Brother’s Incestous Bet Chapter 5: Mom and Dad’s Incestuous SurpriseBrother’s Incestous Bet Chapter 5: Mom and Dad’s Incestuous Surprise


Brother’s Incestuous Bet

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Five: Mom and Dad’s Incestuous Surprise

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Maria Reenburg

My brother’s words, claiming that Daddy was an idiot for not wanting to fuck me, gave me the sexy confidence to do this. There was no dumb Vanessa to cock-block me. That bitch wouldn’t swoop in and steal Daddy’s erection this time. I would get his dick in me.

I would finally fuck my sexy father.

I marched back to the house beside my brother. He had the same strut. I knew he was making his move on Mom. He was going to seize her, fuck her, and give her the same pleasure he just gave me. He pounded me hard. He fucked my cunt until I exploded, pulling me out of my funk. Then he slammed his cock into my bowels. He sodomized me and gave me more pleasure.

His cum leaked out of my asshole. It made me feel so wicked. So wanton. My nineteen-year-old body trembled in delight. My pink skirt swished about my thighs. I felt so free. My round breasts bounced in my top.

“Well, bro,” I said as he thrust open the sliding glass door that led into the kitchen, “I’m going to kick your butt. I’m winning the bet.”

“We’ll see,” he growled. “In a few minutes, I’m going to be balls deep in Mom and make her scream in rapture.”

“It’s coming down to right now” I said. “We’re going to have so much fun, aren’t we?”

“Either way, we are,” he said, flashing me a big, bold smile. “We’re going to get what we want.”

I nodded my head. “Just the way it should be. Every family needs to do this. All my girlfriends want to fuck their daddies.”

His smile grew.

“Are you thinking about fucking your own daughter?” I asked, giving him a sly smile. “Huh, think you’re going to breed a girl in Mom?”

“And you,” he said. “I’m still winning the bet. You’re going to raise our daughter to be a daddy’s girl.”

I giggled. “Deal. If I have your daughter, I’ll make sure she wants your dick first.”

He seized me, pulled me to him, and kissed me hard on the mouth.

My toes curled. My pussy clenched. I whimpered into the kiss, my nipples throbbing in my blouse as I clutched him tight. Our tongues dueled as we shared this moment. His cock thrust hard before him, rubbing on my belly.

I broke the kiss and said, “Go clean your dick off in Mom’s pussy.”

“Go make Dad regret choosing Vanessa’s cunt over yours.”

“You got it,” I said.

I grinned at him as he broke away from me and headed for the stairs. Mom must be upstairs, but Dad… Daddy was in his office. I shivered, my fingers twitching. I felt so wild and wanton. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

I peeled off my blouse and threw it to the ground. My breasts bounced free, my pink nipples swaying before me. They were firm and perky, all-natural titties. It wasn’t those big, fake boobs that Vanessa had. I didn’t need surgery to fix me. I had perfect breasts. I would thrust them into Daddy’s face.

He would be putty in my hands.

My brother’s footsteps reached the second floor, creaking above as he headed towards our parents’ bedroom. I unzipped my skirt and let it drop to a puddle of pink around my lithe legs. I shivered, more cum leaking out of my asshole. I shifted my hips and felt utterly free. I was naked. Naughty.

I was a nubile, naughty temptress.

I sauntered towards my daddy’s office. My breasts bounced and swayed. My hips shifted from side to side. I felt so sexy. So wanton. So desired. My brother thought I was the hottest piece of ass in the world. I made him so hard, he didn’t take no. He seized me and made me feel like a woman.

I reached the door to Daddy’s office. It was open. He was wearing his headphone, nodding to his music as he worked. I purred, posing in the doorway. I shifted my hips. Daddy’s eyes flicked towards me for a moment then back to his computer.

Then he froze.

My grin grew as his head whipped around to stare at me. His jaw dropped. He ripped off his headphones. They bounced off the side of the desk then fell onto the floor with a loud clatter. Music rumbled from them.

“M-Maria,” he groaned. “What are you doing? Where are your clothes?”

“I’ve been so naughty, Daddy,” I purred, sauntering into his office, so aware of his eyes on my breasts. His chair turned to face me. He gripped the armrests. His dick was swelling in his pants. “I was teasing you all day. I was making you hard, wasn’t I?”

