By The FireBy The Fire


She brought her mug to her mouth, a hiss escaping her mouth as the hot liquid scorched her tongue. He glanced over at her at the sound; she was always the impatient one when it came to her sweets. He watched as she blew on her hot cocoa, sitting in her little green chair with her feet propped up by the fire. She remained a child at heart, even though she was nearing her 30s, but he loved that about her. Her childish joy, the huge smile when she was happy over the littlest things; she wasn’t cynical about everything in her life and it was a refreshing change of pace from the people at work. He smirked at her as she tenderly attempted to sip her treat again. It must have been more manageable as no unsavory sounds erupted from her mouth, instead a soft mewling was heard as she took another sip.

Her dark chocolate brown eyes caught his gaze, a smirk erupting across her mouth. As child-like as she remained, she was not innocent in the least bit. He had seen that smirk across her face many times, mostly with her mouth stuffed with his cock, but that look was always recognizable. Her lust was insatiable. Her tongue darted out to lick some of the liquid chocolate that had gathered on the corner of her mouth, then continued to wet the rest of her lips before her lower lip vanished between her teeth briefly. Then she turned back to the fire and settled against her little green chair, snuggling into it as much as possible.

They did not fuck that night, or the next. He wanted her, but he was too exhausted from work. She would come to him when he laid down for the night, slowly creeping the comforter down his body until her mouth had found his cock. She licked every inch of it, cradling his heavy balls in her hand and rolling them sporadically, until his cock was as hard as steel. He saw the hungry look in her eyes as she would rub his cock across her cheek until it reached her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head before slowly bobbing up and down his shaft. She would switch between her mouth working his shaft and then his balls until he was near his peak, that’s when the grin would appear. She stuffed him down her mouth and suctioned his dick until her cheeks were firmly against the sides of his cock and bobbed up and down with an intensity he cherished until he exploded in her mouth. She sucked all of it down, her mouth working the head as her hand pumped his shaft for every ounce of cum, and then before he knew it he was exploding in her mouth again. She would go wash up and give him a kiss goodnight, and he would fall asleep.

As the weekend approached it started to snow heavily, and soon all that could be seen was white. He would come home to find her tucked into her green chair, feet propped up by the fire, various activities catching her attention. Saturday morning found him with the smell of the fireplace as she cuddled up against him, her hair fanning into his face. He picked up a almanbahis adresi lock of her dark maroon hair and brought it to his nose. He loved when she smelled of the fireplace, it was calming and made him feel warm even when there wasn’t a fire going. It also suited her well considering how fiery she was most of the time. She finally stirred in his arms, tilting her head up until she could place a brief kiss under his chin before getting up and brushing her teeth. Soon the smell of bacon was in the air as she started breakfast, followed by the smell of burning wood as he started a fire. He looked over to her to see her gazing out at the snow, a small smile on her face. She loved the snow.

“Margot?” He asked softly.

“Yes, Julian?” She asked tilting her head slightly to look at him. A small smile erupted across her face again once she saw the roaring fire behind him.

“Did you forget the bacon?” He asked nonchalantly.

Her eyes widened before turning back to the stove and flipping the bacon over. After breakfast was done Margot and Julian both headed outside with the dog. Julian went on his way to gather up some more firewood to bring inside while Margot went out into the yard with the dog. As Julian came back out for a second load of firewood he felt the coldness of a snowball melting off his arm and down his hand, ducking as another one came flying at him. He watched as she laughed and ran into the house, giving way to a game of chase. He found her in the living room before she darted into the kitchen, and round and round the house the went until he finally grabbed her and threw her onto the couch with him straddling her. He pinned her arms behind her as he let out a flurry of tickles across her torso. He loved the way she laughed when he tickled her, even if she thrashed around trying to headbutt him off her.

“Please! Please stop! I can’t!” She shouted between gulps of air.

“You got what you deserved.” He relented, smirking down at her in victory.

Her arms circled his neck as he grinded down against her before capturing her lips with his. Their kiss started slow and easy, soft lips gliding against soft lips, but soon it turned into her nibbling his lower lip. His tongue fought with hers for dominance, her hands gripping at his arms as moans left her repeatedly. As they parted he looked down at her, her wild disheveled hair across her face, her brown eyes glossy with desire, that erotic smirk playing across her mouth. He smiled down at her before helping her up off the couch. She graced him with a lingering kiss before walking back towards the fire.

He watched as she peeled off her clothes until she was standing in only her black satin panties, the fire dancing across her curves in the most alluring way. She still wore that smirk on her face as she grazed her hands down her breasts to her hips, hooking her fingers into her panties. She turned almanbahis adres away from him as she sashayed her hips, slowly peeling off her panties until they sat right below her ass cheeks. He came up behind her, brushing her hair over one shoulder, placing kisses up and down her throat. His hands ventured lower onto her breasts, finding her nipples and tweaking them softly until moans vibrated in her throat making his lips buzz.

