I know you have been lonely for my sensuality and I want to merge with you and make you feel the wonder of the magic we create together, to assure you that behind my confusion and fear that I still smolder for you. My passion for you builds as you take me in, little by little, to understand and know me in a way few people may ever know me.

Where we are in my minds eye is beautiful and sultry, and glows golden in the dusk of the sun. Still, salty waters reflect the beauty both natural and structured around the harbor. The boats gently sway in the gentle breeze and the air is moist and clean. Inside our bungalow, warm western light streams through tall windows draped in white gauze as I lay in naked glory across the expanse of a large sumptuous bed, hungry for the delight in your eyes to find me here in this way, the warmth of your touch and the wetness of your mouth and tongue as they travel about me appreciatively. I ache to feel your cock spread its warmth into the center of my very being, to tease you and myself, sucking and drinking in our fluids, working ourselves into a frenzied release of unadulterated passion. My heart is yours, wrapped in the delicacy of the way you restore me, comfort me and protect me from life’s storms.

My golden hair is curly and tousled atop my head, resting between long arms waiting to embrace you, and hands yearning to touch you. My eyes are pools of blue green love basking upon you. My face is pretty and kind, smiling at the delight and passion in your eyes and in your loin…..knowing you will finish me in a way that no other man can. You approach closer, stand above me at the side of our alter of love, and take in the fullness of my breasts, like large lazy mounds of hot white dough topped with the pinkest of flesh, nipples budding and hard with anticipation. My whole body rests in a feather bed, framed in softness and warmth. Your eyes travel further down the curve of my stomach and between the width and flesh of my hips, you gaze into the triangle of darkness poised between my legs.

This is not a girl-child you behold, this is a woman comfortable, happy and confident in what she celebrates and allows you to take in…..a woman who hungers to create passion you’ve never known before. I am not timid, or shy, I want you, and am unafraid to let you know it. As you imagine almanbahis adres the wet creaminess of my lower lips, and the torrid heat of making love to my sweet pussy, you are overcome with the pure decadence of the passion I long to heap upon you. Your cock grows hard at my siren call as your gaze finishes across my legs, long and unfettered, a lone anklet adorns me, the silver and jewels glittering racing you towards red painted toes longing to be sucked in your mouth.

Your eyes return to mine and they smolder with desire, and you smile at me while you abandon your clothing to a heap on the floor. You tell me how much you want me and how much you love my devilish surprise, and how you have missed me since we were last together, even if it were only a few short hours ago. I am filled with a powerful knowing at the kind of passion I illicit in you and happiness is mine.

You slide atop and beside me kissing me deeply, lovingly, wetly flicking my tongue, teeth and lips, sucking at my lower lip and breathing in my long, deep sigh of release. My arms wrap around your neck as the space between us vanishes, and I can feel the hardness of your cock against my stomach, a small dab of cum at the top of you, and the smear of my own wetness between my thighs as I slightly turn to meet you as you enter our bed. You bury your face into my hugely generous tits, sucking madly at my nipples while stinging me with the fierceness of your bite. Your hands push my tits together tightly and the pressure beneath my nipples builds. You suck them delighting to find the sweetness of my milk there for your pleasure, and you suck them hard drawing it out, and now raise your mouth to mine to share the sugar of our love with me. Our tongues close on one another circling and darting in and out of our mouths. Your thirst returns and again you please my tits by mouth for long luxurious minutes, teasing me, making me arch in uncontrolled desire while I push my pussy against your leg, grinding at the thought of getting what you want to give me most, making your thigh sopping wet with my love.

You decide it’s time to show me who is in control of this scenario and begin the journey across my abdomen to my pussy. I know where you are going and I am impatient to receive your attentions where I want them most. You nibble at me almanbahis adres along the way, your hands exploring my ass, slapping at it a bit, and your fingers playing with my wet pussy and the heat of my ass from behind. I know how you love the thought of my ass and having it in all the ways you love to have it, and knowing what you love makes me hotter, because what you love is me, and what we have together. Your hand flutters along the curve of my ass and you turn me gently to lay flat upon the bed again. You are hungry and thirsty and wait no longer to tongue the lips between my legs, to fuck me with your tongue, and to slide your finger into me while you suck upon my clit.

You slide your middle finger inside of me while you suck me harder, more insistently. You begin to fuck me with your finger, your hand worshiping me, stroking me, pleasing me, and I am moaning at your touch. The passion is rising and I NEED you to fuck me so badly, but you deny me knowing just how to show me the way. You continue to tease me and I begin to beg you, plead with you to take me. You are feeling so hot, so close to being out of control, but you want me the way you want me and stay the course.

You flip me around and situate me at the side of the bed, placing my ass high up, my legs slightly apart, so you can see the white roundness of my ass, the wideness of it, and the cave leading to my wonderland. You spank me on either side of my ass making my cheeks red, stinging me with passion. Your cock is throbbing and more cum seeps to the surface.

You position yourself behind me and wet your fingers with my pussy. Then you make me eat it off of your fingers while you slide them around my tongue. I moan. You do as well, and your cock is throbbing, hard and tight with excitement. You wet your fingers and feed me several more times and when you feel I’ve had almost all I can take, you kiss and lick my ass and make me scream out. You slide your finger into my ass and take the mushroom head of your cock and place it behind my hot pussy……so tight with desire, aching to have you now. You slide your wet finger into my ass while pulling it and me, towards your ready member. You are slippery against me and begin to slide easily into me as you press your finger down against your dick from the other side of my ass.

I almanbahis adresi am moaning, and grinding and you are smiling, laughing with my inability to control myself any longer. You fuck me some more and I cum the first time on your cock, but I am so hungry that it only makes me want you more. I’m no longer willing to be passive, and I drop to my knees to worship you with my mouth, my tongue and my throat. The cum rises up in you and you are so ready to explode…..I know though and slow down, and just lick the head of you cock and suck it gently letting you just catch your breath before I fuck you with my mouth and throat again.

You are shuddering and breathing hard. I lie you back on the bed. I suck your toes and lick the insides of your thighs getting ever closer to where you live….I lick and suck your balls listening to you gasp and shudder and beg me to fuck you, and fuck you now. I gulp in one last throatful of your cock and then rise up push you back upon the bed and straddle you to finish you off. I play with the head of your cock against my still wet vag, and tease my hard clit, and then plunge you deep into the center of my heat.

Once atop and firmly planted upon you my pussy tightens hard around you and I know I will cum again in a few minutes. I grind a top you while you stare into my eyes and I know you have found passion unmatched within me. I moan with delight, and grind ever harder, circling you with my hips. You watch as I play with my tits and suck my own nipples in a performance for you. You begin to have a scattered gasping breath and to arch your head back. You are moaning and praising God for the pleasure you feel.

I continue to push, slide and pull….to FUCK you. I look in your eyes and make you tell me how much you love having me while you push, push, PUSH and then explode into my pussy in a fury. I continue to fuck you until you beckon me to stop for the sensitivity of it.

I lay down upon your chest and rest and your arms are wrapped around me. After a few minutes, I slide off and you shudder from the intensity even still. I lay beside you and you pull the feather bed around us, the sheets and a comforter and kiss me, gently and sweetly. We talk and you feed me chocolates. You drink wine out of my navel and make me happy and content.

We lay down, close our eyes and rest. We begin to slumber entwined, letting the gentle breeze dry the sweat of our passion off our spent bodies as the last glimmer of twilight disappears, and the clunking and splashing of the boats in the harbor provide a lullaby for heavy restorative sleep.

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