“Well… I mean… I… I…” he spluttered. “You’re naked.”

“I am naked,” I purred. “I wanted to give you this all day.” My hands slid up my torso, caressing my warm, silky skin. This wondrous pleasure shot heat through me. I groaned as the rapture swept through my body. I gripped my breasts, squeezing and kneading them. My fingers dug into my flesh. I jiggled them. “I wanted you to see my titties. To stare at my body. Do I have a hot bod?”

“God, Maria,” he groaned, his breathing quickened. My brother would be all over me by now. He would be pinning me to the door, fucking me hard.

But Daddy didn’t know this was right. That incest was okay. Luckily, I would educate him.

“Vanessa kept us apart. She did such mean things to me.” I moved closer, squeezing my titties, kneading them. “That bitch kept swooping in. She kept fucking you after I made you hard, didn’t she?”

“Well… I…” He swallowed. “Yes, but don’t tell your mother. Please.”

“I’m not going to tell Mommy,” I said, stopping before him. “I just want to fuck you, Daddy. I want you to be in me. I want to love you, Daddy. And Vanessa isn’t here. She’s not going to stop me this time. She’s not going to blackmail me to lick her pussy clean of all your cum.”

“What?” he gasped.

“Later,” I said, straddling his waist. I shuddered as my legs slid around his onto his leather chair. It creaked as I settled my weight, pressing against him. “Right now, I want you in me, Daddy.”

He groaned.


Sean Reenburg

My dick was hard despite just fucking my sister in the asshole. I was going to do it. I figured it out. Mom was scared. She needed me to convince her that she wanted me. She had enjoyed her titty massage. She ached for me. She just thought it was wrong to have sex with me.

I would show her the truth.

I burst into my parents’ master bedroom. The cream-colored comforter was neatly spread over their bed the darkly-polished wood frame standing out from the pale blanket. The furniture matched, all my mom’s doing. I heard water coming from the bathroom, the door half-shut. She was relaxing, trying to pretend she wasn’t wet for me.

I ripped off my tie, letting it slide through the collar of my dress shirt. I spent all day at her law office, wanting to get alone with her. She wouldn’t let me. So I had to make my own opportunity to seduce her. That was my mistake. I should have paid more attention to Clint this entire time.

He made his opportunities to fuck his sisters, his aunt, any woman or girl at our college that caught his fancy.

My fingers worked my shirt. I thrust the buttons through the eyelets, working fast as my dick pulsed harder and harder. I grinned. I was going to show my mother something special. I was going to give her such pleasure before I slammed into her. I would make her explode. I ripped off my shirt and threw it down to the floor.

I kicked off my shoes and thrust down my pants and boxers. My dick bobbed before me as I stripped naked. I peeled my socks off. I ached. My balls were building a new load of cum for her. I was twenty. I had the stamina to satiate my mother.

Naked, I marched to the bathroom and thrust the door all the way open.

Mom was lying naked in the bathtub, her blonde hair pinned up over her head, her eyes were closed. Her large breasts bobbed amid the bubbles she soaked in. Those big, lush tits that I massaged last Friday. My hands remembered the feel of them, squeezing them, pleasing them.

I made her cum just from playing with the tits.

Her eyes opened. She looked different without her glasses on. “I’m not in the mood, Bill.”

Bill? She thought I was Dad? Her glasses were off. I must look like a blur to her. I grinned. “Sure you are, just not for Dad. You’re in the mood for me, Mom.”

She gasped and sat up, her large tits heaving out of the sudsy water. Glistening bubbles slid down those huge, soft mounds. They swayed, her dark-red nipples were half-covered by the suds. Her eyes widened as she shrieked, “Get out of here, Sean!”

I stalked closer to her.

“Sean!” she gasped. She reached for her towel as she stood up, more water falling down her naked body. I could see her matted, blonde bush, soaked by water. She went to cover her body with it.

I snatched it out of her hand and threw it to the ground.

“What are you doing, Sean?” she gasped, her tits heaving as she stared at me, fear in her face.

Lust in her eyes.

I had to show her what she wanted. I had to prove to her that she craved this. I grabbed her wet, sudsy body by the waist. I pulled her Ankara escort towards me. She gasped as she stumbled against me, water slashing around her legs. Her wet tits pressed into my chest, her nipples hard. I wrapped my arms around her body, her nipples rubbing against my chest.

