Double Penetration


Castratrix Sue took hold of Joshua´s balls and gently pressed them together in her sweet demanding hand. Joshua wanted to protest, but the sight of the beautiful castratrix, and the actual feel of his balls inside her hand made him limp and silly somehow. It was her fifth castration today.

Sue was a professional castratrix. She started out as an animal castrator, working on a farm that her uncle owned. Having collected a lot of experience with the farm animals, Sue then moved to the professional army. She was trained to kill. When fighting, Sue really used to kill and injure the enemy, with the machine gun and other weapons she had. But when there were enemy hostages taken, then Sue had to castrate the men. Meantime, Sue researched and refined the castration methods and procedures, resulting in a whole range of different techniques and variations of testicles disabling or removing. Sue found out that just before a man loses his balls through a castration, he should be completely drained of his sperm. In this way, the testicles were empty and relaxed during the surgery, and the man had no more sperm in his body left, which started off his mutation process really soon after the surgery.

The first hostage was brought to the field headquarters, which was underground, slightly covered by the bushes and trees, which surrounded the area. The room was dark and stinky. In the center of the room there was a table, upon which Sue did her job on the hostages. The idea was, that the castrated hostages should no longer fight, considering their lack of the balls and dramatically reduced agression levels. The hostage was stripped naked and securely tied to the table. In the room there were only the major officer, the local chief of medical support, and Sue herself. The guards left the room and waited outside. Castratrix Sue came closer to the naked hostage and asked him, if he regretted the fact that he fought against her and her army. The hostage bravely replied to Sue that no, he didn´t regret that, and in fact he wished and hoped that his troops soon come closer and eventually take over Sue´s army. He believed in victory still. Sue smiled at him and informed him of his future fate. The hostage could not believe his ears, as he heard about him being castrated now. Sue tied his balls around with a rope, making sure they really sticked out of his body. The hostage tried to protest, but Sue simply placed a piece of cloth into his mouth. Without any sedative or narcosis, Sue quickly opened the hostage´s ball sack with her scalpel, and squeezed the both testicles out. Then she took one of them, and pulled it away from the hostage´s body. The sperm cord stretched to its limit and looked like it was going to break. Sue stretched the other sperm cord, too. With the both balls on the table between the legs of the hostage, she took hold of his cock, applied some oil on it, and began massaging. Although the hostage was all in fear, his cock reacted positively to the masturbation. And pretty soon Sue´s hand finished her moves on the cock, having milked out a pretty large portion of the hostage´s sperm. She manipulated the balls, too, as if trying to make sure there was no more sperm left inside. The castratrix then took the both balls in her hands, and simply tore them off away from the hostage´s body, thus leaving the man castrated. Soon followed the second, the third, and all the other hostages. Sue masturbated and then castrated all of the eightteen hostages taken. The castrated men were left free afterwards.

