Careful What You Beg For Pt. 02Careful What You Beg For Pt. 02


Thank you so much for the reception to Pt. 1. Pt. 2 moves us a bit closer to Faith and Ms. D. Pt. 3 is forthcoming, I’m having so much fun with these characters that you might be seeing them for a little while. Please comment and like, and do not forget to check out Pt. 1 if you haven’t yet.


Chapter 3

Sighing profoundly, I pushed the punishing Hitachi wand further away from me. This was my fourth time edging myself for the day and I was growing increasingly frustrated with each attempt.

Orgasm denial may have sounded fun in those stories but I haven’t been able to think about much else besides Ms. D’s fingers inside me again since last week in the library.

Oh. My. God. That definitely was not what I’d expected. I could close my eyes and still feel her there, so deep, so firm. And that kiss… My toes still curl thinking about it. Definitely a delightful prelude to what I hope will come next.

Though, it’s been a week since I last saw her. A sub taught our last class. On a conference trip, the note on her office door read. She hadn’t responded to any of my texts and I was getting ready to believe that she’d gotten cold feet until I was called by the mail room to pick up a package earlier.

Not expecting anything, I was surprised to find a black wand lying on the satin interior of the box. A simple note, “No orgasm without my permission. Enjoy.” Was she trying to be funny?

Yet here I was, driving myself crazy with desire. I didn’t question my need to obey her, even though there was no one to tell her I didn’t follow her instructions. The mere fact that I couldn’t get what I want increased my pleasure, thus my frustration, tenfold. But thinking about her body pressing me against, her tongue dancing wildly against mine as her thigh pressed between mine…

Reaching again for my instrument of torture, I heard my phone beep. My best friend Letitia wanted me to attend this party for one of our teammates. Choosing between spending the rest of the evening cannibalizing myself and going out to get white girl wasted was not hard at all.

A couple of hours later, I was well on my way to that goal from the table with the best view of the dance floor. The drinks were abundant and free, the music loud and relevant, and the girls queer and half-naked; the perfect recipe for a good night. Waving at the mixed little thing, who according to Letitia had been staring at me since I walked in, I offered to get the next round.

At the bar, she approached me and introduced herself as Venus. After dragging me to the dance floor for a couple of songs, we soon found ourselves making out furiously in the bathroom. It felt good to take and be taken, instead of unsuccessfully throwing myself at a woman who only saw me as a toy. Granted I wasn’t sure I didn’t want to be her toy, but I definitely hated being ignored.

So there I was in the dimly lit bathroom of the popular nightclub, one leg over the sink conveniently placed in the handicapped stall, one firmly planted on the ground, with the sexiest girl at the party, kneeling in front of me, face-deep in my pussy. She sure knew how to use that tongue, so well that I was nearing an orgasm in minutes. Sliding my fingers through her curls to secure a firmer grip, I rode out my pleasure loudly, comforted by the already noisy atmosphere.

I tasted myself on her lips and got ready to return the favor when a few angry knocks and an offer to join came from the stall door. Laughing, we ran back to the dance floor where Letitia, designated purse holder for the night, waving my phone at me.

– “Someone named “Her” called earlier,” she said as soon as I reached the table.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

– “Did you answer?”

– “You’re okay, who’s that?”

– “Nobody.”

Ignoring the collective “oooohhhh” from the table, I took my phone and headed outside. Fuck. This must have been my first time sobering up so quickly. Not only did I come without permission, it was not while using her wand. And she definitely was not going to appreciate the whole other person thing. Fuck.

– “Hello, Mistress?”

– “What are you doing?” At least she sounded playful.

– “Um. At Lumière. My friend Leticia dragged me to my teammate’s birthday party.”

– “Interesting. When do you plan to get out? I want to see you.” What was I? A sidewalk girl?

– “Um.. didn’t really have a time.”

– “Good. I’m sending you a car.”

– “Um.”


No more than 30 minutes later, I was riding in the back of a Camry, singing along to Beyoncé with a very friendly and gay Lyft driver. With all the alcohol, the weed, the guilt, and the endorphins from my recent screaming orgasm in a bathroom full of people after an evening of edging, I was riding high when we finally arrived at a little cottage on the outskirts of town.

I knocked softly on the carved wooden door, yet no response came. It gave way with a small groan when I turned the handle. The lighting was dim, elegant. Giant paintings adorned the walls and bookcases of all shapes could escort bayan be found around the large foyer.

