Camping with Daughter Ch. 05Camping with Daughter Ch. 05


Note from the author: Thanks again for all the many compliments to my story. The last few months have been difficult to find the time to work on it, what with the holidays, family issues and all. For those that don’t know, I love the tease. I try not to be all tease, but I know there are times that I let things go a long time. An occasional climax works for me, even if it isn’t the ultimate goal. This may not be acceptable to everyone, but there seems to be a majority out there that also like it. Thanks again for your patience. The last chapter is about half finished.


Once again I awoke late in the morning. The sun was up, and there was a bright yellow hew to everything in the tent. I could even see it before I opened my eyes, which I kept shut because I just wasn’t ready to get up. I was horny as hell, and I could feel I was close to orgasm. It surprised me considering the satisfying orgasm I had the night before, but I felt like I would have had a wet dream if I hadn’t awakened.

I had been dreaming of my daughter begging me to break her cherry. She had decided that she wanted someone who loved her to make her a woman and not some guy who would probably dump her the next day. Her only fear was that I was too big for her first time, but we had kissed and made out for a while, and I had then loosened her up with some oral sex to get her ready. I had just entered her when my dream ended abruptly.

I was lying on my back, and as my senses returned, I realized something was rubbing the underside of my cock. It felt so good, I was afraid to open my eyes to find out what it was, but I had to.

I opened my eyes to the most beautiful sight I think I’ve ever seen. It was my naked daughter straddling me. She wasn’t looking down at me; her eyes were closed, and her head was tilted back. She was rubbing her beautiful breasts and pinching and pulling on her nipples. Oh, those luscious breasts of hers; they were so big and firm on such a petit frame.

Then it suddenly struck me that my daughter was fucking me? No! It wasn’t right! She wouldn’t!

I lifted my head with a start and looked down at the junction of our bodies. Her beautiful pussy, with the light, golden pubic hair, was bright pink with arousal. Moisture glistened on her swollen labia, but I was not inside her. My cock was right there resting on my lower belly, and Jennifer’s virgin pussy lips were straddling it. She was actually rubbing herself along the shaft so that my turgid head slid back and forth across her clit. Her little nub wasn’t so little. It was stiff as a pebble, and I could actually feel it as it was flicked across the “V” where the glans came together just below the urethra opening.

“Oh, Daddy!” she exclaimed breathlessly as she looked down at me. “Finally, you’re awake! I’ve been keeping myself right on the edge waiting for you. I didn’t want you to sleep through it.”

My daughter then rocked her hips vigorously as she slid her young, dripping pussy against the head of my cock. She fell forward, landing on her hands as they straddled my head, and her full breasts hung in front of my face. I looked at them and wanted so much to take one of her stiff nipples into my mouth, but I fought the temptation as I remembered this was my own flesh and blood. She moaned, and her hips jerked as her orgasm rose inside her. I could smell her body, her sweat, as it combined with the musky odors of her aroused pussy, and it was just so erotic that I thought I would faint. Jennifer pressed her hips down harder on my cock, and I could actually feel her pussy pulse with her climax.

It amazed me that I was so worked up after having such a wonderful blow-job just the night before, but this erotic situation was too much for me. Suddenly, my cock exploded, and cum sprayed up between us. I felt it splatter on my chin, and I presume some got on the underside of her dangling breasts. Jennifer was too far gone in her own ecstasy to notice, though, as I pumped out four more jets of sperm.

I could feel the hot, sticky substance as it cooled on my chest and stomach, and I was concerned my cock was going to deflate before my daughter was finished when she suddenly went stiff. I lifted my hips once, sliding my cock one more time across her clit. She shivered and then collapsed on her elbows, her breasts straddling my chin. Jennifer grabbed my head with her forearms, digging her fingers through my hair, and hugged me firmly while keeping her body hovering over mine.

“Oh, Daddy! That was so good! I can’t believe what a fantastic orgasm that was!”

I wrapped my arms around her slender waist and held her as we both caught our breaths. God! What a little nympho she was. I wish I had have met someone like her when I was young. The feel of her body in my arms was heaven, and I wanted it to last forever.

Without any warning, my daughter suddenly raised herself up and squirmed backward until her body was over my calves. Then she dropped down again and started licking the cum off my body.

