Can’t Hide the Truth Anymore Ch. 03Can’t Hide the Truth Anymore Ch. 03


Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I have enjoyed bringing Gage and Devin to life and hope you enjoy the next chapters. This one is shorter, but the next chapter is coming very quickly after.


Gage’s POV

The next week was a blur of activity for Devin and me. It was basketball season and between the practices, the workouts, the extra workouts with Jack and getting ready for the first game, we barely saw each other.

We had not had a chance to go out again since the evening at the lake. Devin dragged himself back to our room every night after classes, workouts, and practice and tried to keep himself awake long enough to finish his work. He was determined to not let his grades drop.

We settled into a routine pretty quickly. I would wait up for him and make sure he had something to eat, even if it was just pizza or leftovers, make him a cup of coffee so he could settle into studying and then I would slip into bed. Sometimes, when I could tell he was really stressed, I would rub his shoulders and neck as he sat at his desk. He always grabbed my hand when I was done and pulled me onto his lap, holding me close. It was nice to just cuddle for a few minutes, even though we knew we couldn’t let our hormones take over, no matter what we wanted.

Our studies were important to both of us and I was proud of how hard he was working to keep on top of things.

Once he was done with any assignments, he would slip into bed with me, pulling me close to him until we were spooning. Because neither of us wore t-shirts to bed, when he pulled me close I could feel his hard chest and all that luscious hair pressed against my back. I loved how it crinkled against me. Yeah, I was pretty hot for his chest hair. I couldn’t help it. He was just so male; so manly! This was my favorite time of the day. Yes, most nights our cuddling would turn into some heavy make-out session and sometimes it went a little further than that, but Devin respected my decision to take things somewhat slow and he never pushed me farther than I was ready. But we were definitely enjoying getting to know each other’s bodies.

I found out a few things about myself, as well, as we delved into this new relationship. First of all, I realized that although I was worried about being the ‘girl’ in the relationship, I couldn’t deny that I loved how safe and cared for he made me feel. When he wrapped his strong arms around me, I never wanted to leave. I know that sounds stereotypical and even politically incorrect, but the truth was he made me feel precious; as if I were special and he would never hurt me.

I also found out I enjoyed taking care of him. I liked making sure he had something to eat before he studied. I liked knowing I could relax him after a hard practice. And I absolutely loved giving Devin pleasure. I went down on him as often as I could. I was addicted to the taste of him; the texture. I craved his release as much as I wanted to climax myself. Hearing him moan my name when he would shoot his load into my mouth was something I didn’t think I would ever get tired of. It was getting easier to take him farther down my throat, too, which I know he enjoyed.

He seemed to thrive on pleasuring me, too. When he took my cock in his mouth, I was swept away with the sensations and, because I trusted him completely, I was able to completely enjoy it without worrying about all those things I once wasted time worrying about, such as the size of my cock. Devin made me feel as if I were all he could ever want and it filled me with a confidence I had never known.

Jack and Jeremy were with us a lot, as we had sort of formed our own little group. The basketball team knew they were dating and knew that I was Devin’s boyfriend, too, and there hadn’t really been any backlash. I mean, yeah, there were a couple of guys that refused to shower with them, and one guy, Travis, apparently liked to whisper the word ‘faggot’ under his breath, but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t handle.

The first game finally arrived and I was so psyched to sit in the stands and cheer for my man! Some of the player’s girlfriends had invited me to sit with them and, even though I was a little nervous about that, I accepted.

I hadn’t had a chance to see Devin since that morning, so I sent him a quick text telling him good luck and searched for my seat in the arena. Molly, one of the player’s girlfriends, waved at me when she saw me looking around. She was cute, with long auburn hair, brown eyes and dimples.

“Gage!” She waved her arms at me. “Over here, Gage!”

I smiled and headed towards her. “Hi,” I greeted her as I reached the aisle she stood in. “Where are we sitting?”

She waved her arm to show me the seats and I was surprised at how great they were! I knew they were on the first level, but I didn’t expect them to be so close. “These are perfect!”

“I know. The first time I sat here, I was in shock! They always keep a block fatih escort for the players to have a guest.”

“Who are you here for?” I asked her, realizing I didn’t even know who she was dating.

