Built For One ThingBuilt For One Thing


“Tyler, what the fuck are you doing in my room!?!?” Alexandra shouted while clutching at her short beige towel, which barely covered her pussy, but with exception of her nipples, everything above was revealed of her big and heaving tits, still wet from the shower and her blonde hair, dried at last, falling over most of left breast on its way down to her thighs.

“Well hello to you, too, sexy!” Tyler smirked at her, like he always did and although she knew he did it purely to have fun with her, to push her buttons and to tease her, this wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

“Tyler, seriously, for one moment, please, what the fuck are you doing in my room!?!?” Alexandra pressured him, still remaining frozen.

“Just checking on you sexy and I’d rather be with you than do anything else” Tyler told her whilst staring intensely into her blue eyes.

“Checking on me seems to be all you do! Get out!” Alexandra told him, suddenly more at ease knowing he was here because he loved being with her and not on some weird motive like he often had. Pranks, games, teasing, innuendos, lewd comments, that was her big nineteen-year-old brother, unless she was hurt or down, then he was there for her to protect her, care for her and in those rare moments she was glass in his hands. But not now, right now, she was ‘sexy’ as he liked to call her, knowing it infuriated her and always smirking his stupid face at her.

“Well, sexy, there’s a lot of you that’s worth checking out” Tyler smirked at her as he followed behind her petite five-foot body when she moved towards her bed to find something to wear.

“Tyler! You see the towel, you can see my wet skin, feel the smell of the shower, so please, let me get dressed in peace!” Alexandra told him, her mouth partly open in a big smile and in his mind, she was so sexy he wanted nothing more than to rip that skimpy towel off of her devilishly hot body and turn his dreams into reality by fucking the hottest babe in town.

“I’m also her to get your ‘tight ass’ into the kitchen to eat some dinner with me before we head off to the party” Tyler told her, smirking, still whilst drooling over her shapely, muscular and tanned thighs of perfection, that looked so good when wet.

“Aw, you’ve made me dinner big bro, again?” Alexandra beamed at him, before she turned to walk over to her gym bag on the floor.

“Anything for you sis! Anything for you…” Tyler told her, smiling at her whilst imagining his curvaceous beauty of an eighteen-year-old little sister being bent over the bed as he drove his cock into her tight teenage pussy.

“You’re unbelievable!” Alexandra beamed of joy before she bent down at the waist to fetch her black lace thong, her black hot pants and her black sports bra, not really thinking of the obvious before he told her.

“Says the little sister bending over and flashing her big brother” Tyler chuckled, his tongue licking his lips at the heavenly sight of her pink little shaven pussy coming into view as the skimpy towel rode up over her absolutely perfectly built ass.

“For fuck sake!” Alexandra growled at herself for giving him that one without thinking. Throwing her chosen attire on her messy bed, she looked at him, her stare as sharp as daggers. “Tyler! You see my clothes on the bed, you know what I’m about to do, so turn around!” Alexandra shouted at him, but rather than follow her command, he smirked at her.

“That is one messed-up bed, sis! Either you had a real bad dream, or someone’s in need of something a lot bigger than your little fingers!” Tyler chuckled at her knowing how embarrassed she would get by pointing out what he knew was a crazy high sex-drive.

“Tyler!” Alexandra shouted at him, her lovely cheekbones turning red as she picked-up whatever she could find to throw at her annoying ass brother.

Catching the black lace thong in his hands, Tyler grinned before bringing it to his nose to smell the heavenly scent. “Ah, the thong you wore on cheerleading practice today… I never thought I’d envy a piece of clothing this much, but this little fucker has been wedged between your cheeks” Tyler grinned at her, knowing he pissed her off and her red face was priceless.

“What?!? No, those aren’t the ones…” Alexandra stopped believing herself when she remembered the musky scent as she fetched them from her bag and silently she cursed herself for having so many black thongs and for not organising them properly in her gym bag.

“Oh yes, definitely the ones!” Tyler grinned at her before stuffing her thong into his pocket, another treasure for his collection.

“Shut up! You’re so annoying!” Alexandra shouted, knowing her thong was lost to her brother’s stupid collection, which he even earned money off of by selling them to the guys at their school. Had it not been for the fact it gave him some money, which he generously spent on her anyways by buying her gifts and making it feel like her birthday every day, she would’ve been more cross about it.

