Business Trip Encounters Ch. 01Business Trip Encounters Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Great Service in Hotel

I have been working in an US MNC as a Senior Buyer for a few years now and have performed reasonably well. Recently, our company was preparing to set up a Purchasing Office in Manila and I was offered the job to head the sourcing department there. As a single man with no commitment whatsoever at home, I accepted the posting with quite a bit of excitement, the salary was good, it is technically a promotion for myself and of course, the opportunity to live it up as an expatriate were all quite difficult to resist.

As our company is not familiar with the city, we have to rely on several agencies to take care of our hiring, housing, and other administrations necessary for the start up.

This week I have to make a trip to Manila for a week to get some of this logistics arranged, it will be quite a hectic week as I have to do some interviews to hire my PA (Philippines being a country with relatively low wages, all department heads has the privilege to hire a Personal Assistant, another incentive that an oversea posting will give). I also have to get my accommodations arranged and will be viewing quite a few houses in town.

I arrived on a Sunday morning and headed straight to the hotel in Makati City, taking in the traffic jam along the way.

I arrived in Hotel “C” a bit after lunch, checked in and experienced first hand, the famous hospitality of the Filipinos. Our company has a huge account with the hotel and based on what I have heard from my colleagues, we always have very special rates and enjoy quite a bit of upgrades whenever the hotel could afford. I was arranged to stay in a room on the executive floor, and when I approached the front desk for the reservation I made, the man behind the desk signals to someone across the lobby and I turn around to see a gorgeous lady in a business suit walking towards me,

“Hi, Sir John,” She greeted me in a sweet voice. (In the Philippines, they call everybody supposedly in a superior position Sir). “My name is Clara, and I will be your guest relations officer during your stay, if you have any need, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get it arranged for you,” she said in a business like tone and handed me her name card.

Clara is actually quite tall for a Filipina, at about 1.65 m, medium frame. Her black hair was meticulously pulled back and wrapped in a bun, and the features on her face so well defined, you could have mistaken her for a beauty pageant. Her skin is dark and her eyes round and big, her nose is small with a tiny tip looking like a button and her lips looks soft enough to kiss, and to top it off, she was carrying on her chest, a pair of, what must be C Cup breasts, and even though she is well wrapped up in her business suit, I could still see her boobs stretching her white blouse under the suit and staring right at me, almost invitingly. And every step she took, her boobs bounced in sync, almost waking up my senses after the 3 hour flight, although the muscle in my pants seems to be the most active now.

She lightly wraps her tiny cool hand around my elbow and led me to the elevators. In the elevator, I could smell the freshness of her perfume and being standing so close to her for the first time, I could feel my cock hardening by the second.

“Here we are sir, this is the Executive Floor, and we will check you in here, we will have someone almanbahis adresi bring your luggage to your room in a while,” Clara said with a sweet smile.

The registration went smoothly without any problem; I guess being on the Executive Floor does help. Clara then took my arm again and supposedly was bringing me to the room. We were walking along the long corridor when suddenly, a bellboy walked out of a room and starts running towards us.

“Mdm….I need to speak with you immediately,” he said, almost in a panic and pulled Clara aside.

They were whispering to each other but I could more or less make out that it is something along the line of my room not being ready yet. Clara then spoke in Tagalog, apparently trying not to let me understand the whole conversation. I could see that she too, was in a panic. She then seems to give some instructions to the bellboy and turn to me,

“Sir, I am so sorry about this, apparently there was a mix up in the schedule and the previous occupants of your room checked out late and we could not prepare your room in time for your arrival, it will take another hour or so before it will be ready…..I…I am so sorry.”

I could almost see tears in her eyes right now, well, the fact is I am quite tired and really needed a room to rest, but I have a feeling that they really screwed up and things are a bit beyond her control now.

“Sir, could I offer you a drink at the Executive lounge and when the room is ready, I will let you know. I am so sorry about this, it’s really my fault, I should have ensured that the room is ready for you. I just hope you do not file any complain to my manager. This is only my 2nd week on the job, and I don’t think the company could tolerate me messing up on an important Corporate Customer like you,” She said almost in a begging tone.

“Don’t worry Clara; I guess I will just rest in the lounge until the room is ready.”

I sat at the lounge, have a couple of wine, and slowly fell into a slumber, until I felt somebody shook me up. I open my eyes and saw a man in front of me, and looking at his name badge, I could tell he is the manager of the hotel and looked like somebody in a senior position. And behind him was Clara, standing with her head bow, still has that worried look on her face.

“Sir, this is Sir Christian Gonzales, he is the Senior Guest Relations Manager,” Clara said, introducing the man to me, and I got a feeling that’s her way of telling me that this gentleman is her direct supervisor.

Christian then asked me if everything is ok and if I am happy with my room. He took a suspecting glance at my hand carry bag besides me, which probably gave it away that I have not checked into my room yet.

I took a quick glance at Clara and then said, “Oh, Mr Gonzales, everything is fine, Clara showed me the room and it’s perfect, I just landed in your country this morning and I need to catch up with some work,” I said, while giving my laptop bag a few taps, hoping to remove his suspicion. “But you’d understand that a man does his work best with some alcohol in his blood don’t you?” I raised my wine glass saying.

“Oh, of course sir, it definitely helps to circulate blood to the brain …..ha ha,” Christian broke into a business like laughter, seemingly accepting my story. He then turned to Clara and said,”Clara, please take good care almanbahis adresi of Sir John, he is a very important Corporate customer for us,” he shook my hand again and left Clara with me.

