Camilla Ch. 064Camilla Ch. 064


Dr. Davis tried all he could to resist the temptation to go over to Club Ritz on Monday night and see Camilla; but the flame she’d lit in his heart was growing there again. Indeed, she psychically relit that fire, for she was sitting at a table in the middle of the main area of the strip joint, all bored from the scarcity of customers that night.

“I’ll just watch her when she’s onstage,” he said to himself in his car on the way there. “No sex.”

I’ll lure him right into a private room as soon as he gets here, she thought as she psychically sensed him coming closer and closer to Club Ritz.

Ten minutes later, he walked through the front doors.

Psychically feeling him approach, she took off her white bra and panties, then–naked except for her high heels–she got up and walked over to him.

“Do you ever wear clothes?” he asked.

“Not if I don’t have to, my doctor and my hero,” she answered. “So good to see you again…and so good to be seen by you again.” She giggled lewdly and turned around for him. “Remember this body?”

“How are you, Camilla?” he asked, trying not to leer. “Will you go onstage soon?”

“No, not for a while; I did my floor show about thirty minutes ago. There will be at least three or four strippers onstage before it’s my turn again; one of them, Candice, is doing her floor show now. Take a look. Remember her?”

“Oh, yeah, the tiger-haired one from the Friday night party.”

“Let’s go into a private room and have some fun.”

“No. Wait, Camilla–I just wanna…”

Before he could finish his sentence, she’d fanned that psychic fire in his heart, and pulled it with her as she walked over to the private rooms. He was pulled along with her like a magnet.

They went into a private room, he sat on a couch, and she sat on the bulge poking up in the middle of his lap. She put her right arm around his neck and looked in his eyes.

Now, Doctor,” she purred. “How would you like to enjoy me?”

“Please, Camilla,” he said. “I don’t wanna carry things too far. I’m married, remember.”

“Then we’ll do it here,” she said. “The Mrs. will never know.”

“But I’ll know. I’m also a father of…”

“Fathers are wonderful,” she said with an ear-to-ear grin, remembering how much she loved Agape. “You saved my life, Doctor. I owe you my life…and my body. So I’m giving it to you tonight. I’ll do anything you want me to. I’m your sex slave…for life. Gladly.”

“Don’t be silly, Camilla. You’re not my slave, and you don’t owe me anything.” A new song began.

“Time to start pleasing you, my lord and master.” She turned to face him, pressed her knee against his erection, and squeezed her breasts against his face. Then she slowly moved down, pushing her breasts against his chest, belly, and groin. When she got down there, she gently bit where the tip of his erection seemed to want to poke a hole out of his pants.

She unzipped his pants, giggling with lascivious excitement at the prospect of seeing the towering treasure inside.

“Wait, Camilla,” he said nervously. “Let’s not get crazy.”

“You have three holes to choose from, Doctor.” She got up and turned around so he could see her ass. “Let me remind you of what they all look like.” Giggling, she spread her legs wide and bent over. Looking back at him upside-down from between her legs, she licked her lips. He now saw, from top to bottom and all aligned perfectly, her asshole, pussy, and mouth. “Which one would you like to put your cock inside, Doctor?” She put her hand in his pants and pulled his hard cock out.

“Wait. No…”

“The more you resist, the sexier you are to me. Choose, Doctor; or else, I will.” She licked his dick-hole.

“You’d better choose,” he said acquiescently.

“OK,” she said, coming down to sit on his cock. “Pussies first.” She aimed her vaginal orifice over his phallus and slowly fed it in. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she sighed in ascending pitches as it went in deeper. As she went up and down on his cock, her back to him, she pulled his pants down to his knees, in anticipation of her first orgasm, which was already well on its way. As he fucked her, he awkwardly kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants and underwear off.

Moaning and grunting, he put his hands on her breasts and gently squeezed them. His cock was a perfect fit, the tip gently kissing her A-spot while the thick sides gave her tight, wet vaginal walls tingling sensations. Screaming staccato squeals that bordered on the whistle register, she put her hands in her hair and pulled it up, letting it fall, tress by fragrant tress, down against his face.

Then she came: her screams in the whistle register pierced his ears as her come soaked his lap.

“Holy…shit!” he panted.

“In my…ass now,” she said, getting up and pulling his cock out her dripping wet pussy. She got on the floor on all fours and got her anal lube out of her purse. almanbahis adresi She gave him the tube when he’d kneeled behind her. “Lube me up, Doctor: you know you want to.”