Her arms lifted, hands burrowing into his hair as she leaned back against him. She felt his erection against her bottom as he ground into her, his hands on her breasts keeping her planted against him. She couldn’t hold back the sounds that bubbled over and escaped her mouth. Soft panting could be heard along with the crackle of the wood in the fireplace throughout the house, an occasional moan fluttering along their ears. She turned and pressed her lips against his, her hands unbuttoning his jeans and frantically pushing them down.

He felt himself being pushed back until he was shoved down into her little green chair. She sank to her knees and licked the tip of his shaft like a lollipop, then made her way down to his balls, giving them a gentle suck, then moving her way back up to the tip before taking him into her mouth. His hands moved to her hair, gently tugging as she sucked him further down her throat until he could feel her tongue against his balls. He pulled her from him and pushed her into the chair, her knees on the cushion, her body arching over the back of the chair.

A loud crack was heard through the house as his palm met her ass. She bit down on her lip and wiggled her ass at him as he knelt behind her. His hands hooked into her panties that still sat right below her ass and pulled them down as his lips and tongue caressed the red mark that marred her skin. His fingers grazed her thighs up and down, teasing her as he moved closer to her apex on every upward movement. A gasp left her as he gripped her thighs and pulled them apart, his tongue burying into her pussy as it came into view. His fingers found her clit, circling, softly pinching, stroking in different directions until an orgasm ripped through her body, coating his tongue. He lapped at her and stroked her with his fingers softly until she was calmed down some. He ran his fingers against his length to give it some lubrication before he positioned himself behind her. One hand gripped her shoulder, the other gripped her hip, and in one swift movement he was balls deep in her. Her hands gripped at the chair back as a groan left her. He filled her completely, stretching her in the most amazing way. A hiss left her mouth as he pulled out and shoved back in roughly.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She screamed out.

He slammed in and out of her repeatedly, pounding harder every thrust until the chair started to move across the floor. Her fingers reached down to play with her almanbahis adres clit, her orgasm soon impending. She ground herself back against him on every thrust. She needed more.

“More, more, more, more. I need more! More!” She begged and pleaded as he continued to pound into her.

He looked down to see himself being devoured by her pussy again and again, her walls constricting around him. She was close. He pulled her ass apart and pulled his length out of her, then positioned it against her crinkled hole and pushed. Her back arched as his head passed through and was snuggly in her ass. She pushed back against him as he pushed forward, his dick sliding into her ass in one fluid movement. Both let out a groan after he was balls deep in her ass.

Pulling out he quickly started to fuck her ass as she let out cries of passion. His hand found her hair and tugged backwards making her back arch further. The sound of his balls slapping against her as he roughly fucked her ass filled the room. He pulled her back farther until his mouth covered hers, swallowing her cries of pleasure. His other hand found her clit and rolled it between his fingers until she was screaming, her body spasming as she orgasmed. He came with her, her ass clenching his length pushing him over the edge.

After he pulled himself from her they both collapsed backwards onto the floor, her hair dancing across them both as she laid her head on his chest. A contented sigh left them both before she turned towards the fire.

“I wish it could be winter all year long, I love the fire.” She yawned as her eyes fought to stay open. Finally, she departed to the land of sleep after several minutes of attempting to stay awake. He kissed her cheek and went to get a blanket to lay over her, so she could sleep by her fire.

“I love you.” He whispered into her ear before giving her another soft peck on the cheek.

Later that afternoon he found her out in the snow making a snow angel, the dog nearby rolling around in the snow. A smile lit up her face when she saw him standing nearby. She sat up and waved at him, a goofy grin spreading across her face. He raised an eyebrow at her in question. This wasn’t good.

“Hey babe! Can you come help me up? My butt is numb.” She giggled incessantly.

“I don’t know why you get yourself into these situations. You’re so-” He was cut off as she pulled him into the snow next to her.

“I got you!” She screamed before scooping up snow and shoveling it onto him.

“Stop! You’re crazy!” He yelled out as he tried to push the snow off himself to no avail.

“Never!” She giggled as she climbed on top of him and spread her arms out to either side and pulled snow in towards him.

He finally rolled her over, all the snow on him falling onto her. They both laughed before she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him in for a soft kiss. Their lips melded together perfectly.

“I love you, Margot.” He whispered against her lips.

“I love you too.” She looked up into his green eyes, seeing all the love he held for her in them.

Their lips crashed together in a passionate kiss.

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