Clara then whispers into my ear, “Sir, thank you so much, if not for what you said, I am sure I will lose my job. When he saw you sleeping here, he suspected that something was wrong with your room. I really have to thank you.”

“Don’t worry Clara, the fact is I did need that little bit of alcohol,” Clara broke into a girlish giggle and seems to relax a little.

At this time, Clara’s handphone rang, and after a short conversation, she told me my room is ready and I could proceed to the room immediately.

“Sir, this is your room, and if you need anything, please give me a call. Sir, thank you very much for being so understanding, if I have a chance, I will certainly make it up to you,” Clara said, almost in a grateful tone.

Again, I assure her that everything is ok and I will have a happy stay. Before she left, she did a final check around the room, making sure that everything is in place, almost afraid to have anything messed up again. And this is the first time when I have the opportunity to check her out, from chest down, and realized that besides her obvious assets she is carrying on her chest, she has a very round ass, not big, but round and firm, her legs were also long and slender, her business skirt is about 3 inches above her knees, with a small slit on the right hand side, showing off her creamy thighs when she walks. At the other end of those legs is a pair of curvy ankles on a pair of black business heels, and I could almost imagine how they would looked like pointing to the ceilings. And when she bends over to check the drawers, I could almost see myself holding on to those hips and having a go at her ass. I felt myself hardening by the second, almost to a discomfort level. I turned away from Clara’s direction and adjusted my cock to relieve myself of the discomfort and suddenly heard Clara clearing her throat.

I turned around and Clara asked, “Sir, do you like the view?” She was obviously referring to the window view but I am quite sure I saw her face blushing when she stole a glance at the bulge in my pants.

“Thanks Clara, the room is perfect, I am very sure everything is fine. I will call you if something comes up, ok?” I said.

Clara, almost realizing that she is on the verge of paranoia, starts laughing at herself, “Ok Sir, I will leave you alone now, but please, if anything at all, please call.”

After Clara left, I did some unpacking and spend about half an hour trying to hook up my laptop. When I finished, I realized it was already 4 pm and proceeded to take a much needed shower.

Just when I walk out of the shower, I heard the door bell. I open the door and saw Clara standing there, “Sir, I am sorry to bother you again; I just came by to check if you have everything you need. May I come in?”

“Oh sure, please come in,” I said. “You have to excuse me, I just came out from the shower and did not have time to dress up yet,” I said, holding on to my shower robe.

Clara then walked around the room again, seemingly checking on things, she then bends down to check the bed sheets to make sure that they are properly tucked in. Only in this position that I realized that 2 of her top buttons almanbahis adresi on the blouse are undone and I had a perfect view at her cleavage and her lacey bra. I had an instant hardon and the robe did very little to disguise it. Clara look up, again stealing a glance at my crotch, and said “Sir, I really would like to thank you for trying to cover up for me this afternoon, as this incident did not go on record, it would not be appropriate for me to offer you any complimentary dinner or that sort of things, however…. ,” Clara paused for a while. “I could offer you something on a personal basis, and it does look like you need some help with that,” Clara said, pointing to my cock, which head is now visible through the opening of my robe.

Before I could say anything, Clara walked towards me, slips her hand into my robe and grabbed my pole, stroking it gently.

She then whispers in my ear,”I am still on my shift, so I don’t think you have time to fuck my pussy, …..but…..I will let you fuck my mouth if you want.”

With that said, she went down on her knees; release the rope holding my robe together. She wraps her tiny hand around my hard cock and planted a gentle kiss on it, causing me to breathe deeply. She then inserted the head into her mouth, looks up at me, as if asking for permission, and when I stood there motionless, she looked down again and plunged her head forward, taking my whole cock into her mouth. Clara starts working on my cock, bobbling her head to and fro, sucking me hard. I could feel my sperm building up and starts to move my hips to and fro, almost fucking her mouth.

Clara is now working hard, I could feel that she is trying very hard to make amends of the mix up earlier on, and I am not complaining about the way she is going about it, although it seems a bit extreme.

She starts making slurping noise, making a mess of my cock with her saliva, “Ummmm….mmm….”

I am impressed with Clara at this point, as she did not attempt to use her hands at all; this is a 100% hands free blow job I am getting in the middle of a five-start hotel room. I placed my hand on the back of her head as I feel my sperm really building up and I know I will come any time now. I hold on to her head tightly and start to really have a go at her mouth. Clara, probably sensing my orgasm building, quickens her speed and her mouth soon became a blur over my hard cock now. She looks up at me, almost giving me permission to come in her mouth. I could not take it anymore and exploded, banging my cock in her mouth in a frantic fashion and blew a whole load of fuckjuice down her throat.

Clara slows down and held my cock in her mouth until I expanded the last drop. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, making a pop sound, and to my surprise, swallowed the whole mouthful of my love seed. Clara wiped her mouth with a piece of tissue, cleaning the last drop of my sperm on her lips, stood up and adjusted her blouse, straightened her skirt, and looks as meticulous as the way she did before she gave me her thank you speech.

She then carefully cleaned my cock with another piece of tissue, fastened the rope on my bathing robe, and gave me a kiss on my cheek,”Sir, I hope you like my little welcome gesture. I will be in contact with you throughout your stay, and if you feel anything is out of place, I will make it right in whatever way I could” Clara said suggestively.

“Mabuhay, Sir.” With that said, she make a final adjustment in the mirror and walk out of the room. I was left standing there in the middle of the room, not believing what just happened to me.

Fully relaxed now, I fell on the bed and take a much needed nap.

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