Captured by A Cum AddictCaptured by A Cum Addict


Being the manager of a bar, it was an occupational hazard to occasionally have to fill in for a no-show bartender or one who had called in sick. On this Saturday night I got the call to relieve the daytime bartender, as the night bartender hadn’t made it to work. I’d had plans, but duty called.

This Saturday was particularly busy, being in a ski resort with a record amount of snow, and I never had a chance to take a break or even have a smoke. The cocktail waitresses were scrambling too, but we all made pretty good tips. Finally we made it to last call, and the girls cleaned up while I closed down the bar. The bouncers successfully sent everyone home, except for Tiffany. She’d been flirting with me all evening, and I told them to let her stay. She was a fine looking woman, wearing a tight-fitting tank top with obviously no bra; she caused me to screw up a few drink calls with her pointy nipples.

Eventually everybody except Tiffany hit the road and I locked all the doors. Now it was time for a smoke, and a drink. I mixed one for me, and one for Tiffany, then had to taksim escort head for the bathroom. Whew! I thought as I peed , now I could relax for a little while.

We sipped our drinks, and she put her hand on my leg, telling me that she needed a ride home. I had been in my usual state of arousal, and needed no coercion.

It wasn’t far to Tiffany’s place, and the roads were clear of snow but pretty icy. I pulled into the driveway and she asked me to come in for a “nightcap”. God I hated that word, but she laughed knowingly when she said it

She poured us a few and then it was her turn for the bathroom. She’d turned on the TV and I sat watching some lame infomercial while waiting for her. She returned after a few minutes, wearing a robe. She sat very close to me and planted her lips on my neck. I turned and kissed her fully and deeply on her supple lips, while feeling her right breast. She slid her hand up my leg and clutched my solid cock, and shivered. Then she panted, “Let’s go into the bedroom”.

Tiffany took a DVD off of the shelf and loaded it, telling me kadıköy escort it was her favorite. “Oral Ecstasy” or something like that; it looked pretty good had I not blacked out after it had just begun.

Some time later I came to; at least I thought so. I was so groggy, yet I’d only had two drinks. I then realized I’d been drugged. My first thought was to up and leave, except my wrists and ankles were tethered. I writhed for a minute, to no avail. Tiffany was sitting in a chair next to the bed, with an electronic control next to her. I was returning to reality when I felt a clenching around my scrotal tubes. I couldn’t see what caused the sensation; just then she turned a knob on the control. My balls tingled with what I figured was an electrical shock – I looked into her glazed eyes and she turned the knob up a notch. My nuts were churning and working overtime. She saw my reaction and turned it up another notch. I writhed more and more before she hit the off switch and crawled between my wide open legs. I sighed a breath of relief as she engulfed halkalı escort bayan my dripping cock in her soft, wet mouth. She took the whole length into her throat about three times before I exploded into her stomach, listening to her gulp, maybe five, six or seven times, before I again lost consciousness.

This continued until about nine the next morning – she probably procured about 4 heavy cumloads from my aching balls, then her phone rang. I could just hear her in the living room, then she returned and said she’d have to leave in about half an hour. She harvested my juice once more, and then released my left wrist.Tiffany thanked me profusely for quenching her thirst, and having already dressed, hurried out the door. I was totally exhausted, and thought I might never be horny again. I undid the rest of the restraints and the coil off of my balls, and as I dressed I noticed a glass on her dresser, which looked like two fingers of cum..There was a note next to it: “Thanks, saving it for later”.

When summer finally bloomed, we’d go exploring, always with Tiffany begging me to pull into a secluded spot so she could have her “sweet dessert”. She never did the electro thing with me again, but I know she has with others. I lost touch with her, but I have a strong feeling she is up to her old tricks and will never be satiated.

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