tess was on her knees and behind the young girl she ran the rubber dick between Chloe’s slit gathering moisture. Once ready, Tess pushed the fat cock into Chloe and Chloe arched her back taking it deep on the first shove. Tess pulled back and shoved again slamming the harness against Chloe’s ass and driving the cock to its full depth.

Tess began a steady hard fucking of the girl and Chloe was responding with heavy breathing and grunts when Tess hit bottom and moans as her stomach tightened and her vaginal muscles gripped the big dick.

Chloe’s head drew back and she shook it and she pushed back onto her lover as she experienced an incredible orgasm.

Tess looked over when Kate’s own climax washed over her. She was gripping Sam/s short hair in both hands and Sam refused to release her clit.

Tess finally pulled free and removed her harness, dropping it into her bag. She sat down on the other sofa next to Sam and ran her toes up the back of her leg settling on her butt.

“Hey baby.”

Sam pulled her lips off of Kate to moans of complaint. “Yea?”

“You need to get these girls dressed.

Chloe was the easiest. All Sam had to do was pull her panties back on and straighten her skirt. Kate, on the esenyurt escort other hand was a wet rag and Sam had to do it without any real help from her. But trooper that she was, she finally presented both girls for Tess’s inspection in basically good condition. Tess had to straighten Chloe’s tie however and she gave Sam a stern look.

Tess led the girls to the door and down the hall. “Really?” Sam said. “Her fucking tie?” She said as she followed Tess.

“Anything worth doing.” Tess said.

“I had to prop her against the wall so she could lift her foot to get her panties on.” Sam was explaining as they started down the stairs.

Two women coming up the stairs over heard her and whispered. “Now that’s the kind of girl I’m looking for.”

Leaning on Tess’s arm, Kate lifted her head and spoke to them. “I don’t think you could afford her.”

Once at the bar, Tess passed Chloe off to April who looked at the girl, looked at Tess and said. “Did you at least kiss her when you were finished?”

When no one spoke, Sam whispered. “I did.”

Tess looked at her and shook her head.

Sam mouthed. “What?” and shrugged her shoulders.

“Thanks.” Tess said to April. I owe you.

“Then how about loaning this one to me for the weekend?” April nodded at Sam.

Tess smiled. “Honey, I don’t owe you that much.”

The three girls left The Cherry Stem eyed by a long line of women still waiting to get inside. Tess was walking between Kate and Sam with her arms around them. Sam looked at the girls in line. “You’re wasting your time.” Sam said. “The place is full of lesbians.”

Tess tugged her toward the parking lot. “See you at our place.” Tess was looking at Kate as she opened her car door. Kate nodded. As Tess and Sam walked over to Tess’s car, Sam asked. Is she coming over?

‘No.” Tess said.

“But you just said.” Sam started.

“She’s moving in.” Tess said. “She needs a place to stay. I was the one who told her to come out. It’s my fault she’s homeless.”

Sam thought about it. “Well all right then.” When they were in the car and headed back across town to Tess’s condo, Sam said. “I suppose she will be sleeping in your room?”

“Yes.” Said Tess. She reached for Sam’s hand and squeezed it. ‘But not every night.”

Sam smiled. “Good.” She said.

Tess was in the shower and Sam was in the kitchen when Kate knocked on the door. Sam opened it. “Hey, I hear we’re going to be house mates.” Sam smiled at Kate.

Kate came in and Sam closed the door. “Come with me.” Sam said. She led Kate down the hall to Tess’s bedroom. Once in there, Sam turned to her and unzipped her dress, pulling it over her shoulders and down onto the floor. She unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor. Sam then knelt down and pulled her panties down her legs, Sam stood back up and took Kate’s hand, leading her into Tess’s bathroom.

“Hey.” Sam called out over the rush of the shower. “You have company.”

Tess slid the shower door open and said. “Thanks.” Kate stepped in the shower with Tess as Sam pulled the door closed.

Five months later, Tess lay on her bed with the early morning sun shining in between the blinds. Kate lay with her head on Tess’s shoulder. A regular occurrence ever since Kate moved in. Sam’s cry broke the silence and the two scrambled out of bed and ran to her room. Sam’s water had broken.

In the hospital delivery room, Tess sat holding Sam’s hand as the doctor delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl, six pounds five ounces, with all her toes and all her fingers and the cutest smile on earth. She had an amazing mocha complexion and a head full of auburn curls.

“Our baby.” Sam was crying.

“Our baby is beautiful.” Tess said. Tess laid the baby into Sam’s arms.

“Oh, Tess, she is.” Sam said.

“Just like her mother.” Tess kissed Sam softly on her lips.

Here’s to a perfect new world where what we want is the same as what we need and we always get both.

So read, enjoy, VOTE and comment. It’s why we write!

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