Pleasure tingled across my skin at the feel of her wet, hot flesh. I hauled her out of the bathtub, lifting her squirming body. She squealed, twisting and thrashing in my arms. I set her down out of the tub, her hands pushing on me.

“Let me go, Sean!” she hissed. “You can’t do this. I’m your mother.”

“I know,” I growled. “You’re my hot, sexy mother! I want you. So bad. You need this. I’m going to make you feel like you’re a woman.”

My hands slid down her slick, wet back. I grabbed her ass and squeezed. I pulled her tight against me. I kissed her on the mouth, claiming her lips. My tongue thrust into her mouth. My dick throbbed against her soapy belly, feeling her hot, slick skin. My fingers kneaded into her butt, pulling her tight against me.

She thrashed and moaned as I kissed her hard. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Her hands balled up and beat on my chest. She wiggled against me. My dick throbbed and twitched against her belly. I ached against her. The more she squirmed. It was incredible.

I kissed her with all the passion I had for her. I loved her. I showed her how much passion she inspired in me. My fingers dug into her rump. I gripped her hard. She groaned, her struggling slowing. She wanted this. It wasn’t me Mom was fighting ; she was fighting herself.

She surrendered.

She stopped the fight. Her fists relaxed. She grabbed my shoulders. Her fingernails dug into my flesh. She bit me into me as I moaned. My dick throbbed hard against her. She wiggled her hips, grinding against me as she moaned. Her tongue brushed mine. She swirled it around, kissing me with such passion.

She was mine.


Maria Reenburg

I cupped Daddy’s face as he trembled beneath me. His eyes were wild, hazel unlike Sean’s blues. He was a mature version of my brother, his hair and eyes darker. I felt the shadow of his whiskers, the rough stubble beneath my fingers.

I kissed him hard on the lips. My tongue thrust into his mouth. I felt his manly stubble rasp against my flesh. I shuddered as Daddy didn’t resist. He melted against my lips. He groaned as I kissed him, my tongue wiggling in his mouth.

His hands moved. He grabbed my butt-cheeks. He pulled them apart. More of Sean’s cum leaked out of my asshole. I groaned, grinding my pussy on Daddy’s cock, feeling him throb through his pants. He was hard for me.

He wanted me.

I broke the kiss, moaning, “Oh, Daddy, you want me, don’t you?”

“Maria,” he groaned, his fingers digging into my ass.

“Say you want me, Daddy,” I gasped, arching my back to thrust my tits at his face.

“Yes!” he croaked. “I want you!”

His lips brushed my nipple. I shuddered as he rubbed his face against my round breast. My nub rubbed against his stubble. That rasping pleasure shot through me. It spilled down my nerves to the tips of my fingers. My pussy clenched at the thrill of it.

His lip found my right nipple. He sucked hard on it. I groaned, my toes curling as he loved my nipple. Daddy was sucking on me. I whimpered, my hair swaying about my shoulders. I whimpered as he suckled and nursed.

He nibbled on my nipple with his hungry mouth. I licked my lips. My hips wiggled, grinding my pussy on his cock. He was so hard. I wanted him in me. To slide down on him and feel his cock in me. To fuck my hot Daddy.

My hands shot down to his crotch. He sucked with hunger. He loved my nipple. I groaned. My pussy clenched again and again. My eyes fluttered. My fingers found his pants’ fastener. I popped his slacks open. The zipper rasped.

A hot tremble raced through me. I moaned, “Daddy, I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve wanted your cock in me.”

He moaned about my nipple as I reached into his fly and shoved into his boxers. I grabbed his dick. I held his cock. I pulled him out, stroking him. He felt a little smaller than my brother, but not much. So close in size I wasn’t even sure.

My asshole clenched, my brother’s jizz leaking out of me. I groaned as I rose, lifting my hips. I gripped him as I raised his cock, guiding him towards my pussy. His cock nuzzled against my shaved snatch, rubbing against my hot flesh.

It was time to fuck my daddy hard!


Sean Reenburg

I kissed Mom with passion. I held her mature, wet body against me. She humped against my dick. I gripped her ass, pulling her tight. Our tongues dueled as she moaned into the kiss. Her arms went around my neck, clutching me tight.

