Carrie’s Reward (F/F)Carrie’s Reward (F/F)


Carrie’s Reward (F/F)I had only been awake for a few minutes when I decided to call Carrie, my submissive girlfriend. I rolled over to reach my cell phone on the bedside table and looked at the time—10:17 a.m. She would be at work. I pressed the recent calls button and chose her number from the list.The phone rang several times. I knew she might not be able to answer right away and that it would continue to ring until it was answered. It intentionally didn’t have voicemail because I expected her to answer if the phone was turned on. She was only allowed to turn it off when driving, during work meetings and when she was sleeping. “Hello Ma’am,” her cheery voice greeted when she finally answered the phone. We chatted briefly about her day and work then I told her the reason for my call—a dinner date that night.“When we go out tonight, I want you to be wearing the remote control butterfly toy that goes into your pussy. When I get to the restaurant you will hand me the remote and under no circumstances are you to let anyone know that you’re wearing it from your expression or reactions of your body or you will be punished by going home after dessert and not being able to orgasm for a week,” I said firmly. “Do you understand?”“Yes Ma’am.”I heard a change in her breathing, and I could picture her nipples hardening and her pussy moistening at my instructions. They always did. “Yes Ma’am, I understand,” she said softly.“Good girl. Have a good day at work my pet,” I said. I ended the call then opened up a web browser. I opened the bookmarks and found a favorite video of a dominant woman using the other woman for her pleasure.I pulled my favorite vibrator, a slim purple toy about seven inches long, from the bedside table then placed it between my thick tanned thighs, dipping it into my wet pussy before sliding it up to press it against my clit. I rubbed it back and forth over the hard nub as I watched the video.The dominant tied the woman to the bed with her arms and legs spread in an X shape. The dominant caressed the woman’s breasts then slapped them across the nipple, the left then the right—the submissive cried out with each slap.I loved to slap Carrie’s breasts and torment the nipples with my mouth and fingers, pinching or sucking on them hard enough to make her gasp and cry out from the pain. I imagined the submissive on the screen was Carrie and my body reacted very strongly. I could feel my juices dripping onto the bedsheet beneath me.The dominant sucked on the submissive’s nipples as she rubbed the woman’s clit, pausing to slap the sensitive lower lips. It was delicious watching the submissive react to what was happening to her. I would have to make sure to do that to Carrie later—if she behaved. It would be a nice addition to her reward.When the dominant bahis siteleri went off screen for a moment then returned wearing a huge fake cock, I almost came. She untied the woman’s legs and held them up to expose the submissive’s pussy and ass hole. I watched as the dominant climb on the bed then forced the cock into her submissive’s ass. The submissive cried out and begged her to stop but the dominant didn’t seem to care and kept shoving it deeper into the tight hole.I’d been ready to come since Carrie said hello earlier. I humped the air and turned the power up on the toy to the highest level, moaning loudly as my body neared the brink. The submissive in the video was crying but seemed to be enjoying it. The dominant spanked her ass as she bit the woman’s calves while she fucked her hard.It wasn’t long before my body began to shake with the arrival of my first orgasm of the day. I continued watching the video and I let the waves of pleasure roll into several more orgasms, ride them until their intensity weakened.I turned off the toy and rested it and my phone on the bedside table, then slid out of bed to start my day.——————I got to the restaurant late to make sure Carrie would already be there, waiting for me to arrive and start the evening’s games. She was waiting outside the restaurant. She was wearing a low cut dark pink blouse and long black skirt. I walked up to her then wrapped my arms around her and kissed her softly. As we kissed, she slipped the remote control into my jacket pocket. “Hello darling,” I said with a smile as I pulled away then slid my hand into my pocket. I flicked the toy on and turned it up to medium. The cheeks on Carrie’s sweet round face turned a bright red as she tried not to react to the toy pulsating against her clit. I kissed her again and carefully reached between us. I discreetly ran my fingers over her breasts and pinched her nipples, not hard enough for her to cry out but enough for her to breathe in deeply. I pulled away from her lips then brushed her long brown hair away from her ear then leaned in and whispered, “I have a new toy. It is only six and a half inches long, but it is two-inches wide. I was thinking about sliding that into your tight ass as I fuck you from behind with my strap-on.”As I spoke, I turned the toy back on suddenly. Carrie tried to control her breathing. Just as she seemed to gain her composure, I turned it up a bit. “Would you like me to use that new toy on you tonight if you can behave?” I whispered with a devious smile.