Cavern BayCavern Bay


Katria woke up to the gray light of dawn, the beginning of her new life in Paradise. She heard the ocean lapping at the sand out the open window, the wind rustling the weeping willow and beach grass. She was about to close her eyes and fall back to sleep, when she heard the quiet rustle of sheets and a moment later, a low rumble-of-a-sigh. She froze, knowing she wasn’t married and had no boyfriends or children. She didn’t even know any of her new neighbors. Katria’s mind raced to find a plausible solution, but she couldn’t come to a logical conclusion. She slowly rolled over, staying in the same twenty inches of the mattress so as not to disturb whom or what was in the bed. When she got to her back, she gathered her courage and turned her head to look. He was very handsome in that rustic, lumberjack sort of way, a light four o’clock shadow and medium length hair giving him a messy, sexy look. From the look of his shoulders, he was powerfully built. If he had broken in, there was no way she could stop him from doing whatever he pleased. She had some strength but not enough to contend with him. At 5’7″, Katria was slightly curvy with light brown hair halfway down her back, a fair complexion, and odd colored, almond-shaped eyes.

He had one arm above the goose-down blanket over his waist, the other resting under his head on top of the pillow, the thick forearm relaxed and supple and the tricep extended and solid. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and Katria wondered if that’s all he wasn’t wearing. Come to that thought, she became aware herself of having nothing on, though she often slept naked anyway, rarely having guests in her old life. She very carefully sat up and looked about the room, which she recognized as not the one she chose, but the guest bedroom. There were two pairs of jeans, her favorite blouse, and what looked like his black Polo on the floor with undergarments strewn about. His breathing was still steady and deep, so she risked getting out of the bed to put something on, but in his sleep, his arm moved and locked around Katria’s hips, pulling her toward him. She struggled to maintain her position, and her movements caused him to wake. He groaned, that deep, slow, sexy growl from the bottom of the chest before he opened his eyes, and looked up at her.

His eyes! They were the purest blue of the clearest Mediterranean Sea, so full of life, love and sorrow. They fixed her to that spot, wiping all thought from her mind. You’d think she’d remember those eyes. Concern came into his face when he finally noticed the odd predicament they were in. He withdrew his arm, but she didn’t squirm away from him. She slowly set her full weight back down on the bed, leaning in close. “Who are you?” she asked. He responded, still in that low, growling voice, ” My name is Sean Randall, uum, where am I?”

“This is my house, I just moved here yesterday. I’m Ari- uh Katria LeReau.” She couldn’t stop staring at those eyes. She could tell that he hadn’t broken in, but she was still leery.

What was he doing here? Had she brought him here? Then why did they end up in this room instead of hers? She was lost in his eyes, and hardly noticed that she hadn’t covered her chest up. He swallowed, and tried to avert his eyes from her full bosom before he got excited. Too late. He could feel his cock swell and rub against the sheets, which didn’t help much. When he looked away, she thought she had made him uncomfortable, but she had no idea how. She looked down trying to figure out what it was and saw her breasts uncovered, the nipples hard and erect. Katria blushed, looked away, and fervently grabbed for a sheet.

An idea took form inside Sean’s mind. He placed his hand over hers, resting on her breast and her eyes met his again. He could feel the dip and rise of her erratic breath and, under that, the quivering beat of her heart. She stopped, unsure of his motives. He leaned in to kiss her, gently at first, then deeper, more emotion and she responded in kind.

His hand slid down over the sheet resting just below her breast, under her arm and around her back. Katria slid along the sheets toward him, not remembering the last time she did something like this; could it have been last night? She was right next to him, her breasts flattening against his well-defined chest, nipples crying out in relief of contact. Sean’s hand slid down her spine, causing her to shudder in anticipation, momentarily massaging the small of her back. It followed the curve of her body to stop at the perfect point, the rounded edge of her backside, as his mouth traveled to her neck, delivering little kisses and bites. How did I know she likes biting? He wondered. What exactly did we get into last night?