I backed up, leading her into her bedroom. Her breasts felt amazing against my chest. Her nipples were fat and thick, bigger than my sister’s. Our tongues caressed each other. She tasted so hot, so sweet. My dick throbbed against her belly. She whimpered against me.

I turned her as we left the bathroom and entered her bedroom. I backed her up now. I pressed her against her bed. She moaned as I gently pushed her back. She broke away from me, falling onto her bed. Her tits heaved as she landed on the cream-colored comforter. Suds ran down my body, more smeared her body, the bubbles slowly popping.

“Oh, my god, Sean,” she moaned, staring up at me. “We shouldn’t be doing this. I tried to fight this but… but…”

“I’m just too sexy,” I said, giving her a cocky grin.

“You are,” she moaned, her thighs rubbing together. “But you’re my son. This is wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“That’s why we should do it,” I said, my hands stroking up her thighs, caressing her silky flesh. “That’s what makes this so hot. How wrong this is. It’s going to be incredible.”

She licked her lips, shivering.

I fell to my knees before her. I grabbed her legs, gripping her tight. I pushed her thighs apart. I stared at her wet bush, her pink labia peeking through those golden curls. She groaned, her tits heaving as she shuddered. I pulled on her, drawing her rump to the edge of the bed.

“Sean,” she groaned as my hands slid up her silky, wet thighs. I leaned in. “Oh, god, I’m your mother.”

“Yes, you are,” I groaned, inhaling, smelling a tangy, feminine musk rising over the sweet perfume of her bubbles. It tingled my nose. It was just such a treat. My hunger swelled for her.

I hugged her thighs and pulled her pussy that last inch to my lips as I leaned in. Her wet bush pressed against my mouth. Those silky curls caressed against my face. My tongue flicked through her folds. I lapped at her cunt. The very pussy that birthed me.

My tongue flicked through her folds again. She shuddered as I lapped and licked. I drank her incestuous nectar. It was incredible. I held her tight against my face. She shuddered and groaned, grinding against me. Her breasts heaved. Her thighs squeezed about my face. Her silky thighs clutched against my cheeks.

I buried my tongue deep into her pussy. I dove into her snatch. I swirled around inside of her. It was just a treat. I licked through her folds, gathering her cream. It was amazing to taste her. Her passion poured over my mouth.

I drank down her incestuous juices while my mom moaned my name.

“Oh, god, Sean!” she moaned. “Where did you learn to eat pussy so well.”

“Maria,” I groaned and buried my mouth back into her pussy.

“No wonder that girl’s been running around in her panties.” She squeezed her thighs tight about my mouth and cheeks. Her silky flesh caressed my face as I feasted on her. “Oh, Sean. Oh, this is so wrong, but you feel sooooo good. Oh, yes!”

My hands shoved beneath her rump. My hands squeezed her ass. My hands kneaded her butt-cheeks. I massaged her flesh. My tongue darted through her depths. I swirled around inside her cunt. I licked at the hole that birthed me.

Her pussy grew hotter and hotter. She gripped my hair. Her fingers dug through my short curls. She shuddered and pulled my head tight against her pussy. My tongue fluttered through her folds. I caressed her flesh. I licked her. I lapped at her. I stroked her flesh, nibbled on her labia. My digits dug into her rump.

My fingers slid into her butt-crack.

“Oh, Sean, you’re not,” she moaned as my digits slid down through her crack.

“Mmm, you know I am, Mom,” I said. “You’re going to love it. Maria does. She’s loves it up the ass.”

“Oh, my god, really?” she moaned. Then she gasped as my finger pressed on her asshole. “I’ve never done this. Not there. It’s dirty.”

“So’s what we’re doing,” I said and then sucked on her clit.

Her breasts heaved. She gasped out in rapture as I stroked her asshole. I caressed her sphincter, stroking that puckered ring. She whimpered, her clit throbbing in my mouth. My cheeks hollowed. My tongue caressed her bud. I nibbled on her. Teased her.

I pressed my finger into her asshole. I wiggled past her sphincter. I shoved deeper into her bowels. She gasped as my digit slid into her rectum. She bucked and squirmed Ankara escort bayan on the bed. Her juices flowed, staining my face as she groaned.

