C.N.A. Story Ch. 03C.N.A. Story Ch. 03


It had been a month since Linda and I had hooked up in the women’s bathroom at the hospital and began our sexual journey together. While she still lived with her lunatic boyfriend, she came to stay the night with me at least once a week and usually always stopped by after work. Linda lived almost forty miles away from the hospital, while I lived only a few blocks away. So she could always make a quick stop to my place.

She had begun buying elaborate, lacy lingerie to show me. Each time, I felt like things couldn’t get any better. One night, I got a phone call from her asking if she could stay over because a winter storm warning had been put into effect, and she didn’t want to risk missing work. At least, that’s what she told her boyfriend. I told her it was no trouble at all and waited anxiously for her to arrive.

She showed up around 6 p.m. and I greeted her with a passionate kiss, taking her bag for her. She was dressed in a long over coat, her blonde hair dotted with snowflakes.

“Jesus it’s cold out there,” she said as she stood by the heater, warming her hands.

“Well, it is the middle of November,” I said, and then looked down at her legs. Just below the end of her coat, I could see her calves. “You’re a wearing a skirt in snowy weather?”

She smiled slyly. “No, not a skirt.”


“No, not shorts.”

I smiled broadly, dying with anticipation. “Then what?”

She opened her coat and revealed the sexiest red lingerie I had ever seen. Her large, creamy tits were pushed up and together by the lacy red cups, twin holes opened up to reveal her nipples standing out in protest to the cold. The corset ended in a midriff, it’s fabric a deep, deep red with a white trim. Her panties were a similar red with white trim, but the crotch had been cut out and her legs were parted just enough to see her engorged lips revealed.

“What do you think?” she asked, dropping the coat to the floor and modeling it for me. “Not bad for 45?”

“Not bad for 25,” I stammered as I went to her and pulled her to me by the small of her back. I slid my fingers over her neck and jaw as I kissed her. Her tongue invaded my mouth as we grinded against each other. She slipped off my t-shirt and licked my nipples, pushing me into my bedroom.

“You know, I almost wore that same outfit tonight,” I said as she nibbled on my chest. “How embarrassing would that have been?”

“Lay down,” she whispered as we reached the bed. She pulled my sweats off and my cock sprung free and hard as a rock. She grasped me at the base of my shaft and kissed the tip of my head with her red lips. She kept her eyes on me as she slid her tongue out and swirled it around my head.

“God, I can’t get enough of you,” she whispered as she sucked me in.

I moaned and felt my balls tingle as she ran her hands up my torso and tweaked my nipples. Her head bobbed up and down, her blonde hair tickling my skin. It didn’t take long and I felt my orgasm coming. She felt it too as my shaft began to go steel-rigid.

“Oh God, Linda!” I moaned as I orgasmed, my body convulsing from the intensity.

She came up and laid on top of me, her breasts squeezed against me and small dribble of cum traveling down her chin. She deftly licked it up.

“I have been fantasizing about you all day,” she confided as she grinded her pussy against my hip.

“Really?” I said. “I’ve been thinking about you too.”

“Sexual thoughts?”

“Oh yes.”

“Cum filled, hot sticky escort bayan thoughts?”


“God, I have a son your age and here I am fucking you on a regular basis.”

I smiled. “Hey, you’re about three seconds ahead of me on the evolutionary scale, so what does it matter?”

“You’re good for the ego.”

“Four out of five doctors recommend me for sexually frustrated women over 20.”

Linda laughed. “What about the fifth doctor?”

“I haven’t given her a demonstration as to why I’m good for sexual frustration yet…”

Linda laughed again and we rolled around the bed, touching each other and kissing. My cock began to stir again as we kissed. I slipped off her panties and she undid the corset. Her breasts were amazing as she straddled me and hung them in my face. I hungrily licked at her nipples as she lowered her pussy onto my cock. I slid in and we both held our breath, enjoying the moment.

“You want to get really crazy with me tonight?” she asked playfully as we began to hump, her juices trickling down my balls and to my ass.

“HELL yes,” I said as I grasped her ass as she began riding me a little bit harder, bearing down a little bit deeper. “Anything you want.”

