Busting Broncos Pt. 01Busting Broncos Pt. 01


This story contains scenes of gay incest.


When my phone rang, I had just come out of another fruitless job interview. I recognized the area code but not the number. After I said “Hello”, a voice said, “Andy? This is Cody. Your Uncle Cody.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked. The only reason he’d be calling is with bad news.

“Everything is fucked.” he replied. “Your daddy is in the hospital.”

“What happened? What’s wrong with him?”

“He has a fractured pelvis and both of his arms are fucked up. I need you to come here.”

“When did this happen?”

There was a tense silence on the line until Uncle Cody finally said, “A month ago. Your daddy made me swear I wouldn’t call and bother you. He’ll kill me when he finds out I snuck behind his back but everything here is going to shit and I don’t know what to do.”

“What about my brothers?” I asked.

“They’re the cause of all the problems.” he replied.

Let me pause my narrative right here and give you some background.

I have two older brothers. Steve, the eldest, was then 28. Tony, the middle son, was 26. I, Andrew, had just turned 20.

My parents divorced when I was a year old. My two brothers chose to stay with my father on the ranch but my mother took me with her when she left. I didn’t see much of my family until I was around 5 years old and I started spending summers on the ranch. My two brothers made every day a living hell for me and I still hated both of them. I still don’t know why they abused me the way that they did.

My daddy, on the other hand, is the sweetest man on earth. Even after the divorce my mama had nothing but good things to say about him and I think she stayed in love with him until she died. She never had anything good to say about my brothers and vice versa, they’d already started going wild when she left.

The last time I had seen my brothers was when I was ten years old. After a particularly hellish month of being tortured that summer, I woke up one morning to the two of them standing beside my bed and pissing on me in my sleep. I guess that was the last straw.

I waited until Tony was leaving the house by the back door and used all of my strength to push him down the porch steps so that he landed on his head at the bottom and knocked himself out. When Steve came into the kitchen a few minutes later, I stepped behind him and beat him with a wooden chair until it was in splinters and he was lying on the floor crying.

Daddy sent me home about 10 minutes later. He made periodic trips during the year to see me and we had a few weeks of vacation together every year. I loved my daddy as much as I loathed my brothers.

So, it didn’t surprise me that my brothers were a problem.

“I’ll get there as fast as I can.” I told my uncle.

“That’s what I thought you’d say.” he replied. “There’s a ticket waiting in your name at the airport, just hurry.”

During the hours of plane travel I reviewed my life so far. When mama had died, I sold off everything I couldn’t carry and moved east. I’d had a series of throw-away jobs while going to Business College.

Now, I was bunking on a friend’s couch while looking for work. My whole life fit into a carry-on bag.

I’d known that I was gay from the very beginning. Mama had known and been very accepting, so I didn’t grow up with a lot of angst about it. I’d always been athletic and in junior and high school I’d been on the gymnastics team every year. I was small, only a shade over five feet, but powerful. I’d had a long time DL relationship with another guy on the team, a black guy who was hung like a mule. I hadn’t seen him since I’d moved east.

When the plane landed, I walked into the terminal and spotted Uncle Cody immediately. I’d forgotten what a good looking man he was. I hadn’t seen him in ten years, either, but aside for some lines around his eyes and mouth he looked exactly the same. He was wearing a pair of jeans, tight but not too tight, that showed off his slim hips and full backside. They also showed off his full to bursting crotch. He was around six feet tall with not an ounce of extra fat and had an old fashioned cowboy mustache. Even in his mid-forties, he was a head turner.

He hadn’t recognized me, so I walked up to him.

“I’m here, Uncle Cody.” I said.

He gave me a long look up and down and said, “Well, you didn’t grow as big as I would have expected but you look like a strong little fucker.”

“Good things come in small packages, haven’t you ever heard that?” I asked.

He gave me another once over and said, “I’ll just bet that’s the truth.”

“Okay,” I said, “now that we’re done with the insults and all of the hello happy horseshit, take me to my daddy.”

“And he doesn’t take any crap.” my uncle said approvingly.

He led me out to an old truck and we both climbed in. During the ride to the hospital, Uncle Cody filled me in on what had been going on.