“I can’t believe…I’m doing this,” he said as he lubed her rectum. “I’m cheating…on my wife.”

“I won’t tell…if you don’t. Oh!” She loved the feeling of his finger deep in her ass.

He lubed his cock, then pushed it against her wide-open anus. He slowly slid it in about two inches. “Am I…hurting you?”

“No,” she moaned. “It feels great. Deeper. Ah!” She looked back at him and smiled lewdly as he slid in further, now three-quarters of the way. “Oh, yeah!”

All the way in now, he slid it in and out half way, and kept thrusting and grunting. His hands were on her hips; her right hand fingered her clitoris. This was his first time to do anal: he’d always wondered what it was like, and though he felt guilty about betraying his family, he was glad to know this experience finally. Her pretty asshole was so tight! Her anal lips were better than the best of cock-suckers!

“I’m…gonna come,” he moaned.

“OK…Take it out.”

He pulled his cock out of her ass, and she turned around. He stood up while she, on her knees, had his cock pointed at her face. She jerked him off for several seconds, and he shot a jet of come just to the left of her nose. She screamed and giggled. Then he sprayed a burst of jizz in her right eye; she let out a high-pitched scream of surprise. Then he came on her lips and her left cheek. Seeing the residue pouring out of his dick-hole, she wiped it on the still-dry parts of her face; then she, all gooey-faced, looked up at him and giggled. She got some Kleenex from her purse and wiped her come off his crotch as best she could.

Still on her knees, and looking up at him again with his come dripping off her nose and chin, she asked, “Did I please you, Doctor?”

“Yes,” he panted. “But I’m…a bad husband, and I mustn’t let my wife know.” He looked down at her imperfect cleaning; some of her come had gone down his legs below his knees, about to touch his socks. “I should clean myself off better than that. It’s a good thing there are shower stalls in these private rooms. Maybe I should use ours.” He pulled his socks off and went over to the shower stall.

“Let me help you,” she said as she walked with him over there, his come still dripping off her face. She took off her high heels.

“You can clean up, too,” he said as he took his shirt off.

“I’ll leave it on my face if you like.” She had the shower head in her hand, ready to clean him off.

“Actually, I’d feel better if you washed your face. Knowing that’s my come dripping off your chin just makes me feel guiltier.”

“Anything you say, Doctor.” She sprayed the water on his groin and legs, thoroughly cleaning her come off him. Then she washed her face clean, and got some towels from a wall just outside the shower area. She dried them both off and helped him get dressed. “There you are,” she said when he was fully-dressed again.

“Thank you,” he said, reaching for his wallet in his pocket. “Now, how much do I owe you?”

“Nothing, of course,” she insisted. “You saved my life. Feel free to fuck me anytime you want.”

“Are you sure? I don’t mind paying at all.”

“But I do mind. I told you: I owe my life to you. I just paid you–some–and I don’t mind paying at all, either.” She giggled lewdly again.

“When will you go onstage again?” he asked.

“Oh, pretty soon. Let’s go out and talk to Candice. She’ll be done her floorshow by now.”

They left the private room and returned to the main area of the strip joint. They sat at a table, and Candice soon joined them. She was wearing a red dress, while Camilla remained nude.

“Hi,” Candice said to Dr. Davis as she sat down. “You’re that doctor from Friday night. At the party.” She shook his hand.

“Right,” he said. “You’re Candice, right?”

“Yep,” she said. “You may not remember me, ’cause I’m dressed.”

“You’re the girl who likes to be dressed.” Naked Camilla giggled when he looked at her.

“How are your dreams, Candice?” Camilla asked.

“They’re starting to be like yours,” Candice said. “Last night, I dreamt of Jasmine licking my pussy again; she licked me till I came. Then I dreamt my ex-boyfriend and I were fucking. You know my ex from Vancouver died a few weeks ago, right? Anyway, when I woke up from my dream this morning, come was leaking out of my pussy, which was also sore, the way my ex always used to make me feel after sex.”

Camilla shuddered at this news, then said, “Last night I dreamt of giving Mr. Hanson a golden shower, and when I woke up, I saw I’d wet the bed. First time ever in my whole life.”

Now Candice shuddered. “Ghosts are fucking us, Camil. I told you so before.”

“I’m startin’ to think you’re right.”

“What are you girls talking almanbahis adres about?” Davis asked.

“It’s a long story, Doctor,” Candice told him. Then to Camilla she said, “E-mail Dr. Singh and ask him what he thinks.”

