It wasn’t long after our sojourn in the hills that we got invited to our first formal social event together. Fortunately, it was nothing to do with work. Vicki had joined a local climbing club when she’d become single and along with that came a social scene. She’d become hooked on the outdoor pursuits through myself and Jim and had been determined to get better at it. She was now a pretty competent climber and this side of her life was one I’d had very little to do with. I wasn’t keen on the idea. She’d shared with me before the type of people she’d met through the club and they didn’t sound that interesting, a mixture of young girls and middle aged, beardy blokes. However, when she’d mentioned the theme of the evening and what she planned to wear I changed my mind somewhat.

It was to be a burlesque night. I jokingly suggested they should have just gone with a ‘vicars and tarts’ party and have done with it but she was insistent this would be a much classier affair. More to the point we had spoken before about how Dita von Tese looked and I was very grateful to her for putting me onto Dita’s delightful website which we’d shared together one evening at either end of an email connection. Tonight she would be wearing a genuine Dita outfit. A black lacy corset, very see through, with matching full arm length gloves. A full suspender belt and stockings, and matching knickers. Black high heels with a huge feather boa and headdress. Over the top of this she had a faux fur coat and a simple, black sheer shirt with buttons up the front which she would wear over the top of the outfit to give herself a little more confidence.

Since splitting with Dan her confidence had gone through a bit of a revolution and her strength of character was increasingly shinning through. No one could have suffered the abuse she had and come through it as successfully as she had without immense strength of character. I knew this better than most and knew she was not the retiring violet others mistook her for, far from it. However, a shared bottle of champagne before we left was part of my plan to support her with the evening. For my part I felt a bit of a fraud. My outfit was simply a hired top hat and tail suit with bow tie and waistcoat. I managed to find a black cape with a scarlet lining but still felt more like a theatrical villain than a gentleman out for an evening’s ‘entertainment’ at the theatre. Nevertheless, Vicki loved it, especially the braces, which were a crucial part of the get up and helped to hold up the rather baggy trousers. However, as she pointed out, this left plenty of room for her to put her hands down there and I was rather hoping she would.

We were a little late arriving and by the time we walked in most of the others were already there. The venue was the home of one of the middle aged beardy blokes, Tony, and it was a large modern house with an open plan lounge, diner and kitchen all running into each other in an L shape around the side of the house to the back. There was an open coal fire in the lounge area but the lighting was hardly subdued and I was able to scan the room pretty quickly. There must have been about 30 people present and the gender split seemed to be about 50:50, which was a relief. Straightaway, I could see a group of younger girls who presumably were the ones Vicki always referred to as friends. They were sat around the fire and I was definitely getting the visual once over.

As soon as we’d been given drinks Vicki whisked me off round the room introducing me to everyone, including the group of smiling friends and I immediately forgot all the names of everyone in the room. It was really good to see the admiring glances and jaw dropping looks Vicki was getting from just about all the men in the room. There was no doubt she looked hot and as soon as the fur coat came off you could see them trying to peer through the sheer chemise to see what lay beneath. The thing about outdoor people was they were usually clad in fleece and Gore-Tex, neither of which was conducive to flattering a gorgeous figure. Even the girls were keen to discuss the outfit and I spoke to Tony as Vicki went off to discuss feather boas versus fans.

“So you’re the lucky fella who snared our Vicki then?”

“I guess so. Although, in fairness we’ve known each other for ages. I think I may have had something to do with her joining your club actually.”

“Yes, she said.”

“Great idea for a party by the way.” I surveyed the room and took in the amount of ample cleavage on display. “Vicki said it was a typical bloke idea, but I guess that makes me a typical bloke.”

“Yes, me too, but it wasn’t my idea. It was young Darren’s over there.” He pointed to the kitchen area where a guy I hadn’t spotted before was holding court with 2 middle aged ladies. I was amazed I hadn’t noticed him until now since he was wearing a pair of leather lederhosen and the tightest lycra vest I had ever seen. His muscular frame was clearly used to long workouts in the gym and there was plenty of tactile admiration and attention from his audience.