Back to Joshua, Sue had to castrate him now. He was the fifth boy of the local boys choir line. The escort chief dirigeur and teacher of the boys, Miss Thomson, required that all of the boys had their testicles removed, and so the boys´ singing possibilities would be much improved. With higher and cleaner voices, and with more gentle and feminine feeling as they sang, the overall sound of the choir would be a lot better. Sue was not sure at first, if she should also masturbate the young boys before the castration, or not. She new that their sexuality just began to develop and grow, along with their balls. And that their cocks were not yet sexually trained and used. Perhaps some of those boys already masturbated anyway, but Sue knew that they couldn´t have done it for a long time. Perhaps a month or two. Feeling a little awkward about masturbating such young boys, Sue still had to make sure there was no sperm left inside their young bodies, so she decided to proceed as usual, with a masturbation just before each castration. Joshua felt Sue´s hands gently massage and caress his testicles. The sensation was so pleasant that Joshua became immidiately erected. The skillful castratrix slowly teased the sensitive cock head of the boy, bringing him to the inevitable end. And very soon Sue milked out a portion of young sperm, smiling at the boy´s uncontrolled movements as he orgasmed. When castrating young boys, and in some cases of grown up men, Sue desabled the tescticles inside their ball sack, and left them there, without ever opening the ball sack and taking the balls out. This diminished the necessary arrangements and precautions before the castration, and also reduced the amounts of pain and humiliation, felt by her victims. The disabled testicles inside their ball sack continued their dead life in there for some time, before eventually dissolving, as the body naturally took care of its waste and toxin products. After the boy came down from his ejaculation, Sue tightly tied his balls with her special rope, and then positioned him on the floor facing down, with his legs widely spread apart. The balls were sticking out of his young body, each ball separately tied and secured. The castratrix took off her flip flops and was standing barefoot now. She brought her right foot towards the boy´s ass, and slightly pressed down on one testicle with her heel. The testicle had the floor on one side, and Sue´s heel on the other side. Sue asked the boy if the pressure was too much for him or not. The boy replied that he could hardly cope with it, and that it hurt a lot. Sue told the boy to hold strong and still, and continued to eventually increase the pressure on the boy´s testicle, flattening it out on the floor more and more. The boy began crying. After Sue heard the testicle pop, she withdrew her foot, and stepped on the other boy´s balls. Having popped soon, too, the boy now had his both balls disabled and broken down completely. Sue let the boy go, and received her sixth boy that day. All in all, she castrated all twelve boys of the choir. They were now all with their balls disabled and scrambled insinde their ball sacks.

There were rumours about Sue, that she apparently had been sent to the Earth by the aliens, in order to castrate the most male population here, so that the Earth would soon be human-less. And this version seemed really true, since the beauty and sex appeal of Sue were so extreme, that most men simply fell down to her feet, as they met her on the streets or someplace else. Also, people knew that Sue never wasted a single chance to have sex with a man, when an apportunity presented itself to Sue. Sue officially worked at a hospital, being the chief surgical and castrating izmit escort bayan nurse there. But as the rumour had it, Sue castrated the most doctors and staff of the hospital within a month or so. It was noticed that all of the male doctors and personal of the hospital suddenly changed their behavior and attitudes, and became very feminine somehow. They all refused to use the public toilets, avoided the sports team events, and divorced their wives. One could only guess about what really happened, but what was sure was that all of those male personal had at least a date each with the castratrix Sue. Each date usually lasted for a few hours, taking place at Sue´s house, about one date every day, and then each of her men were seen leaving Sue´s place, having this very weird and lost look on their faces. However, Sue seemed to become ever happier, as if never noticing the negativity of her dates. Also in the hospital, she seemed to become more and more in charge, with the most men surrending to her commands and orders there.

After Sue finished working at the army, she moved to the justice department, having become the main executor of the punishments for the most criminal offenders. The men who were subjects to a punishment, ended up at Sue´s office. Since the crimes they committed were so disgusting and horrible, all on sexual motives somehow, the court decided that there should be a definite castration done upon them, so that there´d be no such crimes in the future.

Sue had a very big man on the surgery table. He had raped and molested a few dozens of women worldwide, and was finally caught by the Interpol in South Africa, as he was trying to rape the wife of the local casino boss. Sue asked the man about his thoughts during his crimes. The man replied that he hardy had any thoughts at all, except that he wouldn´t like to get caught. The castratrix then told the offender, that he was about to lose his both balls. The man wanted to attack Sue, but he could not move on the table, being very securely tied. He began swearing and spitting at Sue instead, calling her names. Sue smiled at the offender, and began masturbating him. The man lost his speach. He was all angry and mad at her. And now this weird lady was masturbating his cock. Very soon the man mellowed out, and gave in to the pleasurable feelings. In jail, there was no sex, and even not much masturbation for him, since his room was under surveillance all the time. So he quickly achieved an erection, and also quickly ejaculated in Sue´s sweet demanding hand. Sue took a syringe and inserted the needle into one of the man´s balls. The man screamed in pain and asked her about what she was doing to him. Sue squeezed the liquid out of the syringe into his testicle, and moved on to the other one. Very soon after she did that, the liquid began its work, and the offender started screaming in pure agony. It was the most horrible pain he had ever felt or even could imagine to himself. His both balls were on fire and it seemed like they were being torn apart, or falling apart. As if something from the inside was damaging them big time. In another few minutes the man´s balls began to visibly mutate. They changed their color, shape, size, and were soon no longer there. Sue injected him a deadly strong portion of sulfuric acid into each ball.

