Busy BodyBusy Body


Warning: This story contains vivid depictions of Filth Fetish themes including, but not limited to, Farts, Scat and Watersports.

Busy Body.

Written by HumbleHeretic

Requested by burmecianblue


Clarissa blew her own foggy breath on her tiny paws in an attempt to warm them up. It was early on a cold morning and the Rat had just disembarked from a taxi after arriving on the corporation compound. She looked at the time on her watch and hurried along amidst the few others that were likewise arriving at this time.

The Rat with her bag draped on her shoulder and her tight suit barely keeping her warm, walked all the way until she came up to the guard booth. She silently groaned to herself as she laid eyes on the stocky figure occupying the booth, Zeke the Gorilla. The large Ape was of a size that made his appearance inside the tiny booth more comical than it was opposing, however Clarissa at least knew that this was but an illusion.

The Rat steadied her nerves and approached the guard booth where the Gorilla sat staring at his tiny radio tv that was like a child’s toy in his hands. Clarissa greeted the large beast with a voice that sounded like a whisper.

“Uh, g-good morning, Zeke.”


The Gorilla didn’t respond, as usual, he instead kept his eyes trained on the tiny screen without the slightest change in expression. As always, the Rat couldn’t be sure if he just hadn’t heard her or if she was simply being ignored, whatever it was, she found it best not to pursue the issue as just his size alone was enough to intimidate her.

The Rat comforted herself with the thought that he was simply short-spoken and proceeded to cross the check line, or at least she tried to. Just as the was about to cross, a large furry arm came out of the booth and blocked her way. Clarissa was forced to stop before she walked into the arm whose rippling muscles made it look like she would get injured just bumping into it.

The Rat’s heart sunk as she immediately realised what was about to happen. This was made obvious not only by the fact that she was the only one stopped among the passing employees, but also because of the large, booted foot that blocked her way along with the arm!

She of course expected that this was how thing would turn out, however she still couldn’t help but try to appeal to the Gorilla as she looked at the large foot in growing trepidation.

“Uhm, Zeke, I-I’m about to be late if I don’t hurry. Can we maybe do this another time?”

The Rat did her best to squeeze out these words, but as expected, the only response she received was silent indifference. She looked back to see that the Gorilla still had yet to take his eyes away from the screen as he kept his arm and leg held out blocking her way, acting as though he hadn’t heard her even though she’d made the effort to properly speak up this time.

Clarissa quickly realised that any more attempts at reasoning was meaningless, at this point the Rat had already come to terms with her position, and so she simply placed her bag on the ground near the guard booth in a show of compliance. There were still a few people walking by, and some had even stopped to watch what was about to happen, the Rat simply ignored them as she knelt down near the Gorilla’s foot and placed her dainty paws on the thick laces.

It took a bit of effort for Clarissa to undo the strings of the Gorilla’s large work boots, however she finally got them undone by the time the cold was making her fingers slightly numb. It was at this time that the large foot finally moved for the second time, this time taking up a position where it was hovering just off the ground.

The Rat groaned as she tried to take the boot off, her clawed fingers were hooked at the back sole as she tugged with all her strength. Finally she managed to pry it off the Primate’s chonky foot, and at this time she was forced to groan from something other than the physical exertion!


The moment she got the boot off, the Rat’s face was buffeted by a stuffy, mouldy stench that immediately filled the surroundings! Zeke’s foot was still covered in a worn-out sock that looked like it hadn’t been washed in ages, it had been worn so often that the colour of dirt had thoroughly stained the thick, woolly fabric.

Clarissa could hear stifled snickering from the onlookers that had stopped on their way to enjoy the show, she tried her hardest to ignore them as she clung to the sock covering the Ape’s foot this time. The very first thing she felt was how warm it was, the Gorilla was currently in the middle of his shift that had started late yesterday evening, and this sock had sat marinating between his sweaty foot and stuffy boot for all this time!

The Rat endured the warm dampness she felt on her fingers and pulled the sock off swiftly and with the greatest care. Finally, the Primate’s naked foot was revealed, and the stench of the large, dark foot covered tandoğan escort in thick fur down to the heel was no lesser than that of the steaming sock in her hand!