“He’s a student still,” added Tony, ataşehir escort “but I believe he does ‘Stripograms’ on the side to earn some extra money.”

“That figures,” I replied, raising my eyebrows.

“Your lass looks stunning in that getup by the way.”

“Yes she does.” My eyes returned to the group of girls by the fire and I noticed they’d been joined by another. She was shorter than Vicki and extremely pretty. Short dark hair and beautifully defined features which had the air of the Mediterranean about them. She was wearing a white basque which was so tight her pert breasts were almost squeezed clean out of the top. A lacy white suspender belt was holding up white fishnet stockings and the high cut knickers accentuated her dark skin and shapely legs. As with most of the other girls, a sense of caution had encouraged her to bring a feather scarf and lacy shawl but as the drink flowed these crutches were becoming less critical to their confidence.

“Who’s that?” I asked Tony.

“Aaah. That’s Isabelle,” replied Tony. “I daresay Vicki will introduce you shortly. That pair have become quite inseparable at the club.”

Indeed, Vicki had mentioned Izzy on several occasions. In fact her first mention had been along the lines of, I’ve made a new friend and you’d certainly like her. She was right, I did. As soon as she’d entered the room there was a perceptible change to the atmosphere. She turned heads and most of the men were now enjoying the view of both Vicki and Izzy in the firelight. Not only that but one of the first things Izzy had done was to turn off the rather bright lighting in the main lounge area and the result was much more flattering to all concerned. She was now engaged in an energetic conversation with Vicki which was clearly to do with their outfits. There was a great deal of touching and adjusting going on but from my point of view it was difficult to improve on.

The evening progressed slowly with little of note apart from the consumption of more alcohol. I’d decided to drive so I was able to watch with interest the various stages of drunkenness developing around me. Vicki was certainly warming up nicely and whilst she was sitting on my lap I slowly undid the buttons on her chemise and admired the view more clearly. She obviously didn’t mind at all because as I undid the buttons and opened up the shirt her hand slid inside my baggy trousers and gave me a squeeze on my boxer shorts. I twitched and swelled instantly and she smiled contentedly as I kissed her now exposed chest, just below her throat. Her intake of breath made her chest heave within the tight restriction of her corset and I kissed her on the exposed swelling of her right breast, admiring her perfect cleavage. She squirmed slightly with embarrassment but squeezed me harder nonetheless and I could see her smiling as she scanned the room to see if anyone was watching.

At that moment most people were watching some of the girls assembling in the lounge area and I was aware that the music had been changed to a sultry jazz tune. The girls were all giggling and emboldened by the drink they were preparing a little dance routine. I had to be honest there was a lot more laughing taking place than serious choreography but they were trying to move to the music and present a kind of strip routine. With much flailing of feather boas and fans they did their best to excite the audience but truth be told there was a fair degree of laughter going on there too. Everyone was whooping and cheering and there was certainly some flesh on display. Two of the girls had very large tits and they were inexplicably crammed into some very tight lingerie. None of the dancers were as attractive as Vicki and Izzy but all the men, including me were, were nevertheless enjoying the show. The dancing girls and Vicki still caressing my cock were making the evening far more interesting. However, it soon became clear that the lingerie itself was the limit for these strip artists and the performance began to wane when they’d run out of accessories to discard.

What happened next came as no surprise to me as I’d watched Darren eyeing up the floor with eager anticipation as the girls finished their routine. He quickly strode to the centre of the room and the music was changed to a much more up tempo number. With the confidence of a seasoned professional he began to dance. I had to admit he was good and I’m always slightly envious of those men who cannot just dance better than me but can really dance properly. The whooping and cheering started again but this time we were watching a natural performer and Darren was milking the crowd for all he was worth. What little he had on was soon being removed and his toned body was definitely exciting the ladies. Some were now getting up and dancing with him, stroking his chest and legs as if it was a hen party.

I think even Vicki would have liked to join in because her hands in my shorts began to work even more feverishly on my cock and as Darren was eventually reduced to a minute G-string the cries for more were resounding avcılar escort round the room. I actually think he was tempted to take it all off and there was certainly enough encouragement for him to do so but at that moment the track ended and the music changed and the opportunity was lost. Darren gathered his clothes and retired to dress himself but I observed a couple of fans going with him still trying to persuade him to carry on.

