Camera GirlCamera Girl


As I looked down at the man in the tweed jacket giving the lecture on camera angles I couldn’t help but wonder, just what would it feel like to be him? There must have been forty people in this sloped lecture hall all staring at him as he waved his arms around, occasionally pointing to something on the projector screen overhead. His words bounced off me as I simply stared at him, imaging that it wasn’t him standing there but me, and that instead of a tweed jacket I was completely naked. The thought of forty pairs of eyes all looking down at me as I stood there naked; it filled my being with lustful desire. I didn’t let anyone see this side of me. Everyone thought that I, Naomi Oxford, was just a regular twenty year old dark haired university student. Nobody knew that I secretly loved the idea of people watching me, yet because I kept my secret so well hidden it was always trying to find a way out. Casually I slid one of my hands under the desk and began to silently undo the button of my jeans. This lecture hall wasn’t the largest, there were only fifteen rows of seats and each row had a long wooden desk with a front to hide what was happening beneath them. I was sat near the back where all the laptop users went about their non-academic related business. Everyone knew their attention was more focused on their screens than the world around them. Still, they were close enough that by chance, one of the boys behind me might look up long enough to realise where my hand was. I didn’t want that to happen obviously, but the possibility it might just stirred my lust further. My jean button popped free and I slid my hand down, stroking the fabric of my panties. Professor Thames continued giving his lecture and the class continued listening, completely oblivious to what I was doing. How far could I push it? How much movement could I make without anyone growing suspicious? There was a blonde girl sitting directly in front of me, if I made even a peep she might hear and turn around. In truth, a part of me wanted her to. I don’t hate this fetish of mine, but I do sometimes wish I had more self-restraint because I was about to take it even further. I reached down into the book bag at my feet and grabbed what I had hidden inside. It was a small pink love egg and the batteries were fully charged. I looked around making sure nobody was looking my way before lifting the small device out of my bag. Next I slid the little bullet into my panties. The sensible part of me was telling me to stop, but my desire was overpowering and I pressed the switch putting my toy into its lowest setting. I felt the vibrations instantly as it stimulated my moist pussy. Professor Thames voice hid the noise of the vibrating toy, but between breathes I could make out the sound of the gentle buzz. It was too thrilling, the feeling off the toy buzzing around down there combined with the thrill of doing it in class. I just had to have more. I increased the power and listened out for the sound. If the room were to suddenly fall into silence how many people who hear me? Oh god it felt so good. I pressed the toy against my clit and was almost drowned in the waves of pleasure running through my body. That was when I fucked up, for a brief moment I forgot where I was, and in that brief moment a gentle moan escaped from my lips. I felt my blood turn to ice as the sound slipped out. Like deer in headlights I froze knowing there was no way nobody heard that. The girl directly in front of me had stopped writing. Oh god she was turning towards me, I could already see the look of disgust she was about to give. When I finally saw her face however she was smiling. Then, just so there wouldn’t be any questions about if she knew what I was doing or not, she winked at me. She had heard, she had absolutely heard but why was she smiling? I could feel my isvecbahis face going bright red and when she saw this she giggled then went back to writing. I quickly turned off my toy and shoved it back into my bag. Professor Thames was still talking, completely unaware of what one of his students had been doing. The eyes of those in the lecture hall were all still glued to him. As far as I could tell, the girl in front was the only one who had heard me, but that was still one more person than I wanted. Would she tell others? Would she perhaps blackmail Me? Maybe she’d just pretend it never happened? Oh God I needed to know. “And that’s it for today,” announced Professor Thames checking his watch. “There are some additional reading materials on the hub, but it’s for your own education. I’ll see most of you next week.” He returned to the computer desk and powered down the projector. The room was filled with the sound of people chatting and notebooks closing, neither of which I was partaking in. My eyes were on the blonde haired girl sitting in front of me as I tried to think of what to say to her. She suddenly stood up and turned around placing her arms on my desk. “That was surprising; I didn’t think you were the type.” I didn’t even know her name yet she was so friendly in the way she spoke. “Wanna grab lunch?” I could only nod. I was unsure of her intentions but I needed to know. We stood up together and left the lecture hall. I didn’t say much, partly because I was too embarrassed. “My names Amy? You?” She seemed like a talkative person, although in this case that might be a bad thing. “Naomi,” I replied. I might as well have had the words ‘I’m nervous’ printed across my t-shirt with how I was acting. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Naomi, fugitively of course. Although I guess in your case it was literally as that was what you were doing when our eyes first met.” She blurted that out without a care in the world about who might hear it. I blushed and she laughed putting an arm around my neck. “Don’t be so reserved, we’re young women doing what young women do. Anyone with a problem with that can fuck right off.” She was unbelievably bold. Honestly I kind of admired it. She probably never froze up when speaking in front of crowds. I really didn’t know what to say to her and felt she was dragging me along at her pace. Before I knew it, we had raided the salad bar and were sitting in a corner of the university’s spacious canteen with a table all to ourselves. “So do you masturbate in class often?” Out of nowhere she asked that of all questions. “No!” I blurted out. I was probably louder than she was. “And please don’t tell anyone.” “Relax Naomi. I’m not the type of girl who goes around spreading rumours in the hopes of passing her own insecurity issues onto someone else. I’m just curious about you.” “Thanks.” I felt she was telling the truth. “Actually, I’ve masturbated in class a couple of times… I know it’s wrong but…” “It’s only wrong if you get caught,” she said a wink. “I’ll let you in on a secret; I’ve done it as well.” I felt compelled to at least give her a smile. “I think I’ll stop.” I wanted to believe I could, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to hold back my urges. In truth I just couldn’t get off unless there was at least some danger like an open window or unlocked door. “Oh? That’s a shame; I was going to ask if you wanted to do it together.” I nearly choked on a baby tomato hearing her suggestion. “What?” She was serious. A sane person would have said no immediately, but something inside me stopped that word from coming out. “What do you mean?” I wanted to know just how serious she was. “We have one more class today right? How about we sit next to each other, and instead of you pleasuring yourself, you let me handle things?” I was speechless. The first question I asked myself was isveçbahis giriş ‘Is she serious?’. I didn’t want to say no, but I also didn’t want to say yes. “So?” She was waiting for an answer. “Sure…” I wasn’t anything but sure. Soon lunch was over and we had set off for the final class of the day. I knew I should say something to Amy, maybe tell her that this is a bad idea but the truth was I was excited. I was as nervous as hell, but also excited. We entered a lecture hall four times the size of the previous one as this class was relevant to a couple of different courses. Shit, I had forgotten this class was in this room. There were no fronts to the desks so anything happening underneath them was more visible. We took our seats in an isolated part of the sloped hall but we weren’t isolated for very long. More and more students were pouring in; most I’d never interacted with. There was easily way over a hundred people this class all of whom might find out about us, about me. I turned to Amy to say something but she was just taking out her books like normal and testing her pen. She was so calm; if I wanted to be like her then I’d need to act normally as well. The man taking this lecture was a shirt wearing individual in his late twenties. A lack of tweed jacket showed he wasn’t a professor although he was well on his way to becoming on. Steven was his name and it was a well-known fact he wasn’t above sleeping with his students. “Good afternoon everyone, it’s a lovely Friday afternoon so I’ll make this fly by as painlessly as possible.” He was one of the better lecturers and knew how to keep things lively. With the projector remote in his hand he didn’t waste time starting his lecture. A few late students drifted in during the first few minutes but he paid them no attention. Amy was also giving the lecture her full focus. I started to believe that she had forgotten about me and for some reason, I felt disappointed in that. I began focusing on the lecture as Steven continued his charismatic speaking. The first half hour passed by and I forgot all about what I had discussed with Amy. A one point however I became aware of something touching my waist and looked down to see a hand slyly undoing the button of my jeans. It was Amy and she worked fast. My button came undone followed by my zip being pulled down. I looked around but nobody was looking our way. I felt conscious of the gap beneath the table. If Steven were to look directly at us he might see what was happening. Being left handed Amy still had her pen in her hand taking down notes while her right rubbed my panties. She looked like she was still concentrating on the lecture. I tried to follow suit but couldn’t ignore the touch of her