“Yes Ma’am!” she answered then started to chew on her lower lip to keep from moaning. I caressed her outer thigh and ass as I nibbled on her ear then turned the toy back off and stepped back. She gave me a look of appreciation. I was about to go in for another kiss canlı bahis siteleri when they called Carrie’s name. I let her walk ahead of me so that I could enjoy the full curves of her body with her wide hips and round, firm ass. She wasn’t fat but the few extra pounds she carried filled out all my favorite places nicely, especially her breasts. I could spend an hour just enjoying her firm breasts that spilled over my hands when I lifted them up. I loved to suck and torment her salmon-colored nipples. But my true enjoyment was turning her ass bright red as I spanked her. The stark contrast between her normally pale white skin and the red areas matched with her verbal reaction really turned me on. I didn’t always use my hands. I’d found the perfect slapper at the dollar store. It was supposed to be a c***d’s toy but the little round disk on the top was perfect for slapping nipples and the very sensitive pussy lips. Carrie both loved and hated the toy, but it was part of the fun almost every time we played.At various points over the course of appetizers, dinner and dessert, I turned on the toy and challenged her to follow the instructions she’d been given. Carrie nearly blew it a few times, but I was generous and eased off before she revealed what was happening. I liked the challenge for her, but I didn’t want her to need to be punished. I wanted to fuck her tonight and I wouldn’t be able to do that if she was punished. I knew she had come close to orgasming twice but had managed to fight it back. I reached out each time and squeezed her hand, my silent signal to her that I was pleased.But I didn’t want it to be a walk in the park either. I made it more difficult when I slipped my foot between her legs and my toes pressed the toy tighter against her clit as the waiter, an attractive woman with long blonde hair and large breasts that I knew was just Carrie’s type. Carrie took a deep breath a few times during the interaction and I saw her grip the arm of the chair, but she didn’t orgasm or blow her cover.Watching her was having quite an effect on me. There was no way I was going to be able to wait until I got home to touch her or to have her make me come, I was way too turned on. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to come against her mouth.When we got outside, I followed her to her car, which was parked in the dark back corner of the lot. I pinned her against the driver’s side door and kissed her deeply as I slid my hand inside the waistband of her skirt and found her sopping wet panties.I pushed them and the toy to the side as I started to rub her clit gently. My lips made their way down to her neck to kiss, lick and nibble on the sensitive skin there. I moved my fingers faster on her clit as her breathing started to become shallower. I knew she canlı bahis was close. I kissed my way back to her lips and our kissing became sloppy and intense. My other hand found her breast and squeezed it hard that was all she needed. Carrie moaned loudly against my mouth as her body shook with release.When she was done, I slid my hand out of her pants and offered my juice covered fingers to her. She eagerly licked my fingers clean.“You were such a good girl,” I told her as I held her close. “You definitely earned your reward tonight. But you’re not done. Get in the back seat of the car.”She nodded her head and slid into the backseat. I followed her and closed the door behind me. I tugged my skirt up out of the way, I was panty-less as always. I turned to lean against the door, and she got on her knees and buried her face in my pussy. I held her head against me as her tongue worked its magic. I nearly lifted off the seat when several of her fingers slipped into my pussy.“Oh fuck! Yes! I want all the fingers!” I demanded as I tried to stay aware of what was happening around our car. I didn’t want to have to explain to anyone what we were doing.Carrie’s fingers were relatively slim, and she was quickly able to work four fingers into me. “All … of … them!” I ordered as I lifted my hips slightly to give her better access to the hole. I felt her pull her fingers out most of the way then her tucking her thumb into her other fingers. She slowly worked the mass of fingers into my pussy, stretching it wide. I breathed in deeply. “Oh god, I’m so full. Fuck me!”She smiled against my clit as she moved her hand inside me as much as she could. There was no room for much movement but there didn’t need to be a lot for me to get to the edge. Carrie sucked hard on my clit then covered the hard nub with short quick strokes.“Oh yes! Yes … ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes!” I cried out as my body shook from the intensity of the orgasm. I held her head against me, forcing her to keep licking and sucking on my clit as my orgasm rolled into two then three and after the fourth, I released my grip and slumped back against the door.“That was amazing,” I said softly. My body was still tingling, especially my groin area. I hadn’t come like that in awhile and it was going to take a few minutes to recover before I would be safe to drive.Carrie carefully slid her fingers out of my pussy and it suddenly felt so empty. She would have to fuck me again later when there was more room to move and she had access to my toy collection. She cleaned my juices from her hand and face with a wipe from her purse.“Thank you pet, that was just what I needed,” I said as I watched her.“I’m happy to have pleased you,” she replied, grinning from ear to ear. I reached out and caressed her face. I didn’t know what I’d done to deserve her, but she was the perfect submissive for me and I loved her dearly. “That was just the appetizer,” I said. “Follow me to my place so I can do all the wonderful things to you that I’ve been thinking about all day.”

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