“Oh, God, Daddy,” she said as she licked her lips. “You Merter Escort taste so good. I don’t understand why all girls don’t like the taste of cum, especially after such a great climax.”

She returned to her cleaning of the cum, licking up my neck and under my chin. It tickled as the tip of her tongue slid across my skin, but again I could feel my erection growing just from the eroticism of it all. Here I was with an absolutely beautiful blond nymphomaniac as she licked my cum off my body. This had to be every man’s dream, but I had to remind myself that this wasn’t just a beautiful girl; she was my daughter.

Suddenly, as if she just remembered something, she leaped up and dashed out of the tent.

“Daddy, I have breakfast ready!” I heard her call to me. “Hurry, before it gets cold.”

I felt sticky from sweat and cum, but I climbed out of the tent anyway. ‘Where’s a shower when you need one?’ I thought.

No sooner did I sit down on the log than Jennifer handed me a paper plate with two eggs, sausages and hashbrowns. A moment later, she handed me a cup of coffee and then sat beside me with her own plate and cup.

Unlike me, my little girl straddled the log so she could face me. She held her knees wide apart, leaving room for her plate on the log in front of her. I could see a glob of my cum stuck in the tangled tuft of her blond pubic hair, and her whole front glistened with a pink glow from the sweat of her recent orgasm.

“Man, am I hungry after that,” Jen said. “That was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. I hope you enjoyed it, too.”

I admitted that I did, even though I once again felt remorse for enjoying my daughter in that way.

We sat there eating another wonderful breakfast. It was clear that Jennifer had practiced cooking while on her Girl Scout hikes because she was very good at it. The only problem with the meal was that I had to fight with my feelings for my daughter as I ate. On one hand, I could fall in love with her as a girl friend, which I knew was wrong. On the other hand, I was so proud of her as a father, which wasn’t right since I had little or nothing to do with her upbringing. Then there was the animal lust that was burning inside me for her, which was a social taboo, but she seemed unconcerned and almost welcomed it.

“I want to go for another hike,” she said as we enjoyed her meal. “This time, let’s bring only food and water. No clothes. Okay?”

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said. “We might run into a ranger or a family with kids or something.”

“Well, like I said, if we run into a ranger or other hikers, I’ll take care of it,” she said. “I doubt we’ll have any problem, but if there is, I know I can keep it from getting out of hand. Also, I’m sure we’ll hear a family with kids before they see us. We can duck out of sight if we do.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “It would make me very nervous, especially considering I’m supposed to be the responsible parent and all.”

This made my daughter laugh. “Daddy, I’m an adult now, remember? I’m going to get into just as much trouble as you if we get caught, but we won’t get in trouble.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Trust me,” she said confidently. “The worst that will happen is that we’ll be warned and told to put some clothes on.”

“But we won’t have any,” I reminded her.

“I know,” she said with a Cheshire cat grin. “We’ll just have to give them our word that we’ll get dressed when we return. While we’re making our promise, though, they’ll have plenty of opportunity to check us out. The risk of getting caught is extremely erotic,” she went on the say, “but actually getting caught is even more exciting.”

“How can you say that?” I asked.

“There’s nothing like standing there completely naked in front of strangers,” she explained. “Their reaction is so fun. Some are afraid to look and try as hard as they can to keep their eyes locked on yours, and then others glance around without ever actually focusing on any body part. It’s so fun to just stand there without showing any modesty and watch them squirm. It’s best when there’s more than one. Then, while I’m talking to one, the others feel free to let their eyes wander. It gets me so hot knowing they’re looking, and I get even more turned on when I see a bunch of boners develop. It’s such a compliment, and I know they’re getting all turned on by me.”

“And you’re not afraid that someone might want to take your virginity by force?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said confidently. “First of all, if I lose my virginity that way, so be it. I’m not going to let it ruin my life. In most cases, I’ve got friends nearby that will come to my rescue if I were to yell, and I usually don’t go too far with my sexuality when I’m alone. If I were alone, as I am on a date, I’ve found that voluntarily giving them some kind of sexual release is enough. It seems to sooth the ‘savage beast’ in them. If that didn’t work, I’d like to think that my Marshal Arts training will help to defend me, especially now that they’ve Merter Escort Bayan had a climax. In the worst case, I would probably be in a situation where a number of guys were going to take turns with me. It’s not likely I’m going to put myself in a situation where that could happen, but if it did, I’d try to roll with it. Hopefully by not fighting, I can gain enough control to avoid getting hurt.”