– “Hello? Ms. D.?”

– “You look like a whore.” Her voice came from behind me, startling me.

– “Gotta say, I kinda feel like one right now.” There, how about them apples? We moved to the living room where I simply sank into the plush cloud that was her couch.

– “Have you been drinking?” she replied, ignoring my pointed answer, with what I guess was concern on her face.

– “What’s it to you? Why was I summoned here in the middle of the night?” I asked, my tone raised. Was I trying to get choked again?

– “Excuse me?”

– “You ff-fucking left! Ff-for a week!” Jesus, I guess I was drunk after all.

– “So. You felt neglected.”

– “Whatever. I’m not yours.” I heard her groan and expected an outburst but nothing came.

– “Stay here. I’ll make you some coffee.”

Her face was completely blank, giving me nothing. Sucking my teeth, I settled more comfortably into the couch, looking up at a painting of an oceanic view on her ceiling. This really was a beautiful house. Everything seemed so carefully picked. The artist had a distinct style, and the blue was so…


…the last thought I remember from the night before. I woke up in a foreign bed. Literally, made of bamboo with 4 high posts. 2 giant windows gave a breathtaking view of the woods that it took me a while to tear myself away from. Only to realize that I’d been undressed. A soft, dark red satin babydoll had replaced my leather miniskirt and velours crop top. My thigh-highs had disappeared and I scanned the room for my boots, also absent. I located my phone, thankfully, and stood up to pick it up from the dresser, when I suddenly felt my world spin.

Ugh, I hate alcohol. And hangovers. And clubs. And pretty strangers with sweet, generous mouths that had probably ruined this whole thing for me. Okay, maybe I did that. What the fuck was I thinking last night? As soon as I tell her what happened, this will probably be the end. Before it even started. Couldn’t believe I wouldn’t know what she tastes like, feel her weight on me, in me, play those filthy little games with her, that’d fuck my mind as well as I knew she would my body. Fuck, I was so stupid.

A sticky note on my phone told me to “take take a shower and join me in the kitchen. I’m waiting.” I wanted a bath in the giant tub I peeped next to another big window with the same view in the bathroom adjacent to what must be her room. But I guess I wanted her in the best mood possible. Her scent was everywhere, including all over me. We’d slept together? I glossed over the warmth the thought awoke deep in my belly and instead hopped into the large shower in the corner for a quick one, as the tone of the note suggested. But… how the fuck was an adjunct professor/ PhD. candidate able to afford this place?

Twenty minutes later, when I walked into the vast kitchen smelling of coffee, delicious red meat, and spices, I didn’t think to ask her that first. Damn, she was beautiful. Gone was her nerdy, ‘yet probably a freak’, daily look. She turned into what I could only describe as a sexy hippie.

Her long, always neatly maintained dreads now cascaded towards her waist instead of the stern bun she usually kept them in. Her long yellow patterned dress kissed the hardwood floor and danced around her legs with every move she made. The thin straps, plunging neckline, and the clear shape of her protruding nipples revealed that she wore no bra. All making me realize that I’ve found myself in a constant state of arousal whenever near this woman lately.

I hadn’t realized how famished I was until I finished the last crumbs of the giant burger she placed in front of me. While I ate, she lit a joint and walked to the back patio overlooking the garden and the woods in the background to smoke. There, a small bookcase stood next to a balancing chair. A record player and small speaker sat on a small turquoise table on the other end. I watched her elegant movements from the tall sliding doors leading outside, enjoying the calm morning vibe before I inevitably got kicked out once she learned the truth.

Unable to prolong the moment of reckoning, I joined her outside. After I thanked her profusely for the excellent meal, she handed me the joint, advising that it may help with the remnants of my hangover. I took it, trying to garner enough courage to tell the truth.

– “You came for someone else last night.” Her tone was even. Having just inhaled, I went into a coughing fit.

– “How did you find out?” I responded when I could finally catch my breath.

– “Your friend called and blurted out something about a cute redhead at the club before realizing it wasn’t you.”

– “You answered my phone?” Who the fuck did she think she was?

– “You didn’t tell her you had left. She was worried and was blowing you up. Also, not the most poignant part of the story.”

– “Fuck. I can explain.”

– “Oh yeah, how exactly?” She replied, crossing her legs and looking izmit eve gelen escort up at me.