“Oh, I will, don’t worry,” Camilla said. “Next chance I get.”

“Don’t you have to do your floorshow soon?” Candice asked. “Yeah,” Camilla said. “After Desiree up there’s finished. She’s hot, kinda like Calina; I’m hiring her to do a POV video with Bob and me tomorrow afternoon. We’re gonna do a secretary fantasy together: she and I are secretaries, and Bob’s our horny CEO.”

Candice, in her jealousy, tried to ignore what Camilla had said about Desiree.

Ten minutes later, Camilla put on her white underwear and high heels and went onstage. Candice and Dr. Davis went up to the tip rail and sat there to watch. Camilla’s first song was “Once In a Lifetime,” by the Talking Heads.

“So she does wear clothing sometimes,” Davis said. “If only underwear.”

“And when she’s dressed,” Candice added, “it’s not for long.”

Indeed, by the second chorus of the song, Camilla had already removed her bra, looking at Davis and wiggling her tits. As the song faded out at the end, she pulled down her panties and got her feet out of the leg holes. She picked her panties up and stuffed them in her pussy.

“Nude already?” he asked.

“That’s how she likes to be,” Candice said.

“But she hasn’t even started her second…” Before he could finish his sentence, he felt her wet panties slap against his face; for she’d aimed, pulled on the elastic, and shot them at him like a slingshot. “Whoa, very nice.” Holding them in his hands in fetishistic adoration, he sniffed them and rubbed them against his face.

Her second song was “Tainted Love,” by Soft Cell.

“She really likes golden oldies, doesn’t she?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Candice said. “But she’ll dance to some new songs sometimes, too.”

The naked girl danced around in only her high heels. From time to time, she’d squat in front of Candice and the doctor to show them her pussy. At other times she’d have her back to them, open her legs, and spread her buttocks wide open so he and Candice could see her asshole. Very few other people were in the bar, so Camilla could get away with focusing her attention only on her two lovers. When the song ended, she took off her shoes.

Her third song was “The Widow,” by The Mars Volta. She was slowly crawling around on the stage.

“Oh, I love this song,” Candice said. “Wanna watch some lezzie action, Doctor?” She got up.

“What?” he asked.

“I wanna eat her pussy. Enjoy the show.” Candice went over to the side of the stage and got naked. She went onstage and crawled towards Camilla’s ass.

Still on all fours, Camilla spread her legs wide open and pushed out her ass so her asshole and pussy were exposed to Candice’s salivating mouth. Candice crawled over and buried her face between Camilla’s buttocks, licking her pussy and asshole frenziedly. The girls moved so Dr. Davis could see where Candice was licking. Camilla moaned and squealed as Candice ate her out. Paying no attention to the rest of the song lyrics, Camilla moaned only the words of the chorus: “I’ll never, never sleep alone.”

The girls soon got into a 69, with Camilla on top and her ass pointed at Davis. Camilla’s tongue tickled Candice’s clit, and Camilla’s finger rubbed against Candice’s G-spot. Candice slid her finger deep inside Camilla’s asshole while sucking on her labia. Candice pulled her finger out, revealing Camilla’s gaping anus to Davis’ fascinated eyes.

By the last chorus of the song, Camilla had gushed her ejaculation all over Candice’s face; Davis could clearly see the splashing. It was an incredible performance, and all for him. He went home feeling guilty, but thoroughly entertained.


On Tuesday afternoon, Camilla went to Bob’s new apartment. She was wearing a grey skirt and matching blazer, as well as a white blouse and black high heels. Her hair done up in a bun, she was ready to do a POV secretary fantasy video with Bob, who was in a suit, and Desiree, who wore a black-and-red dress with flower patterns. Desiree was in the bathroom freshening up.

Bob had set up a spare room to look like an office, with a desk and computer for himself.

“I’m glad to see everything’s ready, Bob,” Camilla said. “How are you?”

“Great,” he said, “though I had a really intense dream last night about a girl I’d slept with back in Vancouver, just after you’d left.”

“Really?” she asked, worried. “Tell me more.”

“Back when I’d fucked her,” he explained, “she got so excited, she dug her nails into my back and scratched me so I bled. Those scars healed, of course. In my dream, she did the same thing, but dug her nails even deeper. When I woke up today, blood was on my bed, and now I have new scars on almanbahis adres my back.”

“Eerie,” she said. I’ll bet the girl died, too; I’m definitely talking to Ravinder about this, she thought. Trying to forget this disturbing news, she then said, “OK, let’s do this secretary fuck, then. Desiree, are you ready?”

