Caught and UsedCaught and Used


This project owes it’s fruition LLorelei. Without her, I’m sure it would still be lost somewhere in the keyboard.

I my mind, it was just some innocent flirtation on the job. A titillating remark here and there. A gentle caress or tweak of one of my nipples. Nothing to get you fired though. I welcomed it. It made an otherwise boring job exciting. What I didn’t realize though, was that I was being set up for a gangbang. Oh, the naiveté of our youth. I suppose I should start at the beginning.

Every since puberty, I’ve had the blessing and curse of being a guy with the most beautiful breasts one has ever seen. Not a fat body, with breasts like so many young boys get. A strapping lad with a tight, hard body many girls love to look at. Except to go along with the seven inch cock, I’ve had these nearly “B” cup breasts with half dollar size nipples that would stand up hard when touched.

As one can guess, it caused a lot of problems for me in school. The stares and gossip almost made me drop out. In fact, if it hadn’t been for one of my teachers, I would have left. She taught me how to cover my breasts with a tight wrap. She gave me the confidence to get on with my life.

I never tried to change my breasts. Never felt that there was anything wrong with the way I looked. I rather liked my breasts. They’ve given me many hours of fun while masturbating myself.

Now that I’m an adult, I don’t go to so much trouble to hide the fact that there is a very desirable pair of tits under my work shirts. I don’t flaunt them. One can see them jiggle about in normal activity if he pays attention. Sometimes when I feel like it, I wear a nice lacy bra to support them, along with a nice pair of panties. It’s my life and I’m going to enjoy it.

There were a lot of men who wanted to make me their plaything, but I resisted most of them. Their snide remarks or the grabby way they would act would turn me off. It’s not the way to get to know me, by making me feel like a cheap slut. Outside of work, a few times, I’ve let some men use me because I wanted to see what it was like. But always afterwards I felt like there was something lacking in the experience.

There was one man at work that I got along with, though, without any problems. He was different, and I didn’t discourage his attention. When it first started I brushed off his advances, trying to be coy, all the while secretly wanting him to not fulya escort stop. I knew he was gay. I had seen him outside of work many times with his mate. He treated me with respect. His tone, and the way he pursued the seduction, drew me in like a moth to the flame.

Many times when we were off in the shop where no one else could readily see us, he would reach down and try to stroke my cock or feel my tits. I would brush his hand away, acting as though we might be watched, all the while wanting him to keep doing what he was doing. He knew it, so we played our little game, each time going a little further. Sometimes I rubbed my tits against his arm or his back when we met by chance, as often happened during the work day.

As time went by, we became bolder. I sometimes left a button or two undone so he could see inside my shirt. He would reach inside and pinch my nipples briefly. Sometimes my zipper was open and he would stroke my cock for a second or two. I would place my hand over his so he couldn’t draw it away, making the contact last longer.

One time he was reaching up high to fasten a sign to a post when I squeezed in between him and the post. While facing him, I rubbed as much of my body against him as I could. We were becoming quite aroused, to say the least. Someone opened the door to the shop and brought it to a premature ending. Over a long period of time, things got so we both knew we had to find a way to complete what we were starting.

This one Friday, when we ran into each other, I let him see and feel my tits for about a minute or two. I had on this really fine silk bra. Nothing like putting out a fire with gasoline. The feel of his caress though the soft material was causing my nipples to stand up for more. I pushed my breasts into his hand to let him know I wanted more. He suddenly took one of my nipples and pinched it hard. I gasped and a bolt of pleasure shot straight to my cock. My hand was drawn to the outline of his erection, where I returned the pleasure he was giving me. His breath came faster as we fanned the flames of our passion.

With heated breath, he whispered in my ear to meet in the storeroom the next morning. I agreed: we had lit a fire that just had to be allowed to burn. I wanted more, and so did he. The time had come. We set the time to meet early in the morning so no one would see us enter, thus assuring our time bomonti escort together would be uninterrupted.