– “Um… It’s just… Well…” In fact, I had nothing. Except… “We didn’t really discuss anything after the library. You never technically said I couldn’t see anyone else. And you were ignoring my texts. And I was mad, and confused, and she made me feel good. So yeah.”

The words escaped me before I could catch myself. It sounded a bit whinier than I intended. But I was right. Right?

– “And yet you felt guilty.” I nodded.

– “Do you want me to leave?” I asked.


Her face was still impenetrable. This did not bode well for any future for us but I did not plan to humiliate myself further. I turned to go back inside to collect my belongings when she finally said, “Stop.” She stood up and walked to the patio rail, looking into the distance for a moment. Then turned around and faced me, a new determined look in her eyes.

– “Do you know why you felt guilty?”

– “You don’t seem like the kind who likes to share.”

– “I don’t. Not unless under some specific circumstances.” she said instantly, glaring at me, causing me to look at my feet.

– “I didn’t mean for it to go that far, I promise, I’m sorry. We were just flirting, and after edging myself with your gift so many times, when she… ummm, I simply couldn’t resist.”

– “Simply couldn’t resist,” she repeated, shaking her head at me.

– “I’m sorry…”

When I looked up, she’d moved and now stood close to me, that look still in her eyes. She kept advancing, causing me to instinctively back away until I could feel the cold surface of the glass against my mostly naked back, still in the flimsy babydoll I woke up in.

– “Do you know why it displeases me to know that you allowed someone else to not only touch you, but fully pleasure you?” She asked in that low voice I recognized instantly, as she reached for my hands. “Do you?” she pressed, lifting them and pinning them against the door.

– “Because I didn’t ask for permission?” I squeaked out, elated that she was touching me again, terrified of what else she would do.

– “Because you ‘simply couldn’t resist.’ You knew I’d be displeased and mindlessly went with it.” As she spoke, she planted her leg between mine, pressing her body against me, still holding my wrists. The queen of mixed signals.

– “…Fuck..” I whispered when she lowered her face into my neck, kissing and biting me, finding those spots that melted all of me, but effectively preventing me from touching her, or even move freely.

– “Then you wanted to act like you didn’t know you shouldn’t have. Well since you need everything spelled out for you…” she paused, coming up to look intensely into my eyes. “All of you belongs to me. From this moment, Until one of no longer desires it to be so. Understood?”

– “Understood.” I replied without hesitating. What the hell was I saying…

– “Good girl.”

Damn. She looked at me for a minute longer, then let me go and went back to the bench. I remained in place, still processing the fact that I’d just offered myself to a woman who absolutely terrified me and turned me into a blabbering ball of lust all at once.

– “Come here.” Finally regaining function of my legs, I stood before her, watching her as she lit up another joint from a small metal box on the table next to her. “Undress for me,” she ordered in that same voice that triggered so many emotions to course through my body. I really was under her spell.

– “Here?” I asked, looking at our surroundings.

– “Yes. Take it off.” Unequivocal.

We were outside, but her closest neighbor was at least half a mile away. My exhibitionist self was ecstatic. Though, we were completely alone, cut off from the rest of the world.

Slowly I let the small straps fall off my shoulders. Then lower, baring my almost painfully erect nipples, my taut belly, lower, lower… Until I stood before her, completely naked, obediently waiting for her next directive. She took her time, letting her eyes inspect every curve, rise, and dip of my young body, then motioned for me to come forward.

A strange fire danced between her lowered pupils, giving away how turned on she was by my compliance to her orders. Revived by that realization, I smiled at her and moved closer. We were caught in a trance. The beautiful natural surroundings, the soft notes emanating from the record player, and the dizzying sexual tension between us enveloped me, contributing to the usual lack of restraint I felt with her.

Taken in the moment, I kneeled softly without being prompted, resting my forehead on her knee. After the longest minute of my life, I finally felt her hand through my hair, petting me. I exhaled audibly, just then realizing that I’d been holding my breath. She tenderly moved my hair away from my face and took my chin. When I opened my big wet eyes, she smiled widely at me, and pressed a soft kiss on my forehead before rubbing hers against mine. Then, in typical fashion, izmit otele gelen escort her hand in my hair hardened. She tugged forcefully and said:

– “You know I’m still going to have to punish you, right?” I smiled internally, at least she wasn’t dismissing me!