Daddy ran a horse farm. Some boarders, some of his own. He gave riding lessons and had fatih escort a little business with schools and other groups who wanted to bring the kids for a day of trying to be cowboys and girls. He’d never get rich but he got by alright.

One evening a month ago, he’d been leading one of the older horses back to her stall when my asshole oldest brother thought it would be funny to scare her. He’d thrown a firecracker under her but instead of bolting; the poor old thing had a heart attack and keeled over. On top of daddy. The weight had fractured his pelvis and my asshole brothers had compounded the damage by grabbing his arms and trying to pull him out from under, dislocating both shoulders and tearing the muscles.

“Thankfully, the fracture is the kind that doesn’t need to be operated on. Your daddy just has to lay in bed immobile and heal. His arms, though, are in some kind of contraption that holds them up and out on either side of his body. He can’t even scratch his balls by himself.”

“Are my brothers waiting at the hospital?” I asked.

My uncle considered for a moment and then he said, “Truth be told, I haven’t even seen those two fuckers in a week. Not that it really matters, they haven’t visited your father once and when they are around all they do is drink beer, smoke pot and jerk off.”

“Who’s been helping you run the ranch?” I asked.

“Nobody.” he replied as we pulled into the hospital lot. “And the whole shebang is going to hell in a hand basket.”

We climbed out and as I followed him up the walk I was mesmerized by his denim covered ass. He had one of those full, lush butts that older men develop, not flabby but full and round. I was wondering if he had a hairy or smooth crack when he stopped suddenly and I walked right into him and felt my cock and balls bounce off of the ass I’d been admiring.

He turned around, rapped me on the head with one knuckle and said, “Wake up, knucklehead. We need to get our story straight around how you come to be here.” There were pipe railings on either side of the walk and he turned and leant over with his bent arms resting on the top, his ass sticking out. That was even more distracting.

“I’ll just say that I called the house several times and no one picked up. I was worried, so I phoned you. When you weren’t able to put daddy on the phone I knew something was wrong and told you I was coming out here, come hell or high water.”

“Okay, that should do it.” he replied. He noticed me staring and asked, “Is there something on my jeans? Why are you staring at my ass?”

“I was just wondering if the jeans I brought are suitable for working.” I quickly replied.

“We’ve got plenty of old clothes at the house, I’m sure I can fix you up with something.” he said. “But I can’t guarantee they’ll fit as well as mine.” He slapped himself on the ass and gave me a smile.

We went into the small hospital and approached the desk. Before my uncle could say anything, I told the nurse, “I’m Andy Russell and I’m here to see my dad.”

When she looked up and smiled, she seemed vaguely familiar.

“It’s good to see you, Andy.” she said. “I was a friend of your mama’s”

I looked at her name tag and a memory appeared.

“You sent a card when mama died.” I said. “It had lilies of the valley on it and it had a real sweet note inside. I can’t tell you how much that meant.”

I could see that she was pleased that I would remember.

“I always admired your mama,” she said, “it was the very least I could do.” She made a shooing motion with her hand and then said, “Well, it will be a change for your daddy to have some company. The only face he’s seen from outside in the past month has been your uncle.”

The inferred criticism of my brothers didn’t escape me.

“Will your brothers be stopping by later?” she asked innocently.

“I can’t say, Ma’am. I haven’t seen my brothers and they don’t even know I’m here yet.” I replied.

“I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that.” she said. “I still remember when you beat the hell out of both of those little fuckers. Too bad you didn’t kill them when you had the chance.”

“I just got here.” I replied. “And, the day’s still young.”

I gave her a wink and she laughed and said, “Your uncle can show you where to go. I’m right here if you need anything at all.”

Uncle Cody led me to the room and when we entered, I almost cried out. They had daddy strapped up so that he looked like Frankenstein’s monster, some kind of big metal frame around the top of the bed and the rest of him tied down. He looked up, surprised at first and then he said, “Andy, what are you doing here?”

I could see that the past month had added a few lines to his face but daddy was as handsome as ever. If Cody was a hot man, daddy was even hotter. His hair was just beginning to show threads of gray and he had deep creases around his eyes. His body, which I could see a lot of since he wasn’t wearing a shirt and was sitting with a sheet around his waist, was firm and well etiler escort muscled and tanned from hard work. There was a patch of dark hair in the center of his chest and it trailed down past his navel and under the sheet.