Linda eyed me, her mouth open slightly as she enjoyed the feeling of my cock inside her. “Anything?”


She began to ride me a little bit faster, her tits swaying with each thrust, driving me crazy.

“Have you ever thought of a threesome?”

I nodded. “Been in one before…”

“Would you like to be in one with me?” she half moaned as I felt her pussy tightening around my cock. She was getting close to cumming as her rhythm became faster and harder. I became vaguely aware of the bedsprings popping and squeaking as we humped each other. I had never seen anyone cum as quickly as she did, but that worked to my favor.

“I’d love to,” I managed, my eyes rolled back in my head as I fought off another orgasm. “As long as it’s another woman…”

“It is,” she whispered, her voice quivering as her hands pushed against my chest for leverage. She was close now. “Sandy… from work…”

“Sandy?” I huffed as she orgasmed, her hips bucking and face contorted. She threw her head back and moaned as I felt her juices flood over my crotch. For a moment, she couldn’t speak; she just kept her head back and cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples.

“Oh God, yes baby,” she said as she leaned forward and kissed me. Then, she began to move up and down again, slowly sliding her pussy up and down on my cock. She said, “Yeah, Sandy the nurse? She’s usually on your hall.”

“No shit?” I said, feeling the orgasm building up again.

“No shit,” Linda said as she worked my cock over. “She knows about us.”

“How does she know about us?”

“I told her,” she said as she slowly gyrated her hips, creating a sensation that made my feet tingle.


“She’s my best friend, you know. I told her you were the fuck of the century, and she asked if we could share.”

“How…do…you…feel about…that?” I stammered as the cum began to rise.

“I like the idea,” she said and then realized I was ready. “Cum for me baby, oh yes cum for me…”

I orgasmed again, my body wracked with pleasure as I shot my load inside her. Linda dismounted me and lay beside me as my cock recovered. I had to catch my breath as she nuzzled my neck, running her finger up and down my chest, playing with my nipples görükle escort again.

Sandy was a really sweet nurse who worked the same hall as I did. We got a long fine, but I never had thought she looked at me like that. She was 38, had shoulder length dark hair, a fair complexion and what I guessed were C-cup breasts. She was shorter than me at 5’7″, but had a great figure. She always reminded me a little bit of busty Debra Winger. But never the sexually adventurous type, from what I had seen.

“Sandy seriously wants to hook up?” I asked again.

“Yes,” Linda said, and then added, “I thought it might be fun to expand our horizons…”

“Okay, I’m in.”

Linda picked up my phone and dialed Sandy’s number. I listened, feeling a new excitement bubbling inside me.

“Sandy? Hey, this is Linda…” she said into the phone. “I’m over at his house, and we talked about your idea… yes, he very much wants to do it… well, how about tonight?… Great, see you in ten minutes… bye.”

Linda hung up and rolled to face me, wedging her leg between mine. She smiled broadly and said, “She coming over. Think you can handle both of us?”

I looked thoughtfully at her and said, “I can try my best.”

I got back into my sweats and t-shirt while Linda cleaned up and changed into her t-shirt. A lot of thoughts went running through my head as I waited for Sandy to show up. I opened a beer, offered one to Linda and we sat on the couch waiting. Finally, there was a knock at the door.

I opened the door and Sandy greeted me, bundled up in a ski jacket, jeans and snowcap. I took her bag and put it by Linda’s in the kitchen. Sandy and Linda hugged each other as I briefly wondered whether I actually could handle both these women. I shrugged off the self-doubt and decided to let the chips fall where they may. Sandy took off her jacket and boots, setting them by the heater. She wore a blue flannel and had her hair up in a bun, which she promptly undid as her cap came off. She looked beautiful.

“Well,” she smiled nervously, “Here we are.”

“Here we are,” I said.

There was an awkward moment before Linda said, “I hope you know what you’re in for. This guy is good for at least five times a night, and I’ve only used him twice tonight.”

Sandy raised an eyebrow and looked at me. “Well, we’ll just have to put him to the test, won’t we?”