– “Punish me?” Why did the prospect excite me so?

– “Mhm. I had planned a weekend of fun for us, but given your absolute lack of control, we’ll have to spend some time training you, instead.”

– “Training me?” Was I just going to repeat everything she said?

– “Oh yes. You want to be my little pet, don’t you?” Fuck. I really really did.

– “Yes, …Mistress.”

– “You want to please me? Keep me well sated and happy?”

Her fingers played with the lines of my face while she spoke. I opened my mouth to respond, but she shoved three fingers in instead, deep. Her hand on my throat, she pulled me upwards, thrusting them in and out, fucking my face as she whispered the plans she devised for the rest of my day in my ear. I could feel myself get even wetter visualizing her devious intentions.

Releasing me, she ordered me to slowly lift up her dress. Ecstatic, I caressed her long legs, pushing the soft cotton material, higher, and higher, …until she was naked from the waist down. I was positively drooling, especially when she spread both of them, resting both of them on the bench.

A snack could never fully describe the sight she offered. Forgetting all around me, I dove headfirst between her thighs, only to be held painfully in place by my hair. SLAP! Her movement was swift.

– “You never, ever touch me without permission. That’s a privilege you earn. Do you understand me you pathetic little fucking slut?”

I felt the weight of every word, speechless. She looked furious. I nodded silently. This was her first time actually striking me. I should have been angry. I should have gotten up, gotten dressed, and left. Good girls from good families didn’t have fantasies of crawling and begging for their pleasure. Their pussies didn’t get wet from being slapped, or verbally humiliated. They didn’t silently wish to be whipped into submission. Or tied and tortured.

They didn’t crave oh so much more.

– “That’s your problem, isn’t it?” She asked, sliding her fingers into my mouth once more, gathering moisture. In. And out. Smiling at the slutty sounds my throat made. “No discipline, no one to tell you No. Running around like a bitch in heat, just taking everything you want? Well, that stops here.”

Using her fingers, wet from my mouth, she slid them through the folds of her pussy, now so close to my face, held in place by her punishing hand.

– “You want this?” She asked rhetorically. “Fuck, I’m so wet. That’s your fault isn’t it? Should I make you lick it all up?”

All I could do was nod furiously as she continued to torture me. I watched helplessly as she drove two fingers inside her tight entrance, listened to her moan out her pleasure, her hand still holding me just close enough to be drowned in her scent and completely mesmerized by her sight.

-“Tell me what you want.” She asked, her breath quickening as she increased her rhythm. “Tell me.”

– “Please Ms. D, just a little taste, please? I’ll be good for you, so good, I promise.”

– “Hmm.. more.” Understanding what she desired, I gave free rein to the filthy thoughts this woman evoked deep within me.

– “You’re right Mistress, I am dirty little slut who needs to be controlled, who needs to be taught exactly what it means to please, to be yours. I can’t stop fantasizing about you riding my face since that first day, in your office. I can’t wait for you to make good use of me, whenever you see fit. In your car, your office, the classroom, wherever and whenever you want me. Please use me, Mistress, take what’s yours.”

Captivated, her moans went wild then, her fingers in my hair slightly shaking. She was close, from the slurping sounds her pussy made, teasing the living fuck out of me. Wet pussies made for the most marvelous symphonies. As she got closer, and closer, her curses got louder and louder.

Ms. D reached her peak with a scream, offering the most delicious spectacle. Watching her orgasm was watching a volcano in full eruption. Quite literally, as my face was completely drenched in her juices. Her hand in my hair never let go, making sure I could see every glistening inch of her brown skin, and the soft pink, yet could not touch, lick, or bite at my leisure. The frustration and humiliation almost drove me to my own climax, her complete understanding of my turn-ons ins that I ignored until meeting her surprising me once more.

She made landfall with her loud laugh, a sound I was growing strongly attached to. Looking down at my face, wracked with lust, she finally took pity on me and held her juiced fingers in front of my face.

Taking the hint, I politely asked her if I could lick her fingers, my desperation vibrant in my voice. At her nod, my lips closed around them and I did not even try to hide my pleasure and gratitude. She eventually took them away and cupped my face, and pulled me up, kissing me. Every time was like the first, but a little better. She was learning all the spots I could feel everywhere else and I didn’t know if I felt safe with her having such ammunition.

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