Clarissa tossed aside the heavy sock while habitually pinching her nose, unfortunately causing the stench of Zeke’s funky foot clinging to her fingers to rub onto her sensitive organ as a result. Even before she had time to cope with the smell, the Gorilla’s toes were already wiggling before her face, as though urging her on in place of his face that remained stoic the entire time!

The Rat groaned for the third or fourth time with her long face warped in disgust, but still placed her palm below the beast’s damp heel before opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. The stench grew heavier the closer she brought her face, however Clarissa managed to keep herself from gagging as she finally brushed her long tongue against the briny big toe.

The coarse texture of the Gorilla’s foot registered on her sensitive appendage, followed by the salty, foul taste of funky foot sweat that had ripened on the Ape’s large hoof over the course of the entire night shift! It was no secret that rats had particularly good senses of smell, Clarissa’s nose was under heavy assault from being so up close to the source of the horribly musty odour! It smelled exactly how one would expect dirty socks and old shoes to smell like, except multiplied by a few times on the Rat’s sensitive smell receptors!

Despite this the Rat force her mouth to envelop the Ape’s big toe, as well as the smaller toe right next to it. This was the limit of what she could fit in her small mouth, it was a blessing as she only had so much of the awful taste to deal with, but it was also a curse as it meant that it would take a long time for her to be done with the whole foot, and she of course had to put up with the pungent stench the entire time!

Sounds of snickering and soft whispers from behind her back filled her large ears but the Rat did her best to ignore them and keep her shame buried deep as she went down on the Gorilla’s clammy, sweaty, and horribly stinky toes. The overall taste of dirty feet that she’d grown accustomed to filled her mouth along with bits of actual dirt and foot grime. Clarissa forced her tongue in between Zeke’s toes and was introduced to an even stronger taste of fermented foot funk as her taste receptors were introduced to the beast’s cruddy toe jam!


The flavour was like it was burning her tastebuds, the Gorilla’s rancid toe muck melted on her tastebuds and finally caused her to gag as she tried desperately to keep his foot in her mouth without pulling away! Looking up, Zeke was still taking in whatever sporting match or news report was fully grabbing his attention, in the meantime he had started to wiggle his toes, causing the pungent are between to squeeze and grind against the Rat’s tongue!


Clarissa had tears forming in her eyes already as her throat convulsed, the Rat fought the feeling of nausea and licked, sucked and lapped at the Gorilla’s grimy, sweaty digits best she could until the two toes in her mouth were finally cleaned of the fetid foot filth! She swallowed the soiled saliva in her mouth that caused her belly lurch as soon as it hit her stomach. The Rat then took her mouth off the Gorilla’s foot and the toes that revealed themselves while covered in her spit was noticeably cleaner than the rest.

The taste in her mouth was horrible and the pungent odour simply wouldn’t leave her sensitive nose, only causing the taste to appear even worse. However, while the Rat was already reeling from what she’d just done, there was still a plethora of wiggling toes waiting for her poor mouth! The worst part had to be that the Gorilla had five toes on each foot unlike all the other anthros, some of which had already formed a small crowd as they watched her torment in amusement!

Clarissa was already used to such treatment though, she gave a groan as she went back in and took three of the Gorilla’s uncleaned toes into her mouth with a bit of effort. Immediately the taste and scent came back full force, her face was scrunched as she lapped and licked off the fresh, fermented foot funk. She was hurried but thorough, in about the same time it took for the other two toes to be licked and sucked clean, these last few funky digits were left spotless with her warm saliva coating them as they lightly wiggled.

The Rat wished that she could call it a job well done at this point, however there was still the rest of the beast’s large hoof to go! The taste of funky foot sweat and grime made her tastebuds tingle, Clarissa had to take a moment to compose herself before she was finally able to put her tongue to the dirty sole of the Gorilla’s foot. The rough texture was even greater than that of his toes, it almost felt like sand paper on her tongue as she reluctantly dragged it across the grimy surface.

