Double Penetration

Subject: Catching Daddy In the Act Part 6 Catching daddy in the act part 6 Due to positive feedback I have decided to continue to tell my story. If you like this and want to let me know, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Again, as before, this story involves a father and his underaged son having a sexual encounter. This story is pure fantasy so if this story offends you, please don’t read further. Also, support and donate!! This site needs your help, not just your hand! So take the time and donate to if you can. I woke up with a startled and forgot where I was. I started to panic a little until my surroundings started getting into a little better focus. I recognized the inside of our tent and looked over to see daddy sleeping peacefully. Daddy and I always slept together when we went camping. We were too big to fit in one sleeping back but he’d zip two together and that was plenty of room for the both of us. I started to relax a little more when I realized I had to pee. As quietly as I could I unzipped the sleeping bag and walked outside naked to go pee behind our tree. I was in the middle of peeing when a noise startled me. It was the noise of a jeep driving by on the closest road. I noticed the colors and realized it was a park ranger driving along the road making sure everything was fine with all the camps. I waved to him izmit rus escort and he waved back as he drove on to the next camp. I only realized then that I was still naked and I was worried that I’d get in trouble but he continued to make his round and I went back into the tent. Dad was still sleeping. He rarely gets time to sleep in so I figured I’d let him sleep and crawl back into the sleeping bag with him and try to go back to bed. As I was crawling back into the sleeping bag, my ass rubbed up against dad’s penis and I could feel that he was rock hard. I know I had just sucked him off three times the day before but I couldn’t control myself. I wanted him in my mouth again! I slowly moved down into the sleeping bag until I was face level with his beautiful piece. I gripped the base of it lightly but firmly and put the head in my mouth. I was immediately rewarded with a mouthful of precum that trapped in his shaft. I started to suck and lick his penis and eat up all the precum I could. I knew he’d wake up but I didn’t care at this point. “Oh god, son! Quite the way to wake daddy up!” I heard him say. “Fuuuuuuck, that feels so good baby!” That was all the encouragement I needed to keep going. He let me go at it alone for a while lapping up and sucking he cock. Then I felt his big hand on the back of my head izmit escort and his other hand moved to his shaft. He slowly moved the back of my head down onto his cock and made me suck more of him until I choked a little. “Sorry baby, you just feel so good sucking daddy’s cock. I just wanted to hear you gag on it a little.” I pulled his cock out and said, “it’s ok daddy. It wasn’t too much. It helps me take more of you in my mouth.” That was all the encouragement that he seemed to need because he immediately put his cock back in my mouth and started pushing my head up and down on his cock. “Is that right son? You liked choking on daddy’s dick a little bit?? You wanna choke on him some more??” He immediately started getting a little rougher with my head and was pushing more and more into my mouth until I would choke or gag or couldn’t breathe. All he could hear was me sucking and gagging on his cock. I couldn’t have told him to stop even if I had wanted him too. “Oh fuck baby….you ready for daddy’s load son??” He asked with his breath shortening. I let go of the back of my head and I pulled his penis put until the head sat right on my tongue. It was the best way for me to take and taste his load. “Fuck yes son. Here is cums….fuck baby….swallow daddy’s load. Take all of it son. Fuuuuck!!” He shot about 6 short liquidity loads kocaeli escort in my mouth and I had no trouble swallowing them down. They tasted sweeter than normal and savored this new taste in my mouth. “Sorry baby, daddy doesn’t have too much in him this morning! You took most of it out of me yesterday!” I could hear him saying with pride. “It’s ok daddy. This load tasted just fine!” I moved up out of the sleeping bag and smiled at him. He kissed me on the lips and leaned back. “Well son, daddy better go use the bathroom and the cook you some more breakfast!” He winked and kissed me again and got up naked out of the tent. I stayed in the tent a little tired and sore now after the festivities and heard daddy peeing by the same tree I had used earlier. I heard a familiar noise and looked out the mesh of the tent and saw the same ranger driving back the other way, but this time he stopped. “Ahoy!” I heard my dad say. “Howdy, sir!” The ranger said from his jeep. “Everything going alright?” “Just great! About to take my boy fishing in the lake. Anything biting?” Dad asked. “Trout should be! Saw your boy earlier on my way out. First time fishing and camping?” “Sure is. Gotta teach him just the same way we all did!” “Right you are sir. Well I’ll be by tomorrow morning to check up again. You be safe out here!” The ranger smiled waved and drove off and daddy went over to start the fire. It was our first full day camping and I couldn’t wait! Thank you for reading my story. If you enjoyed it please let me know by emailing me at ail. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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