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Hello ____________ –

I can’t believe we’re writing these letters. But the more we write, the hotter it makes me. Sit back. Relax. This is a long story, but I think you’ll like it. And maybe you will finally think I’ve been a little, just a little, hedonistic.

My first year of law school I was sharing a house with 4 other people – 1 girl and 3 guys. Everyone was in graduate school of some sort, and none of us had the money to get our own place. No biggie – it’s college – not the rest of your life. But I think it was here that, like you, my life took a turn toward the _______, and I’ve never really looked back.

My first semester was a bitch. Late nights, all-nights, reading, researching – it was hell. I was so keyed up by the time finals came around I couldn’t stand it but finally they were over. I finished late one morning, went back to the house, took a long hot bath and then slept the rest of the day away. Of my roommates, I was the newest grad student so they’d all been there before. They came dragging in close to dinnertime. One of the guys brought a couple six packs of beer with him. Everyone had been so involved with school, that even though we lived together, we’d never really said much more than hello on our way through the door. Everyone was neat enough that no one was offended, and no one was too nit picky to be a pain. It was a civil group, but no one had had time to get really friendly. No one really had many friends outside of their classes either.

Anyway, like I said one of the guys brought home a couple six packs of beer. It’s not my usual m.o. to start drinking right after waking up, but with the tension of the last 3 months I joined him for a couple, and started feeling much better about things. By this time, everyone was back from their last exams. As they came in I think they were a little surprised at the little social gathering that had started, but everyone had been through a similar time and was ready for a little socializing, even if they didn’t know each other very well.

The first guy home, Derek, and I decided that the two lousy six packs he’d brought back weren’t going to be enough, so while the others showered and shaved and what not, we ran down to the liquor store and brought back a shopping cart full of beer, wine and some schnapps for winter – we already had a foot or so of snow on the ground.

This was turning out to be fun and I was really looking forward to a no pressure night of letting go. After the liquor store, and partly since we’d already been into it, we stopped by the pizza place and picked up some pizzas.

By the time we got back to the house everyone had cleaned up and rested for a few. We set the pizzas down in the kitchen. Everyone ended up gathering in there, eating the pizza, drinking whatever, and, for the first time, getting to know each other. It was kind of fun. Once the pizzas were done, the kitchen lost some of its allure, when one of the other guys suggested we go into the living room and play some cards. None of us had any real money, but everyone ran to their rooms to get their laundry quarters. Even at this point I don’t think anyone had any idea what was to come.

We all sat on the floor around the coffee table and Amy dealt the first hand. We had not stopped drinking and the nervous tension laughter in the kitchen had given way to boisterous, full belly laughter. After I don’t know how many hands, or beer and wine either, I was down to 50 cents. The pot had gotten pretty high, but I had to fold. Nothing left. “Well, I guess that’s it for me. I’m out of cash,” I said. From all around the table, “Oh no you’re not. You’re sticking around till the end.” “Here, I’ll lend you some to get started on the next hand.” It was no use. It was like Monopoly. You know how the end of Monopoly always comes way before the game is done? Well, that’s how I felt. When Amy saw I was down to my last dime, she suggested I put something a little more valuable on the table. I had a good hand, and wanted to get back in the game.

“What do you mean, by a little more valuable?” I asked. “Something like your sweatshirt.” Everyone roared with laughter. I wasn’t sure if I was insulted or what. I had a good hand. I staked my sweatshirt, at least partly out of pride. One more round around the table till it was just me and Bob. I raised. He called. I laid out my straight. He laid out a flush. Thank goodness the landlords paid for the heat. But now things had changed a bit. Amy had a little stash of money in front of her, and Rich was almost as broke as me. “Another round?” Ankara escort Derek asked, picking up and shuffling the cards. This time, Rich lost his shirt. Now both of us were sitting there in our tee shirts.

Rich reached across the table and scooped all the money onto his shirt. “If we’re gonna keep playing, we’re going to level the field.” Amy was the first to speak up – “I’m game!” Derek went into the kitchen and got the schnapps. Everyone took a pull, and then we started again. The game seemed to go a little faster, the laughter started getting a little more nervous again. In what seemed like no time, I’d lost my socks and pants, and was sitting there in just my panties and tee shirt. Poor Rich was down to just his boxers. Derek elected to give up his pants and socks first, and left his shirt on. Amy had only lost her socks, and Bob had lost a shirt and tee shirt. Amy suggested a rule change – loser gives up their stake, but now the winner gets to tell the loser what to do with their clothes.