What happened next, however, was definitely not expected. I hadn’t noticed that whilst Darren had been dancing the rest of the lights had been dimmed and the room was lit really only by the fire now and a dull glow from the kitchen area. Izzy came over and taking Vicki’s hand she led her to the front and at first I simply thought they were going to have a private chat. Seconds later I realised they were going to dance and my senses immediately sharpened.

To begin with there wasn’t a lot of interest. The music was pretty slow and quiet and I’m not sure many in the room even noticed the 2 girls begin to sway rhythmically in front of the fire. They were both drunk but neither had lost their coordination or showed it in their movements and gradually the men certainly began to stare. I’ve no doubt this had been Izzy’s plan all along. In fact she must have waited until all attention was focussed on them until the real dance began.

There was no cheering or whooping now, the mood was softer and quieter but the attention and anticipation was intense. They moved together at first with neither taking any lead. Face to face with arms on each other’s shoulders the audience was being treated to fine views of both arses as they rotated together. However, when Izzy was sure of the room’s attention she moved to dance behind Vicki and instead presented us with a front view of my girlfriend. Vicki had her eyes closed as she continued to move slowly to the music, bending each knee in turn and gently swaying her arms back and forth. She looked stunning in the corset which pinched in so sharply at her waist I could almost get my hands completely round her. Her full breasts were beautifully pushed up and presented for all to see with a very impressive cleavage. The high cut knickers, suspender belt and stockings merely added to the ensemble and when Izzy slipped the shirt from Vicki’s shoulders and whipped it away in a flash I could almost hear the intake of breath in the room. She was now exposed in a way she hadn’t been all evening and in a way I thought she never would but her eyes remained closed almost as if she was oblivious.

Izzy continued to match her moves behind and with her hands loosely resting on Vicki’s now bare shoulders. However, her next move really alerted me to something more dramatic going on. She delicately slid her hands down the gloved length of Vicki’s arms and, taking hold of her hands, raised them above her head so that she was now dancing with her arms in the air. Immediately Vicki’s wonderful chest rose in the corset and, if it was possible, yet more cleavage was on show. I was mesmerised and just aware that occasionally others in the room were checking my face to see if there was any reaction to what was going on. I have to say the only part of me capable of moving was stirring in my trousers.

Vicki was now dancing like a snake charmers cobra, swaying left and then right, her arms and hands snaking in opposite directions to her hips and legs. She still had her eyes closed and Izzy now ran her hands up and down the length of Vicki’s sides from her hands to her hips. It was as if she was the charmer, controlling Vicki’s dance with her tune. As Vicki swayed Izzy began to role back one of her long black gloves and as she reached her hand she pulled it off and threw it to me. I caught it instinctively and waited for the second to arrive, which it duly did about 60 seconds later.

The tension in the air was palpable and I was seeing my not so shrinking violet in a whole new and exciting way. My only question was how far would this go before the spell was broken. Izzy once more ran her hands and fingers down the length of Vicki’s now exposed arms and at her shoulders she lingered around the nape of her neck before circling around under her armpits and then tracing the lines of her collar bones with her fingertips. The movements were so delicate I almost missed her lower her hands to trace the upper swellings of Vicki’s breasts before once again moving down her sides to fasten on her hips. This time she pulled Vicki backwards into her so that the girls were in perfect time with each other, Vicki’s round arse pressed into and rubbing against Izzy. I had forgotten to breathe and gulped air noisily as Izzy’s hands moved back up Vicki’s body but this time in a firmer fashion, stroking the material of the corset and pressing so that when she reached Vicki’s tits she nearly pushed them out of the top of the corset. She might have done so had it not been such a tight fit and instead she gave a very deliberate squeeze before passing on up again to her hands. I saw Vicki’s mouth open just slightly avrupa yakası escort as she did so and then close again.