Oh my god! Nobody knows I love getting bit! Her head screamed. She put her arms around his neck and pushed his mouth closer to her pulsing neck, her leg creeping over his hips and settling her heel in the curve of his back. He was already hard but this lusting was driving him crazy. She pulled him even closer and felt his tip, so smooth it’s soft, but still hard, like a river rock. She rolled him over onto his back, and traversed down until almanbahis she found it, the little soldier awaiting leave. At ten inches tall and two and a half inches around, it was the biggest one she had seen in person. Quite a mouthful, at least for her. Katria closed her fingers around it one by one, feeling his pulse, strong and frantic. She teased him a little, tracing the prominent veins lightly with a fingernail as her other hand trailed down to weigh his balls. He smacked her ass and grabbed her hips, twisting her around to face him. He pulled one of her legs over his waist so she straddled him. Sean began teasing her pussy with his fingers and rock hard abs, flexing, rocking back and forth, up and down under her as she sank lower and lower onto his stomach.

God this feels so good!!!! They both thought

“I can’t take it anymore!” Katria moaned. She sat up on her knees, her hands resting on his pecs and crawled backwards, hovering over his waiting cock. She didn’t even need her fingers to hold him in the right spot, so she lowered herself, inch by inch, until her hips met his. He is so deep, I can feel him in the bottom of my stomach. He shifted slightly and her pussy tightened around him, constricting so much that he groaned like a bear with pleasure. His hands slid up her legs, feathering the back of her knees and causing her to shiver, before settling on either side of her waist, his thumbs moving up and down against her pelvis, making her muscles spasm. All the while, Katria’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter just holding position around him, juices leaking out. Katria started slow, rocking back and forth against Sean’s pelvis, feeling his fat cock shiver against her g-spot in the perfect rhythm. His hands tightened, massaging, heightening her pleasure. She placed her hands on his still moist abs, bracing them there, feeling him flex into her biting nails as she slowly lifted her body, running up the length of his rigid member, feeling every ridge, vein, inch, and beat of his heart. She went back down, swaying her hips as she did so she shimmied all the way down his perfect tumescence. Katria slowly moved faster and faster, speeding in response to Sean’s movements.

Sean sat up, pulling Katria close, taking her full breast into his mouth, sucking, gently taking the nipple between his teeth, one hand playing with the other breast. Katria wrapped her arms around his head, her fingers digging into his thick light brown hair, pushing him into the soft flesh of her bust.

He moved, his arms going under her knees, lifting her up and onto her back. He flipped himself over, his mouth right against her abs, one hand sliding up to cup her breast, the other going south to play with her clit and soaking pussy. He tongued her belly button and slipped his middle finger into her creamy soft hole, searching for that one spot that would make her jump with excitement. His tongue traversed down, leaving a flaming trail down her abdomen. She convulsed. He had found the perfect spot, and decided to give her a little more pleasure. He lowered his head, and nuzzled her lips, his tongue poking out and seeking her clit. His finger massaged that spot, his tongue driving her wild at the same time.

Katria’s hands went under his hair line and behind his ears. She dug her nails in, and pulled his mouth up to meet hers again, Sean’s body aligning just right so she felt his arousal and he teased her, rubbing it against the outside. His tongue played with hers, nuzzling her teeth, tickling the roof of her mouth.

He inserted is throbbing cock, slowly, so slowly. Both hands were on her breasts, the thumbs playing and pinching her sensitive nipples, holding his torso above her with his bulging biceps and firm abs. Her hands curved around his back, the freshly manicured nails digging into his hard muscle. Sean moved faster, the feeling rising.

“Can I cum inside?” he breathlessly murmured.

“Oh god yes, please, cum into me, gimme all you got!” Katria moaned.

Sean picked up the pace, causing Katria to wiggle and squirm. He paused for half a heartbeat, and then slammed as far as he could into her, his cock feeling like an unmanned fire hose. It shook and bounced and spilled load after load deep into her, feeling her pussy tighten to orgasm. Sean dropped out after they relaxed, allowing his tumescence to exit her dripping orifice.

An awkward silence settled on the room. They looked at each other, wondering what to do now. The sun broke above the horizon, lighting their bodies ablaze through the window.

“Would you like some breakfast?” Katria asked, “It’s got to be about 7 or 8. I’ll go make something up.”

“Sure, thank you, Katria. Seriously.” Sean watched as she got up from the bed and left the room. He flopped back on the pillows, arms making wings as he put them behind his head. He looked around for his boxer briefs, locating them hanging on the mirror of the bureau, and slipped them on. He went into the attached bathroom, and washed his face, splashing cold water on his still burning forehead and neck. In the mirror, Sean looked at himself and noticed several new marks, red almanbahis giriş but only slightly raised. He turned around and caught the marks on his back from her nails. The thought made him smile. Sean left the bathroom and went to find Katria, learning the layout of the house as he went.