She grinned. “Travis Black. We’ve been together for about ten months.”

I grimaced a little when she mentioned Travis, but I didn’t want to rock the boat, so I pasted on a smile. I wondered if she knew how homophobic he was; she certainly didn’t seem to be like that, though. She pulled me along with her and we claimed our seats and settled in for the game. I glanced at my phone and realized there was about 20 minutes left before it started.

“I’m going to run and get a drink. You want anything?” I asked her.

“Oh, that’s great! Thanks. Can you get me a Diet Coke?”

I told her I would and headed back up the stairs towards one of the food stands. My phone beeped and I pulled it from my pocket. It was from Devin responding to my earlier text.

Are you here?

I told him I was and where I was sitting.

Awesome. After the game, Jeremy and Jack want to go out to a bar & grill they like. Want to?

Sounds good. I love you! Kick ass tonight!

Love you too, Gage. More than you know.

I grinned. My man was so romantic.

The line was longer than I thought, but I made it back to my seat just before the team was announced. As they ran onto the court in their green and white uniforms I held my breath, waiting for Devin. And there he was, a huge grin on his face and looking right back at me. I waved a little and blushed as Molly elbowed me in the side.

“Wow, he’s pretty crazy about you, isn’t he?” she asked.

“We’re crazy about each other,” I answered, not tearing my eyes away from Devin. He wasn’t watching me anymore, but my gaze was locked on him. I had never seen him in his uniform and damn, he was hot! The jersey showed his broad shoulders and I could see all that thick, curly black hair pouring out over the neckline. And, oh fuck, when he tossed the ball around with Jeremy, I saw all that dark hair in his arm pits and I felt my dick plump up. God, he was so fucking hot! I glanced around, but didn’t see Jack at first. Then I remembered he was not playing this game, unless he was a substitute. I found him on the bench, but he was too busy watching Jeremy to notice me when I tried to wave.

“Hey,” Molly pointed to a large man, “there’s Travis.” She waved and then frowned. “I wonder why he’s glaring at me.”

I bit my lower lip. Should I tell her? I glanced at her boyfriend. He was huge. And he looked pissed. Maybe I should tell her; she might want to change seats.

“Umm,” I cleared my throat, “I think I know what he’s mad about.”

She looked at me, confusion etched on her face. “How could you know? You haven’t even met him, have you?”

“No, but…okay, I’m not sure if I should say anything…”

She grabbed my forearm and squeezed. “Spill it,” she ordered.

Damn! She was strong for such a petite girl! I looked at her and gave in. “Okay. Apparently, he’s been upset about having some gay men on the basketball team.”

“What? How do you know that? Why would you think that?” She looked puzzled.

I shifted in my seat. I barely knew this girl and here I was about to put down her boyfriend. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue, until she squeezed my arm again. I sighed and knew what I needed to do.

“Well, apparently he’s been whispering faggot to Devin, Jack and Jeremy when they walk by in the locker room and on the court. I think he’s upset that you are sitting next to me…”

Her eyes grew wide and she gritted her jaw. “That asshole! I told him that if he has a problem with gays then I wouldn’t date him! My brother is gay and I won’t put up with that kind of ignorance.” She turned to glare back at Travis and I saw his face crumple with shock as he realized how furious she was. He turned away, but that didn’t stop her glare.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause problems with you and Travis.”

“You didn’t. He did, Gage.” She let go of my arm and watched him. When he finally turned to look at her again she stood up and flipped him off! I had just taken a sip of my soda and nearly sprayed it out all over the person sitting in front of me.

Travis’s eyes grew wide and he turned his back on her. Guess he got the picture.

The game finally started and there was a lot of cheering and noise. The team we were playing was our biggest rival and we wanted to stomp all over them!

Devin and Jeremy were all over the court. I had to admit, I didn’t know a ton about basketball, but this was very exciting. Of course, watching my man run the court while sweat dripped from him, molding his top to his chest may have added to the excitement. He made shot after shot and by half-time we were ahead, but just barely. He looked up into the stands as he headed off the court and shot me one etiler escort of those smiles that melted my insides until I was a puddle of goo.

Molly laughed at me. “Wow! I can feel the heat from here!”