Motioning for him to turn around, İkitelli Escort he, to her amazement, spun around rather willingly. Instantly she untucked the towel, letting it fall to the floor, before fetching herself a new black lace thong and stepping into it. Alexandra made sure the string wedged deeply between her round cheeks, just the way she liked it, before quickly fetching and stuffing her 38DDs into the sports bra.

“Alright, I’m decent, you can turn around and thanks for listening for once” Alexandra told him rather quickly as she fetched her tight black hot pants.

“No worries, but you don’t look decent to me” Tyler teased her and all she did was to thrust her big bust at him, which made her big and prominent cleavage shake so temptingly he nearly ravished her on the spot.

“You’re so unbelievable sometimes…” Alexandra said whilst sitting down on the bed, facing her big black brother, who reminded her every day by just existing that she was adopted into this family, but even if Tyler was the most annoying ass brother, he was constantly with her, loving her, making her feel like his little sister and she loved him for that no matter how weird their sibling relationship seemed to other people who didn’t get them.

“And I bet you’d be unbelievable in that” Tyler smirked at her while pointing at the messy bed.

“Shut up!” Alexandra shouted at him as she struggled to get the tight material over her shapely legs, her muscles shaking and flexing as she rose up from bed, struggling to get her curves into her own clothes.

“Man, I love watching you bounce sis” Tyler commented when she began hopping up and down whilst pulling on her hot pants, struggling to get her dreamy ass into her favourite hot pants.

“You’re so annoying!” Alexandra shouted between her giggling as the material inched more and more over her big booty until she finally got into it.

Suddenly, without seeing it coming, although he should know better by now, his blonde bombshell of a little sister jumped up into his arms, wrapping herself around him as he caught her dynamite thighs, hard, to keep her big tits mashed against his chest. “But you’re my big brother…” Alexandra purred into his ear, nuzzling his neck and her love for him as clear as the fading daylight.

“I know I tease you a lot sis, and you know you love it, but in all seriousness, I love you to death” Tyler whispered in her ear as held around her tightly and the adorable sounds she made, whenever he told her the magical words, made him smile so bright. The happiest day in his life was when she no longer felt like just an adopted little white girl and called him big brother for the first time while hugging him and ever since then he couldn’t go a day without being with her.

“I love you, too, big bro, I love you too…never change…you always brighten every minute of my day with your weirdness…I love you so much it hurts” Alexandra whispered in his ear, as she closed her eyes and melted into his chest. God how she loved her big brother! It was unhealthy how much she loved him and although he treated her like the hottest piece of ass in town, she wouldn’t change one thing about him.

“Good, now get your dynamite legs into the kitchen, ‘sexy’, and let’s eat some dinner!” Tyler told her, smiling and the sound of her sweet giggles when he let her heavenly beauty down, she was his perfect little dream.

Watching those hot pants define and outline every inch of her fantastically round and toned ass cheeks, whilst she skipped to her gym bag for her golden necklace, made his mouth water. He could literally see everything, nothing was left to the imagination the way the two cheeks outlined how her thong wedged them and he believed he would have a heart-attack one day if she kept flaunting her curvaceous beauty like this.

As she bent down at the waist again to retrieve her golden necklace that her big brother had bought for her on her eighteenth birthday, Tyler couldn’t help himself, the sight of those two cheeks were too tempting and he knew she would chase him like she always did whenever he did the ultimate move of annoyance in her eyes, but there weren’t many things better than her chasing him, all the while giggling adorably behind him.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Alexandra yelped when Tyler smacked her big bubble butt as hard as he could and when she turned around with her mouth open and fury in her eyes, she saw him bolt out of the hotel room, laughing hysterically as if they were young kids again.

Alexandra had never tied her beloved necklace faster, nor smiled as big, as she chased after her beloved brother, out of her bedroom, sprinting through the kitchen and the living room, getting closer and closer due to her being quicker than him and in the doorway to her brother’s bedroom, she was inches away from him as her big tits bounced around in her sports bra, but he barely got away from her until they reached the edge of his bed where she lunged forwards into a jump.

Tyler was İkitelli Escort Bayan sent crashing into the bed by the sudden arrival of his sister’s petite and curvaceous body hitting him and wrapping herself around him like a net.