Well, that didn’t completely satisfy my concern, but it did sound like she’d thought it out. It’s not like any girl is completely safe, and how can they be prepared for the unexpected. Of course I thought that Jennifer was really setting herself up, but she’d survived this far, and it’s the hormone-imbalanced teenagers that would be the worst, so I guess she’s okay.

As we were chatting and eating, I tried to keep my eyes off of her. I had just had another great orgasm, and I didn’t need to get another erection, even though I was sporting a semi at the time. It would just encourage her, and I was finding it very difficult to deny her, but Jennifer wanted me to look at her.

“What’s the matter, Daddy?” she said very gently. “Have I done something wrong?”

“Not at all,” I replied. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, you’re not looking at me this morning. You’re sitting there looking off toward our neighbor’s camp. Are you dreaming about being with one of the twins?”

I turned and faced her and said, “Absolutely not!”

“Then why won’t you look at me?”

“Because… well, because it’s hard,” I said as I unsuccessfully tried to avoid looking anywhere but her eyes. How could I? She was just so sexy looking. She had a body to die for, and it was right there on display for all to see. Her pubic hair was thick with sperm, and her clit was peeking out from between her lips. She was sitting in such a way as to flaunt herself, and I really wanted to look.

“Ah, yes, it is,” she said with a big grin.

I looked at where her eyes had drifted and saw that she was right, I was hard again. Damn, she was a minx!

“Boys seem to like it when I wear their cum, although it’s a waste ’cause I don’t get to taste it,” she said casually as she took another bite of eggs. “Sometimes I can get them to climax three and four times just by letting them spray me and not cleaning up. It makes me feel real sexy, too.” She looked down at the glob of cum still trapped in her fine pubic curls and then poked at her clit with the tip of her plastic fork. “See, my little bugger is stiff again, too.”

“That isn’t what I meant,” I said, feeling my cock turn rock hard. “I was trying to say that it’s very difficult for me to look at you sometimes. You are just so beautiful and sexy that I’m afraid I can’t control myself, and I just know these feelings are wrong.”

“They don’t feel wrong to me,” she said before she took a sip of coffee, “and I like looking at you, too. As long as you control yourself enough to let me keep my virginity, you can do anything you want.”

“Oh, you are such a tease!” I exclaimed.

“But I’m not teasing, I’m serious,” she said back with a big grin, “I do like to tease, though, but I won’t leave you hanging like other girls. When you’ve had enough teasing, I can usually tell, but if I don’t, let me know, and we can do something to take care of it.”

Then, before I could respond, she said, “Okay, now, we need to get going. Here, give me your plate. Let’s get the camp cleaned up so we can go hiking.”

As we put out the fire and threw stuff into a backpack for lunch, I said, “Aren’t you afraid of getting pregnant? You can be a virgin and still get pregnant, you know.”

“Not really,” she said as she threw her butt up in my face to pick up her boots.

Damn! What a beautiful ass, and her pussy lips were so inviting between her firm thighs. Even if I didn’t ram my dick into her, I wanted to reach out and stroke those sexy lips and tight butt. It was everything I could do to hold myself back.

“I got a shot a few years ago that keeps me from getting pregnant,” she went on. “I need to get the shot every five years, so until next year, I’m supposed to be safe.”

She’s been protected for four years already? When did she start? Has she been having “nonsex” with boys since she was 14? I just couldn’t believe it. No, she must have gotten the shot and waited a few years before actually needing it.

Ten minutes later, we were hiking up the trail again toward our favorite swimming hole. This time we were both completely naked except for our hiking boots, and we didn’t have anything we could put on in case of an emergency. It felt wierd, but arousing, too. There was something to being out in the wilds with nothing on. It was risky, but it was extremely exhilerating.

“I find it so erotic to hike naked like this,” my daughter said. “Part of the thrill is the risk. The further we hike, the bigger the risk if we get caught. In a few hours, we’ll be miles from the safety of our camp, and we’ll have nothing to wear. We’ll be completely exposed and without any means Escort Merter of protection. If we run into other hikers, we’re just going to have to deal with it. I’ve been doing this with the girls on our hikes for years, and I’ve learned that the best thing to do is just act natural. There’s nothing like the rush of having to stand completely naked in front of a total stranger and act like it’s perfectly normal.”