“Holy… Oh, Sean… That’s… That’s… You’re in my butt-hole, Sean! Oh, wow! Oh, that’s so dirty. Oh, my god!”

I loved the sounds that she made. I caressed her clit, stroking her, teasing her. Her tangy juices coated my face. The bed creaked. Her tits heaved. Her bowels clenched around my probing finger. I worked through her velvety delight, giving my mother all the pleasure I could.

My finger wiggled around inside of her. I probed deeper and deeper. My tongue swirled around her tongue. Her moans swelled. I knew those sounds. Maria gasped like that just before coming. Mom was just Maria matured to perfection, beautiful and sensual.

“Sean!” Mom gasped, heaving on the bed.

I put my all into loving my mother. I gave her everything I had.

She came.

Her asshole convulsed around my finger. Her juices gushed out of her snatch. My tongue fluttered up and down her labia. I licked and lapped at the flood of cream. The incestuous passion spilled over my tongue. I drank my mother’s bliss.

“Sean, yes!” she howled. “Oh, god, I haven’t felt like this in years. Oh, yes, yes! This is… I just… Damn!”

Her thighs squeezed around my head. My hand kneaded her rump as my finger probed into her convulsing bowels. I loved her. I thrust my tongue into her snatch. I felt her pussy’s contractions, the force of her passion.

“Sean, I need you!” she moaned. “I need my boy back in me! I need my son back in me! Oh, wow, yes!”

I rose, grinning. Her pussy juices dripped off my face. Cream fell down my cheeks. I gave my mother such pleasure. I loved that, my dick throbbing. The pleasure twitched and throbbed before me. She grabbed my dick. She seized me, stroking me. She pulled me towards her pussy. Her left hand went to my chest, stroking my muscular pecs.

“I need you in my pussy, Sean,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, I need you to bury your cock in me. I need my son in my pussy. I know it’s wrong. I know I shouldn’t. Your father’s downstairs, but…”

“He’s busy with Maria,” I groaned, her hand pulling my dick towards her pussy.

She shuddered, her hand tightening on my dick. “Just… just… I’ve been thinking about this since Friday. Since you made me cum just by massaging my tits. You’re such a stud, Sean. I raised such a hunky boy.”

I kissed my mother hard, letting her taste her tangy cream. She rubbed my dirty cock against her pussy. My sister’s asshole stained my dick. That made this hotter. I was about to slip into my mother’s pussy again. I was returning home.

I thrust into my mother.


Maria Reenburg

“Daddy!” I moaned as I impaled my cunt down my Daddy’s cock.

He was finally in me.

My pussy clenched about his dick. I bottomed out on him, my snatch taking every inch of his dick. I shuddered, more cum leaking out of my asshole as I wiggled on him. I stirred my daddy’s cock around inside of me. I ground my clit against his crotch as Daddy groaned about my nipple.

His mouth popped off my nipple. “Maria!” he groaned. “Jesus, you’re tight.”

“Better than that bitch Vanessa’s cunt, huh?” I asked, squeezing down on him. “She wanted to keep me from you. That’s why she kept barging in when I turned you on. She was making me lick her clean. She was a bitch to me. She insulted me.”

“Oh, god,” he groaned, his hands grabbing my butt-cheeks. He squeezed me as he lifted me up his shaft.

We both groaned at the silky glide of my pussy climbing up his cock. I groaned, my cunt squeezing down around his dick. He felt so incredible in me. My hips shifted, stirring around inside of him. I slammed down his dick. My clit throbbed against him on the downstroke.

“You’re going to get rid of her, aren’t you?” I moaned. “You’re going to fire her for demeaning your little girl!”

“Yes!” he groaned, his fingers digging into my butt-cheeks. He worked my hips, lifting my light body and fucking my pussy up and down his dick. “I will. She can’t demean my daughter. She can’t keep me from this pussy!”

“Yes!” I howled, the pleasure surging through me. I just knew I was winning this bet. I couldn’t wait to show my brother how much I’d beaten him by. I would rub it in his face. I would gloat so much. It would be incredible. “I’m going to win!”

I rode Daddy hard and fast. I squeezed my pussy around his dick. The pleasure shot through me. Ripples of bliss made me shiver. My blonde hair swayed about my face, my silky hairs caressing my shoulders. My tits bounced and jiggled. My tits heaved as I fucked him.