Katria heard the water running in the guest bathroom, bit her lip, and smiled at the memories of what they had just done. Oh God that was wonderful! She thought. She had wiped herself down in the hall bathroom and gotten a couple eggs and some sausage from the fridge, which she needed to stock. She took down her favorite frying pan and set it on the stove over a flame. She threw a pat of butter in, swirling it around half the pan, and cracked an egg into it. She made rounded patties from the sausage and set them on the clean side of the pan. The water stopped in the bathroom, and Katria began listening for his footsteps on the white and black granite tile.

He padded down the hallway, barefoot, nude except for the underwear. He looked around the kitchen, saw her and walked over to her, his footsteps turning soft and barely audible. He snuck up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist just under her breasts. She was startled, thinking nobody could have snuck up on her with the echo of the house. Sean had been pleasantly surprised when he walked in and saw that her attire hadn’t changed. He nuzzled into her neck and she tilted her head for better access, relishing in the stubble that lightly scratched her. His teeth grazed her skin and she shuddered. She grabbed a slice of bread, and flipped the egg and a sausage patty onto it, throwing a piece of cheese on before another slice of bread to make a sandwich. Katria held up the sandwich for him. Sean took it and kissed the side of her temple. She threw another egg into the pan, pulling out another slice of bread. Sean stood right behind her leaning against the island, enjoying the meal and the view.

Katria put the other egg and sausage on her sandwich, turned off the stove and turned around to face him, resting against the range countertop. She smiled and enjoyed her view as well. He still looked a little aroused and she supposed that it must not be good for him to see her fully nude like this. “I’m going to go put something on.” she said, finishing her sandwich.

“Why?” he asked.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable?” she asked, gesturing toward the bump in his shorts.

Sean looked down, looked back up and murmured with soft smiling eyes, “That’s just me. But I’m fairly comfortable.” God, she’s sweet.

Katria leaned back again the counter, smirking, planning her next move. No one was expecting her anywhere today, maybe she could…..

Sean thought about today’s schedule. He had a few things planned, but they didn’t have to happen today. He could mail that letter tomorrow, reschedule his boys’ night out, and pick up his evening wear at the dry cleaners in a couple days.

Katria went to the bathroom to relieve her aching bladder. He watched her, examining the way her hips swayed with the walk. Katria could feel him watching her and she picked up the pace. He turned back around, looking down at the ground, thinking of what he could avoid just to spend the day with her. Sean looked in the fridge for something to wash the sandwich down, and pulled out the half gallon of milk in the door. They even liked the same milk, Whole. After looking in the cabinets, he procured a juice glass and poured some into it. He chugged it back, and set the glass in the sink.

Katria watched herself in the bathroom mirror. Could she spend the day with this man? Would that be too imposing? There were bite marks on her neck and breasts, remnants of their passion. She looked down into the sink where the water was running. She watched the water swirl around the bowl into a tornado before disappearing down the silver drain. She glanced out the window, the sun above the top molding, and watched the waves, battling with the decision in her mind.

I’m going to do it, I’m gonna ask him to spend today with me. She turned the water off and spun around, prepared to walk back into the kitchen to ask him.

Smack! Her bare chest met his and his arms went around her to keep her from falling.

“Oh my god, I’m so sor —“

“Don’t be, it was my fault too. I shouldn’t have snuck up you like that, but I wanted to ask you a question,” he said.

“Okay, what?”

“Do you have anything going on today? I’d like to spend time with you.”

Did he just read her mind? “Uum, yeah, I mean, no, uh. No I-I don’t have plans today and yes I’d like to spend time together.”

“Well, first things first, why don’t we wash up? A shower maybe?” Sean’s hands dropped from around her, and he walked over to the stand-up shower in the corner, thumbs hooked in the front of his underwear.

“I think we can manage together, but it’ll be a little snug.” Katria walked up behind him. She slipped her fingers in the elastic of his briefs, running back and forth just above his gorgeous buttocks. She tugged a little at them and he let his hands pull them down from the almanbahis yeni giriş front, letting them drop to the floor. He stepped over them and into the shower, her hand in his, pulling her in with him.

