Caught by mom!!Caught by mom!!

Big Tits

Hi, my name is josh i was about 15 years old when this story happened. now i am 25, but i still remember it like it was yesterday. well anyways my mom was 38 at the time and she was absolutely stunning to say the least. she was 5’5″, weighed about 140, had wonderful perky C cup tits, and her ass……. man her ass was to die for, she had beautiful blonde hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. and i never started thinking of my mom sexually until i turned about 12 and was just getting curious. anyways this story started one sunny day in July. we had an inground swimming pool out back that i loved. so it was about 95 degrees out and it was around 1:30 in the afternoon. me and mom (btw her name is Joann) were eating lunch and watchin some tv when my mom turns to me and asks “how bout we go for a swim after lunch?” i said “Sure, sounds great!” so we finished eating our sandwiches and i headed for my room to put on my swimming trunks. so i got my swimming trunks on and headed out for the pool. mom was already out there splashing around, so i cannonballed into the pool to splash her in the face. she just smiled and splashed me and giggled. she asked “So do you have a girlfriend now Josh?” i said “No, we broke up about a week ago.” now mom bein here caring self said “Awwww, im sorry baby” now my mom always called me baby so that didn’t bother me. then she asked “Do you want a hug” and before i could answer she already had her arms around me squeezing me tight. i could feel her warm breast on my chest, and that drove me crazy. my cock started to escort bayan get hard so i casually got out of the hug. we swam around for about thirty minutes or so (thankfully my hard-on went down) and then mom got out of the pool. all i could think was holy shit!!! Mom had on this very sexy pink bikinni that hardly held her breast and made her ass look godlike. after she got out of the pool she turned around and asked “are you goin to get out or keep swimming?” embarrased of my hard-on i said “ill just keep swimming” she said “Ok, if you need anything i’ll be in the house” i waited for about another ten minutes until i got out of the pool and went to my room to change. i got changed and headed down stairs to the living room. mom was down there watching tv already so i plopped down on the couch next to her. she was wearing a sexy dress that went up high on her thighs. we were watching a scary movie and one scene the bad guy jumped out and grabbed this girl and killed her (like every other predictable scary movie) anyways mom jumped into my arms scared and i didn’t know what to do so i just let her stay like that. but after a little while i realized my cock was getting hard. so i told mom i was tired and headed up for my room. i got in my room and my pants went straight off unleashing my 8.5″ cock. i pulled off my shirt and layed down. i started stroking my cock thinking about my mom. i imagined her getting down on her knees and taking all of my cock into her mouth and sucking me dry. right before i was about to cum i heard my door open and my mom kocaeli escort bayan say “Josh are you……….” and she stood there staring at me with my cock in my hand. i was to startled to do anything so i just sat there looking like an idiot. after what seemed like forever my mom said “Ummmm i was just coming to see if you were ok i heard some noises, but ill just go now.” and as she was turning around i said “mom im sorry you walked in on me.” she turned around and came over and sat on my bed beside me. she said “honey it’s ok it’s normal for boys your age to do this.” i said “yea i know but it’s embarrasing.” she said “you shouldn’t be embarrased sweetie, you’re just a boy” i said “well thanks mom” and she looked into my eyes and said “no problem baby” and then she turned to look at my still hard cock and she just looked at it for a few seconds and then said “Honey im your mother and i don’t like to see you in pain. I could help you out with that if you wanted me too.” i said “really mom?” she said “yea it wouldn’t hurt just this once. and i said “ok” and with that she took her dress off and pulled off her bra, omg her tits looked beautiful and then she pulled her panties off to show me her shaved pussy. she asked “Do you want me to suck and fuck you babe?” i said “Yes.” and she got down between my legs and started kissing all up and down my shaft. then she opened her mouth wide and took my large cock into her beautiful mouth. holy shit i was in heaven my fantasy was actually coming true!!!! she sucked kocaeli escort my cock taking the entire length deep in her throat each time almost gagging on it. she sucked me for about 5 minutes and then i said “mom i…… i’m going to cum!!!” and she took my cock out of her mouth and said “nuh huh not yet i still got ride you.” and with that she winked at me and positioned herself over my cock. she slowly slid down my cock until she hit bottom. “OMG Josh you’re a lot bigger than most guys i’ve been with!!” then i started pulling my cock out and then i took her by surprise and rammed it into her making her scream. “Fuck!!!! Oh god yes……. fuck me josh…… fuck your mommy’s sweet pussy!!!!” i kept ramming into her harder and harder and with each thrust i’d go faster and faster. after doing this hard core fucking she screamed “OMG!!!!! I’m going to fucking cum baby!!!” so i started going as fast as i could and i was on the verge of cumming myself. i said “mom i’m gonna cum do you want me to pull out?” she said “don’t you dare i wanna feel your hot liquid inside me baby……. come on come inside mommy…… yes that’s it!!!! Holy fuck you must have unloaded a gallon in me baby!!!!” i said “your on the pill right?” she said “No” i said “what if you get pregnant?” she said “I don’t care, i would be proud to have your baby Josh” and she smiled at me and we kissed passionately not like mother and son but as lovers. So now here we are 10 years later with our little boy Xavier. We live in a different place now and live a very happy life.
The End.

Feel free to comment please. this is my very first story i’ve ever written so i would like some suggestions on what to do better next time. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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