Suddenly, Jennifer was back to her stories of high school. I don’t know if her stories were getting more sexual and erotic or if I just hadn’t been listening before. She certainly wasn’t embarrassed to tell me about her wild experiences, but I had to wonder how she got away with a lot of them, and I also wondered how she managed to keep her virginity.

Just as she was telling me about this one time when a friend of hers dared her to flash their history teacher, we were met by two young men hiking up an adjoining trail. The “boys” had to be in their twenties, were in amazingly great shape, and were dressed in tee-shirts, shorts and hiking boots. Both had a large backpack on their back that looked like it carried supplies for a month.

“Hi!” Jennifer said rather loudly. I’m not sure the boys even noticed us at first as they were coming up a hill and had their heads down to watch their steps.

One of the boys glanced up and said, “Hi,” as he was about to pass us. It was almost comical the double take he did. He stopped dead in his tracks as he looked up a second time and noticably scanned Jennifer’s body. His friend slammed into his back and almost fell backward as he, too, realized what had stopped his friend. Neither one seemed to notice me as they tried to collect their thoughts and recover their dignity.

“So, where are you boys headed?” Jennifer asked as she stood in all her glory facing the two young men.

Both guys sputtered and coughed before the first one said, “Uh, Price Peak.”

“Is that far?” Jennifer asked as the boys ogled her.

“Actually, it’s quite a ways,” the second young man said. “We won’t get there until tomorrow sometime.”

“So, did we interrupt something?” the first guy asked as he acknowledged me.

“Not at all,” I said, trying to act like being in the woods naked was normal.

“We were just hiking along this trail for a ways,” Jennifer added, “and then we thought we’d go back to our favorite waterfall and rinse off.”

The two young men wanted to know more about the waterfall, and Jennifer explained how warm the water was and what a great place it was to swim around. I just stood there and watched the reaction of these two with my daughter.

Just as Jennifer had said, it was actually fun to watch how these two handled themselves. Clearly they knew that with me there nothing was going to happen. Whichever of the two was talking did his best to maintain strict eye contact with Jennifer, occasionally glancing over at me. The other young man would take advantage of the opportunity to take in all of Jennifer’s beauty. In no time, both boys were showing nice bulges in the front of their shorts.

“Well, we’ll let you boys go,” Jennifer said to them as she motioned for me to follow her. “I’m sure you’ve got a long way to go, and we don’t want to keep you.”

Jennifer then headed down the path from which the two young men had come, and I followed her. Both of the guys waved goodbye and watched her until we were out of sight, and I presume they continued on their journey.

“See? Wasn’t that fun?” Jennifer asked.

“I guess so,” I replied, thinking it was kind of strange.

“We’ve learned a few things by that little meeting,” Jennifer said. “For one, you can do a great job of acting naturally when you have to. For another, you’re not at all embarrassed to have an erection around other men.”

This last comment shocked me. Then I realize that while watching Jennifer with the two strangers, I became highly aroused. I didn’t even realize that it had caused my dick to become erect, but it did. If I had have known, I would have been so embarrassed.

“You see, Daddy, it has nothing to do with being gay or not,” Jennifer said, apparently thinking an explanation was necessary. “The situation was erotic, and your body responded normally. You were aroused by me being viewed by two strange boys, and you saw that they both got erections. That’s a turn on, whether you’re attracted to them or not. There’s no reason to be embarrassed.”

Wow! What was I going to do with this daughter of mine? She had such a fabulous outlook on things. Was she completely without modesty? Does she live her life without any sense of embarrassment? What a great gift to have and to share.

Jennifer went on to tell me of her views of sexuality as we continued down the path. It was interesting to hear, and it sounded so open-minded and unaffected by social rules and morals. She explained that morals that protect people from harm and give people freedom are great, but morals that restrict love, affection and inter-personal enjoyment should be ignored. She explained how she’d read a lot about this subject and how society created restrictions for many reasons that are no longer valid, or at least shouldn’t be valid. Besides disease, sexuality has been repressed because of jealousies, dependencies and other emotional insecurities.

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