I blushed, but smiled because I could feel the heat, too. God, I wanted him. I loved him so much. Why had I been holding back? I felt overwhelmed for a moment as I realized tonight was it. There was no more doubt; no fear. I wanted to share myself with him. I needed to be one with him. My heart thumped so hard I could feel it in my toes and felt my blush creep down my neck onto my chest. Yes, tonight was it. We had the weekend together. No practices. Just a couple of days to ourselves. I couldn’t wait until the game was over.

“Are you okay?” Molly asked, sipping on her soda.

“Um, yeah. Fine.” I smiled at her. “Just thinking.”

“Aww, that’s so cute.” She glanced down at the court, but the players weren’t back out, yet. The band was still playing for the half-time show. It was loud so she had to almost yell in my ear. “I’ve been thinking of Travis. I’m breaking up with him after the game.”

I nodded. I didn’t blame her, but I still hated being the one to have told her what he had done.

She seemed to know what I was thinking because she leaned over and threw her arm around my shoulders and hugged me. “Hey, this is not your fault. I told him that being homophobic was a deal breaker for me. I can’t date someone that would be hateful to my brother! I guess if I really loved him, I would be more upset…huh…”

I watched as she thought about her words. I wasn’t sure what to say, but then the crowd starting cheering as the team entered the court. I saw Devin look up in the stands for me and I waved. He beamed at me and waved then turned to give his all to the game.

And, man, did he play hard! He dribbled, he passed, he blocked, he dunked, he ran and my eyes were glued to him. He was graceful; virile. His body’s movements screamed ‘male’. Even from where I sat, I could see the muscles in his shoulders and arms flex with each throw, each pass, and each block. When he ran, his calve muscles bulged and lengthened with each step. I found myself oddly turned on by his calves and wondered what it would be like to lick the back of them from the ankle to his ass. I shuddered with the thought and my mouth watered. Okay, so was that a little weird, I wondered? Hmmm, at this moment, I didn’t really care. I just wanted to kiss and lick every fucking inch of my boyfriend.

As the team headed into the fourth quarter, the air was thick with tension. The game was tied and some of our best players, Devin included, were looking tired. I crossed my fingers and tried to send him a message with my eyes, hoping he would look up at me. And then he did! He looked right at me and I smiled and gave him the thumbs up sign. He grinned and nodded back. And just like that, his adrenaline seemed to kick in and he kicked up his efforts.

Jeremy and he were a mean team; passing amongst each other as they ran the court. They worked like a well-oiled machine and my heart swelled at the sight of Devin jumping into the air and dunking the ball. The team was on fire and when the buzzer rang we won by 4 points.

The crowd went wild and cheered as the players shook hands with the other team in the long-standing tradition of good sportsmanship. I stood with the crowd and watched the man I love pat his fellow teammates on the back, shake hands and bump fists in celebration of their first win of the season.

Devin turned towards me, seeking me out. When he saw me, the desire in his eyes was clear. He was telling me he wanted me and to be honest, at that moment, he could have jumped over the railing and carried me off to the locker room and had his way with me, onlookers be damned! Lust curled in my belly and my skin felt hot. Still, he stared at me. I was mesmerized by his sweaty body; his uniform clung to him and his hair was a mess. I could see the stubble on his face and ached to touch him; to caress his cheeks, his lips, and his neck. My fingers itched to trail my hands down to all that luscious dark hair peeking over the neckline of his jersey.

A slow grin spread across his face; was it a smirk? Did he know that I was ready to give myself to him? Did he know that I was turned on by his pure maleness? His manly body and thick chest hair? His big strong hands? I looked into his eyes and I had my answer. Of course he knew. I sighed. I was an open book to Devin. He knew what he did to me. I smiled back and nodded.

He licked his lips slowly and I gulped. He was seducing me and he was still on the court! God, I was so fucking hot for him. I watched him walk casually across the court, following his teammates to the locker room. As he got closer, I swear I could feel the heat from his body searing my skin, even from thirty feet away. I trembled and felt my knees start to buckle. He pursed his lips, beşiktaş escort trying to keep from laughing. Damn him! How did he do that from so far away? I wondered if he knew my cock was so hard and weeping already that if he looked at me again I might just cum in my pants.

