Butterfly EffectButterfly Effect


In her work life, she’s a high-powered corporate attorney. She eats opposing attorneys for lunch and spits them out. She’s the only female partner in her firm and has the other partners, even senior ones, cowering. They think she’s a real bitch, but they like her billable hours.

In her personal life, she does what I tell her, and that’s how she wants it. It gives her a kind of freedom.

She knows that she is always to wear her butterfly. I have the remote control.

We were on our annual beach vacation. The beach is the only place she is permitted to not wear the butterfly as it would show, and while it can — and does — get wet, it’s not submersible.

There were a lot of families with kids at the beach. We were just us, but we don’t mind kids and got to know some of the families that hung around the same section because our rentals were nearby.

After a couple of days, I started hanging with a few of the guys. They didn’t want to be at the beach all day, so I invited them over the next day for lunch and to play some cards.

I told her she would have to stay home that morning and fix lunch for me and three of my friends. I told her to wear her yellow low cut sun dress with no bra or panties. She knew to wear the butterfly, of course.

The guys showed up around noon as promised. I told them to make themselves comfortable on the sofa or easy chairs and she would serve lunch.

The rental wasn’t so big that she could get out of range, so as she was in the kitchen preparing food, I would occasionally operate the remote for a few moments to distract her and let her know I was thinking of her. The remote was small and so I could operate it by nonchalantly putting my hand in my pocket.

She served a lovely lunch of crab salad and potato salad, and brought beers around. As she did, I pressed the remote a few times for just a second. I could see the reaction isveçbahis in her eyes, but no one else could tell something was happening. I could also see the reaction as her nipples hardened. I bet the guys noticed that part.

She joined us as we ate and drank and had pleasant conversation about this and that.

As she was washing up I came into the kitchen and gave her instructions.

I went back to the living area and told the guys that I had a special treat for them. It was a treat their wives might be unhappy about and if anyone was uncomfortable with the idea, he should leave now, no hard feelings. Nobody moved, but I could see the guys look at each other questioningly, but with anticipation.

I put some soft music on the stereo. First she went over to Jim, climbed onto his lap and began giving him a slow lap dance. Now I took the remote out of my pocket so all could see and when I pressed it, she didn’t need to hide her reaction. She closed her eyes and moaned, but then brought her attention back to Jim. After a few minutes she pulled his t-shirt off, began kissing him and nibbling at his chest. She then slid down to her knees in front of him. His boner was quite apparent under his swim trunks. She set it free, pulled the trunks off and gently spread his legs a bit.

She pulled off her dress, so that the only thing she was wearing was the butterfly. Now the guys understood what I was doing with the remote.

She nibbled on his legs and worked her way up to his thighs. Jim looked at me with amazement. I was having fun, knowing how good the next part would be for him. She grabbed his penis with one hand and started stroking while she buried her face between his legs and commenced licking his balls. By his reaction, I think perhaps no one had ever done that for him. I say that because he came almost immediately, spurting jism all over her head and back. She kept stroking isveçbahis giriş until the contractions were done and then took him deep into her mouth to suck down any remaining drops. The other guys were silent and frozen as they watched this spectacle.

Next was Aaron. She again started with a lap dance as I stimulated her with the remote. She was getting hotter and hungrier now. The kissing was more urgent and she was quicker to get to his cock. Not taking any chances this time, she put it right in her mouth and started moving up and down while she pinched both his nipples. She kept up a steady pace as one hand moved to caress and then squeeze his balls, sending hot spurts down her throat. She let his cock slip out of her mouth and put it between her breasts, squeezing them together to force out his last drops.

By this time, Joe had his clothes off. She positioned herself with her breasts in his face and he began to pick and suck them as I operated the remote. She was straddling his left leg and began moving her hips to press her clit against it.

I stopped pressing the remote and she looked at me longingly. I pointed down and she knew what that meant. She slid down to her knees and hungrily licked and sucked his cock and balls. Joe could last, so he enjoyed this action for quite some time, until she grabbed his cock hard with her hand and stroked it quickly. He spurted her a necklace, and as with Jim, she sucked the remaining drops from him.

Now it was my turn. I stood in the center of the room, having already stripped and motioned for her. She crawled over to me, raised herself to her knees and dutifully took my erect cock in her mouth. Now she was able to demonstrate for the guys her full repertoire of licks, sucks, and nibbles around my cock and balls. She is well-practiced and finds that sucking cock is the best antidote to being a ballbreaker in her work life.

As isveçbahis yeni giriş she felt my balls tighten, she pulled her mouth off my cock, squeezed the balls, closed her eyes, and I came forth with spurts of jism all over her face. She took me back in her mouth and cleaned me out.

She was more beautiful then ever, with our cream on her back, head, face, neck and chest, and dripping from her mouth.

Then, she looked in my eyes, silently begging me. I told her to lie on the floor, and found pillows to put under her head and ass. I invited the guys to touch, kiss or lick her anywhere they liked while I watched.

Soon she had three mouths and six hands all over her, plus the silent hands as I operated the remote and added intensity. One guy French kissed her, while the others each sucked a nipple, and all caressed her. I saw her hips bucking and she came with a guttural groan. I lowered the intensity on the remote and told the guys not to stop what they were doing.

As I increased the intensity her hips again started moving until she sounded another orgasm. She looked over at me as is to say “enough.”

I told the guys to keep going. This time, I put the remote down, knelt on the floor, pulled off the butterfly and began licking her. This was a slower build, but build it did until she grabbed my head, pushing my face into her, and her juices flowed out as she squealed her approval.

She really needed a shower. The guys expressed their appreciation to her as she went off. When she was in the shower they all expressed how grateful they were, but also how envious they were. I assured them there would be no hint of the day’s exploits when we were all at the beach the next day, and sent them home to their families.

I entered the bathroom to watch her dry herself, which I find totally sexy. I told her how happy she made those guys and me. She kissed me and thanked me for giving her relief from her business role and letting her express her other side.

Her colleagues may think she’s a ballbreaker, but she proved that day she’s — in the very best sense of the word — a cocksucker.

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