“Got you!” Alexandra exclaimed her victory before lowering his torso onto his back, resting all of her weight on him, before she purred lovingly to him: “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you” Alexandra kept on saying it, over and over again while kissing all over his cornrows, happier than ever and she was so cute he didn’t even notice the pain from the tackle.

Alexandra was the cutest thing and he was buzzing with love for her as she was nuzzling his cornrows and smooching on him like he was a big black teddy-bear.

“Okay I get it, I get! My little sister loves me! I get it!” Tyler laughed, not believing she was capable of such affection, but she always was.

“Can I ride you back into the kitchen?” Alexandra asked, giggling in his ear and in his twisted mind, her question took on a whole new form.

“Fuck yes!” Tyler exclaimed, saying yes to both forms, completely amazed, still, that the blonde supermodel-looking beauty was single.

“YAY!” Alexandra exclaimed in joy as she leaped up from his body and rather awkwardly, he got up after her and jumped off the bed, lowering himself onto the ground to help her five-foot body to climb on board.

“Get on ‘sexy’, I’m gonna take you for a ride” Tyler chuckled and nearly fell over when she climbed on board, planting her big booty on his upper back, legs spread on each side of his head and her pussy pressing into his neck.

Taking hold of her incredible legs, he lifted her up as she played with his cornrows and kissed all over his head, all the while his hold on her legs, as well as the strength in her core, kept her from falling and making her sit comfortably safe on his broad and muscularly massive shoulders.

When Tyler walked them into the kitchen where the dinner he had prepared welcomed them, her wavy blonde hair brushed against his cheek as if she was caressing him with it on purpose as she sang so lovely in his ear about the brother she loved and she kept singing while he set-up the computer and called their father.

“Oh my big brother, you gonna find me, make me happy.

Oh my big brother, you gonna save me, be with me.

One day, maybe next week, you gonna tail me, keep me protected.

Oh my big brother, you gonna see me, keep me happy.

Oh my big brother, you gonna hear me, see me coming.

Someday, maybe next week, you gonna feel me, keep me connected.

Oh my big brother, you gonna feel me, know I need you.

Oh my big brother, you gonna love me, know I want you.

One way, or another, you gonna love me, make me perfected.

Oh my big brother, you gonna see me, as I love you.

Oh my big brother, you gonna know me, as I love you.

One day, maybe next week, my big brother, gonna win me, make him happy”

“Enough singing babygirl! Now get that fine ass down from your brother’s shoulders and get some chicken” Tyrone, the fifty-five-year-old father told his incredibly beautiful daughter, who he loved so much he felt his heart jump when she gave him her special smile.

“Yes daddy!” Alexandra beamed as she jumped down from Tyler and joined the dinner table, positioning her chair as close to Tyler as possible so that their daddy could see them both in the camera.

“Your little sister causing you trouble son?” Tyrone joked whilst he watched his son fill Alexandra’s bowl with chicken and fill her glass with some water.

“Of course not daddy!” Alexandra replied, sitting idlily in her chair, smiling at him, before she leant over to plant a sweet kiss on her big brother’s cheek, thanking him for tending to her every need.

“Like you couldn’t believe! She tackled me you know!” Tyler joked and Alexandra’s reaction was priceless in the nineteen-year-old’s eyes.

“Oh no you didn’t!” Alexandra beamed, bouncing up and down in her seat as she tried to wrestle with him to get him for his comments.

“Hey, hey! Enough!” Tyrone told them sternly from the living room he sat in, so happy to see his proud little family get on so well, and instantly they stopped to devour the chicken he had prepared for them.

“The two of you feel settled now in your twin room? You don’t miss home or your old man?” Tyrone asked, missing them so much as he sat lonely in the living room on the other side of the country.

“It’s fine dad” Tyler told her while handing Alexandra a napkin.

“I miss you so much daddy! Oh, are you alright daddy? Did you have a good day? Tell me you’re going to be fine without us daddy…otherwise I’m coming home to hug you!” Alexandra spoke, quickly and like she usually was, not changed a day by college life.

Tyrone felt his eyes turn glassy as her cuteness reminded him of the day he had adopted her and introduced her to Tyler…and now she sat Escort İkitelli right next to her brother, all grown up and so loving and caring he truly felt like he had won the lottery with her that day he found her crying in the orphanage.

