Candy , Buddy’s Romance Ch. 9Candy , Buddy’s Romance Ch. 9


When Candy and Ann reached their rooms, they were exhausted from all their dancing.

Ann said she needed to take a shower. Candy waited to hear the shower turn, then she quickly ran downstairs to get a sneak peek of what Buddy was up to.

Sure enough, he was getting undressed himself and was just about to enter his restroom, before he noticed Candy peeking in from the crack of the doorway. He smiled and motioned her over there. She snuck in quickly and gave him a big kiss.

“I’ve missed you,” she said with a coy smile.

“I’ve miss you, too,” Buddy responded with a kiss to her forehead.

“Mm…. what have we here?” Candy was looking at his cock grow stiff. “Hehehe, that’s quite remarkable. You sure have a lot of spunk, don’t you? I might have to tame him again tonight,” she said with a wink.

Candy dropped down on her knees, right then and there, in the middle of Buddy’s bedroom. She could still hear the water running upstairs and figured it was safe.

She took Buddy’s cock in with her mouth, and started sucking on it. Buddy was amazed by her continual arousal and didn’t bother stopping her.

She pumped his cock back to its 7-inch capacity, and started massaging his golden jewels with her right hand. Buddy wrapped his hands around the back of Candy’s head, taking it all in.

Candy was trying to take it deep to her throat, knowing that Buddy really enjoys that.

They were really getting into the heat of things, when all of a sudden, Candy heard the water stop. Candy knew Buddy was near completion and figured she had another few seconds before Ann noticed her missing.

Buddy, on the other hand, was feeling pressure from both intense pleasure and knowing that his daughter was upstairs and not far away from their sexual encounter.

In the end, Buddy couldn’t stop Candy– it just felt too dam intense and good. He kept thrusting his throbbing cock, hitting the back of Candy’s throat hard and forcefully. Oh, God, the way it felt when her tongue licked the bottom of his cock during all this, he couldn’t end it now.

All of a sudden, they heard Ann’s voice from on top of the stairs, “Candy?? Eskort Bayan Where are you?”

Candy, like a thief caught in flagrante delicto, fled from Buddy’s cock, and sprinted down the hallway into the kitchen where she washed her hands quickly. The upstairs had a balcony that overlooked the middle of the living room, which was in between the kitchen and Buddy’s bedroom. Candy yelled back upstairs (trying not to sound too out of breath), “Ann? Oh, I didn’t hear you at first, because the water was running. I was just getting myself a nice, long drink. I was really thirsty from all that dancing.”

Ann replied, “Oh ok. Well, get me something as well please.”

Candy glanced down the hall, and saw Buddy peeking out of his doorway and giving her an amused grin. She grinned back, turned around, and got herself and Ann a cup out of the counter. She filled up the cups headed back upstairs where Ann was drying her hair. She placed her cup on the counter, and they both went to separate rooms and slept the rest of the night.


A few days later (after Ann had returned to school out of town), Candy received a phone call from Buddy. He told her to meet her at a hotel, telling her the directions. Just before hanging up, he told her that he just got a new camcorder.

Candy was curious as to what Buddy was up to, but agreed to meet up with him that afternoon.

As she was pulling into the parking lot, she saw Buddy unloading some bags and things into an empty hotel room. Class had gotten out early, so Candy was running about a half hour early. She decided to park nearby and wait another 20 minutes.

Buddy had unloaded his Jeep after a few minutes. Candy noticed a camcorder bag as one of his belongings. “Hmm… I think I have an idea of what he wants to do,” she thought to herself, starting to get excited.

A few minutes later, Candy finds herself knocking at room

23, and was already stirred up with ideas.

Buddy answers the door promptly. He has a big smile on his face as he leans over to hug and kiss Candy, but Candy immediately intervenes and ad libs, “Hello, stranger. I saw you unpacking your car earlier. I see you’ve got a nice pair of legs and ass. Anyways, my boyfriend and I just had a fight– I walked out on him. I was wondering if I could keep you company,” with a wink.