The next day, before I left home, I took a long bath. I shaved my legs and my pubic hairs around my cock and balls. I also took the time to clean myself out for what I knew to be the inevitable. Pre-lubrication goes a long way when pleasure is the goal. I wore a nice button down silk shirt, lace bra and panties. I added seamed stockings and garter to match. A pair of dress slacks to cover. I was set to go. It felt like a million bucks.

It seemed that I was the first to get there. No one saw me enter. I made my way back to the storeroom. I stopped once to look at myself in the bathroom mirror to see that all was looking as I thought it should. Once in the room, I was a bit apprehensive about being stood up. It was quite dark in there and I could just barely see. I stumbled about and found a chair to sit on. I needed to collect my thoughts and calm down a bit.

Finally, as I was getting ready to leave, I heard his voice saying, “Over here.” We met with a warm embrace, him kissing and biting my ear lobe. He started leaving a trail of kisses down to the nap of my neck, his hands working the buttons of my shirt open. He quickly undressed me down to my bra and panties, his hands lustfully feeling my tits and cock. For my part, I was doing my best to get him out of his clothes so I could feel his body, cock and balls.

There was a copy machine table that had rollers on its legs. We rolled it out to center of the room so we could have a place to lie on. It was just the right size to hold my body from my shoulders to my buttocks with my legs, arms and head sticking over the edges. It was more than strong enough to hold me up.

He easily picked me up and placed me on my back. It was just the right height for him to do whatever he wanted, without having to stoop down or rise up. He pushed up my bra over my tits, so that he could pinch and suck my nipples. He worked me up to a frenzy of lust, stroking my cock while sucking my tits. Every bite on my nipples would make my cock throb as if there was a direct connection between them.

I tried to feel his cock and draw it near so I could suck him, but he kept saying “No, wait.” I wanted to make his pre-cum flow, to make it easier for him to carry out his intentions. No need though: he was already kurtuluş escort leaving a trail of it on my leg.

He finally got between my legs, pulling the crotch of my panties to the side, exposing my cock and ass for him to play with. He sucked my cock and balls for a bit, making my nipples twitch with need. He stroked my throbbing cock while sucking first one and then the other one of my balls. All the while, one of his fingers was testing the waters.

It was then that I reached down between my spread legs and grasped his throbbing cock, placing it at the entrance of my anus. At this point I had only one thing on my mind: I wanted to get fucked, and fuck was what I was going to do. I placed my heels around his back, just above his buttocks, and pulled him towards me, driving him deeper with jerking motions. All the while, he was still sucking and pinching my tits. I was whispering and moaning over and over, “Oh …Fuck me…Fuck me silly!” Each rotation of his hips drove him deeper. On each outward stroke, I grasped his cock with my muscle, making him gasp with lust. There I was, lying there with my eyes shut, getting fucked like I hadn’t been in years, moaning like some whore, saying, “Oh…Fuck me silly… Don’t…stop…Fuck me silly!”

It was then that I heard the words, “Don’t worry, we will.” My eyes shot open. What the…! There I was, on the edge of no return, mind racing between fright and lust. I could just barely see three figures right next to me. One stood on my right side, one next to my head, and one on my left side. Before I could say anything, the one by my face started to rub his cock around my lips and put it in my mouth. The ones at my side each took my hand and placed their cocks in my palms, wrapping my fingers around them, and told me to get busy. The one who was already screwing me just chuckled and kept on feeding me his cock with firm thrusts. Lust won the race.

Busy I was, to say the least. I had a cock in each hand and one in each hole. In between sucks and catching a breath, I challenged them that they couldn’t cum all at the same time. I lost. They somehow managed to hold off until all of them were ready. Do you have any idea what it’s like to give that much pleasure to not just one, but four people? Four massive orgasms at the exact same time, splashing all over and in me. Five actually: my cock was firing off at the same time as theirs.

After that they all took me, one after the other, until they could no longer get it up for the job. Then the three that caught us left us alone. We finished the morning with a slow and lovely sixty-nine. I tried to clean up the best I could and went home with a smile on my face, and a memory that will live forever.

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