I slid my arms around his neck. I held his face to my breasts. His face rubbed back and forth between my tits, rubbing his stubble against my sensitive flesh. My nipples throbbed as he groaned, his hands fucking my cunt faster and faster up and down his dick.

“You’re going to cum in me, aren’t you, Daddy?” I howled. “You’re going to fire all that jizz into me!”

“Yes!” he growled.

He sucked on the inner slope of my breast. He nibbled and loved my perky flesh. I groaned as I slammed down his dick over and over. My orgasm built and built. It was this wonderful moment. Pleasure rippled through me.

His lips found my nipple again. He nibbled on it. Rapture shot down to my pussy. My cunt gripped him as I climbed up his cock. Then I slammed down him hard and fast. His dick penetrated to my depths over and over again.

“Oh, Daddy, fire that cum into me!” I moaned. “Give me all your spunk. Just hose me down!”

“Yes,” he groaned, his mouth ripping off my nipple.

I shuddered, loving this wondrous heat rippling through me. “I want your cum in me, Daddy! I want all that amazing jizz.”

“Just keep riding my cock,” he panted. “Jesus, you’re tight, Maria. I can’t believe it. Your cunt is so fucking tight.”

“Mmm, good,” I moaned, my pussy clenching about his dick. “Oh, Daddy, I’m going to cum on your cock!”

“Do that!” he groaned. He stared up at me, his hazel eyes glassy. “Show me how much you love my cock!”

“It’s amazing!” I gasped and kissed him.

I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth. I stirred it around in him as I impaled my cunt down his dick over and over. The pleasure swelled. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. There was no stopping this rushing bliss.

My clit throbbed as it ground his pubic mound on the downstroke.

My pussy squeezed about his cock on the upstroke.

The friction… That wonderful, silky glide of my pussy working up and down his dick grew the bliss in me. I threw back my head and howled in rapture. It swept through me. It filled me up. The ache swelled in the depths of my pussy.

I slammed down my daddy’s cock. Came.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I gasped as my pussy rippled about his dick. My flesh convulsed about his cock. It massaged him, milking him. “Oh, Daddy, feel my passion! Cum in me!”

“Fuck!” he groaned, his fingers digging into my rump.

I bounced on his cock, my pussy convulsing and spasming about his shaft. The pleasure rushed through me. It slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision. This wonderful delight melted my thoughts.

My tits heaved. My body bucked. My pussy loved my daddy’s dick. The incestuous rapture shot through me. I gasped, my eyes fluttering. This amazing delight crashed through me. My cunt milked his cock.

“Maria!” he groaned.

“Just cum in me, Daddy!” I moaned. “Fill your little girl’s cunt with all that yummy jizz!”

“Yes!” he groaned.

Daddy’s cum fired into my cunt.

My pussy spasmed harder as I felt that jizz splash against my cervix. I groaned as that hot cum spilled into me. My father’s incestuous seed filled me. I hugged him tight to my tits. He grunted and moaned as he filled my juicy snatch.

I rode the wave of incestuous rapture surging through me as I milked his dick. His cum filled me. It was incredible. I shuddered atop him as he grunted. He sucked on my inner flesh. He groaned as the last of his spunk spilled into me.

“Oh, wow, Daddy, that was amazing,” I said and then I hopped off of his lap, his cock popping out of me. I clamped my hand over my pussy.

“Wait, where are you going?” Daddy groaned as I whipped around and raced towards the door.

“I have to go show Sean!” I said, flashing him a grin over my shoulder. Then I darted naked through the house.

I did it!


Sean Reenburg

I buried into my mother’s cunt.

I returned to the pussy that birthed me. It was incredible. It was this amazing rush that swept through me. My balls smacked into her taint. I groaned into her lips. Her tongue danced and dueled with mine as she shuddered beneath me.

This was better than I could imagine. Her pussy, though not as tight as Maria’s, still felt amazing about my dick. She squeezed and clenched about me. Her large tits pressed into my chest, pillowy soft, not the firm perkiness of my little sister. Mom’s tongue dueled with mine. Her fingernails clawed my back as I filled her.

She squirmed Escort Ankara beneath me, stirring her hips around inside of me. I shuddered, part of me wanting to pump my hips hard and fast, while another part of me just wanted to savor this amazing moment.

