Casino QuickieCasino Quickie


Roulette tables, black jack and 21 Chips, coins and cash Sequined and feathered girls Cigars and cigarettes I don’t usually gamble But I’m feeling lucky tonight Row after row of slot machines Velvet covered tables covered in cards I could bet a lot or throw around some coins isveçbahis Or try a bit of both He notices me amid the sea of sparkles and jingles His eyes fixed on me like a bet to be won Flashing him a smirk, I turn to one machine Slipping in some coins He approaches isveçbahis giriş from behind Pushing up my skirt Cutting off my panties with his pocket shears Sending them to the carpeted floor Pressed against the machine The game begins to chime His hard, throbbing isveçbahis yeni giriş shaft Pulsating against my ass His fingers prepare me first With lubrication and warmth I feel him enter me smoothly, filling me completely My hair held tightly in a fist As he breathes upon my neck And tells me that I’m his Banging me hard against The colourful, whirling machine And as he makes his deposit The coins begin to tumble It looks like we both made a win But will we be cashing in? Here comes security… Oops

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