The schnapps made another round. Bob dealt the cards. Amy lost, having staked her top. Derek won, and asked Amy to dance while she took off her shirt. She was more than happy to oblige. She started moving to the song on the radio, and slowly took off her top. She draped it in Derek’s lap, and kept dancing. Everyone’s eyes were on her. She’d finished her obligation, but she kept dancing, slowly slipping her hand under the straps of her bra and sliding them over her shoulders. Then she reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, but the straps kept it from coming all the way off. She was dancing very sexy now, rolling her shoulders in time with the music, almost like she’d done this before. Amy brought her arms together in front and her bra slipped further down her arms. She covered her breasts with her arms and wriggled the bra off so it dropped on the floor. As the song came to a close, she slowly relaxed her arms. I think I was the one that let out a gasp – she had the most gorgeous breasts I’d ever seen! They were perfectly shaped with smallish, pink nipples perfectly placed. I’d never suspected. I don’t know why, but I was amazed. Amy sat down, picked up the cards and started shuffling. I looked over at Rich, and noticed his pecker poking out the opening in his boxers. I felt some moisture leak from my pussy into my panties.

By this point I think everyone realized where this was going. Bob finally started losing, and after a couple pretty bad dances was down to his jockeys. It was almost even around the table. I hadn’t lost a hand in a while, but that wasn’t to last. Next round I lost. Rich asked me to dance – I think everyone was a little nervous to take the next step. Amy got up to dance with me. My heart skipped several beats. I glanced around the table – there was a bulge in every lap. As we got around the coffee table and stood facing each other, Amy reached up, undid the front clasp of my bra and slid her hands inside, cupping my breasts. My nipples instantly hardened into little rocks. My panties, already a little moist, started clinging to my outer lips. I knew they were getting dark with all my wetness leaking out. Amy moved closer, lifted her head up to mine and kissed me full on the lips, waiting for me to acquiesce before sliding her tongue inside my mouth. I felt faint. I’d never done this before, but the combination of the school tension, the booze and now this exhibitionism just added to the excitement.A

Amy turned us so we were profiled in front of the guys. As we turned I noticed Derek had his pecker in his hand, as did Bob. Bob might not have been able to dance, but he had a massive cock – his fingers barely reached around it, and when he stroked downward there was at least six inches above his hand. Amy slipped her hands up to my shoulders and slid my bra down my arms as she lifted her knee up between my legs. I pressed down onto her thigh with my pussy and wriggled so my outer lips were spread over her leg. I gave another gasp as she pressed her naked breasts tightly against mine and kissed me again. It seemed like she had done this before. She pulled away and lowered her head to my right nipple, taking it into her mouth. I wanted her to keep moving down my front, and she soon obliged, slipping off her panties as she slid down my front, her lips never leaving my skin. When she got to the top of my panties she grabbed the elastic in her teeth and pulled, then slipped her fingers inside the waistband and pulled them all the way off. I turned some more so I could put my leg up on the coffee table. Amy’s lips never Ankara escort bayan lost contact with my skin, and in just a second she was taking my pubic hair in her teeth and pulling. Always working south, she used her tongue to start parting my lips from the top down. I started bucking in toward her, and then realized we’d both be a lot more comfortable if I was laying down. Much as it pained me, I broke away and went behind Rich to the sofa. He had stopped handling himself to watch me walk by him and his eyes followed me to the sofa. I knew that when we got around to the guys, he would be the first. But now, I was more interested in my “first.”

Amy followed me over, and helped me get comfortable, lifting my legs and spreading my knees, exposing me for everyone to see. I was enjoying this. Amy wasted no time returning to where she left off. I was leaning against the back of the sofa with my head back, as she stuck her tongue inside me. I pushed against her tongue, and tried to urge her toward my clit. She complied, and as she was sucking on it, I felt something brush against my hair. I looked to the side and there was a beautifully hard cock just inches from my face. I nodded and Derek moved a little closer so I could take it in my mouth. This was not a first for me, but it was the first time I really got into it. It was hard to concentrate on Derek with Amy doing what she was doing. I wanted both, but at the moment I wanted Amy more, and I told Derek to give me a couple minutes. Amy’s shoulder length hair was draped over my upper thighs as she worshipped my mons. It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar little shudders that tell me I’m getting ready to come. Amy could sense this as well, and started concentrating on my clit while she buried two fingers inside me, stroking a place I never knew existed. I started gushing just before I came with a great shudder. I lay there out of breath while Amy again crawled up my front, her face soaking wet with my juices. She stopped at my nipples and ran her cheek over one, making it glisten with the wetness from my drenched cunt. As I regained my composure I looked over to the side to see if Derek was still there. He was, and so was his cock. I reached over, grabbed the base and started sucking on the head. I love sucking on the head of a hard cock, first like a lollipop, then pulling back and then using my tongue to toy with the underside, till the guy starts pushing toward my face. Then I see just how much I can get down my throat. It didn’t take long for Derek to pull my head toward him and start pumping into my mouth. In just a few strokes he grunted a deep throaty grunt and pumped his come into my mouth. This was the first time I’d ever swallowed and I loved his hot come shooting against the roof of my mouth.