The underside tunalı escort of Zeke’s foot was as wrinkly as one would imagine, and hidden within each of these wrinkles and folds was a collective build-up of sweat, dirt and muck that was then picked up by the Rat’s tongue as it passed. The flavour of the Gorilla’s funky sole was undoubtedly worse than that of his toes, while the taste itself wasn’t quite as bad as the sticky toe jam she’d scraped from between his dextrous digits, there was just so much area to cover and so much filth to clean up that the Rat’s tongue became stained brown from just a single passing!


Clarissa did her best to stifle her gagging s not to give her onlookers the satisfaction of seeing her struggling. There wasn’t an area on the surface of the Rat’s tongue that wasn’t coated in the Gorilla’s pungent foot sweat and grime. The Rat reluctantly swallowed the filth down her throat to clear her tongue before proceeded to continue licking as her stomach churned, however even after she’d swallowed, her tongue was still starting to resemble the dirty sock she’d taken off of Zeke’s foot prior.

She used her small tongue to lap at the entire area below the Gorilla’s foot while holding the base of his heel as though she could actually lift his bulky leg with her pitiful strength. Despite her slippery and warm tongue scraping the underside of his foot, Zeke remained completely straight-faced and his foot didn’t even twitch as though he had no sense of ticklishness at all.

Clarissa was left to put on a show on her own as she desperately licked and lapped at the dirty foot while enduring the nose-burning stench. By the time she was finally done going over the entire foot, the Rat felt like she’d need to be put on a salt-free diet for a while! Her tongue felt numb from constantly scraping the rough surface for so long while her tastebuds were in a frenzy. The smell in her nose was like she’d stuck her snout into a hamper full of dirty socks and had been huffing at them through her nose like that for a few hours!

At last Clarissa had managed to lick the Gorilla’s foot clean, however his hand was still extended out and blocking her way. The Rat took up the now drier wool sock and brought it to Zeke’s foot before putting it on. Such a thing took her a lot of effort, but not as much as it did when she had to put on his heavy boot right after! By the time the Rat had finished redressing the Gorilla’s foot, she was left sweaty and worn out, both physically and mentally. Finally, Zeke brought his arm and leg back into the booth, even to the end he hadn’t spared the Rat a single glance, simply sending her on her way after she’d done her duty.

The Rat finally got up off the ground in shame, her head kept low as she unsuccessfully tried to dust the dirt from her unusually short skirt. The gruesome taste of nasty foot funk and the horrible stench of unwashed Gorilla feet haunted her senses. She endured the snickering of the small crowd as she hastily grabbed up her bag and hurried of towards the company building. Looking at the time on the small watch on her furry wrist, she was now very much late as she had expected. Clarissa groaned to herself as she hurried to at least try to wash the taste of foot funk out of her mouth. Such was the start of yet another day at her thankless job.


Clarissa let out a sigh and was immediately hit with a nasty smell as she breathed back in. The Rat’s nose only twitched a bit as this was a smell that she was already used to. She had reached her office at last after almost getting chewed out by the boss for being late, again, but at least now she could finally get to work. Before she did, the Rat took a brief moment to take in the familiar sights around her.

The space enclosed by the walls on all sides was small, very small, to the point of triggering someone with severe claustrophobia. The Rat was sitting on her special “seat” with a concrete wall behind her, two thin wooden walls on either side, neither of which went all the way up to the ceiling, and right in front of her was a simple door composed of a single sheet of wood with a lock. This door went only as high as the two walls on the side while the bottom was hovering a good ways off the ground.

In case it sounded like Clarissa was currently in a toilet stall, that’s because she was. The Rat’s “office” was actually just one of the stalls inside of the spacious washroom, the men’s washroom no less! The bad smell filling her airways as she breathed was customary of a public toilet that wasn’t cleaned as well or as often as it should be. What made the spread of the smell even worse in her case was the fact that there were actual holes in the walls beside her!

Actual, literal glory holes were carved out of the thin wooden walls, two on each side, and along with these was a much larger hole on each side that the Rat’s entire body would be able to squeeze through! Needless ankara türbanlı escort to say that this particular stall offered basically no privacy in the case that someone wanted to do their business. It was a good thing then that Clarissa was here to do actual business.