Her hot cunt squeezed and relaxed about me. She cleaned my dirty dick. She buffed my sister’s ass off my cock with her juicy pussy. She was such a great mom. She didn’t even know it. I should have told her, but I knew she wouldn’t care. Not right now. She was a dirty slut now.

She was my sexy mother.

I broke the kiss, staring into her blue eyes, my forehead resting on hers.

“Sean,” she whimpered, such delight in her voice. “Oh, Sean… You’re filling me up. Oh, you’re back in me.”

“I am, Mom,” I groaned.

“So why are you just lying there,” she moaned, trembling beneath me. “I need to be fucked. If we’re going to do this, let’s do this right. Ram that dick in and out of me, Sean. Fuck your mother!”

I grinned. “Make you cum?”

“Again!” She moaned. “Oh, fuck, yes. Make me cum so hard!”

I drew back my hips through her tight, incestuous depths. Her cunt clenched around my dick. I slammed into her. I buried to the hilt in her snatch. My heavy balls thwacked into her taint. The sound echoed through the room. The bed creaked.

This incredible bliss shot down my cock. It warmed my balls. She squeezed about my shaft, gripping me as I drew back. Her fingernails bit into my back as she whimpered. The pleasure surged through me.

I rammed hard into her.

“Oh, my god, Sean, yes!” she moaned. “Fuck your Mom, Sean! Fuck me hard!”

“Oh, yes!” I growled. “I’m going to make you explode. You’re going to milk my dick. I’m going to spill every drop of cum into your snatch.”

My balls smacked over and over into her taint. My mom squeezed around my dick. Her pussy massaged me. It was this wonderful pleasure. This amazing delight that surged through me. I slammed into her harder, faster. I fucked her harder. I reveled in being in her.

Her moans grew louder and louder with every thrust. She shuddered, her breast pressing against me as I pounded my cock in and out of her. I buried into my mother over and over. A week of frustration ended now.

“Fuck me hard!” she hissed. “Oh, my god, yes! Pound my cunt, Sean!”

I grinned at her and rose on my hands, using them as leverage to really slam my hips forward. “Like this?”

“Oh, yes, yes!” she moaned, her pussy clenching around my dick. “Oh, my god, that’s amazing, Sean! That’s a cock! Oh, damn, that’s an amazing cock! Fuck me hard with that dick! Ream my cunt! Make me explode!”

I pounded my mother hard. I buried my dick again and again into her. She shuddered, her tits heaving. Her big breasts smacked together. They made such wicked sounds. I loved it. My dick throbbed in her depths.

Her pussy gripped my dick. She squeezed around me, swelling that ache at the tip. I wanted to just release in her. To bust my nut so hard. I would pump my mom full of my incestuous seed. It would be so easy to just unload.

But I wanted her to cum first.

“Mom!” I groaned. “Oh, damn, Mom, I’m going to cum so hard in you. But first, you got to explode.”

“Keep ramming that cock into me, and I will!” she gasped, her big tits heaving as I drove into her.

My right hand shoved beneath her rump. Her eyes widened. A look of greedy passion shot across her blue eyes. She let out a purring moan as my fingers crept across her butt-cheeks, finding her crack again.

“Do it!” she moaned, her pussy squeezing hard around my thrusting dick. “Just plunge that finger into me and make me feel amazing, Sean!”

I grinned at my mother as my fingers slid into her butt-crack. I found that asshole again, that virgin sphincter. I’d break her in there. Later. Right now, I had to finish in her pussy. I hoped she wasn’t on birth control.

I wanted to breed her.

I circled her asshole, teasing her as I buried my dick over and over into her pussy. She groaned, her fingernails scratching at my chest. She left such furrows as her cunt buffed my cock with every plunge into her juicy depths.

I thrust two fingers into her bowels.

“Sean!” she gasped as her sphincter stretched around my twin digits. Her bowels squeezed as I shoved so deep in her. “Oh, my fucking god, Sean!”

Her body bucked, heaving up against me. Her pussy grew so hot as my fingers wiggled deeper and deeper into her anal sheath. She screamed out louder, shouting out her incestuous passion for the entire house to hear.

“I’m being to loud!” she moaned. “You’re too much of a stud.”

“I know,” I groaned, reaming my fingers in and out of her asshole as I fucked her, my dick aching, throbbing.

