Bully-boy Scally!Bully-boy Scally!


Bully-boy Scally!Usual warnings/disclaimers apply! Don’t read if you’re easily offended,(and why are you on this site if you are all timid and prissy,lol),or if it’s i*****l to be here,go read Horse and Hound or Womens Weekly! The story’s fictional,though something of a fantasy.Enjoy!Walking through the estate on my way to a mate’s house I was busting for a piss and knew I wasn’t gonna make it to his place without pissing myself.Taking a detour I went into the nearby park and headed to the public lavs’.As soon as I entered the building the smell whacked me in the nostrils,that overpowering stink of piss and old sweat,and yup,definitely an odour of SPUNK!Hmmmmmm,just what I like to smell,lol! I stood at the urinal and flopped out the old fella,my best friend!Standing there and seeing all the filth on the wall,the explicit writing and overblown knob drawings my uncut knob instantly chubbed up and the knob-hood rolled over my slimey bell-end.Wrapping my fist round my shaft I let rip with a heavy stream of piss and sighed,just in time,I’da pissed my kecks otherwise!Looking back at the writing I spied one particular scrawl which read,”Fit scally-boy,18,big 9incher,uncut,heavy smooth bollox and loadsa spunk!Wants cock-sucking queer-lads to worship me knob & swallow me junk.Must do as he’s told,or else” Underneath was the prefered time.Shit,going by the time on my watch whoever this scally was was due any minute!Now,I hafta say,scally lads are the big thing with me.The whole ‘uniform’ of trackie bottoms and tight t-shirt and manky trainers,fuck,that’ll have my knob dripping in double-quick time! My piss-flow dried up but the piss-slit was still wet and slimey,so I rubbed my thumb over the twitching slit and brought my thumb to my mouth savouring the gunk,well fuckin’ horny! I forgot about my mate and decided to hang around the lavs,see whether this big knobbed scally would turn up.Leaving my throbbing cock hanging out of my fly I went to a cubicle and nipped inside.Christ,there was all kindsa filth on the walls and pulling my kecks down I took a seat on the toilet and started sliding my fist up and down my veiny shaft whilst having a good read of the crap on the wall!My piss-hole was letting a good old stream of pre-slime over my fist,always a good sign!Looking around the cubicle I spotted a trail of spunk and leaned over to get a good old sniff.It looked pretty fresh so I scooped some up and used it to get my low-hangers all slimey and gooey!Really getting worked up I shoved my t-shirt up and over my head so I could have a tug on my nips,god was I boned-up,lol! Just then I heard footsteps and my heart-rate sped up.This is the moment when you’re never quite sure what’s gonna happen next.Could be some knuckle-dragging istanbul escort queer basher or worse,the cops!Leaving go of my knob for a minute I almost held my breath.Then I heard the door to the other cubicle creak open and then close,then the shuffling sound of someone dropping his kecks.Seconds later the sound of a lighter sparking and whoever was next door taking a long drag on a ciggie.Ok,hardly likely to be a copper,and would a queer basher have a fag-break,lol!So I relaxed a bit and set to stroking my aching knob,well couldn’t let the old todger down now,could I? After a few more minutes I spotted a scrap of paper being pushed under the partition wall.Christ,did blokes still do that,lol?! Curious I reached down and picked it up.On it was written,”D’ya fancy sucking me big knob?” Now,experience tells me that the ‘protocol’ is that you shove your foot under the stall and tap it up and down,so that’s wht I did! A scruffy trainer pushed up against mine and I thought,yup,this has gotta be the ‘fit scally lad’! Next thing is,the foot’s disappeared and I hear the door open and then my door being pushed back with a slam,and there he was! Oh,fuck,this lad was fucking lush! He’s about 5’10” tall,slim but not overly skinny,nice set of muscles under his tight adidas t-shirt,stiff nipps clearly visible!Even better,he’s got a pair of navy-blue tracky bottoms on,with the double white stripes down the legs and a grimey pair of nike trainers on a pretty big sized feet!The ultimate,for me,though was the fact that he was a ginger! He’d got a bright ginger zero-crop cut,pale grey eyes and full red lips on him,shit,I nearly squirted my junk there and then,lol! He sneers down at me and says,”So,you’s the queer cunt who wants a taste of me big pisser,then,yeah?”He’s grabbing at the noticeable bulge in his trackies and thrusting his hips at me!I could barely speak,the spit had dried up in my mouth,so I just nodded at him!”You what,queer bastard,can’t hear ya,waddya say,eh?”Working some saliva up I looked straight at him and said,”Yes,wanna suck that big knob”The scally lad chuckled and then hawked up a wad of phlegm and got me square in the face! WTF? Whoa,this wasn’t part of the deal!Yet,I dunno,it was kinda horny!”Tell me properly,ya cock-sucking twat!Say it like you’s beggin’ fer it,yeah”Feeling his warm spit dripping down my face I looked at him and pleaded,”Please,let me suck your big thick pisser,pleeeeeease”Giving a laugh the lad spat at me again and snarled,”Not fuckin’ good enough,ya freak.Now,get on ya fuckin’ knees and make me believe yer fuckin’ desperate for me young scally knob.DO IT”Without a pause I was off the loo and down on my knees right in front of that bulge.Inches away from his throbbing beylikdüzü escort scally knob I looked up at him,sneering at me,and begged,”Oh,please,mate,I