“I miss you, too, babygirl, but daddy gonna be fine, trust me on that…now eat the food you’ve made before it gets cold sweetheart!” Tyrone told his little gemstone as she gulped down some water.

“Hold up! She didn’t cook today, I did!” Tyler remarked, rapidly, wanting to take credit for his good deed.

“Really? You? That true babygirl? Your brother learned how to cook now all of a sudden?” Tyrone asked his babygirl, not believing that his son was helping his little sister in the kitchen since Alexandra had been the main chef of the house all through her teens and up until her last day before leaving.

“It’s true daddy! I barely cook now! I keep telling Tyler it’s fine, but he spoils me daddy! He spoils me so much! This other day he bought me new clothes, new rings and new sneakers! The best big brother ever!” Alexandra said before she threw her arms around her big brother’s neck and planted kisses all over the side of his face.

“You mustn’t spoil her too much son! Think of when she comes home and how accustomed to luxury she will be! You really gonna screw-up our system son!” Tyrone smiled along with his son, while wanting to trade places with him because having his babygirl kissing all over his face looked too amazing.

“Don’t worry dad, we’ll be fine, but I thought that while she lived here as my roommate, she’d get a vacation from chores and such” Tyler told his dad while rubbing his little sister’s exposed back.

“You see what I mean daddy? The best big brother!” Alexandra beamed before she continued to kiss all over his head, giggling adorably in her brother’s ear while she showered him with affection.

“You know, watching the two of you like this is good! I get to kind of be with you although you are so far away, but it also makes me miss you a lot more…” Tyrone told his two kids, the only family the lonely father had and he couldn’t wait for them to get home for Christmas, even though it was months away.

“Oh daddy, here, have these kisses” Alexandra told him while untangling herself from her brother’s neck, before she began blowing kisses to the camera.

“I felt those kisses sweetheart, thank you…Now eat your chicken babygirl! Your body needs it, especially since you be exercising so much and son, you have any plans for tonight with your little sister?” Tyrone asked before taking a sip of his beer.

“Yeah, we gonna go to a party! A masquerade one, but it’s held in the block, which kind of makes it safe, I guess, and this one is really excited about dressing up!” Tyler told his dad before he ruffled his lovely little sister’s blonde hair while she ate the chicken he had made for her.

“Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm! So good!! Mmmmmmmm” Alexandra moaned in delight while bouncing rapidly up and down in her chair while swaying her body as if she was dancing in celebration for the food.

“See what I mean dad? She’s unbelievable!” Tyler complained as he used a napkin to wipe away the sauce she had accidentally spilled in her celebration dance from his cheeks.

“Oh man up son! Your cute little sister be enjoying herself! Let her be!” Tyrone chuckled, his eyes completely star-struck by how adorable his babygirl was.

“Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm! I love chicken! Mmmmmmm! So good!!! Mmmmmmm!” Alexandra continued to moan and energetically bounce and dance in her seat while the two black men drooled at her loveliness.

“So, you wanna arrive together at the party or…” Tyrone began asking but the two siblings cut him off immediately.

“Together?!? Are you crazy!?!? I can’t arrive next to this! It will be so embarrassing I might as well not go!” They shouted in tune, not understanding how similar their reaction and words were until they saw Tyrone holding up his hands in defeat while dying laughing in the camera.

“Oh my God! Get out of my head big bro! You’re not welcome in there!” Alexandra turned, beaming at him, amazed that he’d been an echo of her and she was so happy he had let her be his roommate.

“As if I’d want that! Just a bunch of nothing in there and I don’t wanna hear myself echo each time I speak!” Tyler joked with her and when her mouth opened as her jaw dropped, he bolted from the table with her chasing after him, Tyrone dying of laughter on the other side of the country.

“What did you just say?!? Come back here!” Alexandra shouted as the two siblings ran away from the camera and while Tyrone was dying of laughter, he heard them run into the living room, hurling comments and insults at each other.

Man, he was one happy father, but he understood that there was no point calling them anymore, because he knew they’d spend a long time fighting, like always. So, Tyrone closed the laptop and decided to head for bed, which was a good decision because on the other side of the country, their fighting took an unusual turn.

“I’m not a blonde bimbo! Take that back!” Alexandra shouted as she chased him around, trying not to ruin her nails as she chased him around the living room where the round table eventually gave Tyler a chance to breathe.

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