The Rat once again let out a sigh as she got her netbook PC out of her bag and prepared to start working. However, the moment she opened the screen of the laptop, the sound of the stall door opening filled her large ears, followed by a pair of footsteps and the sound of gruff laughter. The Rat’s heart sunk as she realized that her other job would be starting even earlier than usual today.

“You can go ahead first, I gotta piss real bad.”

“You can take your time, I’ve got a huge load brewin’.”

The Rat’s large ears then heard one of the men move towards one of the stalls lower down while the other came and entered the one right next to hers! The next thing she heard was the sound of a zipper and that was when she knew for sure that it was time to get to “work”. Clarissa closed her netbook that was still in the middle of booting and placed it carefully on the closed seat of the toilet she was sitting on after getting up. The Rat then pinched her skirt and knelt right in front of one of the gloryholes in the wall to her left.

Almost as soon as she got down, she was made to hurriedly dodge her head to the side as a massive log-like object suddenly shot through the hole at high speed! Clarissa didn’t even have to look to tell what the object was, if not for the fact that she was so used to having it shoved into her face all the time, just the smell was enough to give it away!

The moment the object was pushed through the hole, a pungent odour filled the stall that overpowered even the smell of dirty toilets that had been dominating the space until now. The Rat was forced to pinch her nose as she looked at the large dark brown phallus that was standing straight as a rod beside her face! The oversized prick was engorged to the extreme with bulging veins pulsating along the otherwise smooth shaft whose astounding length was almost entirely shoved through the gloryhole!

The source of the powerful, musky stench was obviously the oversized erect cock that had suddenly invaded the space inside Clarissa’s office (stall) and just a glance was enough for the Rat to realise who’s prick this was.

It actually belonged to one of the construction workers doing work on the new office building nearby, Chris, who was a mix between a Doberman and a Mastiff. Even if Clarissa wasn’t able to recognise the sound of his voice, she was certainly familiar with how his dick looked as well as how it smelled after a long night on the job! And of course, she was about to be reminded of its taste very soon.

Tock Tock!

A knocking sounded from the wall overhead and startled the Rat as she was stuck staring at the Canine’s sweaty dick. No words were spoken, however Clarissa already knew the meaning of the knocking and so she hurriedly got closer to the throbbing member and grasped it in her tiny hands. The stench became even more pungent to the point where her nose felt stuffy just breathing it in, Clarissa instinctively turned her face away as her nose was buffeted and noticed how the heavy cock was still damp. The damn Dog must’ve just gotten off the site, his cock that had spent the entire time soaking in his drawers during all the physical labour was in a terrible state as far as her sensitive nose was concerned!

Tock TOCK!

His impatience seemed to grow as she struggled to hold his sweaty dick in her hands, Chris knocked on the wall once more as his smelly member jerked in her hands as to hurry her along. Clarissa was aggrieved as she still had yet to get the taste of funky Ape foot out of her mouth, yet she was about to add the taste of a sweaty cock on top of that!

The Rat groaned as she opened her mouth, she could felt the heat radiating of the bulbous head of the Canine’s dick as her tongue got close. Logically speaking, there was no way that such a massive thing would fit in the Rat’s mouth, under normal circumstances at least. However, the company she worked for had taken all things into consideration when assigning her to this “position”, therefore through some miraculous means, the Rat’s body had been altered with her written consent to do things that would have previously been considered impossible!

The moment her mouth enveloped the slimy head poking through the foreskin, along with the salty taste of the Canine’s pre-soaked glans came a flavour much like that of the Ape’s sweaty foot, except a good bit fresher and a lot more mild. It was a good thing then that Clarissa had went through what she had this morning as she was able to take the entire head of the hot prick into her mouth with less revoltion than usual. Her throat still convulsed from the potent stench, however that wasn’t the only reason.

The Rat didn’t stop at the slimy tip that barely fit in her mouth, she instead spread her mouth open further and gradually squeezed the whole glans into her maw! Her jaws opened wider than normal and her face became bloated as it was gradually stuffed with the Dog’s stinky, throbbing hot cock.

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