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This is a quickie, a very short story intentionally kept under two thousand words to make it a quick read. As such, it can’t possibly be arousing. There is sex in the story, and the sex is somehow integral in how events play out, but it’s not arousing. That’s not the goal. It is a story, first and foremost. Measure it’s value on the punch the story packs, and the entertainment it provides, not on how much it excites you, because it probably won’t.

— The Author

* * * * *

Ahktonneh looked at his lover, his new bride, with admiration, and pride, and more than a little longing. She was certainly surpassingly fair, her nose long and straight, her skin imbued with a smooth, dark copper tone from the ceaseless rays of the desert sun. She had straight, long black hair, with long, even bangs that hung like a curtain above wide, deep, dark almond shaped eyes. Her lips were colored ruby red, inviting a flurry of kisses, or one long, deep one.

She was, too, surprisingly adept at making love. He was sure the women of the family must have schooled her in how to please a man, because he also knew he must be her first, and only. She’d learned her lessons very well.

He was more than a little shocked at how pleasurable it was to lie with her. He felt his loins stirring at the memory of their most recent encounter, thinking to himself that he had it in him to try one more time this evening, before sleep took him, to better even that performance.

“Are you thinking of Amunet?” she asked. Her voice was a sigh on his chest as it rose and fell with his breathing.

He was not, but it wasn’t unfair for her to have that worry. He felt sorry for her, in her moment of jealousy.

Amunet was his true love, the woman he wanted to spend this wonderful evening with. She knew it. Küçükköy Escort He’d never hidden it from her. He’d even discussed with her, however foolish the thought was, the idea of running away with Amunet. Of course, it could never be. It was just a silly boy’s fantasy.

He’d been betrothed to Nephthys the day she was born, and that it would be done had been decided before either of them had been born. As the next Pharaoh, his life was set unchangeably before him like the pictorial script engraved on the walls of his grandfather’s tomb. The most powerful young man in the world’s most powerful and civilized kingdom had little freedom.

Ahktonneh drew Nephthys up to him, pulling her passive face toward his lips. He kissed her softly, tasting the scented berry wine that lingered on her breath. She was pliant in his grip, a good woman, living now only to serve and please the next Pharaoh.

When they were children, he and Neffi would play. They had the run of the palace, the use of the slaves, the gardens, and endless games. Neffi was very clever, offering him a constant challenge at Dogs and Jackals, and even Senet. She was good at board games, often besting him. It was only when she became a woman, a beautiful and attractive, nubile young woman, that she began to lose to him on purpose.

It wouldn’t do to defeat the Pharaoh and your future husband too often. A woman, even the future Queen of Egypt, must know her place.

Amunet was not like Neffi. She was more willful. She was prone to bursts of rage. Her temper was enchanting, to Ahktonneh. She was more natural with him, and to him. She was more real than Neffi, perhaps because she knew that she lay outside his destiny. She didn’t need to play a role with him. She could be herself.

But she was Küçükköy Escort Bayan forbidden to him. He lay with Nephthys. He was married to Nephthys. His future was with Nephthys. Amunet was his past, and a future that would never be.

Still, a man could do worse, he thought, looking into his bride’s eyes, beautifully painted with green eye shadow and sharp, black mascara. He rolled Nephthys onto her back, so he could trace a gentle, sinuous path with the back of his hand down her cheek, down her long, luscious neck, to small, conical breasts that stood up for him now like rounded pyramids.

He lowered his mouth to one nipple, to be rewarded by a sharp intake of breath from his lover as it hardened quickly against his tongue. His nose pressed into the soft, yielding flesh of her breast as he sucked hard on the tit in a moment of growing passion. He pressed his cock against her long, smooth, cool thigh.

He was hard again, already. It hadn’t taken long. She was not his true love, she was not the woman of his deepest desires, but she was a beautiful woman none the less, one he would be with until the end of his days, and one who lay beside him, ready and able to please him.

Ahktonneh moved between her legs, which she spread readily for him.

“So soon again, my brother?” she asked him, eyes wide and mockingly innocent.

He pressed his lips hard against hers as he entered her. She moaned her pleasure into his mouth as the moist heat inside her body accepted him, feeling to him like a perfect marriage between the waters of the Nile and the sands of the deserts. Her arms and legs wrapped around his back, like desert adders, holding him to her, and inside of her, betraying her own healthy lust for her brother’s charms.

As good as she Escort Küçükköy was at giving her brother pleasure, she clearly took her share from him, as well.

He released her lips to gaze down into her face. It was filled with calm, comfortable passion as he pleasured her again with his smooth, easy strokes. They’d grown up together. Their whole lives they were always together, in the palace, in the garden, at meals, everywhere, knowing that by law this day would come. Now they were joined in body, as they must be, coupling with each other forever.

A Pharaoh was destined to marry his sister.

It was a shame they’d waited so long to do this. If he’d known what a pleasure she was, he would have taken her before their wedding night. His sister Neffi was a wonderful lover. He felt like a true Pharaoh with his cock inside her. He felt powerful, and insatiable, and unstoppable, like the demi-god that he was destined to be. He thrust into her strongly then, overcome with his own self image and mounting passion. She cried out, clinging to him, begging him to continue. As a future Pharaoh, and a man, he readily granted her wish.

Ahktonneh fucked his sister Nephthys over and over that night, and every night thereafter, as society, and family, and their father the Pharaoh, and the law demanded. Amunet, his true love, was forbidden to him, and so lost forever.

* * * * *

— From the author —

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