Bump And GrindBump And Grind


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Alexi and Lake jumped, stumped, and bumped to the beat of the music in Alexi’s bedroom. They had just got back from the club, but was still feeling the grove. Alexi was in her boy shorts, short T, and socks while Lake only wore boxer briefs. Alexi pushed her ass back on to Lake’s crotch. He dipped pushing his bulge right up to her crotch.

“Uhg!” Lake grunted grinding his hard-on.

“Mmmmmm!” Alexi put her hand on her bed as she rolled back against her brother’s grind.

Lake thrust and thrust again. “Oh shit Lexi!” He pulled out his dick and pushed it up against the crotch of her short.

Alexi put her knee on the bed and moved the crotch of the lacey shorts allowing her brother dick to enter her hot pussy just before he started to shot his cum. They kept humping and grinding. Alexi dug her fingernails into her covers, straining as her orgasm exploded.

“Oh shit Alexi, we just fucked,” Lake said.

“I was there.” Alexi sat on her bed exhausted.

“Why didn’t you stop me?”

“Stop you? Don’t escort izmit be stupid. I wanted it just as bad as you.”


“Jeez, I wonder how in the hell you ever got into college,” Alexi said.

“I know I’ve been wanting to do you, but I didn’t think you wanted me like that,” he said.

“You see me putting my ass up on anyone else like that?” she asked.

“No. I thought you did it with me like that because I’m your brother and you trust me.” Lake shrugged his shoulders.

Alexi shook her head. “How about this Lake? I…want…you…to…fuck me! Jeeze!”

“You want him to do what!?” Brenda, their mother pushed open the door. “I thought I heard y’all fucking, apparently I was right. Put you dick in your shorts, boy!”

Alexi and Lake were froze. Brenda pulled on Lake’s shorts letting his shrinking fall before letting the waste band snap back against his waist.

“I knew that booty dancing shit would led to this. Lake go wait in your room while I talk to this girl.” Brenda gave him a shove, folding her arms until he izmit escort left. She locked the door and sat down with Alexi. “Honey, you’re twenty years old and nobody can tell you who you can fuck, but trust me, you don’t want to fuck your brother. I’ve been there.”

Alexi looked very surprised, as stern as her mother was.

“The first thing that’s going to happen is that you’re going to fall in love. Y’all are going to fuck like rabbits, and he’s going to be you’re little puppet, because he’d be getting more pussy than he ever dreamed of. Then you’re going to want more and he’s not going to be able to give it to you, so you’re going to put the breaks on. One problem, he’s in the other room with a big black dick and you need it, so you let him hit it every now and then. Next problem, some other girl wants him. You’re not going to have that, because no matter who she is, she’s not going to be good enough. And, you’re going to be real ugly about it. After a while you’re learn how to deal. Your Uncle Ray still has to give me some, so I won’t izmit kendi evi olan escort rip his wife’s head off. I became one jealous bitch.” Brenda put her hand on her daughter’s thigh as the tears began to fall.

“I’ve been trying to so hard and he finally got it, mom.” Alexi whipped her tears.

“This is one thing you can be sure of, he’s going to be right under your foot. I’m not going to stand in your way, but remember what I told you.” Brenda left her daughter alone with her thoughts.

Lake was pacing the floor when Brenda entered locking the door behind her.

“Mama I…”

“Boy shut up!” She pushed the nineteen year old on his bed with a flick of her wrist. She pulled his dick out shorts and held it firmly. “Alexi got it bad for this thing and you better give it to her. I swear, I’ll never know how you ended up with a dick this big.” She took the head of his cock into her warm mouth and stroked its length.

An uncontrollable grin came on his face. He cupped one of her hanging tits. He squeezed it firmly and then moved his hand to her ass. He slid his hand under her gown and found her without panties. He pushed his finger inside of her hot pussy.

“You only get one piece of pussy in this house at a time.” She removed his hand and continued sucking on his dick.

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