I glanced at him one last time. His cocky, confident walk as he exited the court told me that yes…yes he knew I was about to lose control. I slumped back into my chair and tried to catch my breath.

“Wow…that was…hot.”

I turned to Molly, surprised she was still there. I blushed as she looked at me and I realized she had seen our wordless communication.

“Umm, yeah, definitely hot. God, I am crazy about him.”

She laughed. “Obviously. And it’s also obvious he’s just as crazy about you.” She patted my arm and grabbed her phone. “Great, Travis just texted. Guess it’s time to go break up with him.”

“I’m so sorry,” I told her, still feeling bad that I had been the bearer of the bad news.

“Don’t sweat it, Gage. It is what it is…” We traded numbers before she left. Even though I didn’t know her that well, she seemed nice and I wouldn’t mind hanging with her.

As she left, my phone beeped. A text from Devin.

Baby. Meet me at the car in 15.

Ok. Congratulations. You were great out there.

I think we need to celebrate. Any ideas?

We’re going out with Jack and Jeremy, right?

Yeah. I mean later. How do YOU want to celebrate with me, baby?

My heart raced as I typed my answer.

I want to feel you inside of me… I want you to make me yours, Devin… I NEED you…

It was almost two minutes before there was a reply. I was so fucking nervous I was shaking.

Oh god, yes!

I smiled. I was finally going to be one with him. Just the thought made me shudder with desire. The fear I had been feeling for weeks was gone. I hurried out to the car to wait for him, willing him to hurry out.


Devin’s POV

Oh my god! When I got that text from him, my cock swelled and I could barely breathe. I knew from looking at him earlier that something had changed. The way he stared at me on the court…I just knew there was something going on with him. When he nodded at me after the game, I was pretty sure he was telling me he was ready. But this text was the definitive answer.

God, I wanted him so fucking bad. I wished that I hadn’t told Jack and Jeremy we would go out with them, but maybe we could make it an early night. I had so many plans with Gage.

Over the last couple of weeks we had grown even closer and I had held back from pushing him, but it had been so hard! I wanted him all the time. No matter how tired or sore I was from practice or working out. He was under my skin and I couldn’t keep my hands off him. He was the same way; always finding a way to brush against me, touch my shoulder, or caress my cheek.

By the time I had showered and dressed, Jack and Jeremy were already waiting for me at the exit.

“Hey! About time,” Jeremy hollered.

“It takes a while to put this look together, asshole,” I told him with a smile.

“What? The I’m trying to look hot for my boyfriend look?”

I shot him a glare, but he just laughed and threw his arms around Jack’s shoulders.

“Man, we were smokin’ tonight! Weren’t we baby?” He leaned over and kissed Jack on the lips.

“Yeah. You guys were awesome. Great win!” Jack said, a shy smile tugging at his lips.

“Thanks!” I smiled back. The team really had been great tonight. I was pretty pumped about the win, but I had other things on my mind as well.

As we got closer to my car, I saw Gage leaning on the passenger side door, looking up at the stars. He loved to look at the night sky. Just another thing to love about him. He was so fucking smart and cute and sexy! There weren’t enough adverbs to describe how amazing he was. There were times I would look at him and my breath would catch in my throat. He was so beautiful and I felt humbled that he had chosen to be with me.

He heard us and turned our way.

“Here come the victors,” he said and pumped his fists in the air.

I chuckled as Jeremy whooped and jumped into the air. “Damn right! Victory to us!! Let’s go celebrate!”

Even in the darkened parking lot, I could see Gage’s blush at the word ‘celebrate’. I knew exactly what he was thinking and I couldn’t wait to get going with our own private celebration.

I unlocked the car and we all climbed in and got settled. I leaned over and kissed Gage and then whispered into his ear, “Baby, you are so sexy. I love you so much.”

He trembled and leaned into me a little as his hand squeezed my knee. I reluctantly pulled away and started the car. Jack and Jeremy were already all over each other in the back seat, as usual, and the moans from Jeremy were not helping my situation.

I pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the restaurant they wanted to go to. Gage’s hand on my leg was making me hard as a rock. As I turned the corner, I looked at him and saw that he was staring at my crotch. God, that just made me ache more.

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