I was so turned on it was just impossible to think straight and I’m pretty certain everyone else was feeling the same because the room was silent. Izzy’s hands wandered downwards once more and began to unhook the numerous catches of the corset, starting at the top. I was certain she would be stopped but no one, least of all Vicki seemed about to do it. Eventually, she reached the bottom. Already the cups at the top had started to fall away from my girlfriend’s body and her breasts were becoming increasingly visible. In the full knowledge of her teasing routine Izzy paused and held the cups firmly over Vicki’s tits herself for what seemed like ages, occasionally squeezing the ripe breasts. But then she drew the corset away and there they were for everyone to see, pert and luscious, displayed to their full effect with Vicki’s arms still in the air. I knew I had a problem resisting them and it appeared Izzy did too because she then lavished several minutes of attention on them, cupping and squeezing, delicately tracing around them and then pinching the nipples until they were hard and erect.

I really couldn’t believe this was happening and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Izzy moved to stand in front of Vicki and taking her hands she was obviously encouraging my girlfriend to repeat the performance on her. Vicki’s eyes opened slowly but she continued to dance and with little hesitation she also undid the hooks on the back of Izzy’s basque. It was tight and she fumbled slightly with the final few. She also had the problem of the stockings attached to the bottom and these had to be carefully released, but after what seemed like an age, she too exposed Izzy’s fantastic body to the room. The 2 girls were now completely topless and I really thought that would have to be it but Vicki followed Izzy’s lead and began to trace her hands all over Izzy’s body. Her breasts were not as full as Vicki’s but they were well defined on her slim frame and very firm. Vicki’s hands were softer in their touch than Izzy’s had been but she still explored to the music before they again changed places with a slow spin.

I couldn’t see where they could go from here and to tell the truth I just wanted to get Vicki out of there now, not because I wasn’t enjoying it but because I badly wanted to fuck her. My cock was painfully swollen in my boxer shorts. This was the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed but then Izzy’s hands were on Vicki again. She traced the length of Vicki’s body but this time they came to rest on her hips. As before she pulled Vicki into her and began to grind slowly into her round arse. Vicki bent slightly in the middle, leaning forward and rubbing her cheeks into Izzy who stood tall and continued to pull her firmly into her groin. I watched as Vicki leaned further and her breasts fell forward, swaying and wobbling beautifully with the thrusts that Izzy was now making. The movements were still rhythmic and timed to the music but there was more energy to the performance now and I noticed that one of Izzy’s hands had crept around to the front of Vicki’s knickers. Her right hand maintained its firm grasp of her hip but the left was now rubbing her mound and because Vicki was slightly taller she’d opened her legs slightly to match Izzy’s height. This made it easier for Izzy now to push her middle finger down over Vicki’s knickers to rub between her legs.

One or two people I think had left the room, whether out of embarrassment or disapproval or because they wanted to do something themselves, I didn’t know but I remained watching, powerless to intervene. The performance seemed to have a hold on everyone, not just the 2 girls. For minutes the rubbing and grinding went on and then I watched as Izzy slid her hand delicately inside Vicki’s black lacy knickers. They were pretty see-through and I could see her using her slender middle finger, sliding up and down. Vicki’s mouth was now wide open and she was staring at me intently. She was bent almost parallel to the floor, her breasts hanging beneath her and nipples hard, still pushing her juicy arse cheeks into Izzy who was fingering and stroking Vicki’s pussy with real intent. I could tell her breathing was becoming a pant because I could see her chest moving and her mouth almost gasping but then the music stopped.

I’m not sure if this was deliberate or it really was the end of the CD but the pause was so long that the spell was broken. Izzy couldn’t easily continue, Vicki had stopped moving and there were faint murmurs from around the room. It was as if she had suddenly come round from a period of unconsciousness and had realised her own nakedness. She quickly reached down and picked up her corset and returned to me, clutching it to her chest. Izzy remained motionless for a second longer before gathering up her basque and exiting the room just a little too quickly. I sensed my chance and without a word or a glance I took her hand and led her away. I had left our coats in the hallway and I wrapped Vicki up in her fur and took her straight out to the car. Her doubts about what I must be thinking were written all over her face but the moment we were seated and the engine was running I leaned over and kissed her passionately. Never had she looked so sexy and never had I wanted anyone so badly.

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