Cat – College Cowgirl Ch. 05Cat – College Cowgirl Ch. 05


You’d zoned completely out as the farmer had worked out the cream from your breasts, taken far away by your pleasure. How long had it been? All you knew for sure was that the small bucket set beneath you was now about half full, instead of the bottom of it just being barely covered.

The pain of engorgement had faded away now to a distant memory, long since replaced by the now-familiar but always potent ecstasy of having your breasts kneaded and drained. You could still feel the pulsing let down of milk with each massaging motion by your farmer, but you could tell you had given the bulk of what you could.

Abruptly your farmer reached for the machine Eliza had brought in. The break in the rhythm jarring you back from your daydream. “Sorry girl, the machine will need to finish up from here, I need to prepare some things so we can continue.” You gave him an understanding moo as he turned on and placed the familiar suction cups.

You slipped again into the fugue state of being milked.

Some indeterminate time later again, a tray appeared in front of you, clipping into place to the lower piece of wood on your stall’s front side. A helping of wonderful smelling oats was then dished out by Eliza. “It’s delicious, and it’ll help your milk too” she stated. You watched the others in their stalls dig in face first and you soon did the same.

Eventually you could tell the machine’s suction was fruitlessly pulling, and this was further evidenced by the milker’s tubing returning to it’s transparent color now that your milk no longer flowed through it. Mooing for attention once more, you were unhooked and your nipples tended to.

One by one the other stalls fell silent too, the place sounding a little odd without the din of the machines. You were all brought to the central table to drink from cool water tubes which flowed into a trough. Lorelei was last to be brought out. You watched her intently. Your farmer picked up her milking jug which had some obvious weight to it. You thought you could spy a second milker there. It was hard to see, Lily was in the way. Had the first machine broken down perhaps?

You were shaken from these thoughts when you were untied once more, this time at the collar, freeing you. Eliza gave you a tap on the ass to get you to follow the others, who were exiting the barn. “Time to go out to the pasture, love” she said.

It was now well and truly morning, the sun was shining abidinpaşa escort and only a few fluffy white clouds hung in the sky. The herd meandered down to the rolling green valley behind the barn which consisted of a couple of shady trees and a small shallow stream surrounded by woods.

Lorelei was leading the way. You made way towards the shade of the tree. The lush, cool grass was a welcome change on your hands and legs compared to the straw which had impacted on your skin a bit from how you had been still in your stall. Feeling quite exhausted from your milking session, you flopped down to watch the others.

The farmer approached, sitting down next to you. You got back on all fours and moved closer, touching his side with your body. He rested his arm over you. “Got something for ya” he said. ” Last week I donated some of your milk to a milk bank, your first gallon, as a matter of fact.” I’ve got three letters and a card here from mothers thanking you profusely.” You swelled with pride. Your milk. Your purpose. Softly you begged “Please…I want to be your cow.” You were sure.

“Close your eyes” he commanded. You felt his hands slide over the small of your back. Something pressed against your skin, just below your belly button. A strap was wrapped around your back and you heard a click noise. Whatever it was had some weight to it. Your fragile, quivering body nearly buckled at the unexpected weight, even though it wasn’t really heavy.

You opened your eyes. He had strapped a small pink mass to your lower body. He slid it down lower still, forcing your legs apart slightly to fit the pink protrusion. Your well-lubricated vagina was exposed more by the spreading, the slight breeze coldly playing across your moistened lips. Just below hung four pink pillars. “MOOOOooooOoo, an udder!” you gasped excitedly.

“Shhh” he calmly whispered. “Close your eyes. I want you to imagine yourself in an endless green field. There’s no-one else around. Repeat this: I am a good cow. I make milk. I love to be milked, it is my purpose, it is my life.”

You repeated it. “I am a good cow. I make milk. I love to be milked, it is my purpose, it is my life.”

“Keep repeating it.” You did, softer.

“A window is in front of you, can you see it?” Entranced by the effects of the milking and desire, conjuring the window in your mind was simple.