We all went into the bedroom and stood there for a moment, not sure where to start. Then, Linda suggested we try kissing each other at the same time. We leaned our heads in, put our arms around each other like we were in a group hug met our lips together. We all shared a nervous laugh for a moment, but that quickly dissolved. Sandy licked my lips as Linda ran her tongue over Sandy’s tongue. All three of our tongues began sliding and caressing one other as our hands traveled all over each other, exploring. I felt Sandy’s hand slide down my back and to my ass as Linda rubbed my crotch. I saw Sandy’s other hand gently knead Linda’s breast through her t-shirt as we became more and more aroused.

Sandy broke the kiss and unbuttoned her flannel, revealing her beautiful, full breasts. Linda hauled off her t-shirt to reveal her beautiful, naked body as I undid Sandy’s jeans and kissed the tops of her breasts. As I pulled her jeans off, Linda pulled my sweats down. The waistband caught on my shaft briefly, pulling it down. Then, it sprung free as I pulled my shirt off. bursa elit escort Sandy looked intently at my dick as she slid her panties down, revealing her pussy, a small triangle of black pubic hair just above her pink lips.

Linda kissed Sandy passionately and then undid her bra, tossing it by the bed. She walked around her and held her from behind as Sandy pulled me to her, kissing me softly. Linda massaged Sandy’s tits, making her moan as I kissed her deeply. I slipped two fingers into her, and was amazed at how wet she was. I realized I had pre-cum dripping down my shaft as Sandy grabbed my cock and began stroking it slowly. The pre-cum lubed my dick as Linda continued to massage her tits.

I leaned myself against the dresser as Sandy and Linda kneeled down in front of me. They took turns licking my shaft, my head, my balls, both of them flicking me with their tongues and sucking me with their mouths. My mind was spinning, and I dimly was aware of my mouth gaping open as they stimulated me. It was too much as I watched them, these two gorgeous women sharing my cock. I exploded in their faces, and an almost painful eruption of cum sprayed them. If it had been possible, I would have cum again as I watched them lick it off each other. A large gob of cum had landed on Sandy’s chest, and Linda quietly licked it off, taking a moment to suckle on her breast. Something told me they had been together before…

I laid Sandy down on the bed and began licking her cunt, flicking her clit with my tongue. Linda concentrated on her tits again, licking and nibbling on them. Sandy was moaning, almost whimpering with pleasure now as I worked on her crotch and Linda played with her nipples. After ten minutes of this, Sandy orgasmed hard and actually squirted her cum across my bedspread. Linda worked my cock briefly until I was hard again and then pushed me back on the bed. She straddled my face, lowering her cunt over my mouth and smiling expectantly at me. As I dived into her with my tongue, Sandy straddled my cock and began riding me. I saw her hands reach out and began playing with Linda’s breasts. Linda was in the throes of ecstasy as I ate her pussy out.

“Oh God, YES,” Sandy cried as she rode me, dropping her hands from Linda’s breasts and holding onto my midsection as she rode my cock. I looked in the mirror on the wall beside my bed and saw Sandy riding me, her face blushed and her tits bouncing up and down as she fucked me. I saw the top of my head sticking out from between Linda’s legs as she ran her hands through her hair, her massive tits swinging as she grinded against my tongue. I cupped her tits with my hands and squeezed, and then tweaking her nipples.

Suddenly, I felt Sandy’s pussy spasm around my cock and another flood of vaginal fluid spilled all over my bed, soaking my thighs and groin. She screamed again and again as she experienced a multiple orgasm, her nipples erect and the veins in her neck bulging out. I had never seen a multiple orgasm before… As this happened, Linda began to cum and almost suffocated me. Thankfully, she didn’t gush this time. I felt Sandy roll off me and lay limply on the bed. Linda sat down by my head. I didn’t cum that time, but it was all right. My cock was so sore already, and I could feel the muscles groaning from Sandy’s vigorous lovemaking. I’d be in pain tomorrow

“Jesus Sandy,” she laughed, “You okay?”

Sandy gave us a weak thumbs up. “Yeah…yeah…”

“And did you enjoy that, lover?” Linda asked me.

“Are you kidding?”

“You weren’t lying,” Sandy breathed as she slid her hand up my leg, “He is the fuck of the century.”

“I could get used to this,” I grinned, thoroughly spent, “This is the universe’s way of making up for the fact I never I had a girlfriend in school.”

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