need to get me throat fucked by that big,sweaty scally-boy cock.Wanna get me belly filled with hot scally spunk,I’m desperate for it”That seemed to do it because without a word he reached into his trackies and yanks out this huge,pale veiny uncut scally knob!Oh,shit,it was well lush and definitely a good nine inches.His knob-skin was just half way over a fiery red fat bell-end and his piss-slit was well deep,and the slime oozing out of it had my mouth watering,no problem!”Right,ya nasty fuckin’ queer boy,get ya slutty gob round this,and getsuckin'”Christ almighty,I didn’t need telling twice,lol! I slipped my lips over that red hot slimey bell-end and began slurping all over it.Oh,that slime was like nectar,and the smell!It tasted like he’d not washed his knob in a while,it was fucking tastey!Groaning,the lad pushed further into my mouth and hissed,”Fuckin’ hell,pal,suck the fucker,it aint a naffin’ tit.Get goin’ on it,I aint got all day”With that,he pushed harder and his cock disappeared down into my throat!Now,I’ve been sucking cock since I was 12 so I’m not a novice.But,jesus,this took me well by surprise!I coughed against this rigid throbbing tool and snot flew out my nose!This had the randy sod laughing like a drain,”Ah,mate,ya dirty fuckin’ sod”He slid back a bit so I could breathe,then he warned,”Fuck,you better not puke else I’ll do ya,get me?”Before I had chance to reply he slid back into my aching mouth and then took hold of my head and began slipping his pulsing rod in and out.”That’s the way,fuckwit,ooooh,ya soddin’ love suckin’ on this big fucker,dontchya,yeah?”Well,with my mouth stuffed full of hot,thick oozing scally knob I could only moan and groan round his cock!”Yeah,fuckin’ queer boy loves me straight scally cunt-fucker,too fuckin’ right he does”Hell,he knew how to use the filthy mouth of his,lol.But it was well turning me on,hearing him,this cocky young scally verbally abusing me!And I’d kinda gotten used to his knob-head banging at the back of my throat.Probably just as well!Grunting and huffing away he was rubbing his hands all over my head as he was slamming his burning hot cock into my drooling mouth,”Aaaagh,fuck,yessssss,fuckin’ do it,cunt!Yessssss,fuckin’ suck it,ya dirty fucker”Jesus,he was really going to town with the old verbal!My knob was straining in my pants and I could feel my slime soaking the crotch.I started pulling at the zip when the lad snarled,”Leave ya fuckin’ knob alone.DO NOT FUCKIN’ TOUCH IT,hear me?”Damn,what was he playing at?My cock was aching for release,yet here was this cocky young sod telling me what esenyurt escort to do!”You get that scrawny twig out and I’ll deck ya,ya got it,pal?”Well,given that I was on my knees in a confined space,and this lad had got his rampant big knob at the back of my throat I guess he had the upper hand! So I let go of my zip and concentrated on not choking to death!”Right,ya pervy fucker,I’s gonna dump me muck down that queer throat of yours.And when I do you’s gonna piss yer kecks,right?And if ya don’t do it exactly when I spunk me muck,yer gonna get a good kickin’,you got that?”Oh,my good christ!What the hell had I gotten myself into here? Thing was,it really was kinda hot.Freaky,but boy,was my knob telling me otherwise! I mumbled round his throbbing scally-pisser and he took that as obedience!”Yeah,knew you was a nasty,pervy fucker,innit.Gonna be a good lil’ perv’ and swallow me junk,yeah?Gonna piss yerself,aint ya,eh?”hell,I’d lost any dignity I might’ve had and was just working on taking what I suspected was gonna be a heavy-duty loada scally jizz!It wasn’t long before I found out!”Aaaagh,yessss,here it fuckin’ comes.Get ready,cock-sucker,big fuckin’ ripe loada scally-muck,yeah”The first blast took me totally by surprise!A big,meaty glob of thick scally-protein bulleted to the back of my throat!Quickly followed by rapid squirts of greasy,salty scally junk!Hell,I could hardly keep up with it and was gulping like a twat in the desert at a watering hole!”Yessssss,oooooh,fuck,yeah,swallow it,and piss yerself,ya fuckin’ freak”Oddly,I had absolutely no problems at all in that department!I felt my bladder open and within seconds my jeans were drenched in my steaming hot piss! I didn’t care how I was gonna get to me mate’s place,soaked in piss.All I could concentrate on was guzzling down this hot young fucker’s heavy load of scally gunk! Eventually the lad’s squirting slowed to a dripping and the last of his muck slid down my slutty throat!I gave a belch when he pulled out which made him snort out loud.”Ah,ya dirty fucker!You fuckin’ loved me boy-muck,didn’tchya,yeah.Fuckin’ queer freak”I looked up at him,standing there with his impressive knob half hard and the bell-end oozing one string of slime,and just grinned like a puppy! He sneered at me and spat a wad of hot spit at me,”Yeah,too naffin’ right,all you queer fuckers love me big scally knob”With that he flopped his slimey cock back in his trackies and pushed his foot in me chest!I half fell backwards,catching myself against the toilet.Grinning at me the lad spat once more and sneered,”That’s yer fuckin’ lot yer freak.Next time ya feel like bein’ me bitch cunt we’ll get yer all pissy and slimed up.Ya know where to find me,nasty cunt”And then he was off without even a backward glance,whistling away to himself while I sat back on my arse on the pissy floor,wondering if I ever would go back for seconds!Well,peeps,hope you liked my little fantasy!Leave comments if you want,all appreciated!

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