“Yeah,” Desiree said as she came out of the bathroom.

“Do you know your cue?” Camilla asked.

“Yeah, no problem,” Desiree said.

Bob put the straps for his POV camera around his head and neck. “You ready?” he asked Camilla.

“Yep,” Camilla said. “Hit PLAY.”

He did. You are Bob, the boss, for everything in the video is seen from Bob’s perspective.

Camilla, your secretary, comes into your office with a folder for you.

“Here you are, sir,” she says with a grin as she hands it to you. “The report you wanted.”

“Thanks,” you say.

“Anything else I can do for you?” she asks, still grinning.

“Yes,” you say, looking up and down at her.

Not at all perturbed by her boss ogling her, and grinning as if she likes the ogling, she says, “What would you like me to do for you, sir?”

“I wanna see you completely naked; take all your clothes off, right now.”

With widening eyes and a giggle of pleasant shock, she says, “Well, that’s the first time any of my bosses has ever wanted me to do that.” She removes her blazer. “Very well, then, if that’s what you want.” She takes off her skirt.

“You don’t mind doing that for your boss?” you ask.

“You’re my boss, and I must obey you,” she says with a lascivious sparkle in her eyes as she unbuttons her blouse. Still grinning, she takes it off, revealing the pink lace bra that matches her panties. She turns around for you, bends over, and sticks her ass out near your face.

“What lovely underwear,” you say. “You are pretty in pink.” You pat her on the behind several times.

“Thank you, sir,” she says with a giggle. Then she straightens up, turns around to face you, unclips her bra, and reveals her large breasts with a wiggle.

“My God, your tits are sensational,” you say.

“Thank you.” She pulls down her panties, then pulls her feet out of the leg holes, and kicks off her high heels. Now completely frontally nude before you, grinning, she says, “Ta da! How do I look?” She giggles again.

“Better than I’d imagined,” you say as you look up and down at her, getting an eyeful of her breasts and pubic hair. “Turn around for me and bend over, sweetie. I wanna see what secrets you have hiding down there.”

“Yes, sir,” she says as if she merely had to get him another report. With her legs spread wide open, she bends over so you can clearly see her pussy and asshole. She looks back at you upside-down from between her legs. “Do you like what you see, sir?”

“Do I ever,” you say. “I’m gonna stick my fingers in your two pretty little holes; is that OK with you?”

“OK,” she says. “What do you want me to do?”

“Unzip my pants and suck my dick.”

“Yes, sir,” she says, and takes your cock out of your pants while you put your left index finger deep inside her asshole, and put your right index and middle fingers inside her cunt. She runs her hand along your shaft while tickling the tip of your dick with her tongue. Then after licking your knob for a while, she puts your cock three-quarters of the way inside her mouth.

You alternate between looking up at the pussy and asshole you’re fingering, and looking down at her mouth going up and down on your cock. You look at each salacious action for a few seconds each, and this looking up and down continues for the next few minutes. You’re both moaning and sighing the whole time.

Then Desiree, another secretary, suddenly walks into the office and catches you two. Camilla straightens up, so Desiree can see her frontally nude.

Shocked, Desiree says, “So, Camilla, this is how you plan to rise in the company. By getting a rise out of our boss. You slut! This is so unfair!”

“What’s so unfair about it?” you say. “You can do it, too.”

“Really?” Desiree says, smiling lewdly.

“Sure,” you say. “Come over here, get naked, and let’s all do it on the floor.”

“OK,” Desiree says. Then the sexy brunette takes off her dress, revealing her black bra and panties.

“Nice undies, Desiree,” you say.

“Yeah,” Camilla says as she goes to lie down on the floor. “Very sexy.” She is on her back now.

“Thanks to you both,” Desiree says. Then she takes off her bra and shows off her tits with a wiggle. They’re not as big as Camilla’s, but they’re big enough, and firm and natural. Off go her shoes and down go her panties, revealing a hairy bush indeed similar to Calina’s.

“That’s a nice body you have, Desiree,” you say as you get on Camilla in the missionary position.

“Yeah,” Camilla says, ready to receive his cock. You look down at her body, then back up at naked Desiree.

“Bend over and spread ’em,” you say to Desiree.

“OK,” she says, and does as you wish. You ogle her hairy pussy and asshole for a few seconds.

“OK,” you say, “get over here and sit on Camilla’s face.”

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