The other three were not wasting time watching us. As Derek slumped against the back of the sofa, I looked over and saw that Amy did not only have eyes for me. She was on all fours, with Bob was plunging his massive cock into her from the rear, while Rich kneeled in front of her and she sucked voraciously on his hard-on. I had never had two men at the same time before and wanted to give it a try. Derek had finally noticed what was going on and in just a couple minutes was hard again. I really wanted Rich to take me first, for whatever reason I can’t remember, but I went over and kneeled next to him at Amy’s head. I could tell Amy wanted to concentrate on Bob filling her cunt, so I pushed Rich away and onto his back. I crawled over him and without any hesitation impaled myself on his raging hard-on. He was still wet from Amy’s ministrations, as was I, and he slid in till I could feel his heat deep in my loins. I motioned for Derek to come over, which he did without waiting. He stood over Rich’s head while I leaned forward and again took his cock in my mouth. It was very difficult to concentrate on both at the same time, and the feeling of Rich inside of me started to take over my attention. I pulled my head back and grabbed Derek’s cock with my hand so he wouldn’t feel neglected. Meanwhile, I leaned forward to press my clit against Rich’s pubic bone, and started sliding back and forth. It wasn’t long before I started again feeling the waves of my orgasm starting to build. I started clenching the walls of my vagina, and that turned out to be all Rich needed to start coming. He flooded my insides with his come. Before he had finished I came again, clenching him harder. When I lifted myself off him, he was already hard again.

I needed a little break, and leaned back against one of the Escort Ankara chairs, my pussy leaking come when Derek came over and lay down in front of me. He started kissing the inside of my thighs, moving up toward my cunt that was dripping with my come, as well as Rich’s. He started to move closer, and with his tongue cleaned me up. I started getting hot already – I had never had anybody do this before and the feeling of his hot tongue cleaning up the cooling juices leaking out side of me made me very hot again. I slid down so I was flat on the floor, and pulled his head to mine. Derek leaned forward to kiss me on the mouth, and it was then that I realized that he hadn’t swallowed all he had cleaned up. He opened his mouth to kiss me, and with his tongue pushed what he had saved into my mouth. The mingled taste was unbelievable! He slid into me and started to grind. As he started, I realized I just wanted more and more and more. Derek had a way of moving that rubbed my clit just the right way, and again in no time I started coming again. I love the feeling of my come running out around a guy’s cock, and onto his balls. After I came once, Derek came, and the jets of his jism caused me to come yet again.

Amy, Bob and Rich were all in a tangle in the middle of the room. I was a little dazed and couldn’t quite see all that was going on, but it was clear that not all of it was heterosexual. I wasn’t sure who or how it got initiated, but soon Amy straddled Rich, while Bob sat on Rich’s chest in front of Amy, and was pointing his cock at Rich’s mouth, which opened to accept it. Amy was reaching around Bob to hold the base of his cock, and maybe help to direct. Derek and I just watched, as the three of them went at it, Amy’s beautiful breasts squeezed against Bob’s back, all of them moving in unison. It wasn’t long before all three of them started coming, and it wasn’t for several moments afterwards before any of them moved.

After Derek’s kiss, I had been thinking about what a freshly fucked woman would taste like. I had never fooled around with a woman before, but I had certainly gotten a quick introduction. As Amy disentangled herself from the mass of bodies I went over, grabbed her hand and led her to one of the overstuffed chairs near the coffee table. I sat her down and placed her feet up on the table. I then crawled under her leg so I was kneeling between her legs. I slipped my arms under her thighs, spreading her legs further with my shoulders, and resting my hands against the small of her back. I don’t know how many loads of come she was carrying in her, but my goal was to clean it all up. With her legs parted like that, the come from whomever she’d fucked just pooled at the entrance to her cunt. I leaned down and took in my first deep breath of freshly fucked pussy. It was divine. I had sniffed my fingers before after masturbating, but had never gotten this close before. I started sucking the come from her pussy, taking time every now and then to nibble on her clit with my lips, and then returning to clean her up. What little pubic hair she had down there was thoroughly matted with all the come, and I took it upon myself to clean as much as possible. I still don’t consider myself a lesbian, but I do enjoy going down on a woman.

Behind us there was still some activity going on, but you could tell everyone was getting a little tired. One of the guys went off to bed. The other two were alternating between watching us, and sucking on each other. Finally, after I got Amy pretty well cleaned up, I concentrated on her clit – I just wanted to see if I could make her come this way. While I concentrated on her little hood, I inserted a couple of fingers inside of her, and curled them upward to reach that fleshy lump I think they now call the G spot. I massaged that with my fingers while nibbling and sucking on her clit. Amy arched her back and screamed – the first real noise I’d heard all night – and then fell back completely out of breath. In a little while we all ended up going to our respective rooms.

The next morning I think everyone was a little too hung over to think about what else had happened that night. But, the house stayed together till most of us finished grad school. No one got a girlfriend or boyfriend for as long as were there. Without saying anything, the after-finals card game became a ritual. Except for one or two nights when I slipped into Amy’s room (we were on the same side of the house), nothing else happened between any of the roommates. Maybe a little strange, but it worked for us. There were no distractions of boyfriends or girlfriends. Each of us graduated very high in our classes. We never kept in touch after school. A shame – I’ve learned some things since then I wouldn’t mind sharing with them, but maybe I’ll tell you about them in another letter.

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