fingers. Amy wrote something on the top corner of her notebook then slid across to me. ‘You’re moist’ she had written. I blushed as she pulled her book back over to her and continued taking notes leaving the two words were she had written them. After a few minutes she stopped rubbing and took her hand away. I was glad she had stopped, but also disappointed. I had already come this far and I wanted her to continue. Fortunately I was delightfully wrong about her having enough. She brought her middle finger up to her mouth and took it inside, covering it with her salvia. When she pulled it out it was practically dripping. With her eyes still on the lecture her hand made a beeline for my panties. I felt her wet finger against my waistline before her hand slid into my panties. She rubbed her dripping finger across my moist folds, teasing me a little and then, I felt it enter me. Her finger was inside me, stirring my insides in the middle of this hall with around a hundred and fifty people. If just one of them turned our way by chance and saw what was happening they’d no doubt tell the person nearest to them. isveçbahis yeni giriş The chain would continue like that unlike the entire hall was watching us. “You just got tighter,” a playful voice whispered into my ear. “Are you thinking about them?” She knew. Her finger began to move more vigorously, sending waves of pleasure up my body. I felt so hot right now. I had to control myself and not let what happened earlier happen again, yet as I thought about the people around me my lust only grew. I began to gently rock my hips in motion with her finger. The rational part of me wanted to stop, but the true me wanted more and Amy was only happy to oblige. I couldn’t hold it; she knew all the right places to touch and I was going to cum. I bit down on my pen and braced myself as it happened. In a flush of pleasure I came. When it was over Amy slid her drenched finger out from my pussy, and as carefree as ever brought to her mouth and sucked it clean. “You’re delicious,” she whispered into my ear as I recovered. A girl I had just met had just made me cum in hall filled with so many people, and best of all not a single one of them had noticed. There was only one thing I could feel right now, and that was an overwhelming sense of thrill. * * *At Amy’s invitation I stepped into her spacious clean bedroom that even had a double bed, a luxury for university students like us. With classes finished for the weekend and no plans I had eagerly accepted her invitation to come over. “You’re lucky; the building I live in is practically falling apart,” I explained to her feeling jealous. Any student living in a building this nice must have been getting a lot of money from their parents. “It’s not luck. I do a little erotic modelling work for a website a friend of mine runs. I enjoy it and it pays, big.” “Erotic modelling?” I had a good idea of what she was talking about but needed to clarify. “It’s like regular modelling but with sexy poses and outfits. I can introduce you if you want.” Suddenly Amy was standing very close to me. “No… I can’t…” It sounded a bit risky. “Think about it,” she began whispering seductively into my ear. “You could have thousands of men across the world looking at pictures of you with your legs spread open and only a tiny thong to cover you. They don’t even need to see your face, just thousands of eyes looking at your body, drooling over you.” “Thousands?” That was too much, the idea of having so many hungry eyes staring made me… made me… made me very hot. I felt an urge plunge my fingers in my lusting coot. Amy knew what I was thinking. She pushed me backwards and when I fell onto her bed she followed locking her lips with mine. “So how about it?” She asked; her eyes just inches from my own. I could feel her breath on my lips, telling me of her desire. “I want it.” I couldn’t lie. The thought of others watching me had always driven me to do lewd things. She suddenly kissed me and even now as Amy’s tongue invaded my mouth my mind was picturing all those people, standing around with their eyes on me. “Naomi, do you like being watched?” She already knew the answer to that question but wanted to hear me say it. “Yes. I love it!” To be able to say it without feeling an ounce of shame felt so good. “I love it when people watch me!” I cried out again. As Amy slid back I looked up at her and asked her one simple question. “Am I weird?” She smiled and pulled on the laces of my converse shoes to remove them. “Yes, you’re super weird, but I absolutely love weird girls.” She pulled off my jeans and slid back over to me, rubbing her hand along the length of my leg until it came to rest against my panties. Piece by piece she removed the rest of my clothes until I was sitting on her bed completely naked. “Jeez look how wet these are,” she teased holding up my panties. “I guess I’m partially to blame though.” She dropped them onto the wooden floor with the rest of my clothes. She stood there, looking at my naked body as if she was assessing it. It was strange at first but the more she looked at me, the more my lust grew.

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