Once finished working at the justice department, where she castrated about over a thousand males in a few months time, Sue moved to the local entertainment industry, where she was taken as a superstar Queen. She starred in a lot of shows and movies, and became very famous. Most high society gentlemen wanted a date izmit sınırsız escort with her. And of course, Sue used this opportunity for herself, castrating more and more men.

When the chief of the local fishery department arrived at Sue´s place, he had no idea of what was expecting him. They drank wine and kissed, danced and joked around, and began getting really intimate. The fishman´s hand went into Sue´s bra, and then to her skirt, slapping her bottom and caressing her shapely legs. Sue hand reached into the trousers and found the almost ready erected cock. She rubbed the cock head with her finger, and gently inserted her finger nail into the opening of the cock. The chief almost orgasmed of such a beautiful feeling right there. He told Sue that his wife was never doing such things to him, and that he was now in paradise. Sue smiled, and continued her masturbation. After she made the chief fishman cum, she told him that in order to make his balls quickly resume their abilities again, she would syringe each ball for him. The fishman went along, as he thought this was somehow funny. Sue injected him a portion of long-play poison into each ball, and told him that he´d be ball-less by tomorrow. The upset fishman left Sue, never to be seen again.

One of the most extraordinary experiences for Sue was castrating the whole of local rugby team. Sue wokred as the team´s medical supervisor back then. Within two days after Sue joined the team, all of the team players were castrated, and nobody had a clue as to how it happened, when and where.

But not all went smooth for Sue, either. One time, when she was ready to go to bed, all of a sudden the door went open and there stood a few masked men with guns in their hands. “You castrated our friends. We are here to kill you!” – was what Sue heard right then. With that, the masked men dropped their guns for a minute, observing Sue´s naked body. They felt a strong sexual urge and desire, and forgot the mean behavior of Sue for a minute.”….Hhmm, uuhhh, could we, uhhhh, could we perhaps enjoy you the last time? Your last time? Before we kill you? Is that a deal? We got our guns, you have no choice. We are gonna do it now. And then we are killing you!” Sue smiled at the horny masked men, and allowed them some pleasurable time with her. After she masturbated their cocks for a few minutes, changing hands and grips fast, making sure all of the intruders were erect like the Eifel Tour, Sue suddenly cut off their cocks, one after another, with a very sharp knife that she was now holding. There was not two seconds between the first and the last cock that fell on the floor. And the men saw their three cut off cocks, the ones that just belonged to them, bot now separated from their bodies by this dangerous sadistic woman. Upon that, still in shock from pain and weirdness of all this, the men looked up at Sue, as if asking her about how she could manage to do it. Sue smiled at them, and began kicking the men right into the balls. Soon the exhausted intruders were safely on the floor, next to their cut off cocks. Sue tied them up and removed their testicles one after the other. This time she castrated the men with scissors, simply cutting through their ball sacks with a few strong and sharp moves. After the men became castrates, Sue made them leave her place, and went to sleep.

Sue castrated at least another few thousands of male population after that. Or perhaps much more. One never knows the actual figures, since the victims don´t speak about this. Most men prefer to remain silent, than to let the world know they´ve been castrated. It is also not known, where Sue might really be nowadays. So if there is a very charming beautiful woman approaching you, or letting you enjoy your time with her, just ask yourself: “Is she not the castratrix Sue by any chance?”

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