He backed up against one wall, Katria leaning forward into his chest. She started the water asking what kind of temperature he liked. “I love hot, steamy showers.” he replied, a finger curling a strand of her soft brown hair around itself and wafting her scent to his sensitive nose. Sean picked up the bar of soap, held it under the water for a moment, then, with his arms around her, began with the small of her back, working his way up her spine, Katria’s hair swept over her shoulders and hanging down her front. He rubbed the bar of soap around her back, bubbles forming, thickening, becoming a slippery mass.

Katria let her head fall back feeling his strong hands touching so gently. Sean leaned forward and bent his head down slightly, his teeth grazing her exposed neck. Her head dropped back, looking for his intent in those gorgeous eyes. She thought she saw some possessiveness mixed with lust hiding in those deep cavernous orbs. She felt it first as he moved and pulled her closer. It wasn’t hard yet, but she could fix that. The soap had worked its way up Sean’s forearms, and around Katria’s waist. He wasn’t prepared for her when she suddenly slipped down between his arms. He reached out to catch her before she hit the floor, thinking she lost her footing. But she was bent on one knee, kneeling, and her nose inches from her target, his hands stretched downward.

Katria took his soft phallus in her hands, massaging the skin and testicles as she watched it fill with blood, his hands flattening against the tile side of the shower. She ran her tongue over the tip, looking up as Sean’s eyes widened, endorphins bombarding his body. She molded her lips around his hardness, the water pit-pattering her back and hair, marveling at the way his legs stiffened and his breathing got shallower. Katria set her palms flat against his thighs using only her mouth to hold him. She moved her head down his length, felt him harden in her mouth. His hands moved from against the wall, slowly coming around his hips and positioning themselves on her head, using the leverage to thrust deeper into her throat.

God this feels so good! Sean thought, the feeling rising, up and up, until…..

“Mmpmh!” Katria took all of his cum, swallowing it spurt after spurt, his cock almost vibrating in her open mouth as she stayed still. She pulled back, throwing her head back and letting the water from the shower head flow over her face, a silly gleeful smile playing at the corners of her mouth. He bent down and pulled her into his embrace, into a kiss. Katria took the bar of soap from him, and began with his chest, the soft bristly hair tickling her palms as she leaned close enough for her breasts to rub against his pecs. Sean let his hands fall to the voluptuous curve between her waist and her hips as she soaped his stomach and ribs. She put the bar back in its perch, and picked up the small bottle of shampoo.

She pulled his head toward her by his neck, his hair matting down under the water cascading over their flushed faces. Katria pushed with her mouth, squeezing shampoo onto her hand, and moving his head out of the stream of water before running her fingers up over the back of Sean’s head through his hair. Sean slowly closed his eyes, his smirk widening, and lowered his forehead to her chest, Katria’s hands still massaging his now sudsy hair. She stepped back pulling him with her so he stood in the water, the soap in his hair running down the rest of his delicious body.

He looked up at her through wet lashes, those incredible, piercing eyes boring straight to her soul. Sean turned the bottle upside down over Katria’s head, pouring the contents on her wet hair, taking his turn to massage her scalp and watch her luxuriate in the feeling.

God she’s wonderful. Her eyes are so unusual, so sparked. Sean thought, the hot water pounding on his back, running over his shoulders, and down his arms. Katria’s hands rested against his abs, tickling as they wandered up and around, crawling up to his broad shoulders. She tightened her embrace walking under the shower head and kissing him. The soap that was all over both of them mixed and ran down to their feet, their bodies refreshed and rinsed by the heat and moisture.

Sean turned the water off and cracked the door of the shower. He peeked out, looking for a towel. Katria opened the door completely and stepped out onto the floor mat, grabbing a towel off the rack for him and herself. She flipped her hair forward wrapping the towel around it and threw her head back. The door had been open the whole time so it wasn’t all that steamy but it was still very warm. Sean walked out of the shower with the towel around his hips, the grooves defining them easily visible. Katria walked into the room across the hall, the bedroom she originally chose for its view of the ocean, not the one they ended up in. She walked to her closet and pulled out a drawer. She withdrew a cute bottom of a bikini, black with a little bit of gold on the front, and slipped into them. She grabbed the matching top and threw a dress over it. After sliding her feet into black sandals, she swiped some jewelry from her bureau and clipped it on.

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