Carpenter And MeCarpenter And Me


My husband, Jack, and I were planning on renovating our kitchen and needed some preliminary work done before it was installed. We asked our friends and neighbors If they would recommend anyone to do the job. Several recommended a carpenter named Adam, who had previously done work at their homes. So we contacted Adam, and he was happy to meet with Jack to discuss what we wanted to do. It was during the week so I was at the office and wasn’t home when they met. Jack was happy with the price and having seen his previous work at our friend’s home, we agreed to hire him. The deal was that we would have him do the entire kitchen renovation if we were satisfied with the preliminary work. Adam agreed to get started the following Monday morning, and Jack was going to work from home to be there and keep an eye on the progress. But on Wednesday, Jack’s boss asked him to travel out west to speak to an important client for the next week. So, of course, Jack asked if I would mind working from home while Adam would be there. When Adam arrived the following Monday morning, I answered the door and was pleasantly surprised to see a hot-looking guy.”Good morning. I’m Adam, the carpenter. And you must be Sue. Jack called and told me he would be away on business.”I was dressed comfortably for working at home, wearing a T-shirt (no bra) and gym shorts. He was dressed similarly, and my first immediate reaction to seeing him for the first time was, wow, what a hottie.He had short dark black hair with bedroom blue eyes. I guessed he was in his late thirties. He obviously worked out, as he had big biceps and a flat abdomen with an obvious six-pack visible through his tight tee shirt. I took him up to the kitchen and left him to do his work while I went downstairs to our home office and started my workday. During the day, I went upstairs to see if he needed a drink or anything else several times. When lunchtime came around, I offered him a sandwich or something else. “Thank you, Sue, but it’s not necessary. I brought my lunch with me, but I would enjoy your company if you have time,” he said, and we engaged in some light conversation.I found him witty and charming, and I must admit I had fantasies about him running through my mind by the time he had finished lunch. Ankara bayan escort But I reminded myself he was there to work on the kitchen and not to fuck me. I returned downstairs and concentrated on my work to take my mind off Adam. That was until he called out that he was finished for the day.”Sue, I’ve done all I can today. I need to grab a few things from the hardware store. But I will be back first thing tomorrow morning.”Later that night in bed, I couldn’t help but wonder what Adam would be in bed, how hot it would be if he were lying here naked with me, and what he would do to my body. When the alarm shattered my dreamy slumber Tuesday morning, I could shake those lewd thoughts from my dreams, and I found myself thinking about what it must be like to fuck him. After my shower, I subconsciously spent extra time fixing my hair, putting on make-up, and dressing more provocatively. I even thought about what I would wear. I wanted to look sexy but not purposely slutty. I ended up choosing a top with a scoop neck that showed plenty of cleavage and a relatively short denim skirt. That day the interactions between us were a lot more engaging, as I felt a lot more relaxed and comfortable. I constantly went upstairs unnecessarily to get a cup of coffee and things I didn’t really need. I could also tell that Adam was more comfortable around me too, and some of his comments were quite flirtatious. He complimented me several times during the day, but nothing was over the top. Simple things like my hair looked nice and that my skirt had been made for my legs, things like that. Just before noon, Adam said he was finished and needed a few minutes to clean some debris off the floor. I came upstairs to take a look at the work. As I got to the top of the stairs, Adam bent over, sweeping some wood shavings and sawdust off the floor.I stood there for a moment admiring his nicely shaped tight butt. I don’t think he realized I was there. As he turned around, he ran right into me, spilling the dirt and wood shavings from the dustpan all over the front of me. He was extremely apologetic and, without thinking, started brushing the dirt off my top, grazing my breasts as he did so. This only caused my nipples to harden under Escort bayan Ankara the thin material, instantly causing them to stand out like bullets.Realizing what he did, he started awkwardly laughing and apologizing profusely for his cleaning efforts. I reached up and continued brushing the dirt off of my top. This only caused my breasts to bounce up and down, emphasizing my already erect nipples. With Adam’s gaze firmly fixed on my bouncing breasts and hard nipples, I decided to play on the erotic scene a little, and I continued for a minute or two longer than needed.In that fleeting erotic moment, our eyes locked on each other, and we simultaneously pressed our lips together. I felt Adam’s tongue trying to burrow between my lips. I denied it access at first, maybe due to the shock of him finding me attractive. But then they parted, and he quickly thrust his tongue inside my mouth, dueling with my tongue. Adam was an aggressive kisser; I could tell he knew what he wanted and was taking it. His hands went behind me, caressing my back. He drew me in against his hard stomach flattening my breasts against his chest. I could feel the hard points of my nipples rubbing against my top, sending tiny jolts of pleasure to my clit, exciting me even more! He moved his hands under my denim skirt, caressing my ass. He pushed the hardening bulge in his shorts against my pussy, slowly grinding it against my now-aroused clit and pussy lips. I was quickly reaching the point of no return. Adam had me excited I could feel my pussy becoming increasingly wet.I happily leaned away from him when he grabbed the bottom of my top and quickly lifted it over my head. He placed his hands on my shoulders, holding me away as he gazed at my naked breasts.”My God, Sue! Your tits are incredible. They are perfect! Even better than I had imagined since we met yesterday.” “So you have been thinking about my tits since yesterday?” I replied. “Yes. Your tits and some other parts of you as well.” “Oh, do tell, but I’m sure I can guess what parts those are.” Not wanting to waste another moment, Adam leaned down to suckle on one of my breasts. He was chewing lightly, biting my nipple while twisting, pinching, and pulling on the other one Bayan escort Ankara with his rough hands. My breathing became highly labored as I was getting more and more excited with every second that went by. Next, he moved his hands Between us and undone my skirt sliding it along with my wet panties down my shivering legs. I was both excited and nervous at the thought of exposing my nether region to Adam’s lust-filled eyes.Adam put his arm under my ass and one around my back and picked me up, sitting me down on my kitchen table. I was a little surprised by his strength. There seemed to be almost no exertion on his part to lift me. Adam knelt on the floor in front of me between my legs, placing his hands on my bare flesh just above my knees. He pushed my legs gently apart, opening my wet pussy lips to his gaze.”So you’re a real redhead then, Sue.”At the time, I had my pubic hair trimmed neatly into a landing strip fishing just above my pussylips. Adam moved in close to my pussy. So close I felt his breath as it wafted across my wet lips and swollen clit. It was extremely intimate and exciting. Adam’s tongue lightly flicked across my pussy lips as he began to tease the lips with his tongue gently licking my labia. I began to squirm and push forward, eager to get things progressing faster. He continued to tease me though frustrating me.I begged him for more stimulation, and he acquiesced, driving his tongue as deep as he could inside me. He was holding my lips apart, alternating between licking the entire length of my labia with driving his tongue into me.Adam’s tongue felt like a little cock as it stabbed in and out of my dripping wet hole. I was squirming so much now that it was hard for Adam to keep his tongue attached, but he did pretty well. Then sensing that I was quickly approaching my orgasm, he moved his thumbs up to the top of my labia, exposing my hard clit, and he dove in and sucked it into his mouth. Adam sucked hard on my clit, flicking it with his tongue before he shoved two, then three, then four fingers up inside me and began fucking me with them. Thirty seconds later, I exploded in a massive orgasm, which repeatedly rolled into the next one. I must have had six or seven body-numbing orgasms before I collapsed flat on the table. A minute or two later, I’m not sure (I must have passed out lightly), I was jolted back to full awareness as I felt Adam’s hard cock forcefully thrust into my pussy. His cock was buried completely inside in one thrust. I sat up straight, and with his hands steadying me, he began thrusting violently into me.

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