Clever Buddy quickly catches on to her role-playing scenario and goes along with her plot. “Sure, come on in. I just got into town myself. I was about to wind down and have a cold drink. Would you like to join me?” He opens the door some more, and guides her inside.

Candy notices that a camera is set up already on a tripod, pointing at the bed. She sees Buddy quickly turn on the camera.

He looks over at Candy again and directs her to the area in between the bed and the camera’s aperture.

Buddy “introduces” himself, “My name’s Buddy, by the way. And your name is…?” with a playful grin.

Candy replies back, “I’m Candy. Nice to meet you.”

They shake hands. Suddenly, Buddy leans over and kisses her. They wrap each other into each other’s arms and kiss madly in front of the camera. Buddy glides his hands onto her back, under her shirt, then to her butt, and caresses her as he grips her passionately. Next, he slowly unzips her shorts, and lets them drop to the ground. He feels her butt, only to feel bare skin. “Oh, yes, she’s wearing a thong.” he thinks to himself. He says out-loud and in between kisses, “Your skin is so smooth.” He kisses her neck, and behind her ears. Candy lets out a moan.

Meanwhile, Candy is getting more turned on by her first “porn” experience. She helps Buddy pull her thong panties off, and Buddy unzips his pants. Candy rushes to finish stripping him, as she pulls his briefs down with her teeth. Just seeing her mouth down there, next to his tool, Buddy breathes a sigh of exhiliration.

Candy starts sucking his cock, making sure the camera is recording every bit of it. Both characters groan and emphasize the pleasure they are getting from this whole situation. After Candy has sucked his cock to its full-size, Buddy leans her over onto the bed. He gives her butt cheeks a slight slap, and uses his penis to playfully glide in between her two cheeks. He rubs the head of his penis up and down her clit and vagina covering. Candy is leaned over almost doggy-style with her hands gripping the sheets. She moans in anticipation and delight.

When enough moisture has built up, Buddy guides his erect cock into her tight hole. “Mmmm, you feel so tight!”

He fucks her slowly at first, allowing Candy to get used to his thickness. He then grips her hips and begins thrusting faster and harder.

They fuck in this doggy-style position for a few minutes, until Buddy starts slowing down. He gently tells Candy to get on her back. She docilely obeys.

Buddy gets down on his knees on the ground, and starts licking her pink and swollen pussy. He ravishes her sweetness a little longer before he starts using his finger to massage her G-spot. Since her G-spot is just a couple of inches into her vagina, his long dick doesn’t normally get to hit that sensitive, nerve-packed spot that makes her double with pleasure.

Candy lets out a moan, “Mmm…. oh yes! That feels so good.”

Buddy continues massaging her spot until she reaches an orgasm. Candy’s legs start shaking uncontrollably as she rides out her climax, her vagina overflowing with her sweet juices.

Buddy then lifts her legs up and pushes her body a little down the bed, so his knees can fit onto the bed as well. He inserts his cock into her opening, and starts fucking her again.

Candy clenches her PC muscles, gripping Buddy’s juiced-up cock. She hears him groaning from pleasure. It doesn’t take long for either of them to reach climax.

When they are finished, Buddy leans over and kisses Candy. They both smile.

Buddy gets up, turns off the camera, and rewinds it. He and Candy both start laughing about the whole thing. Buddy compliments Candy, “You performed very well. You definately impressed me.”

Candy giggles, “He he he, yeah, I’d always wanted to try some role playing, and I thought this was a great opportunity. You and I must be on the same wavelength.”

Buddy replies, “Oh yeah. You and I are definately meshing well together.”

Candy throws her arms around him and gazes into his eyes, “I love you, Buddy.”

Buddy, “I love you, too, Candy.”

Candy goes over to the camera, “Now how do we get to watch this thing….?”

To Be Continued…

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