“Nobody would tell me what was going on with my daddy so I had to come and find out for myself.”

“He just now got in and called me from the airport.” my uncle said.

“I didn’t want you coming all this way.” daddy said to me. “I’ll be alright in a while. You’ve got your own life to get on with.”

“This is my life.” I said. “Taking care of my father is the most important thing in it.”

“I never was much of a father.” he said with tears in his eyes. “I let your brothers run you off from me. I don’t deserve your forgiveness.”

“I’ve got nothing to forgive.” I said. “My brothers are just bad seeds and nothing is your fault. They’re not running me off this time.”

“Maybe I’m glad I won’t be there when the three of you meet up.” daddy said, beginning to smile. “The last time, you sent them both to the hospital.”

“And if I have to again, I’ll make sure it’s a different one from here.” I replied.

“You always were the son most like your daddy.” Uncle Cody said and I felt myself selling with pride.

We spent the next hour or so talking about the accident and daddy’s prognosis. I was happy to hear that there would be no long term effects and that they expected a full recovery.

As we were leaving I said, “I’ll be back around dinner time to feed you.”

Daddy looked happier than he had before.

I stopped by the nursing station and told the woman I’d met earlier, “I want to thank you all for taking such good care of my daddy.”

“Shoot, he’s our favorite patient. There isn’t anything we won’t do to keep him happy.”

I told her I’d be back at dinner time to help feed him and I could see she was pleased.

We walked out to the truck and as we went, Uncle Cody said, “Your brothers are going to be real trouble. They’re used to running wild and taking everything they want.”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to re-educate the cocksuckers.” I said.

Cody burst out laughing and said, “Boy am I going to enjoy this!”

It took us almost no time to reach the ranch and as we turned in the drive I was surprised at how rundown it had gotten.

Cody must have seen my face because he said, “It’s no showplace but me and your dad have kept it up the best we could.”

“There should have been 8 hands working on that instead of just 4.” I said.

“Yeah, when donkeys fly, maybe.” Uncle Cody replied.

“Then just keep your eyes open so you don’t get smacked with a low-flying ass in the next few days.” I said.

If the outside was disappointing, the inside was a pigsty. Garbage littered the kitchen on floors, counters and table. The sink overflowed with dirty dishes and the place smelled like a toilet.

“What the hell happened in here?” I asked.

“Your two brothers.” Uncle Cody replied. “I cleaned up after them for a little while till I saw there was no profit in it. I’ve been staying to my room or outside in the barn where it’s clean.”

“I’ll take care of this later.” I said. “What needs done the most right now?”

“The stalls haven’t been mucked out in forever. Can you do that?

“Uncle Cody, anybody can shovel shit.” I replied.

He soon found me an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt. When I had changed into them and rolled up the jeans cuffs, he led me out to the barn.

I began to lead the horses out into the corral, them following me while I talked to them.

“Don’t you use a halter or something?” Cody asked.

“I don’t need to. Horses just seem to like me, I must smell like hay.” I said. The horse I was currently guiding outdoors thrust her head over my shoulder so that we were cheek to cheek.

“That tells me more about you than anything could.” Uncle Cody told me. “You can’t fool horses.”

He turned and went to begin his own chores. I spent the next couple of hours shoveling horse shit and wheel barrowing it out to the pile, then raking and cleaning the stalls. Before laying new hay, I even found a bottle of disinfectant and was able to give the stalls a scrub down.

I had just about finished when Uncle Cody returned. The day had grown hot and I had removed my t-shirt while I worked and the borrowed jeans had slipped down over my hips until the top of my pubic hair showed in front and the top of my ass crack in back. I was coated in sweat and have very little body hair so that my skin shone. I knew my body looked pretty good, I’d been working on it for years.

Uncle Cody stood observing me for a few minutes and then he said, “You sure ain’t a little boy anymore.”

I continued working and then he asked, “What, you lift weights or something?”

“I have, a little bit.” I replied. “Mostly I do gymnastics, some wrestling, and a little judo type stuff. I like to be active.”

Cody looked me up and down and said, “It sure shows. Your brothers beşiktaş escort are in for a surprise if they start fucking with you.” Then, looking around the barn he said, “And you’re a worker, too. I doubt I could have gotten this much done in the time, myself.”