My balls were ready to boil.

I fought it off as she seized a pillow. She pressed it over her face, muffling her own screams. I groaned, slamming into her as she held the pillow tight. Her entire body shuddered, bucking against me.

She was going to cum. I could feel it. This incredible moment, this amazing anticipation, built in me. I wanted to experience my mother’s cunt spasming around me. I wanted that delicious thrill of her snatch sucking at my dick, begging for my jizz.

“That’s it, Mom!” I growled. “Just suck at my dick. You’re going to milk me dry. You’re going to cum so hard on my dick.”

“Yes!” she howled, her words muffled by the pillow. “Oh, god, Sean! Your dick! Your dick is incredible! I can’t take this. Just a few more strokes… And those fingers!”

“I’m going to fuck your asshole, too,” I groaned.

I heard something from the doorway, almost like a giggle. My head shot around as I buried my cock into my mother’s cunt. My strokes faltered for a moment, my dick remaining buried to the hilt as I saw my sister standing in the doorway.

She winked at me and spread her thighs apart. Cum coated them. Her fingers parted her pussy lips. A flood jizz poured out of her snatch. Not my spunk. Dad had already finished in her. She scooped up a line of it and popped her cum-coated digit into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned watching my sister sucked Dad’s jizz off her fingers. She quivered, her flushed, round breasts jiggling. They had red marks on them.

Lip marks.

“Keep fucking me, Sean!” howled Mom through the pillow. “Don’t stop. I’m almost there.”

Maria winked at me.

I groaned and drew back my cock. I buried hard into Mom’s cunt, my fingers pumping away at her asshole. I leaned over her on my left hand, fucking my mother hard. Her huge tits heaved as she quivered beneath me. Her pussy squeezed around my dick, bringing me closer and closer to that moment of eruption.

That wonderful moment of spurting bliss.

Her pussy clenched, gripping my dick. Her snatch was so hot, so silky. I was so close. I felt Maria behind me, watching me. I felt her coquettish excitement brimming through the room. I fucked Mom with all my passion, showing Maria how much I made our mother explode.

“Sean!” Mom howled. “Oh, god, yes!”

Her pussy convulsed around me.

“I love your cock!” she moaned, words slurred by the pussy. “I love cumming on your cock! Mommy loves your dick!”

Maria purred behind me in delight.

I slammed hard into my mother’s convulsing snatch. The ache swelled at the tip of my dick. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I had to explode. My back arched. I thrust my fingers deep into her writhing asshole and buried my cock to the hilt in my mother’s pussy.

I erupted into the snatch that birthed me.

I fired blast after blast of my incestuous seed into my mother’s cunt. I groaned as the pleasure shot out of me. This wild, uninhibited delight shot through me. I grunted with every blast. Stars burst before my eyes.

“Take my cum, Mom!” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “So hot. Oh, Sean, this is so wrong! It’s so wild! I love it! I love you!”

She ripped the pillow away. Her arms shot up and seized my neck. She pulled me down with such ardor, kissing me hard. I groaned, her pussy milking the last of the cum out of my dick. I shuddered atop her, trembling, the heat rushing through my body.

Her breasts pressed into my chest. Her nipples hard. My orgasm peaked. I groaned as I collapsed on her, kissing her as my body buzzed from the delight of finally fucking my mother. Finally cumming in her.

“Holy shit!” a new voice groaned.

“Isn’t it hot, Daddy?” Maria moaned. “Sean just made Mom cum as hard as you made me. Maybe harder. She went wild!”

Mom’s asshole clenched on my fingers. She broke the kiss and squirmed beneath me. She thrust her head to the side and gasped as I threw a look behind me. Dad stood behind Maria, his shirt all rumpled, a wet spot staining the front of his pants.

“Bill!” Mom gasped. “Maria… I… I…”

I grinned, it was all out in the open now.

“Guess what,” Maria squealed as she darted into the room and threw herself on the bed beside us, her firm titties bouncing. “Daddy fucked me, Mom! Isn’t that hot? Look, look, that’s his cum leaking out of my pussy!”

“Oh, god,” groaned Dad, looking stunned.

Mom whimpered, drawing my attention back to her. Her face scrunched up, her eyes squeezed shut, and her face turned a shade of bright red.

To be continued…

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