“Through the window is adana escort a brown haired girl, studying hard at her desk at home.” That’s Cat the Human. But you’re here, on the grass. It’s such soft, tasty grass. You have an udder. Cows have udders. Your udder pulls down on your body like your breasts do. It floods with milk and needs attention. All of your teats do. Feel your udder sway when you walk. Feel it push against your legs. Feel it expand with milk and engorge just like your breasts. When I pull your teat, feel its connection with your vagina, it also sends pulses of pleasure. Can you feel the milk letting down and flowing out?

When you try to speak, only moos form – because you’re a cow.”

“The person in the window is Cat the Woman. You’re Cat the Cow. Take a look at your ear tag. It clearly says you’re property of my farm – heifer

1. You are a cow. A very good cow.”

“MOooooooooOoooooooOoooOOooo” you lowed in pure ecstasy. Your mind cleared of all your pointless human worries. You had an udder. Cows have udders. It was obvious. You were Cat the Cow.

The rest of the day was a blur of milking, sleep and ruttings. Your farmer hooked up your breasts and udder, milk flowing freely from both. You collapsed afterwards. He returned after to check on you before leaving you in your stall to sleep.

You strained to see any of the others in the moon’s light. Only Lorelei was left, corralled in the stall next to you. You didn’t know where the others had gone. You hoped they’d come back, they needed to be milked regularly or their udders would hurt!

The next day you awoke. Cat the Cow had slipped away, you felt mentally human again. Aaron approached with some breakfast. “Hey Cat. You did great. You were a wonderful cow. You responded so well to the hypnosis, you only needed the fake udder for the first stage of the trance.” You looked down at your pubic area. 4 red mounds seemed to be receding. “Marks from the milker. If you remember, you had a very full udder I had to take care of.” You remembered your udder being so so full and cumming repeatedly from the milker working your udder. You marveled how your udder had really felt like it jiggled with the milker’s gentle pulls. It had been a part of your body like any other, full of sensation – touch, weight – it had been so real!

You stood up, wobbly after your full day close to the ground. Lorelei was still in her stall beside adıyaman escort you, lazily resting her body on a milking frame with machines working her over, breasts and (now you knew) udder. You bid her and Aaron goodbye, receiving a happy moo from the cow. Aaron stopped you first, reaching up to sweep your hair away. You were about to ask what he was doing when you felt him touch your ear. Retracting his hand he had in his palm your ear tag: Cat,

1. “Don’t be a stranger, come back soon! I’ll hang onto this for you.”

Class that week was hard to focus on. All you could think about was the barn and your time as Cat the Cow.

You were on your usual trek between Thursday afternoon classes, completely on autopilot. You got part way across one of your campus’s many lawns. It caught your eye. It was so lush and green. You stopped under a tree. You leant over to touch the grass. It was so soft…

You took off your shoes and let your toes play over it. It was a sunny, breezy day. The softness of the grass was intoxicating. Everything else began to melt away and you felt mooooorveelous. “No” you thought. “NOoot here at school… NooOooo.” A heat rose inside you. The grass was sooooooo inviting… “MOOOOOooooooo.”

Keira received a text from a mutual friend. “Loving Cat’s performance. Didn’t realise she was such an activist!” Keira replied: “What do you mean?”

The other girl replied; “Her performance on the sociology lawn, she’s pretending to be a cow. Makes you think about how we treat animals.” Immediately Keira ran for her car to get to the sociology lawn.

You’d drawn quite a crowd, happily Mooing and chewing on grass. It had grown even bigger as people investigated why a circle of people had formed on the lawn. In your state they didn’t phase you at all. You bleated a moo. Why wouldn’t anyone help you? Your udder felt painfully squashed against your body because of your jeans, and your breasts begged to be freed and milked too.

Keira approached, out of breath. She pushed through the large 4 or 5 person deep circle to approach you. You mooed in low delight to see her. Thinking quickly, she screamed at the top of her lungs “MEAT IS MURDER. ANIMALS ARE NO DIFFERENT TO US, THEY DESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE FREELY.” For most people that ended the spectacle, not wanting to hang around for vegan propaganda. A few stayed on to watch, a few clapped and moved on.

Keira barrelled you into her car. Frantically she rung a number cursing while the call connected. “We have a big problem. You’ve turned Cat into a mindless cow!”

Hearing your name you gave an enthusiastic moo. The conversation was lost on you though. You hoped someone would tend to your udders soon.

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