I straightened up and said, “Next I’m tackling the house, if that’s alright with you. The place looks like a cyclone hit it.”

“Go right ahead, it will be a novelty to be able to see the floor again.”

“I’m going to use the truck to go see daddy around suppertime, if that’s okay, too.” I said. “I’ll make you some dinner and leave it on the stove if you’re still busy.”

I put my shirt on, hitched up my borrowed jeans and headed to the house. When I opened the kitchen door, it was even worse than I had remembered. I propped the door open, opened the windows and got started. It was obvious that my brothers had deliberately made the most mess possible, not even trying to keep things somewhat clean. The kitchen trash can was overflowing, even though the garbage can outside was empty.

Picking up the kitchen can, I walked down the hall to the room that my brothers shared. That should tell you something about them, they still shared a room. Anyway, when I opened their door I was confronted by just as much mess as the rest of the house held.

I thought for a moment, and then I upended the trash can over one of the beds. The room didn’t look that much different. Then I went back to the kitchen and outside to get one of the big cans.

Over the next hour or so, I filled the big can numerous times with the accumulated trash in the house and carried the can to my brothers’ bedroom. Each time, I dumped the trash in a new spot until the room’s floor level had risen by a couple of feet. Even the dirty dishes and utensils filling the sink got thrown into the mix.

When I had cleared it all out it wasn’t really that hard to clean up. The garbage had protected the floor and it only needed a quick swab down. The actual cleaning of the place only took a short amount of time.

My daddy had a big chest freezer in the garage where he stored frozen food and I quickly found a steak to grill. I started it, put a potato on to bake, made iced tea and heated up some frozen peas in the microwave.

The steak on the outdoor grill smelled delicious but I was too nauseous from the cleanup to eat anything.

Uncle Cody must have smelled the steak because I looked up to find him standing in the doorway.

“Jesus, what did you do, use a flame thrower?” he asked as he looked around.

I motioned him to follow me and when we reached my brothers’ room, I opened the door to let him look inside.

“You know that you’re starting a war, don’t you?” he asked.

“It’s long overdue. Want to bet which side will win?”

“I already laid my bet.” he replied. “Is that steak out there for me?”

“Yep.” I said. “I’d better go watch over it. If you’ve got any dirty laundry, just pile it in the hall and I’ll take care of it later.”

“You’re going to do my laundry?” he asked.

“No, I just want a chance to sniff your dirty boxer shorts, what did you think?”

“Well, I wear jockeys but you’re welcome to sniff them if that gets you off.” he said.

“Thanks. I’ll hold off and see if I get a better offer if that’s okay.” I replied.

I served up Uncle Cody’s dinner, took a shower and headed to the hospital. My new friend was on the nursing desk again and when I told her I was there for feeding duty she said, “That will be a help. We’re a small hospital and every hand is welcomed to pitch in.”

“You just tell me anything that I can do and it will get done.” I replied.

When I entered daddy’s room, I could tell from the look on his face how happy he was to see me.

“I’ve been lying here all day waiting to see my best boy again.” he said.

I pecked him on the cheek and he said, “Give your old man a real kiss.”

Kissing him on the lips caused my cock to involuntarily start stiffening so it was a relief that the food tray was carried in right then.

Feeding him was pretty funny. I had never done so before and there were one or two spills that should have been avoided. He took it all in good humor and before we knew it, he’d eaten the whole meal.

I wet a wash cloth in warm water and cleaned his face, something he really seemed thankful for. We sat talking for a while and he began to look uncomfortable.

Finally, he said, “Could you call the nurse and tell her I have to piss like a racehorse? It’s been quite a while.”

“I can help you, daddy.” I said. “When you get home, I’m going to have to do a whole lot more than hold your dick while you pee.”

“You don’t mind? It’s kind of embarrassing.” he said.

“Not for me. I’ve seen more than one dick.”

I got the urinal from the counter and then drew back the sheet. What I saw gave me a complete surprise.

“Jesus Christ, daddy.” I said. “No wonder you’re the nurses’ favorite patient. They probably fight each other for the chance to handle that thing.”

I thought Charles, my black ex-boyfriend had the biggest dick I’d ever see but daddy’s cock outranked even his. I lifted the heavy meat in one hand and brought the urinal up in front of it.

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